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The 11 Best Cat Grooming And Deshedding Gloves

Cats become such a part of your life that it's difficult to picture your home without them. If the cat hair in your carpet, on your furniture, and in the air vanished, you probably wouldn't notice.

Cats are irreplaceable in the lives of their owners, but cat ownership has drawbacks, one of which is shedding.

Cat grooming and deshedding gloves are a safer alternative to brushes and combs, which might be too rough on your cat's sensitive skin.

Your cat won't even notice or care that he's being groomed if you use a grooming glove. To locate the best cat grooming and deshedding gloves on the market, we tested dozens of brands.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) explored the various purposes for gloves, such as bathing your cat, as well as gloves versus mitts.

We also examined multipurpose gloves and particularly delicate gloves.


DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves are the best overall cat grooming gloves

When it comes to grooming gloves, DELOMO understands what they’re doing. Their DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves come in pairs, which is understandable given that not all grooming gloves do.

When you sit down with your cat, you now have twice the grooming surface area. The soft silicone nodules massage your cat’s skin, eliminating and attracting hair without scratching or pulling.

When it comes to grooming, a glove has some advantages over a mitt. The thin massaging region on each finger allows you to groom on the legs and chest, which might be difficult with a brush.

A good fit is critical. Stretchy spandex and breathable mesh combine to make these DELOMO gloves. The spandex provides a secure fit for a wide range of hand sizes, and the mesh dries fast if you wish to use the glove for your cat’s bath.

They also give some scratch and bite protection when used together. A Velcro wrist strap keeps the gloves in place as well. When you’re finished grooming, peel the hair out in a single layer.

Key characteristics include:

  • Silicone nodules that are gentle
  • Side panels made of stretchy spandex
  • Mesh fabric that breathes
  • Wrist closure with Velcro


Pet Thunder Pet Grooming Glove is the best cat grooming mitt

Mitts like the Pet Thunder Pet Grooming Glove have various benefits that some cat owners like, and this model has them all.

First and foremost, it is simple to join. You won’t have to worry about finding one that fits. A mitt is suitable for practically everyone. This variant also has an adjustable wrist strap to keep it in place.

The two noduled pads—palm and thumb—not only remove hair but also catch it, preventing it from floating away after you’ve stroked your cat.

The rest of the mitt is constructed of a breathable mesh that is comfortable to wear and provides some scratch and bite protection.

This type is ideal for a proprietor that prefers simplicity. It’s easy to put on and take off and does a wonderful job grooming in between.

Key characteristics include:

  • Mesh fabric that breathes
  • Two hair removal modules on two pads
  • Wrist strap is adjustable using Velcro.


DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Glove is the best budget cat grooming glove

Let’s be honest. If you have a cat, you will have cat hair in areas you don’t want it. The DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Glove costs half as much as competing models and serves two purposes.

The silicone nodules on the glove’s right hand remove cat hair while you groom. When used on the left hand, the velour side removes hair from upholstery. It’s a simple yet efficient method for removing cat fur from your home.

The finger nodules are useful for grooming around the legs and head, which are difficult to reach with a brush. This variant also includes elastic fabric that protects you from sharp claws and fangs.

Finally, a Velcro wrist closure keeps it in place on your hand.

Key characteristics include:

  • Grooming side on the right
  • velour hair removal side on the left
  • Mesh fabric that stretches
  • Velcro elastic closure


H HANDSON HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves are the best cat grooming gloves for bathing

Bathing a cat is not for the weak of heart. If you’re up for the challenge, the H HANDSON HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves‘ exceptional grip and cleaning strength will get the job done without causing harm to your cat’s sensitive skin.

Bristles on the fingertips assist you in maintaining your grip without injuring your cat. They also provide cleaning power in hard-to-reach areas such as around the ears and on the legs and paws.

These gloves are great for bathing your cat because they fit snugly through the fingers. In the water, some gloves might become messy.

The HandsOn gloves are available in five sizes, so you’re not limited to a one-size-fits-all solution. When things get slick, the flexible fingers and sturdy but flexible nylon fabric keep your dexterity intact.

Finally, a Velcro fastening on the wrist keeps them in place when your cat wiggles.

Key characteristics include:

  • There are five (5) sizes.
  • Five (5) different colors
  • Nodule sizes vary
  • Design of snug fingers
  • Wrist closure with Velcro


Best Scratch-Resistant Grooming Glove: PetFusion Multipurpose Grooming Glove

Cats are famous for their independence rather than their cooperation.

The PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glove for Grooming is an excellent addition to any brushing kit for cats who lose their marbles when it comes to grooming. These gloves are available in two sizes and reach all the way to the elbow.

They’re resistant to punctures, scratches, and water, so you can use them for more than just grooming—trips to the vet, bathing, or whenever you need to give your cat medication, for example.

They are not as effective at removing hair as some of the other designs. They do, however, contain a silicone pattern on the palm and fingers, which helps keep hair in place.

The silicone also acts as a grip for your cat when he doesn’t want to stay still. While your cat may dislike being washed or taken to the vet, both are vital parts of his maintenance.

Scratch-resistant gloves like these make your life easier while also protecting you against infected cat scratches and bites.

Key characteristics include:

  • There are two (2) sizes.
  • Grooming silicone design on palm and fingers
  • Extend your arm to the elbow.
  • Use for grooming, washing, vet visits, and other purposes.

Who Should Purchase a Grooming or Deshedding Glove for Their Cat?

Grooming and deshedding gloves for cats aren’t for everyone. They can, however, make life easier for the majority of cat owners.

Cats conduct the majority of their own coat grooming, but this may not be enough to avoid cat hair from accumulating in your home.

Cat grooming gloves make it simple to keep cat fur under control. A properly designed glove can even feel like a mild massage.

Some cats may dislike being brushed, but most of them will come over for some petting and attention every now and then. A glove allows you to show your cat affection while still regulating his or her hair.

Grooming gloves are also useful when taking a bath. They aid in the foaming of shampoo and the massaging of your cat’s skin without irritating it.

They also provide some scratch and bite protection. If you own a cat and want to make grooming easier, a grooming glove is a must-have.

If you wish to help your cat’s flea and shampooing issue, you should read the best flea shampoos for cats and the best flea combs for cats.

Consider the Following Features

A cat grooming glove should be able to accomplish multiple things well and have a few simple but essential characteristics. Consider the following factors while choosing a cat grooming or deshedding glove for your cat:

The glove kind

Grooming gloves are quite simple, although they come in a variety of styles. The first two important categories are gloves and mitts.

Gloves provide your hands additional flexibility and let you to use your fingers to brush problematic places like the legs and paws.

Mitts may restrict your dexterity, but they are simple to put on and take off. Grooming gloves can also be classified according to their intended use.

Scratch-resistant gloves, for example, go all the way up to the elbow. Some types are intended for particularly sensitive cats, while others are intended for bathing.

The type of glove you need will be determined by your lifestyle and your cat’s personality.


The majority of gloves are one-size-fits-all. That, however, does not work for everyone. If your hands are exceptionally large or little, the glove may not fit or be too loose for effective grooming.

Cats may be finicky. They might not appreciate a glove that makes your hand feel big and clubby.

Gloves that come in a variety of sizes provide for a better fit. Models with an adjustable wrist strap will also stay in place while you groom.

Size, type, and material of nodules

The protrusions that remove hair are known as nodules, nubs, or pins. They should be constructed of a soft material that will not irritate your cat’s skin or pull on his hair.

Some gloves include nodules of variable sizes and shapes, allowing you to groom your cat differently depending on whatever portion of your hand you use.

Others have uniform nodule sizes across the glove’s surface. If your cat enjoys being groomed, the size of the nodules is unlikely to make a difference.

If your cat is particularly sensitive, seek for a glove with gentle, circular nodules rather than sharp silicone or rubber nodules.


We offer DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves and H HANDSON HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves as the two most prominent and reputable products for your consideration, based on our study and testing of the things stated above.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our selection of the best cat grooming and deshedding gloves assisted you in your search for the perfect product for your cat!


What exactly is a cat grooming glove, and how does it function?

Cat grooming or deshedding gloves are normally constructed of a stretchy cloth with a rubber or silicone pad attached.

When you pet your cat, the nodules on the pad attract and remove hair without irritating the cat’s skin.

They’re an excellent choice for cats who dislike being brushed because you can comb them while petting them.

How do you keep your cat grooming gloves clean?

Begin by reading and following the washing directions on the gloves. However, cat hair mats into the rubber of most cat grooming gloves.

It can be extracted by carefully tugging it out in one piece, much like a large hairball. After you’ve removed the hair, rinse the gloves under running water to eliminate any remaining hair.

Some gloves are machine washable, but most must be air-dried due to the rubber or silicon.

How do you brush a cat who despises being brushed?

Cats are not known for being patient. If your cat dislikes being brushed, you must be cunning. A grooming glove could be the ideal solution for you, especially if your cat enjoys being petted.

Keep the glove at the area on your lap where the cat is most likely to sit. When he does, put on the glove and begin caressing him in the direction of his hair, very softly.

Distract him if he notices and gives you the death stare for even trying to groom him. Cats are not as driven by their bellies as dogs are, but they can be bought with a cat treat.

Distract him with food, a toy, or play with him with your bare hand.

What is the proper way to groom a cat?

Brushing is the first step, but it isn’t the only thing you need to do to properly groom your cat. Brushing increases blood flow and eliminates hair, grime, and dead skin cells.

Short-haired cats may only require brushing once each week. Long-haired breeds, on the other hand, may require daily brushing.

If your cat has gotten into something stinky or sticky, a bath after brushing is an excellent idea. Use a mild shampoo designed specifically for cats.

A utility sink filled with three or four inches of water is enough of liquid to clean your cat. Wet your cat while avoiding getting water in his eyes.

Rinse after gently massaging the shampoo through your cat’s hair. Finally, pat him dry with a towel and you’re finished.

If your cat does not go outside, nail clipping may be included in your grooming routine. Before clipping his feet, you should get your cat acclimated to you handling his feet.

Touch his legs and paws on a frequent basis to familiarize him with the sensation. When it’s time to trim, gently press down on the paw, causing the claws to lengthen.

Clip the tip of the claw with a set of cat nail trimmers without hitting the vein that runs through the claw, known as the quick.

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