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11 Best Cat Foods From Fussie Cat

Fussie Cat is widely regarded as a high-quality cat food brand. They provide a variety of wet and dry foods.

According to their website, their meal is "Physiologically Correct," which means it contains a lot of animal meat. Cats were intended to thrive on a full-meat diet since they are obligate carnivores.

Their cuisine is prepared in an FDA-approved kitchen in Thailand. Following the same rules as the cat food, this kitchen also produces canned food for human consumption.

This meal is often great for fussy cats because the recipes are tailored to genuine cat taste testers. If your cat doesn't have a big appetite, this food might be worth a try.

Here are BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) recommendations for the best cat foods from Fussie Cat.

Fussie Cat Food Evaluation

Who Makes Fussie Cat Food, and Where Does It Come From?

Fussie Cat is created entirely in Thailand. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved plant that also manufactures canned food for human consumption.

The cat food is produced in accordance with the same standards as the tinned food for humans. As a result, their cat chow is manufactured with more safeguards than most other products.

Their foods are also prepared in accordance with worldwide standards, which are more stringent than following the norms of a single country.

Their dry kibble is produced in the United States. Their premium and super-premium canned food, on the other hand, is produced at a high-quality facility in Thailand. This is not China, where the poisoning in 2007 occurred.

Thailand has strict food manufacturing rules. Food exports account for a significant portion of Thailand’s economy, so they take them very seriously.

This area also boasts a plentiful supply of fresh fish and other seafood. There are also less contaminants in the air and less mercury in the wild.

Fuzzy Product Line

Fussie has a diverse product line that includes both dry and wet cat food.

Their flavor selection appears to be restricted. A lot of flavors are repeated. They have a variety of canned dishes with “tuna” as the major ingredient, for example.

Their dry food selection is substantially smaller than their wet food selection. They don’t have any recipes specifically for kittens or geriatric cats.

Their products, however, are intended for felines of all ages. You can use any of their kitten and senior cat recipes.

Many of their recipes have no common allergies, such as chicken. If your cat is allergic to these components, you should be able to find a recipe that does not contain them.

Nutrition for Fussie Cats

Fussie Cat’s food has an above-average protein content. They include fewer carbohydrates than many other cat feeds, which corresponds to our cat’s natural diet.

Cats, as obligate carnivores, are built to thrive on a high-fat, high-protein diet. Fussie Cat’s formulae frequently meet this need.

Ingredients for Fussie Cat

Fussie The first few ingredients in cat recipes are usually animal meat. Tuna, chicken, and duck are just a few examples. They have numerous possibilities. You should have no trouble avoiding chicken or any other ingredient if necessary.

They frequently incorporate fish into their recipes, particularly salmon, which is the key element in many of their formulae.

Their ingredients are often easy to get and abundant in protein, allowing them to give high-quality cuisine at a reasonable price.

Legumes, particularly peas, are expected in their dry food recipes. When compared to meat, these are frequently seen as lower-quality options.

They are, nevertheless, quite cheap and abundant in protein. They can, however, make the formula appear higher in protein than it is, so use caution if the formula contains peas. Everything may not be what it appears to be.

Pea flour is occasionally included as well. This largely consists of carbohydrates derived from peas, hence it is low in protein and is essentially a by-product.

If a formula contains numerous pea iterations, you should be aware that the formula may have more peas than meat elements.

This is a technique known as ingredient spillage, and it is used to deceive pet owners into believing that one component appears less frequently, when in fact it occurs more frequently when all ingredients are combined.

This cat food frequently contains chicken fat. This is a frequent ingredient in most pet foods since it enhances the flavor. Chicken fat contains no chicken protein, therefore even cats who are allergic to chicken can consume it.

Of course, other ingredients, such as pumpkin and flaxseeds, are frequently used. These enrich the nutritional content of cat food by adding nutrients. They are generally regarded as high-quality additions.

A Brief Examination of Fussie Cat Food


  • Included are high-quality components.
  • Thailand and the United States
  • Suitable for all phases of cat life
  • Some formulations are allergen-free.


  • Expensive
  • Some ingredient separation

History of Recalls

Fussie currently has no recalls.


Canned Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with Salmon Formula in Aspic Grain-Free

Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with Salmon Formula in Aspic Grain-Free Canned Cat Food has a high protein content but a low fat content.

It has more protein than most other formulas and can benefit almost any feline. Because tuna is the first ingredient, it is likely that it contains more protein than other options on the market. As the initial ingredient, salmon is used.

The majority of the remaining ingredients are vitamins and nutrients, such as sunflower seed oil. In other words, this dish is mostly made up of tuna, salmon, and extra beef.

This dish has no grains or potatoes. It also does not contain peas. Omega fatty acids are incorporated to help your cat’s hair and coat.

Because it is low in saturated fat, it may be suitable for felines who require a low-fat diet. The first ingredient is flavorful tuna, and the second ingredient is salmon. As a result, it is generally quite palatable and appropriate for fussy cats.


  • Omega-3 fatty acid content is high.
  • Included are high-quality meats.
  • There are no fillers, potatoes, peas, or grains.
  • Picky cats will enjoy it.


  • Expensive


Fussie Cat Market Grain-Free Fresh Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food

Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is a higher grade dry food formula, while all of their dry food formulae are excellent.

The first ingredient is chicken, and the second ingredient is chicken meal. As long as your cat isn’t allergic to chicken, these are both relatively high-quality ingredients.

Because both of these foods have a lot of protein, the entire formula has a lot of protein and fat.

Peas, on the other hand, are listed as the third ingredient, while pea flour is listed further down the list.

This is an evident example of ingredient splitting, which indicates that this formula contains more peas than it looks.

Chickpeas, another low-quality bean, are also included. Other types of meat, such as turkey meal and chicken fat, are also included.

This composition is grain and potato free, making it ideal for sensitive felines. Furthermore, it is better for cats in general.

While the meal is generally decent, it is pricey and contains a lot of peas. It isn’t quite as nice as their wet food formulae, which are frequently pea-free.


  • Chicken and chicken dinner are included.
  • Free of grains and potatoes
  • Protein and fat content is high.
  • Chicken fat is included for flavor.


  • There are a lot of peas in this dish.
  • Expensive


Fussie Cat Grain-Free Super Premium Chicken Formula with Gravy Canned Cat Food

Fussie Cat Super Premium Chicken Formula in Gravy Grain-Free Canned Cat Food is an excellent choice for chicken-based cat food.

The first ingredient is water, which is required for digestion and boosting hydration in your cat. The second element is chicken.

This is a premium component. The second ingredient is chicken skin, which contains a range of minerals and vitamins. Dog chow rarely contains chicken skin. It is, however, a high-quality component.

It contains no grains or peas. It is high in omega fatty acids, which can help your cat’s skin and coat health. It maintains the fur on your kitties nice and healthy. It’s also abundant in vitamins B6 and B12, which can help your cat’s overall health.

This food is also quite flavorful, making it perfect for fussy felines.


  • Omega fatty acids are present.
  • Hydrating
  • The first ingredient is chicken.
  • B6 and B12 levels are high.


  • Expensive
  • Chicken is abundant.


Fresh Salmon Recipe Dry Cat Food Fussie Cat Market

Fuzzy Cat’s Market According to the brand, fresh dry snacks are “made with the freshest and greatest ingredients.”

I have to admit that this formula starts off strong, with salmon and salmon meal at the top of the list, yet the next three ingredients don’t appeal to me.

Three plant ingredients follow two high-quality sources of animal protein. Peas and chickpeas can be tough for cats to stomach, and pea flour offers little benefit.

I could also do without the flaxseeds and alfalfa flour, which add to the formula’s already quite high carbohydrate content.

Another potential issue with this dish is that the chicken meal is nearly hidden in the ingredient list. It isn’t mentioned in the flavor’s name, and it comes after several other animal proteins.

This may be an issue for cats who have dietary allergies or sensitivities. Overall, it looks that this is a protein-rich meal with a moderate fat intake and a rather high carbohydrate load.


  • At the top of the list are two high-quality animal proteins.
  • The main source of added fat is nutrient-rich chicken fat.
  • No fillers, byproducts, or artificial ingredients


  • It lacks the moisture that your cat requires.
  • Cats with food allergies should avoid this product.
  • Carbohydrate content is substantial.


Canned Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with Prawns Formula in Aspic

This is one of Fussie Cat’s canned foods that contains tuna.

This formula is high in species-appropriate animal protein, with tuna as the first ingredient and prawns as the second. It has the moisture your cat requires for hydration because it is canned food.

One thing to keep in mind when making this recipe is the serving size. While this meal is high in protein, the fat content is modest, which helps to keep the calorie count low.

In comparison to recipes that may call for 1 or 2 cans every 10 pounds of body weight per day, this Fussie Cat wet food calls for 1 can per 2 to 3 pounds of body weight.

Another problem with this formula is that it contains problematic thickeners such as guar gum and carrageenan. I’d rather see a safer substance or eliminate thickeners altogether.

Overall, this is a high-protein, low-fat formula that is high in moisture and low in carbohydrates.


  • Contains a lot of high-quality animal protein
  • Contains the moisture your cat requires to stay hydrated.
  • Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are not used.


  • Because of the low fat and calorie content, the serving size may be increased.
  • Guar gum and carrageenan are used as thickeners.


Fresh Quail & Duck Meal Recipe Dry Cat Food Fussie Cat Market

If your cat has dietary allergies, this quail and duck meal dish may be preferable to the salmon formula.

Not only is it free of chicken, but it also contains two novel protein sources: quail and duck. Both of these are near the top of the list of ingredients.

Unfortunately, peas and pea flour are also listed as ingredients. These ingredients, when combined with alfalfa meal, cranberries, and blueberries, lead to an estimated carbohydrate content of roughly 30%, which is far greater than I’d prefer.

Another disadvantage of this formula is that the majority of the additional fat comes from plants. Sunflower oil is high in omega-6 fatty acids, but I’d rather see duck fat (high in omega-3s) listed first.

Overall, this is a high-carbohydrate, protein-rich dry cereal with a moderate fat level.


  • Free of chicken and created with unique proteins
  • At the top of the list are two premium animal proteins.
  • No fillers, byproducts, or artificial ingredients


  • It lacks the moisture that your cat requires.
  • Carbohydrate content is substantial.

What Other Users Have to Say

Many users stated that their picky cat enjoyed this meal, while an equal number said that their picky cat refused to eat it at all. As with other foods, it appears to be a matter of personal preference for the cat.

Some wet feeds appear to have a shredded texture, which some cats dislike. We anticipate that the issue is one of texture rather than taste.

Many people commented on how solid the cans are. This is fantastic because they don’t break during delivery. However, because of this, they are relatively difficult to open. They are extremely durable.

Numerous cats with allergies appreciate this meal because it contains many chicken-free options.


What Is the Price of Fussie Cat Food?

Fussie Cat isn’t the most costly cat food brand available, but it’s also not the cheapest.

Their dry feeds are available in 2lb, 4lb, and 10lb bags and cost between $0.20 and $0.30 per ounce, adding up to more than $3.00 per pound. Fussie Cat canned foods cost around $0.50 per ounce.

Is Fussie Cat Food a Good Choice Overall?

Fussie Cat, in general, strikes me as a respectable brand. I like that their dry foods frequently include novel proteins and that there are some chicken-free options.

I also appreciate that their canned goods are high in animal protein and low in carbs. Having said that, I have a few reservations.

First, Fussie Cat dry foods have a high carbohydrate content, which is due to the inclusion of a large variety of plant ingredients, such as legumes and pulses.

Second, it appears that carrageenan is used to thicken the majority of their canned meals. It’s also worth noting that, while Fussie Cat has a wide range of items, the majority of their canned feeds are either tuna or chicken-based.

Fussie Cat canned meals could be a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking for a protein-rich dish for your cat and don’t mind spending a little extra to acquire it.

You could merely want to include them in a rotational diet to avoid eating only fish.

Fussie Cat dry foods are an excellent choice for cats with food allergies, but you may definitely find something similar with a reduced carb content at a lesser cost.

Where Can I Buy Fussie Cat Food?

Small and independent pet food merchants, as well as big internet sellers such as Amazon and Chewy, sell Fussie Cat.

Other merchants sell Fussie Cat online, however keep in mind that Target, Petco, PetSmart, and Walmart.com are not authorized Fussie Cat dealers.


Fussie cat food is one of the better-quality alternatives available. It has a lot of protein and fat. The ingredients are often of high quality, such as whole beef and other high-grade products.

There are also chicken-free versions available, making it an excellent choice for cats with food allergies.

They produce both dry and moist food. Their wet foods are of higher quality and contain fewer fillers, such as peas.

Furthermore, canned food has more water, which might help your cat stay hydrated. This is especially crucial for felines who have unique health issues.

According to BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) investigation and testing of the aforementioned best cat foods from Fussie Cat, Canned Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with Salmon Formula in Aspic Grain-Free and Fussie Cat Market Grain-Free Fresh Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food are the two most prominent and dependable products for your selection.

This cuisine is only produced in Thailand in FDA-registered facilities of the highest quality. As a result, it tends to be a little pricey.

It lacks many of the lower-quality fillers that other foods employ to keep prices low. As a result, it is significantly more expensive than alternative options.

However, many owners believe it is worthwhile to pay the extra money.

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