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12 Best Cat Foods From Dave’s

There has recently been a significant shift away from commercialized cat foods packed with cheap ingredients and far too many fillers.

Many people are looking for healthier options for their cherished pets. Some people even feed their cats diets that are entirely made up of natural foods that they prepare themselves.

Naturally, this would require more time, effort, and money than most of us could afford to invest in our cats.

This creates an obvious need in the market for economical and simple cat food that provides our cats with nutritious ingredients and comprehensive nutrition that is designed with felines in mind, rather than just profits.

Dave's Pet Food is a company that tries to fill that gap with food formulae designed specifically for the nourishment that cats require, at rates far lower than many luxury brands.

Dave's strives to create nutritional goods made with high-quality premium ingredients at a reasonable price.

As a result, the company keeps its advertising expenditures low, allowing it to pass the savings on to the customer.

The following is a list of the best cat foods from Dave's that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes you should purchase for your cat.

Dave's Cat Food Evaluation

Dave’s Pet Food is a one-of-a-kind brand on the market.

Many firms strive to occupy the same market niche as Dave’s does with their economical yet healthy pet foods prepared with high-quality ingredients and designed with optimum pet health in mind.

Other companies, however, do not do it as well as Dave’s, which maintains a small-business attitude and ethics despite selling in over 2,000 outlets across the United States and has an internet presence to boot.

Who manufactures Dave’s Cat Food, and where is it manufactured?

Dave’s cat food is produced by Dave’s Soda and Pet City, both of which are owned by Dave Ratner.

When Dave was young, he had a tiny soda shop, but he realized a demand for high-quality yet affordable pet foods.

So he began selling pet meals and sodas from his business, Dave’s Soda and Pet City, which grew over time.

Dave was eventually able to afford to create food under his own label, and Dave’s Pet Food was founded.

The majority of Dave’s pet foods are made in the United States or Canada. Cat food tastes including tuna, on the other hand, are manufactured in Thailand in dolphin-free facilities.

Which Cats Are Dave’s Best Suited For?

Dave’s is a health-conscious pet food business that creates high-quality pet diets suitable for almost any pet. Their cat meals are created with feline health in mind.

They include grain-free choices for cats who have sensitive stomachs or digestive difficulties.

Dave’s also has a line for those on a restricted diet, so you can find a suitable blend for almost every cat in the Dave’s portfolio.

Which Cats Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

The only cats who might benefit more from a different brand are those who require highly specialized prescribed meals that are recommended by a veterinarian.

In such circumstances, the veterinarian will advise you on the best diet and brand to use. Dave’s cat food provides good nutrition at a reasonable price for all other healthy cats.

The Primary Ingredients Are Discussed (Good and Bad)

Because the ingredients comprise the recipe, you may learn a lot about the quality of any given pet food formula by closely inspecting the substances used to create it.

We’ll look at the ingredients of Dave’s Pet Food Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Tuna & Chicken Dinner in Gravy Canned Cat Food in this case.

It’s one of Dave’s best-selling cat feeds, so it should give you a decent idea of the quality you can anticipate from Dave’s cat food in general.

The ingredient lists are ordered from most prevalent to least prominent.

As a result, the ingredients at the top of the list are the key ingredients found in the biggest doses inside the recipe, while the ingredients at the bottom are minor players found in small amounts.

Rather than looking at every ingredient in this cat food, we’ll focus on the top five, which are the essential elements that make up the majority of this particular blend.


Cats adore tuna, a high-protein food. It is often advised not to feed tuna to your cat since they can become addicted.

However, in this case, it’s combined with enough other components to keep you from becoming addicted to tuna. Tuna is high in nutrients that are beneficial to your cat’s health.

It has a high protein content and a low fat content. Furthermore, tuna contains EPA, DHA, and omega fatty acids, all of which are vital for your cat.

We prefer to see a whole-food animal-based protein source stated as the first component, and Dave’s combination fits that standard.

Tuna Soup

This cat food mixture has 82% moisture. This is slightly more than some canned cat feeds we’ve seen, but most wet cat foods include 70% or more moisture.

Frequently, the moisture originates directly from water. The moisture in this case comes from tuna broth rather than water.

This is good because tuna broth has nutrients similar to tuna that are beneficial to your cat. Furthermore, the tuna broth has a lot of flavor to entice your cat.


Whole-food animal ingredients are what we’re looking for in any cat food. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must eat animals to stay healthy.

Chicken is another good source of protein for cats. It provides a variety of amino acids and nutrients, in addition to tuna.

It’s worth noting that it’s labelled as chicken, rather than a lower-cost, lower-quality replacement like chicken by-product.

Natural Taste

Cats are infamous for being fussy eaters. To combat this, provide tasty snacks that your cat will like.

The addition of natural flavor helps in this regard, as it is intended to improve the taste of the other ingredients in this blend, making it more appealing to your kitty.

Tapioca Flour

Tapioca is a prominent ingredient in grain-free cat meals, but it is not the same as the tapioca found in desserts. Tapioca in cat chow contains no extra sugar to make it sweet.

It also has little to no protein and is not a possible food allergen, making it fully safe for cats, even those who are prone to food allergies.

Although tapioca is a carbohydrate, cats do not require large amounts of it. Fortunately, as the fifth item on a very short ingredients list, there won’t be much ground tapioca in this cuisine.

Ingredients derived from animals

Cats, as obligate carnivores, must consume a large amount of animal-based nutrients. These animal-based substances supply critical nutrients for a cat’s health, such as taurine, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

Three of the five primary ingredients in this cat food blend are animal-based, providing a diversified blend of protein in adequate dosage to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Cats, too, require flavor

It’s natural to be concerned about any form of added flavoring, including natural tastes. But keep in mind that your cat has to enjoy its meal as well!

Otherwise, everything you try to feed it will most likely be ignored. These natural tastes are added to the meal to make it more enticing to your pet.

Natural tastes are also not harmful. Typically, these natural flavors are nutritional yeast additives that simply enhance the flavors of the recipe’s meat ingredients.

Formula for Low Carbohydrates

Despite the presence of pulverized tapioca among the top five components, this cat food combination contains extremely few carbohydrates.

In fact, it only has 2.48% carbs. Because cats have a difficult time digesting carbohydrates, this is good for them.

Many competing meals employ considerably more carbohydrate fillers since they are inexpensive and add a significant amount of weight to the food.

However, as evidenced by the low carbohydrate content, Dave’s does not cut corners by containing a slew of filler components.

Thailand manufactures tuna blends

The majority of Dave’s pet foods are made in the United States. The tuna blend cat meals, on the other hand, are not. They are produced in Thailand in dolphin-free factories.

While this does not necessarily signal anything about the food, it is something that many people are unhappy about, preferring to buy things made in the United States.

A Brief Examination of Dave's Cat Food


  • More reasonably priced than other healthy brands
  • Made with high-quality animal-derived ingredients
  • Dietary restrictions have options.


  • Many mixtures have a bad odor.
  • Dave’s is not popular with picky eaters.

History of Recalls

Despite the fact that Dave’s Pet Food has been in business for over 20 years, we only uncovered evidence of one recall. Fortunately for cat lovers, this recall involved one of Dave’s dog food blends.

The recall was voluntary, involving only one lot of canned dog food that may have had excessive levels of beef thyroid hormone.

There has never been a recall on Dave’s Pet Foods’ cat food that we could find.


Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Tuna & Chicken Dinner with Gravy by Dave’s Pet Food

If you want a nutritious alternative to cheap commercial pet foods loaded with fillers but don’t want to pay a fortune, Dave’s Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Tuna & Chicken Dinner in Gravy cat chow is a terrific choice.

It is less expensive than other pet feeds created with comparable high-quality components. This protein-rich diet contains quality animal-based ingredients such as tuna and chicken to supply your cat with the nutrients it requires.

Because most wet pet food is primarily water, you’re paying for a lot of water. However, the moisture in this combination comes from tuna broth rather than water, so it’s still high in nutrients.

Because the recipe is grain-free, it’s ideal for cats who have sensitive stomachs or food allergies. It is worth noting, however, that this cat food is manufactured in Thailand in a dolphin-safe facility.


  • Not as expensive as other high-end cat meals.
  • Made with premium ingredients
  • High protein content
  • For moisture, tuna broth is used.
  • Grain-free for individuals with sensitive stomachs or food allergies


  • Thailand produced

Dave’s Animal Food Grain-Free Saucey Tuna Dinner in Gravy Cat Food

Cats are notorious for being finicky eaters. That’s why the sauce in our Saucey Tuna Dinner in Gravy Grain-Free Wet Cat Food is so delectable.

It encourages your cat to eat nutritious food. Although the serving size is small, this pouched food is significantly more expensive than other Dave’s cat foods available in cans.

This and other Dave’s tuna-containing cat meals are manufactured and packaged in Thailand. Fortunately, it’s made entirely of dolphin-safe tuna.

We enjoy how it comes in a BPA-free pouch that is absolutely safe for cats. This is where a large portion of the additional money is spent.

This formulation, like other Dave’s cat feeds, is grain-free and ideal for pets with stomach sensitivities. It’s an excellent food in general, but we’d choose a less expensive Dave’s product instead.


  • Made with dolphin-friendly tuna
  • Safely packaged in a BPA-free pouch
  • Recipe without grains


  • Small portion size
  • Far more expensive than canned formulations
  • Thailand produced

Restricted Diet Magnesium & Phosphorus Grain-Free Pork Recipe by Dave’s Pet Food

When your cat need a restricted diet to manage its health concerns, this Dave’s blend is an excellent solution.

It has controlled levels of magnesium and phosphorus, but it still has all of the flavor of other Dave’s cat feeds, so your cat will eat it.

We do not recommend this product for healthy cats. This is an excellent choice for cats who require assistance with their urinary wellness.

Cats with sensitivities are unlikely to be disturbed by this food because it is grain-free and contains no carrageenan.

However, it is extremely pricey, so you should only choose this diet if your cat truly requires the nutrition it provides.


  • Excellent for cats on a tight diet.
  • magnesium and phosphorous deficiency
  • Excellent for cats with sensitivities.
  • There is no grain or carrageenan in this product.


  • Prohibitively expensive
  • For healthy cats, this is not the greatest option.

What Other Users Have to Say

There was a time when finding healthy options like Dave’s Pet Food was tough. Such food needed a long drive to a faraway speciality pet store.

However, pet treats like this are now widely accessible online from big stores such as Amazon and Chewy. Thankfully, this allows us to present you with perspectives other than our own.

We’ll reference real-world reviews in this area so you can hear what other people thought of Dave’s cat chow after giving it to their cats.

The following quotes are taken directly from Chewy.com reviews.

Positive Chewy Feedback

“The cats, particularly the picky one, adore it.” It appears to be a high-quality cat chow made with high-quality components.”

“I got this cuisine because it was on sale and I liked the ingredients.” It was a hit with all three of my kitties. It’s not often that I find a cuisine that all three of us appreciate! One is highly fussy, another is picky, and still another will eat anything. And all three of us enjoyed the food.”

“My four-year-old tabby developed food sensitivity and had difficulty swallowing meals” (the vet ruled out other issues). Dave’s is one of the few foods that does not contain any of the ingredients that irritate her. “I appreciate that the protein is animal-based and low in fat.”

Negative Chewy Feedback

“I assumed that this cuisine would be healthier for my three boys.” Unfortunately, they will not eat it. Cats are the worst!!!”

“We’re displeased with this offering. It has to be the worst-smelling cat food I’ve ever smelled… and I’ve been in veterinary practice for ten years. The one cat will not approach it.”

Click here to see what Amazon customers think of Dave’s Pet Food.


Dave’s Pet Food is a firm that operates on a greater scale than most similar businesses while maintaining small-business goals and ethics.

Dave’s, which is mostly manufactured in the United States and Canada, is dedicated to producing high-quality dog and cat foods with pet health as the first concern.

Dave’s cat foods are produced with high-quality ingredients that you can feel good about feeding to your cat.

We investigated and tested everything up there, and after careful consideration, we believe you should go with Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Tuna & Chicken Dinner with Gravy by Dave’s Pet Food and Dave’s Animal Food Grain-Free Saucey Tuna Dinner in Gravy Cat Food.

However, Dave’s cat chow does not come with the same exorbitant price tags as some other luxury products.

Rather, Dave’s is driven to deliver these health-focused pet meals at a fair price, allowing everyone to provide their pets with the nourishment they require to live a long and healthy life.

The ratings of the best cat foods from Dave’s on BestForPets (bestforpets.org) should help you make the best decision for you and your feline family.

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