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15 Best Cat Foods From Blue Buffalo

Many pet owners may be astonished to find that Blue Buffalo was established only in 2003.

Despite being a young firm, Blue Buffalo has swiftly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of high-end pet food.

The company began by creating dog food, and it was so popular that adding a cat food line was a no-brainer.

Its cat food is prepared with the same basic principle as its dog kibble, which is to begin each dish with a large amount of real meat before adding other ingredients that target specific important vitamins and minerals.

General Mills purchased the previously family-owned company in 2018.

So far, the enormous firm has remained hands-off with its new pet food name, owing to Blue Buffalo's continued production of nutritious foods.

Their production facilities are all located in the United States, with the two largest being in Indiana and Missouri. Blue Buffalo produces high-quality food, but it is not cheap.

Expect to pay more for its goods than for many other popular brands, but the higher nutrients is frequently worth it.

However, be cautious because the corporation does not have a spectacular recall history. Here are BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) suggestions for the best cat foods from Blue Buffalo.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Evaluations

Who manufactures Blue Buffalo and where is it manufactured?

While Blue Buffalo began as a family-owned business, it is now a division of General Mills, one of the world’s largest food manufacturers.

However, General Mills has generally enabled Blue Buffalo to continue operating normally, and its product is still manufactured in the United States.

Blue Buffalo is best suited for which kind of cats?

It’s not the most costly food on the market, but Blue Buffalo is on the higher end of the mass-market pet food spectrum.

It may charge more because it caters to pet owners who are concerned about their pet’s nutrition, even if it means paying more.

However, there are superior foods available; they are just more difficult to find and more expensive.

As a result, Blue Buffalo provides an excellent combination of high-end nutrition and convenience for pet owners who want the best for their cat but are unwilling or unable to devote too much time to providing it.

Which Cats Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

Blue Buffalo isn’t the ideal option for those looking for a good deal. There are many low-cost foods available, some of which provide significant nutritional support.

It’s also not suitable for pets with certain medical issues (beyond general things like hairballs and sensitive stomachs). If your cat has a medical issue, you may be able to discover meals that are intended to help ease it. However, expect to spend extra for them.

Younger cats may require more protein than Blue Buffalo offers; in this instance, we recommend Orijen High-Protein, Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. It’s packed with meat (but be warned: it’s also pricey).

Primary Ingredients in Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo recipes begin with real meat. It’s a basic concept, but so many other manufacturers get it wrong. Whatever else is in the bag or can, you know your cat will have a healthy foundation of protein to build on.

Each diet contains a variety of protein sources, allowing you to provide your cat with a diverse range of essential amino acids. This also guarantees that your cat is getting enough protein to stay lean and healthy.

Carbohydrates are always a source of concern in cat food, and most Blue Buffalo products are grain-free. Sweet potatoes and peas will be substituted for problematic fillers like maize.

It features a specialized kibble line that includes LifeSource Bits. These are the company’s patented antioxidant and vitamin chunks that are mixed in with ordinary kibble to provide your cat with even more nutrition than they would typically receive.

The majority of its foods have a lot of protein, but they’re low in fat. Many of its kibbles have 15-20% fat, however many dietitians recommend at least 24% fat content.

This may cause your cat to be hungrier more frequently, which could be an issue if you allow them to free-feed. You might wish to get some kibble and only feed them portion-controlled meals on a regular basis.

Blue Buffalo Provides a Wide Range of Foods

Whether you like to feed your cat wet food, dry food, or a combination of the two, Blue Buffalo has lots of options for you. It boasts one of the most diverse product portfolios of any firm.

It also offers lines for specific conditions that your cat may be experiencing, such as hairball management, aging, and weight control. You’ll most likely be able to locate a recipe that can meet whatever goals you have for your cat’s nutrition.

Its cat food is almost entirely grain-free

Grains are a contentious component of cat food. The truth is that your cat does not require them at all, although some say that they provide critical nutrients that are not found elsewhere.

Food allergies might also be triggered by them. Certain grains, such as maize, can be exceedingly difficult for a cat to digest, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal issues.

Almost all of Blue Buffalo’s cat meals are grain-free (and never use corn). It incorporates some vegetables, mainly potatoes or peas, to ensure that your cat get those elusive plant elements, but its formulae are heavily meat-based.

Is Blue Buffalo Healthy for Cats?

Aside from eating incredibly healthy for cats, meat has another significant advantage: cats can’t get enough of it.

Because Blue Buffalo’s recipes are high in meat, most cats will devour them without hesitation. That makes them an excellent choice for finicky felines that have rejected other foods.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that they’ll like every recipe, but Blue Buffalo’s concentration on meat and large variety of meals means you’ll most certainly discover something your cat will appreciate.

There is some disagreement on what is actually in their food

Blue Buffalo has long taken pleasure in the absence of animal by-products in both its dog and cat feeds.

These are low-quality slices of meat that many manufacturers utilize to save money; Blue Buffalo, on the other hand, promises to use only real, choice cuts of meat.

However, Purina, one of Blue Buffalo’s main competitors, accused them of misleading advertising in 2014. Purina claims to have tested several of Blue Buffalo’s best-selling foods and discovered the presence of poultry by-products.

Unfortunately, the case did not end happily, as Blue Buffalo turned around and accused Purina of doing the same thing. In 2016, the two parties reached a “mutually agreed” settlement.

As a result, we’ll never know for sure if Purina was speaking the truth, but the legal battle between the two firms made both of them appear rather dishonest.

A Quick Overview of Blue Buffalo Cat Food


  • The first ingredient is real beef.
  • The majority of recipes are grain-free.
  • Cats in general enjoy flavor.


  • On the more expensive side
  • There isn’t as much fat as we’d like to see.
  • A lengthy reminiscence history

History of Blue Buffalo Cat Food Recalls

Blue Buffalo has experienced a number of recalls in its relatively short history, but to be fair, the most of them have involved their dog food brand.

The Great Melamine Recall of 2007 was by far the largest. A large batch of dog and cat food was contaminated with melamine, a fatally hazardous chemical, as a result of a production accident at a Chinese processing company.

Over 100 dog and cat food brands were affected, including numerous Blue Buffalo wet feeds. Thousands of pets perished as a result, albeit we don’t know if any of them died as a result of consuming Blue Buffalo recipes.

Following the controversy, the firm relocated its manufacturing facility to the United States. It has only had one cat-food recall since then, in November 2015, when it recalled certain cat treats due to low propylene glycol levels.

We should also highlight that Blue Buffalo is one of 16 pet food businesses whose products were identified by the FDA in 2019 as potentially causing heart disease in dogs and cats.

The allegations have yet to be substantiated, and the FDA cautions that it is a “difficult scientific issue that may entail numerous elements,” but it is worth keeping a watch on.


Recipe for Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken

One of Blue Buffalo’s most popular kibbles is the Wilderness Chicken Recipe. It’s based on diets similar to those eaten by wild cats, with the theory being that the closer you get to what nature intended, the healthier your cat will be.

The first two ingredients are chicken and chicken meal, which contribute to the kibble’s high protein content (40%).

Because chicken meal contains a variety of internal organs, your cat will acquire all of the essential amino acids they require without having to hunt down a bird.

It also contains chicken fat and fish meal, which will increase protein levels while providing essential omega fatty acids.

Because the dish is grain-free, you’ll see peas, potatoes, and tapioca starch instead of corn.

There are more carbs than we’d want to see, but what’s more concerning is that it only has 18% fat. That is slightly less than what most veterinarians recommend.

It contains numerous ingredients that are great to have but are not required, such as blueberries, kelp, and carrots.

These provide numerous vitamins and minerals, but the most significant aspect is the amount of protein, which Wilderness Chicken Recipe provides in abundance.


  • A sufficient amount of protein
  • Omega fatty acids in abundance
  • Contains a variety of amino acids
  • Grain-free recipe


  • We have less fat than we would want.
  • Carbohydrate content is relatively high.


Blue Buffalo Chicken Sensitive Stomach Recipe

If your cat can’t seem to get anything down, a Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach may be just what the doctor ordered (unless, of course, your actual vet ordered something else).

It begins with actual chicken and chicken meal, just like the kibble above, providing your cat with all of the essential amino acids.

Following those ingredients, however, are rice and oatmeal, both of which are mild on the stomach.

However, those elements appear to have come at the expense of fat and protein, as this product contains only 16% and 32% of those, respectively.

Those figures aren’t horrible in and of themselves, but they could be better. That tradeoff may be worthwhile if your cat actually consumes this food.

They’ll also get a lot of omega fatty acids from the fish meal, fish oil, and flaxseed within, which can all help with digestion. It’s also heavy in salt, which increases the flavor but might cause health problems.

Overall, Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach is a wonderful choice for cats with digestive disorders, although cats with healthy stomachs may prefer something else.


  • Excellent for cats who have stomach problems.
  • Rice and oatmeal are easy on the stomach.
  • There are a lot of omega fatty acids inside.
  • The first ingredients are chicken and chicken meal.


  • It’s a little low in fat and protein.
  • A lot of salt


Blue Buffalo Gourmet Healthy Variety Pack

Consider the Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Variety Pack if you prefer to feed your cat a wet diet. Each case has 12 cans in one of three flavors: chicken, turkey, and chicken, or ocean fish and tuna.

Each dish is a pâté drenched in gravy, increasing the likelihood that your cat will devour it. The broth, on the other hand, is the second element, so while it adds moisture, it takes away protein (it only has 10%).

The recipe contains a lot of guar gum and cassia gum. These additives are used to help your cat’s food cling to his or her teeth, making it easier to consume, but they can also interfere with your pet’s ability to metabolize protein.

Each can contain ingredients such as sweet potatoes and brown rice, making them suited for cats who have problems digesting other diets.

While each food in the Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Variety Pack has advantages, we recommend pairing it with dry food to guarantee your cat gets enough protein.


  • The addition of gravy increases the likelihood that cats will consume it.
  • Moisture content is high.
  • Beneficial for sensitive stomachs


  • Protein deficient
  • Protein digestion might be hampered by guar and cassia gum.


Adult Dry Cat Food Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

This popular recipe is offered to owners of indoor cats. The mixture, according to the business, addresses the specific needs of indoor-only cats, such as a proclivity for hairballs, urinary tract disorders, and obesity. To address these concerns, the dish is strong in fiber, contains cranberries, and has a low calorie count.

Similar to the preceding dish, its main protein sources are deboned chicken, chicken meal, and menhaden fish meal.

Unfortunately, these are followed by a smorgasbord of starchy plant foods such as brown rice, barley, and oats.

However, this recipe does not consist entirely of grains. The dish also contains peas and pea protein, which provide both protein and carbs.

Blue Buffalo’s famous LifeSource Bits, which are enriched chunks of kibble containing concentrated vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, have been added to the diet.

Finally, this is a dry plant-based food with a high carbohydrate content, a moderate-to-high protein content, and a moderate fat content.

This dish, like so many dry feeds, especially those advertised for indoor cats, is plant-heavy and carbohydrate-rich, failing to meet your cat’s demands as a carnivore.

It provides all of the nourishment your cat requires, but it is not species-appropriate.


  • In comparison to ordinary dry food, it is rather inexpensive.
  • Cats appear to enjoy the flavor.
  • It does not contain any meat or poultry byproducts.


  • Several plant-based protein sources
  • Carbohydrate content is high.
  • It does not supply the moisture that your cat requires.


Canned Cat Food Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey Grain-Free

This turkey pate canned food is part of Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness brand, which promises to be grain-free and high in protein.

The main three ingredients are turkey, turkey broth, and turkey liver, so this dish appears to be largely turkey-based.

While muscle and organ meats take up a lot of space on the ingredients list, we also notice some starchy plant-based substances like potatoes, flaxseed, and various gums as thickening agents.

This formula also contains carrageenan, which is used in canned cat foods as a thickening and stabilizer. This is a contentious substance that has been connected to pet inflammation and poisoning.

Overall, this is a species-appropriate canned food with a high protein and fat content but a low carbohydrate content.

It’s largely meat-based, low in carbohydrates, and offers your cat with balanced nutrients and moisture.


  • Primarily composed of animal-derived components
  • There will be no byproducts or loosely described beef and poultry entrees.
  • Carbohydrate content is relatively low.


  • Carrageenan is used as a thickener/binder.
  • Cat owners have conflicting feelings about it.
  • Carbohydrate content that is somewhat higher-than-ideal


Adult Dry Cat Food Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

  • Food Type: Dry
  • Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, and oatmeal are the first five ingredients.
  • 34% protein, 18% fat, 4% fiber, and 9% moisture are guaranteed.
  • Calories in a Cup: 430 calories per cup
  • Price per pound/ounce: $2.53

This Nutritious Living dish is a wonderful choice if you’re not sure what to feed your cat but want something healthy and nutritionally balanced.

The top two ingredients are fresh chicken and chicken meal, followed by digestible whole-grain carbohydrates including brown rice, barley, and oats.

To provide natural sources of critical nutrients, this formula combines a rich blend of omega fatty acids derived from chicken fat, menhaden fish meal, flaxseed, and fish oil, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

This recipe, like all Blue Buffalo products, includes LifeSource Bits to ensure maximum nutrition and a good nutritional balance. This recipe has no maize, wheat, or soy components, as well as byproducts or artificial additives.


Canned Cat Food Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Grain-Free

  • Food Type: Wet
  • Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, potatoes, and natural flavor are the first five ingredients.
  • Analysis guaranteed: 10% protein, 9% fat, 1.5% fiber, 78% moisture
  • Calories per cup: 242 calories/5.5 oz.
  • Price per pound/ounce: $0.19

This Wilderness Chicken Grain-Devoid Canned Food starts with real chicken and is free of cereals, wheat, by-products, and artificial ingredients.

It is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate meal that is also abundant in critical vitamins and minerals, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains a lot of moisture and is comprehensive and balanced for all life stages.

This recipe includes chelated mineral supplements, which are minerals that have been linked to protein molecules in order to enhance absorption.

This recipe is available in three distinct sizes: a small 3-ounce can, a large 12.5-ounce can, and a 5.5-ounce can in between the two.


Adult Wet Cat Food Blue Buffalo Carnivora Woodland Blend Grain-Free

  • Food Type: Wet
  • Chicken Liver, Duck, Mackerel, Natural Flavor, and Pumpkin are the first five ingredients.
  • Analysis guaranteed: 12% protein, 8% fat, 1.5% fiber, 78% moisture
  • Calories in a Cup: 226 Kcals per can
  • Price per pound/ounce: $0.32

The Carnivora product line is the most recent addition to the Chewy collection. With no grains, peas, or potatoes, these goods are extremely high in protein and animal-based components.

90% of the protein in this meal comes from 11 different animal sources, including chicken, turkey, fish, and duck. It also includes nutrient-dense organ meats and cartilage, as well as important vitamins and minerals for nutritional balance.

This composition combines a high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, as well as probiotics for proper digestion.

What Others Have to Say About Blue Buffalo Cat Food

“As an economical dry food, this recipe is one of the better ones you can buy,” says All About Cats.

Cat Food Database — “It’s also worth mentioning that this food does not include any by-products or bulk-adding fillers among its top ingredients… Their absence may be suggestive of a higher-quality product when combined.”

Amazon – As pet owners, we constantly double-check Amazon buyer reviews before making a purchase. These can be found by clicking here.


Blue Buffalo may meet the bill if you’re seeking for higher-quality cat food that’s still widely available at your local pet store. Each of its meals begins with real meat, and the majority of its foods are grain-free.

Recipe for Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and Blue Buffalo Gourmet Healthy Variety Pack are the most reliable and well-known products, based on BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) research and testing of all of the best cat foods from Blue Buffalo listed above.

However, make sure that whichever food you choose has enough fat and protein, as they aren’t all equal in that aspect.

You should also keep an eye out for recalls, as the corporation does not have the best reputation when it comes to recalls.

Finally, Blue Buffalo Cat Food is a happy medium between low-cost feeds and high-end boutique choices. Best of all, your cat should enjoy it, so you’ll get your money’s worth.


What Is the Price of Blue Buffalo Cat Food?

Blue Buffalo is quite affordable when compared to other brands positioned as super-premium and natural.

For example, if you have a 10-pound cat who requires approximately 200 calories per day, Blue Buffalo Freedom canned food will cost you approximately $1.40 per day.

This makes it slightly more expensive than inexpensive brands such as Friskies and Fancy Feast.

Is Blue Buffalo a Good Choice in General?

Blue Buffalo cat food is popular and well-liked, although it is far from perfect in terms of nutrition and quality. They absolutely shine in terms of affordability and variety.

The majority of Blue Buffalo cat diets contain a significant proportion of plant matter. Worse than the company’s reliance on plant-based recipes, Blue Buffalo has been recalled several times in the last decade.

These occurrences indicate a lack of quality control and transparency on the side of Blue’s vendors and production partners. As a result, Blue Buffalo isn’t one of our favorite cat food brands to suggest to pet owners.

If you’re going to feed Blue Buffalo to your cat, we recommend a canned food mix that’s high in animal protein and moisture with a low added carbohydrate content.

Where Can I Buy Blue Buffalo Cat Food?

Blue Buffalo is available practically anyplace cat food is sold. You can find it in grocery stores, pet specialty stores, and other places. It’s available on Amazon, Chewy, and other online merchants.

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