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7 Best Cat Foods From Evanger

Evanger Dog & Cat Food Company was started in 1935 by Fred Evanger. Mr. Evanger was a Great Dane breeder and showman.

He was dissatisfied with the present dog food options, so he founded his own company to produce high-quality food that he could serve to his dogs.

His primary goal was to create a diet free of toxic ingredients and preservatives. In their dishes, they use high-quality, inspected meats.

However, the corporation has been embroiled in numerous scandals throughout the years, the most recent of which occurred in 2017.

They were one of the first enterprises to hand pack some of their foods. Since 2003, they have been working on their Hand Packed food project.

The following is a list of the best cat foods from Evanger that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) suggests you should buy.

Evanger Cat Food Evaluation

Who manufactures Evanger Cat Food, and where is it manufactured?

Evanger owns the factories where their food is produced. When the company was created, their founder opened the first plant.

This plant was later extended into the 7,000-square-foot manufacturing that it is today. This major factory produces all of the food and also serves as a storeroom.

In 2013, a new plant in Markham, Illinois, was opened. Evanger also operates and owns this facility.

How is their food produced?

The majority of Evanger’s manufacturing process is focused on developing their wet food. They pioneered the “Hand Packed” procedure several decades ago.

This means that some of their items are hand-packed rather than machine-packed. We can also presume that not all of their foods are individually wrapped.

We have no idea which recipes are hand-packed and which are not. They do make an effort to pack each can with healthful, unprocessed ingredients.

Their wet foods are not as processed as those of some other brands. The meal is cooked inside each can, which helps to retain the juices and vitamins.

What are the ingredients?

This company appears to use a lot of new protein in their cat food. They don’t cook using a lot of chicken or meat. Instead, they use a variety of animals such as rabbit and quail.

This brand may be beneficial for cats with food allergies because it has a variety of unusual protein sources. However, this significantly raises the price. Rabbit is typically more expensive than chicken.

While they prepare grain-free dishes, many of them are high in vegetables. Some are on the list so high that they are obvious fillers used to bulk out the dish. While some vegetables are safe for cats, moderation is essential.

Peas, for example, appear in many of their recipes. Peas certainly include vitamins and minerals that cats require, but we prefer not to see them as regularly.

However, the firm claims that meat, which is the primary source of protein, accounts for 80-98% of their food’s contents.

Despite this, they do use some high-quality options. They frequently use eggs in their cuisine, for example. These are high in vitamins and minerals, making them ideal for your cat.

They also contain salmon meal, which contains natural omega fatty acids and is a healthy fat for your cat.

What Kinds of Products Do They Have?

This business mostly sells canned wet food. They do have a few dry food formulas available. There are, however, very few possibilities and variants.

However, there are numerous possibilities for their wet food. They provide a popular range of supplemental canned foods for both cats and dogs.

Organics, Super Premium, Signature Series, and Classic are some of the other lines available. Most of their brands provide a variety of flavors and proteins.

They do, however, provide varieties that are not accessible elsewhere. In their supplemental line, for example, you may buy an entire can of quail.

They do provide certain chicken and beef recipes, which are very popular in the cat food industry. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, this company has it.

The 2017 Disagreement

A comprehensive Evanger’s cat food review would be incomplete without addressing the 2017 recall and controversy. The FDA discovered pentobarbital in several Evanger canned foods in February 2017.

This is a medication used in the euthanasia of animals. No amount is safe for cat food, which is why the FDA issued a caution to pet owners not to buy certain formulations.

The FDA visited both of the company’s plants and discovered numerous severe issues with how the food was produced. Condensation, for example, was seeping into the food at numerous spots.

Because there were no operational refrigerated storage facilities, raw beef was thawed before being processed. Some meats were dumped into the filthy concrete floor before being used in the final product.

Several animals died as a result of the tainted food. The pentobarbital was subsequently tracked down to a meat supplier for the company. Following the FDA findings, Evanger issued a voluntary recall of certain recipes.

That may appear to be the end of the story, but now is where things begin to heat up. Evanger mentioned in their press release that they used human-grade USDA beef in their recipes.

During their examination, however, the FDA examined a bill from Evanger’s beef supplier, which labeled the beef as “Inedible Hand Deboned Beef – For Pet Food Use Only.” “Ineligible for human consumption.” Furthermore, the supplier does not make USDA beef, and the meat was not labeled as such.

In other words, the corporation misled customers about the quality and origin of the product. For years, it had claimed that the food was human-grade and USDA-inspected, but none of that appeared to be the truth.

“The beef products from this source do not bear the USDA inspection mark and would not be considered human quality,” according to the FDA.

The company also stated on its website at the time that their food was human-grade and USDA-certified.

However, following the examination, they updated the text on their website. It now just states that the food is “inspected,” but does not specify who inspects it.

While the Evanger did discontinue its claim that the meats utilized were human-grade, the entire affair harmed their customers’ trust.

The corporation effectively lied to their customers, leaving many concerned about what else they might lie about in the future.

An Overview of Evanger Cat Food


  • Meat is frequently the first component.
  • A wide selection is offered.
  • Formulas with and without grains
  • High protein content


  • There are several citations, FDA warnings, and recalls.
  • The state of the facilities is uncertain.

Additional Recalls and Citations

The 2017 controversy was possibly the loudest thing that has happened to Evanger in the last decade. However, there have been further issues.

For example, the city of Wheeling, Illinois, sued Evanger in 2006 over the circumstances of its manufacturing facility.

A health inspector discovered “open containers of chicken, insects, maggots, garbage, and filthy conditions on the property,” according to court filings.

Another inspector discovered thousands of maggots on decomposing meat and other unidentified things.

Their interstate food transport licence has been cancelled and delayed many times owing to the circumstances of their facilities. This is how the FDA prevents dangerous food from reaching customers.

Several FDA testing instances indicated that certain recipes did not contain elements on the ingredient list.

For example, the Lamb and Rice recipe was discovered to contain beef rather than lamb. A duck recipe had no duck at all. However, after issuing a warning, the FDA discovered that the ingredient switching had ceased.

These are just a few of the citations issued by the FDA over the previous two decades. Evanger has one of the most lengthy histories of FDA violations and warnings of any pet food company we’ve evaluated.

There have also been charges of utility theft, which entailed diverting gas and installing an illegal power bypass on the poles. This case was also linked to bribery claims.


Grain-Free Rabbit Dog and Cat Food

Evanger’s Grain-Free Rabbit Canned Dog & Cat Food is part of their supplement range. It is not a complete meal intended to be your cat’s sole source of nutrition.

It is intended to be eaten as a snack or as a topping for dry foods. You can also occasionally combine it with another wet meal. It lacks any additional nutrients that your feline requires, so don’t expect to use it frequently.

When utilized correctly, though, this is a really high-quality dish. They have several tastes other than rabbit, yet rabbit is one of their most popular.

As the initial ingredient, it contains rabbit. Water is included as the second element because it is required for processing. Wet food isn’t wet unless it has a significant moisture content.

The third element is liver. While we often advocate for organ parts in cat food, the liver is nameless. In other words, you have no idea where the liver came from.

This meal is not recommended if your cat is highly allergic to any protein. The liver could have come from an animal that your cat cannot consume, making it potentially dangerous.

Because it is primarily beef, this dish is high in protein. The moisture level is high, which might be beneficial for felines who struggle to stay hydrated.

This formula contains no grains or gluten. It is also free of maize, wheat, soy, preservatives, and fillers.


  • Contains mainly rabbit
  • Moisture content is high.
  • Gluten-free and grain-free
  • Wheat, soy, and corn are not present.


  • Only for supplemental feeding


Grain-Free Super Premium Rabbit & Quail Dinner Canned Cat Food

Some felines may benefit from Super Premium Rabbit & Quail Dinner Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. This cuisine is reasonably priced.

This is most likely owing to the ingredients used. The rabbit comes first, followed by the quail. These are high-quality components as well as new proteins. In other words, your cat is unlikely to be allergic to this canned food.

As the third protein, liver is included. Liver can be a good source of a range of vitamins and minerals. All organ meats can be beneficial to cats.

However, liver is extremely nourishing. The issue with this component is that its source is unknown. We have no idea what kind of liver it is. It technically could be anything.

There are also high-quality components such as whole egg, flaxseed, and cranberries. All of these give essential vitamins and minerals that can help your cat.

It contains no maize, wheat, soy, or byproducts. The minerals have been chelated to guarantee optimum absorption and balanced and complete nutrition.


  • Throughout, high-quality components are used.
  • Mineral chelated
  • There will be no corn, wheat, soy, or byproducts.
  • GMO-free


  • Unnamed liver is included.
  • Expensive


Dry Cat Food with Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley and Rabbit

While this manufacturer does not produce many dry food recipes, the Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Cat Food is one of the few.

The first ingredient in this dish is buffalo meal. This is a high-quality meat option that is ideal for cats, particularly those who are sensitive to more typical components.

Following the first meat ingredient, there are many vegetables, including sweet potatoes, lentils, and peas. While these are beneficial in moderation, they are somewhat high on the ingredient list.

They are all rather high in protein, which raises the food’s overall protein level. Because this veggie protein does not include all of the amino acids your pet requires, it should not be used to make up a large portion of the food’s protein content.

Further down the line, there is also pea protein. This increases the protein content even further, although it isn’t a complete protein.

This formula also contains probiotics, which help to maintain a healthy digestive and immunological system.

It contains flaxseed to provide extra omega fatty acids, which can help your cat’s skin and coat health. This recipe has no gluten or grains.

It also does not include any corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.


  • As the initial ingredient, buffalo is used.
  • There is a wide range of animal protein present.
  • There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Gluten-free and grain-free


  • It contains a lot of starchy vegetables.


Evanger’s Natural Classic Cat Goin’ Fishin’ Dinner

The Evanger’s Natural Classic Goin’ Fishin’ Dinner for Cats is one of the brand’s recipes designed specifically for cats.

The other meals are designed for both dogs and cats, but this one includes a complete and balanced diet for your cat. It’s a basic recipe with meat as the main component, and it comes in the typical loaf style.

It is grain-free and has no preservatives, artificial colors, or other potentially harmful components. It is proudly created in the United States and is available in cases of 12.

The major ingredients specified on the label of this recipe are salmon, fish broth, chicken liver, guar gum, and dry yeast.

It contains Taurine, which is good for promoting a healthier heart and improving your cats’ vision.

Aside from that, various vitamins and minerals have been included to support your cats’ overall wellness and create a stronger immune system.


  • It is designed to meet the unique requirements of your kitties.
  • It contains no grains or other preservatives.
  • It is manufactured in the United States.
  • It supports a healthier heart and helps your cats’ vision.


  • There are some cats who dislike the dish.
  • Some cat owners complain about the soupy consistency.


Evanger’s All Natural Grain-Free Cat Food Variety Box

The Evanger’s Grain-Free All Natural Cat Food Variety Box includes eight (8) different tastes, including wild salmon, buffalo, chicken, quail, duck, beef, rabbit, and pig.

It is an all-natural mix that contains real ingredients to provide the best nutrients for your kitties. It contains no grains, preservatives, or artificial colors.

This is great for all phases of your cats’ lives. Unlike other companies that create recipes for the special needs of cats, this product has been designed to meet the needs of both cats and dogs.

It is suggested that you feed your cat two (2) servings per day. It is a complete supper that may meet your cats’ high demands.

It is created in the United States and is designed to be a highly appealing food for your meticulous kitties.

This is vital so that your cats can enjoy their meals while still getting the nutrients they require to maintain their ideal physical condition.


  • It is an all-natural recipe that is grain-free.
  • It is appropriate for cats of all life stages.
  • It is designed to be highly appealing and tasty for your kitties.
  • It has a high moisture content, which will keep your cats hydrated.


  • Some cats may make a mess when eating this meal.


Evanger’s All-Natural Vegetarian Dinner

Some cats may require a specific diet, and Evanger’s All Fresh Vegetarian Dinner is designed to assist them.

This is a vegetarian diet that provides your kitties with the necessary nourishment they require. Depending on your cats’ diet or unique needs, it might be an all-natural side dish or an entire dinner.

It’s perfect for cats who require a low protein diet. This recipe is highly recommended for avoiding the occurrence of any allergies, and it is vacuum baked and sealed to seal in all of the nutritious benefits it can provide.

It can be combined with other canned meat variants from the same brand to provide your cat with the proper level of nutrients.

This recipe is proudly manufactured in the United States and has no preservatives, fillers, or salt. It is a complete formula packaged in a loaf form.

It provides a wonderful supply of natural fibers and aids in the promotion of healthier digestion and the prevention of sensitive stomachs in your cats.


  • It is a unique vegetarian diet.
  • It’s perfect for cats who require a low protein diet.
  • It aids in the promotion of better digestion.
  • It protects your cats from the possibility of developing different sensitivities.


  • This is only for cats who require a low-protein diet.
  • This food may not appeal to all cats.

What are Other Users Saying?

Every cat food will have at least one cat who dislikes it. Cats are finicky creatures. Not every cat will enjoy everything.

Having said that, there have been numerous complaints of cats not preferring Evanger’s dry food for various reasons.

Many people stated that their cats, in particular, disliked the smell of the food, resulting in the food not being consumed.

Of again, other cats were very obsessed with the meal, so it all depends on the animal.

Many people liked how many of their feeds had solely new protein, which helps cats with allergies and other issues. If your cat is allergic to chicken or something similar, try one of Evanger’s food recipes.

Many users said that switching to this diet resolved some of their cat’s health issues. Many people reported that their cat no longer scratched as much or had fewer intestinal issues.


If you solely care about the cuisine, this is an excellent option. In most cases, the ingredients are of good quality, and each formula is high in meat.

All of their feeds are high in protein and fat, two macronutrients that your cat requires to thrive.

After researching and testing all of the best cat foods from Evanger listed above, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends Grain-Free Rabbit Dog and Cat Food and Dry Cat Food with Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley and Rabbit as the two most prominent and dependable products for your consideration.

However, a short examination of their recall information reveals that their items may not be as good as the packaging suggests.

This company has had numerous sanitation issues at their facilities and has been cited numerous times for falsifying ingredient lists.

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