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10 Best Cat Foods For Shedding And Dandruff

When it comes to cat food, the possibilities seem limitless. There are foods for different periods of life, health concerns, weight management, and more.

We all know that cats shed, but they can shed excessively at times. Finding clumps of hair or seeing thin, uneven regions in your cat's coat can indicate excessive shedding.

Dandruff is another problem that cats might have. Imbalanced nutrition may be the cause of both excessive shedding and dandruff.

It's vital to have your cat tested by a veterinarian if you suspect any health problems, but occasionally a change in diet is all that's needed to solve your cat's skin problems.

There are cat meals designed to aid cats with shedding, dandruff, and even hair loss.

BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) list of reviews of the best cat foods for shedding and dandruff to help treat skin concerns might help you find the finest option for your cat.


Best Value: Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Cat Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Cat Food is our best value choice for the money if you’re seeking for cat food that fits your budget while also supporting a healthy coat.

The first ingredient is chicken, followed by peas and brown rice, providing your cat with a high-protein food that promotes good digestion.

Omega-6 fatty acids enhance skin health and a shiny coat. This food contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help your cat’s immune system stay healthy.

There have been reports of this diet removing flaky skin and giving the fur a shiny sheen. Because some cats are allergic to chicken, they have a negative reaction to this.


  • The first ingredient is chicken.
  • Cats appreciate the flavor.
  • Affordable


  • Cats with poultry sensitivities should avoid this product.


Perfect Coat Dry Cat Food by Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo True Solutions Perfect Coat Dry Cat Food is our third option for shedding and dandruff.

With deboned salmon as the first component, you’re providing your cat with a combination of protein and omega fatty acids to help promote the health of their coat.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential for healthy skin, keeping it hydrated and silky while minimizing dandruff.

This meal is suitable for cats with sensitive skin because it does not contain poultry, which is a common dietary allergen in cats.

Skin issues such as itching and irritation can be caused by food allergies in cats. This food’s ingredients are all easily digestible and encourage silky, glossy fur.

Healthy fur begins with healthy skin, and this diet was created by animal nutritionists who are concerned with coat health.

Some picky felines have refused to consume it. According to other accounts, the bag is too large and the food spoils before the cat can finish it.


  • Kibble size is little.
  • Simple to digest
  • Enhances the coat’s luster and suppleness.
  • Excellent for cats with food allergies.


  • Some cats dislike the flavor.
  • The large bag may get stale before being consumed.


Nutraceutic Active Line Dermo Dry Cat Food Forza10

Many cats suffer from itchy, flaky skin, and Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Line Dermo Dry Cat Food may help. Plants, fruit extracts, and fatty acids are used in this limited-ingredient meal to promote healthy skin and fur.

The diet is designed to treat cats with dermatitis, dandruff, and itching by avoiding common allergens that cause irritated skin in the first place.

The ingredients are easy to digest and high in antioxidants. Anchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Pomegranates and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting foods.

Papaya also benefits skin and digestion. Cats with allergies and skin issues have been known to improve after consuming this diet.


  • Cats appreciate the flavor.
  • Allergies are relieved.
  • Dandruff is reduced.


  • Expensive


Dry Cat Food Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Salmon

Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Salmon & Rice Dry Cat Food is our second pick for shedding prevention food. This meal contains probiotics, which can help keep your cat’s digestive tract healthy.

An egg-based protein in this diet neutralizes allergies in cat saliva. These allergens end up in cats’ hair when they groom themselves.

This allergy and their dander are spread throughout your home when cats shed. Those who are allergic to cats can live with them more comfortably if the allergen is neutralized.

Cats are said to enjoy the taste of this food. There have also been reports of decreased shedding.


  • Cats appreciate the flavor.
  • Probiotics are present.
  • The first ingredient is salmon.


  • The bag cannot be resealed.


Grain-Free Salmon Cat Food AvoDerm

The first ingredients in this diet are salmon and salmon broth, which provide omega-3s and protein to the AvoDerm Grain-Free Salmon Consommé Canned Cat Food.

Both substances are essential for maintaining healthy skin and coats. Avocados and sunflower oil have higher levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Because the ingredients are gentle on the digestive system, this composition is suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Cats are said to quit scratching themselves raw, resulting in fur loss and bald patches. This food relieves itching so that their coats can regrow. It’s an excellent choice for cats who are allergic to poultry.

Cats have been reported to dislike the taste of this meal. However, according to other accounts, the meal appears to be of human grade, with no noticeable cat food odor.


  • Simple to understand
  • Protein and fatty acid-rich
  • Excellent for cats with delicate stomachs.


  • Expensive
  • Some cats dislike the flavor.

Purchasing The Best Cat Food for Shedding and Dandruff

Cats require appropriate diet to be as healthy as possible. Cats shed naturally, but excessive shedding can suggest stomach issues or a bad diet.

Skin problems can usually be resolved with a diet modification, especially if they are caused by food allergies. There are a few factors to consider while selecting a cat food that will benefit your cat’s general skin and coat health.


Protein is essential in the diet of all cats. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they cannot survive without a sufficient amount of protein.

Animal protein is the only protein they require. Other sources will not suffice, so if you want your cat to be a vegetarian, this is not an option.

Protein is also crucial for coat health. Keratin, a protein, is used to make cat hair. To ensure that your cat’s food is high in protein, it should be the first or second item on the nutrition label.

When cats eat high-quality protein, their coats look and feel better, and the amount of hair lost through shedding is minimized.

Essential Fatty Acids

Reduced shedding can also be achieved by including fatty acids, particularly omega-3 and omega-6, in your cat’s diet.

These are typically found in fish or fish oils, and the label should indicate whether or not these components are included. Fatty acids also keep skin hydrated and healthy, allowing it to grow good hair.


When shopping for your cat’s food, it’s crucial to stick to a budget, but it’s also important to obtain the best food possible.

Cheaper cat diets may contain by-products and fillers that not only do not provide adequate nutrition for your cat but may also trigger allergic responses.

Look for all-natural components with no fillers. Whole protein and healthy fat sources should be listed as the first few ingredients.

Anything man-made

Cats don’t care about food colors, but you should. Artificial colors and tastes have no nutritional value and are only used to make food seem and taste more appealing.

These chemicals are unneeded additives that will not benefit your cat’s overall health, let alone its skin and coat.

Grooming can help to reduce shedding and dandruff

If your cat is shedding excessively or has dandruff, you should take him or her to the vet to rule out any medical illnesses that could be causing the problem.

Once your cat has been given a clear bill of health, you can adjust his or her diet by following these guidelines. Grooming your cat, in addition to a food change, may help minimize excess shedding and dandruff.


Brushing your cat will assist collect hair from the undercoat that has become stuck beneath the topcoat.

Brushing should be done multiple times per week because the more often you brush your cat, the less fur they will shed. This is also useful if your cat suffers from hairballs.

When cats brush themselves, they invariably swallow fur with each lick. This hair accumulates in the stomach, causing nausea and pain.

The less hair they ingest, the fewer frequently this occurs. Brushing in the direction the coat grows is the most effective technique to remove loose hair and dirt, and your cat may like the sensation of the brush.


Baths may not be as enjoyable for your cat as a good brushing, but they do remove dirt and condition their skin and fur.

It is not necessary to do this on a daily basis, but using a moisturizing shampoo on your cat a few times a year will help them keep their lustrous, healthy coat.


Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Salmon & Rice Dry Cat Food is our top pick for foods to help with excessive shedding and dandruff since it contains a balanced blend of fatty acids and protein and your cat will enjoy the taste.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Cat Food is our favorite low-cost option. The chicken protein, fatty acids, and antioxidants work together to keep your cat’s coat silky and healthy.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our evaluations of the best cat foods for shedding and dandruff have helped point you in the correct path for your feline’s needs, whether it’s shedding, dandruff, hair loss, or dull coats.

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