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15 Best Cat Foods In The Uk

If you live in the United Kingdom, you are well aware of how much information pet owners are learning about nutrition these days.

Companies all across the world appear to be modifying their products to promote the greatest diets available for our beloved animals.

Marketing can be deceptive at times, which is why hearing from folks who have actual experience is beneficial.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) investigated the best cat foods in the UK, and here are our reviews of the top %product_count% best cat foods we could discover.


Purina ONE Bifensis Chicken Dry Cat Food – Overall Winner

  • Brand: Purina
  • Species: Dry kibble
  • Chicken and whole grains flavor
  • Improved health with targeted nutrition

Purina is a well-known pet food manufacturer in many parts of the world. Purina One Bifensis is our overall favorite since it addresses all aspects of cat wellness.

This formula may not work for all cats, but we believe it will assist the majority of healthy adult cats. The goal of this dish is to nourish your cat from within.

This mixture boosts immunity, improves skin and coat, and boosts vitality. It would benefit any cat, but notably those with weakened immune systems.

This product’s analytical ingredients include 34% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 7.5% ash, and 2.5% crude fiber. It’s meant to improve general wellness in just three weeks.

Overall, this is the best cat food in the United Kingdom that we have examined this year.


  • Improves immunity
  • Guaranteed outcomes in three weeks
  • Reputable business
  • Most adult cat requirements are met.


  • Not suitable for kittens


Best Value Purina GoCat Chicken & Duck Dry Cat Food

  • Brand: Purina
  • Species: Dry kibble
  • Chicken and duck flavor
  • Nutritional Goals: Everyday Health

Purina Go-Cat may be the appropriate choice for you if you want to save money while still providing a decent everyday health diet for your cat. We believe it is the best value cat food in the UK.

This dish provides a well-balanced supper that meets the nutritional needs of adult house cats. It stimulates your cat’s taste receptors while providing appropriate protein, vitamins, and minerals to their system.

This product’s analytical ingredients include 30% crude protein, 11% crude fat, 8% crude ash, and 3% crude fiber.

Although this product is well-balanced, it contains fillers that may annoy sensitive cats. Always check the ingredients before making a purchase.


  • Properly balanced
  • Affordable
  • Several protein sources


  • Ingredients that may cause irritation


Encore Premium Choice 100% Natural Wet Cat Food

  • Brand: Encore
  • Additive type: wet
  • Ocean fish, tuna, and salmon flavors
  • Muscle preservation nutrition

Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food is a high-protein, low-fat solution for your cats. Because each pouch is unique, you can access only the sections you need.

Unlike some other options, this is a supplementary cat food, which means it is meant to supplement dry kibble. There are a total of 20 pouches: 8 tuna, 8 ocean fish, and 4 tuna and salmon recipes.

All ingredients are 100% natural and contain few ingredients. For example, each dish has more than half meat, rice flour, and vegetable gel.

This product’s analytic ingredients include 12.5 to 15% crude protein, 1% crude fat, 1% crude fiber, 1% crude ash, and 82% to 84% moisture.

We believe that these simple pouches would be ideal for increasing the appetite of fussy cats. Just remember that this is a supplement, not a whole diet.

So, when you buy conventional cat food and this, it might add up quickly. Finally, this basically gives a protein boost to your privileged kitty’s food bowl.


  • Enhancer for dry kibble
  • High protein content
  • Totally natural
  • Inducing appetite


  • This is not a stand-alone diet.


Purina Felix Kitten Mixed Cat Food – Recommended for Kittens

  • Brand: Purina
  • Type: Wet
  • Flavor combinations include chicken and kidney, duck and lamb, tuna and salmon, and turkey and liver.
  • Kitten nutrition as a goal

If you’re looking for a scrumptious recipe for your new friend, choose the Purina Felix Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly.

This product recipe is easy to chew and appealing, enticing your child to feed. It is specially made for kittens and has precisely the required nutrients to keep yours on the proper track in life.

Each bag is extremely convenient and simple to portion. Simply follow the portion recommendations on the back and pour it onto their plate. It has the ideal texture for even the most inexperienced diners.

This product’s analytical ingredients include 9% crude protein, 4% crude fat, 3% crude ash, 0.05% crude fiber, and 82% moisture.

When our cats ate this food, we noticed that they experienced minor digestive and gas difficulties. So, be cautious with cats who have digestive issues, as not all of the ingredients appear to agree.


  • Exceptionally moist
  • Packaging is convenient.
  • Suitable for all phases of life


  • It is possible that this will create minor digestive troubles.


Cat Pouch Food Sheba Select Poultry Slices In Gravy

  • Brand: Sheba
  • Type: Wet
  • Duck, chicken, poultry, duck, and turkey flavors
  • Nutritional Goals: Everyday Health

If you need a wet food option for a fussy cat or an elderly pet, Sheba Select Slices Cat Pouches are a great choice. Cats are drawn to the strong fragrances of these dishes.

Because the containers are properly portioned, we believe this cat would be especially advantageous for a single cat household.

This product contains 8.5% crude protein, 4.5% crude fat, 2% inorganic matter, 0.3% crude fiber, and 82% moisture by weight.

The recipes in the package are designed specifically for adults and seniors—no kittens, please.


  • Ideal for households with a single cat.
  • Packages with individual portions
  • Exceptionally aromatic


  • Not suitable for kittens


Delicious Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food from Lily’s Kitchen

  • Lily’s Kitchen brand
  • Species: Dry kibble
  • Chicken casserole flavor
  • Nutritional Goals: Everyday Health

If you prefer a dry kibble product, Lily’s Kitchen Delicious Chicken is an excellent option. It contains just healthy foods and plenty of added nutrient-rich additives like antioxidants.

These appetizing meals, made with kitty-safe herbs and veggies, will meet the needs of most healthy adult house cats. This formula has no cereals and instead relies on cranberries, salmon oil, and potatoes.

This product’s analytical ingredients include 30% crude protein, 15% crude fat, 6% crude ash, and 2.5% crude fiber. This food also contains a prebiotic, which helps with intestinal health.

There is no extra sugar or filler either. However, because it does not include enough taurine to benefit elders, we only recommend this product for adults.


  • Pure ingredients
  • Excellent for the urinary tract
  • Free of grains and fillers


  • Seniors should avoid this product.


Adult Dry Cat Food Iams for Vitality Fresh Chicken

  • Brand: Iams
  • Species: Dry kibble
  • Fresh chicken flavor
  • Nutritional Goal: Muscle Function

If you’ve owned an adult cat for more than a year, Iams Vitality Fresh Chicken is a fantastic dry kibble formula. It will help your kitty stay young by nourishing their bodies with carefully selected ingredient combinations.

We looked at the chicken recipe, but Iams also sells ocean seafood, turkey, and salmon. This meal addresses the seven nutritional bases: skin and coat health, urinary tract health, muscles, immune system, digestion, teeth, and heart health.

This product’s analytical ingredients include 35% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 7.2% crude ash, and 1.8% crude fiber. It is designed specifically for the care of adult cats.

We appreciate that this product comes with a satisfaction guarantee, demonstrating the company’s commitment to its clients. Keep in note that this is dry kibble, which may not be suitable for cats with bad teeth.


  • Covers seven nutritional bases
  • Created for adult cat bodies
  • Guaranteed satisfaction


  • Cats with sensitive teeth will find it too crunchy.


Wet Cat Food Whiskas Pure Delight Fish Selections

  • Brand: Whiskas
  • Type: Wet
  • Tuna, salmon, coley, and whitefish
  • Nutritional Goals: Every Health

Whiskas Fish Selections is a great option if your cat adores seafood. This wet cat chow includes delectable meat chunks packed in a jelly base for maximum protein.

These individual containers are simple to open and serve as an excellent dry kibble supplement.

This variety pack contains four different flavors: tuna, salmon, coley, and whitefish. Your cat will undoubtedly like the variety of ocean flavors. This substance was created specifically to boost urinary wellness.

These goods contain 12.5% crude protein, 2% crude fat, 1.2% inorganic matter, 0.2% crude fiber, and 83% moisture by weight.

This food is suitable for young cats with active lifestyles because it is high in protein and calories.


  • Enhances urinary health
  • Four delicious tastes
  • It also works great as a topper.


  • Not suitable for lazy kitties


Wet Cat Food Applaws 100% Natural Mixed in Broth

  • Brand: Applaws
  • Type: Wet
  • Tuna filet, chicken breast, ocean fish, and cheese-stuffed chicken breast
  • Nutritional Goal: Heart Health

Applaws 100% Natural Wet Cat Food is extremely enticing to cats. At the tip of a strip, it’s meat shreds in a wonderful soup, calling to your cat. If you like to vary things up, Applaws also offers dry kibble and filets.

These dishes are high in protein, which helps to build vital muscles, particularly the heart. Tuna, chicken breast, ocean fish, and chicken breast with cheese are all included in this variety pack.

This product’s analytical ingredients include 12% to 14% crude protein, 1% crude fiber, 2% crude ash, and 82% moisture.

We liked the texture because it allowed cats to rip the pieces, simulating a more natural eating experience. However, because the packets are customized, it may not be suitable for multi-cat families.


  • Muscles are strengthened.
  • Excellent for cardiovascular health.
  • Delicious recipes


  • Not recommended for multi-cat households.


Cat Food Perfect Fit Vitality & Agility

  • Ideal Fit
  • Type: Wet
  • Flavor combinations include chicken and peas, beef and carrots, salmon and carrots, and white fish and peas.
  • Nutritional Goal: Weight Control

Give your cat a diet worth eating if he or she has become overweight. Ideal Vitality and Agility Cat Food could be the ideal answer for a feline who needs to increase his activity level.

This wet cat food is high in lean protein and necessary vitamins and minerals.

These recipes are designed to increase energy and taste. It’s designed to address every element of feline health, strengthening body systems so your cat can live a better existence.


  • Boosts energy
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Enhances overall nutrition


  • Only for weight loss

Buyer's Guide: How to Select the Best Cat Food in the United Kingdom

Individual demands must be considered when looking for the best cat food in the UK. However, we can assist you in crossing certain items off your shopping list.

Affordability of Cat Food

To avoid switching feeds, you must select a cat food that is within your budget. After all, you won’t want to alter foods on a monthly basis for consistency.

When selecting a diet for your cat, make sure the overall cost is factored into your budget in addition to other duties.

Quality of Cat Food

What constitutes quality is debatable. However, we believe that organizations should strive to provide the best in their field. Recipes must be carefully created and implemented in the cat’s best interests.

Quality will be evident in your cat’s behavior and appearance. However, learning as much as possible about a brand and its ingredients can help ensure that they live their best lives.

Ingredients in Cat Food Formula

When reading the contents list on any cat food package, make sure it is plenty for your beloved pet. Look for things that provide numerous health benefits.


When it comes to ingredients, go for protein-rich dishes. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must eat animal protein. However, protein is especially vital as a kitten since muscles grow quickly.

Minerals and vitamins

Your cat, like us, requires a variety of vitamins and minerals. The cat food you purchase should include more than enough to keep your cat’s systems running smoothly and their energy levels stable.

Vitamins and minerals can also have a negative impact on organs and the skin. If the intake is out of balance, it can lead to a variety of health problems.

The amino acids

Because your cat consumes meat, amino acids are essential. If your cat is deficient in this area, it can lead to a serious loss in general health.

Cat Food Varieties

Even though you’re undoubtedly familiar with the various types of cat food available, let’s go over the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Kibble (Dry)

Dry kibble is made up of baked components that have been precisely designed for your cats.


  • The crunch cleans the teeth.
  • Long storage life
  • Balanced


  • Moisture deficiency
  • Nutrient depletion

Food That Is Wet

Wet cat food is a protein-rich, moisture-rich diet available in pouches and cans.


  • High humidity
  • Protein-rich
  • Enhances appetite


  • A lot of calories
  • Once opened, spoils quickly.

Food that is moist

Moist food is a soft, chewy diet that is similar to dry kibble but has more moisture.


  • Moisture addition
  • Aromatic


  • Preservative levels are often high.


Freeze-dried cat feeds remove all of the moisture content from entire protein, vegetables, and fruits without cooking or high heat.


  • Nutrients are naturally preserved.
  • Natural foods
  • Long storage life


  • Possible disinterest
  • It becomes costly.

Cat Food That Isn’t Cooked

Raw cat chow is actual raw meat bits that feed your cat’s inner carnivore.


  • Complete raw food advantages
  • All nutrients are present.
  • Enhanced taste experience


  • It becomes costly.
  • Bacteria may be present.


Homemade foods are ones that you prepare in the comfort of your own kitchen and have been approved by your veterinarian.


  • Ingredients that are fresher
  • Complete control over recipes
  • Can cater to a cat’s specific demands


  • Preparation takes time.
  • Limited shelf life


If you live in the United Kingdom, hopefully this article has given you some fresh ideas to discuss with your veterinarian.

Purina One Bifensis is our favorite. We believe it would improve the general health of any adult house cat.

However, if you want to save money while still providing your cat with appropriate nourishment, choose Purina Go-Cat. It has all of the nutritional building blocks required while saving you money.

Finally, you must decide what is best for your cat on an individual basis. Hopefully, BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best cat foods in the UK helped you narrow down your options.

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