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9 Best Cat Foods For Smelly Poop

No one likes the smell of cat poop, but if your cat uses the litter box and you start gagging, there may be a remedy.

Your cat's food could be the source of their foul odor, especially if it contains a lot of fillers and preservatives.

Some cats have delicate digestive systems and require higher-quality cat chow or diet particularly made to fight stinky waste.

Fortunately, there is lots of cat food on the market that can help with this problem. The best cat foods for smelly poop are listed below by BestForPets (bestforpets.org).


Best Value Purina ONE Chicken Dry Cat Food

Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken Dry Cat Food is the most affordable cat food for stinky poop.

Cats love the combination of crunchy nibbles and tender morsels, and the lean protein and nutrients give you peace of mind about your cat’s nutrition. The first element to maintain your cat’s muscle and skeletal health is real chicken.

The cat food also contains all of your cat’s nutritional requirements, including vitamins and minerals such as taurine for eye health and omega fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin.

The range of textures provides variety for your cat, yet the rough kibble helps to scrub and clean your cat’s teeth. Purina ONE food is manufactured in the United States and contains no fillers or preservatives.

Purina ONE contains less protein than competitors, however this makes it a more cost-effective option for a high-quality meal.


  • Nutrition that is completely balanced
  • Veterinarian advised
  • The first component is real chicken.


  • Made from grains
  • Lower protein content than competition


Dry Cat Food Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe is inspired by your domestic cat’s wild lynx cousin. Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is a high-protein food intended to meet the nutritional demands of your cat.

For muscle and bone health, real chicken is the first ingredient, while grain-free carbohydrate sources like peas and sweet potatoes help with energy.

Spinach, apples, pumpkin, and blueberries are also great components. This recipe also includes LifeSource Bits, which are small morsels filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for your cat’s optimal nutrition throughout his or her life.

Every component is chosen with care, so there are no poultry by-products, wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, or artificial flavors. This food is intended for adult cats, however the same recipe is available for kittens and mature adults.


  • The first ingredient is meat.
  • Grain-free
  • Brimming with healthy morsels


  • Costly


Nutrish Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food by Rachael Ray

Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe by Rachael Ray Dry Cat Food is a newer brand on the market, but it’s quickly becoming popular with cat owners.

The cuisine is made with farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, which is unexpected given the low price, but the ingredients after that are of poorer quality.

Nonetheless, this diet contains a variety of minerals, including biotin, B vitamins, zinc from yeast, and omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Despite the inclusion of brown rice, brewer’s rice, and corn gluten meal, the cuisine does not contain soy, wheat, maize, chicken by-product meal, or artificial flavors.

This should be beneficial for cats with delicate digestive tracts. However, keep in mind that this meal contains grains and may irritate cats with food sensitivities.


  • The first ingredient is chicken.
  • There will be no corn, wheat, or soy.


  • Some components of poor quality
  • It is not grain-free.


Canyon River Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Taste of the Wild

Canyon River Grain-Free Dry Cat Food from Taste of the Wild is an excellent alternative for sensitive kitties. Unlike many diets that contain duck or chicken, the first few ingredients in this cat chow are trout and ocean fish.

The cuisine contains a lot of protein, although some of it comes from peas rather than animal sources. There are additional vitamins and antioxidants for immunological health, as well as skin and coat health.

This cat food, like the others on the list, has no grain, corn, wheat, fillers, colors, preservatives, or artificial flavors. It’s easy to digest and soft on cats’ tummies, which may assist with stinky waste issues.

Despite the fact that fish is the first ingredient, some finicky cats refuse to consume it.


  • Trout and saltwater fish are the primary ingredients.
  • Nutritional balance
  • There is no grain, corn, or wheat, as well as no artificial flavors, colors, fillers, or preservatives.


  • Protein derived from peas
  • Not suitable for finicky eaters.


Backcountry Raw Grain-Free Dry Cat Food by Merrick

Merrick Backcountry Raw Grain-Free Dry Cat Diet is an excellent alternative for a grain-free cat food that promotes digestive health.

Despite its high price, the dish is high in protein and employs chicken as the first ingredient. The second ingredient is chicken meal, although the ingredient list also includes chicken liver, duck, and quail for variation.

This diet contains a variety of protein sources as well as omega fatty acids and probiotics for healthy digestion, skin, and coat.

The food is made in small amounts in the United States and is free of cereals, wheat, gluten, by-products, corn, and artificial flavors.

If your cat is allergic to chicken, this may not be the ideal choice because it contains a lot of chicken and chicken meal.


  • Various types of animal protein
  • Ingredients of superior quality
  • There will be no wheat, corn, or soy.


  • Expensive
  • No good for chicken allergies.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing The Best Smelly Poop Cat Food

Cats with digestive issues require additional investigation and choices when it comes to feeding.

While many cats are tough, these cats cannot thrive on just any diet; they require specific components to maintain adequate nutrition and care for their specific digestive needs.

Specific foods, such as grains, poultry, or peas, are frequently problematic for cats with digestive issues. Speaking with your vet is the best approach to establish the reason of your cat’s digestive troubles.

Once the cause has been identified, you can experiment with different foods to see which ones work best.

It is recommended that your cat eat only one meal for three months unless it has serious symptoms such as increasing diarrhea or vomiting.

If the food isn’t helping or worsening your symptoms, try a different one. However, switching foods too frequently can aggravate stomach difficulties. Here are some things to look for in smelly feces dry and wet cat foods:


The most crucial aspect of selecting the correct food for your sensitive cat is the ingredients. The first ingredients in your cat food should ideally be high-quality animal products.

However, some cats are allergic to chicken and may require a different animal protein. Grains, wheat, corn, and soy are all typical sources of food sensitivities.

Your cat may be allergic to one or more of these components. Fortunately, many grain-free items are created without these low-quality grains.

Vegetables are a great source of nourishment, but some vegetables have a high protein level that can be used in place of animal protein.

If a food contains potatoes or peas, they may contribute a significant amount of protein. Check labels to ensure you’re feeding as much high-quality animal protein as feasible.


The protein, fat, and carbohydrate components of meals are referred to as nutrients. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must consume a lot of animal protein and fat.

When selecting a food, seek for formulations that are high in animal protein and fat. Carbohydrates are great, but they should not constitute the majority of the nutritional value of the food.


There are many dry and moist cat foods available for cats with sensitive stomachs and stinky waste.

Because of its fresh, high-quality proteins and grain-free formula, Small’s Human-Grade Smooth Bird Recipe is the best overall.

Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Dry Cat Food is a low-cost option that incorporates chicken as the first ingredient. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Diet is another fantastic alternative.

It is a high-quality, grain-free food with deboned chicken as the first ingredient and a range of nutrients.

If BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) guide to the best cat foods for smelly poop has been helpful to you and your cat, please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

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