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The 10 Best Cat Foods For Savannah Cats

Savannahs are not typical housecats. Since the 1980s, when an African Serval cat was crossed with a domestic Siamese cat, the breed has existed.

Savannahs have many similarities with their counterparts in the wild. They are high-energy cats with lean, muscular bodies and specialized dietary demands.

Taurine deficiency 1 is a risk for Savannahs; taurine is an amino acid found naturally in meat and seafood. Most Savannah cats benefit from a high-protein, low-carb diet.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviewed the best cat foods for Savannah cats that we believe are the best for Savannahs after examining a wide range of cat food products.


Best Overall: ORIJEN Original Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

After doing extensive study, we have determined that Orijen’s Original Grain-Free dry cat food is the best overall meal for savannah cats.

The first five components are an assortment of animal proteins that most cats would like. In reality, 90% of the components are derived from animals. The freeze-dried liver coating offers added taste to the kibble.

The “Wholeprey” recipes of Orijen include not only meat, but also bone, cartilage, and organs; they are as near to raw meat as commercial kibble can go.

This dish has received largely favorable feedback, however a few customers said it had a strong fish odor. This aroma, however, did not repel the cats. Orijen is a premium brand of pet food, and its prices reflect this.


  • Includes complete prey components
  • 90 percent animal ingredients


  • Expensive
  • Some clients dislike the fishy smell.

Purina Beyond White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe Grain-Free Natural Dry Cat Food – Best Value

Purina Beyond White Meat Chicken & Egg is the most cost-effective Savannah cat food, according to our research. This grain-free food is competitively priced, and most cats like the chicken taste.

We like the inclusion of taurine and probiotics, which are uncommon in low-cost cat food. This recipe contains no artificial components, and we enjoy that this food is available in several bag sizes.

This recipe is manufactured in Purina’s own U.S. facilities. Concerning disadvantages, we would want to see more information regarding the “natural taste.”

This dish is inappropriate for Savannah cats with allergies or intolerances since the identity of this component cannot be determined. Several customers have stated that their cat’s appetite rose dramatically after switching to this recipe.


  • Taurine and probiotics were added
  • Available in a variety of bag sizes
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives


  • Contains unidentified “natural taste”
  • May result in increased hunger

Premium Choice Vital Essentials Duck Dinner Patties Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Vital Essentials Duck Dinner Patties are unlike any of the other products on our list. This freeze-dried, uncooked meal may be fed directly from the bag or rehydrated with warm water.

If you want to feed your Savannah a raw diet, but need shelf-stable food, the patties are a handy option. The reviews for Vital Essentials Duck Dinner Patties are largely good.

The few negative reviews were written by cat owners who claimed to have discovered bone fragments in the patties. This cuisine will be too expensive for most owners to offer every day, but it makes a delicious treat. V

ital Essentials offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so save your receipt and product packaging. The firm harvests all of its meat in the United States and owns its Green Bay, Wisconsin production facilities.

Consult your veterinarian before moving to this or any other raw cat food. Remember that these duck meal patties are served uncooked. You should wash your hands after touching your cat’s feeding dish and clean it often.


  • Scarce ingredient
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • U.S.-origin meats


  • Recent reports of burgers containing bone shards
  • Expensive

ACANA First Feast High-Protein Dry Cat Food for Kittens is Ideal for Kittens

Adult Savannahs have different food requirements than their kitten counterparts. We recommend Acana’s First Feast High-Protein Kitten formula for kitten Savannahs.

Over seventy percent of the components consist of animal proteins, such as chicken fat, turkey meal, cage-free eggs, deboned quail, and chicken liver.

Consider this kitten food if your veterinarian has suggested a diet rich in grains for your Savannah. The extra taurine, probiotics, and salmon oil give Savannah kittens with important nutrients for growth.

Acana makes their cat food in the United States using ingredients from throughout the world. Discuss with your veterinarian when to stop feeding your Savannah kitten, since this breed continues to develop until its third birthday.


  • 70% animal ingredients
  • Extra probiotics
  • Cage-free eggs
  • Produced in facilities owned by Acana


  • Expensive

Vet’s Choice ACANA Bountiful Catch High-Protein Adult Dry Cat Food

Our veterinarian recommends Acana’s Bountiful Catch High-Protein Adult Formula for Savannah cats. It contains salmon, catfish, herring, and rainbow trout, as its name implies.

Salmon and sunflower oils aid in maintaining a healthy coat and skin for your cat. This dish is appropriate for cats with chicken allergies or intolerances.

The recipes of Acana do not include any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The most prevalent complaint from dissatisfied customers was that their cats did not like the taste.

Other purchasers found unable to justify the extra price.


  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives
  • Cats with chicken allergies or intolerances may consume this product.


  • Expensive

Solid Gold Winged Tiger with Quail & Pumpkin Adult Dry Cat Food Grain-Free for Sensitive Stomachs

Consider Solid Gold if supplier transparency is important to you. The organization gives specific details about the origins of its internationally sourced materials.

While the majority of the ingredients for Solid Gold’s Winged Tiger with Quail & Pumpkin are sourced from North America, the firm also relies heavily on western European suppliers. China is not a supplier of components for Solid Gold.

The recipe for Quail and Pumpkin is designed for cats with delicate stomachs. The majority of negative evaluations were from cat owners whose felines continued to have unsettled tummies after switching to this diet.

Remember that if your Savannah vomits or has diarrhea, switching to a “sensitive stomach” formula is not a replacement for contacting a veterinarian.

We like the addition of probiotics and taurine, but we’d want to learn more about the “natural taste.”


  • Transparency in the procurement of global ingredients
  • Not a supplier of ingredients from China
  • Formulated specifically for delicate stomachs


  • Unknown “natural taste”

Born Carnivore Chicken & Egg Grain-Free Dry Cat Food by Tiki Cat

Born Carnivore Chicken & Egg Grain-Free Dry Cat Food by Tiki Cat is 100 percent GMO-free. The compact 2.8-pound bag makes sampling inexpensive and convenient.

Once you’ve determined that your savannah cat like this mix, you may get a bigger bag and save money per ounce. The calorie density of Tiki’s meal might be both an advantage and a con.

The greatest benefit is that a bag outlasts other brands. Some owners have reported that their cats are not pleased with modest portions and ask for more food.

We were unable to locate information on the origin of Tiki’s ingredients or the location of the food’s production.

Many other brands of pet food in this price range are transparent about their ingredient sources and manufacturing facilities. Whitebridge Pet Brands is the owner of Tiki Cat.


  • Available in several bag sizes
  • Free of GMO substances
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives


  • Kibble may be more rigid than competing brands
  • Expensive
  • No information on the origin of ingredients

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food High Protein Chicken Formula

Natural Balance’s High Protein Chicken is created in the United States using ingredients from across the world. This composition is branded “few ingredients,” however the source of the “natural taste” is not specified.

Natural Balance asserts that chicken is the only source of protein and that this meal is good for Savannahs with allergies to other proteins.

Several customers reported that a change in kibble size and color this year led their cats to stop eating this dish. If your Savannah cat is new to this formula, the new look may not be a concern.


  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Added taurine


  • Contains unidentified “natural taste”

High Protein Dry Cat Food from Purina ONE True Instinct Natural Grain-Free with Ocean Whitefish

True Instinct Natural Grain-Free with Ocean Flavor from Purina ONE. Whitefish strikes a balance between a high-protein dish and an inexpensive one.

This composition does not include any artificial additives, such as colors or flavors, which are present in many other cat feeds in this price range.

The addition of taurine improves the nutritional value of Savannah cat food. A few owners believed that the assortment of triangular, circular, and soft morsels was unappealing to their cats.

This cat chow is available in several sizes, which we like. Whether you are unsure if your cat would appreciate this food, the 3,2 pound bag won’t break the wallet.


  • Available in a variety of bag sizes
  • Added taurine
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives


  • Variable kibble texture may not appeal to finicky cats.

Grain-Free Tiki Cat Succulent Chicken in Chicken Consomme Canned Cat Food

The protein level of canned cat food cannot equal that of dry kibble. But moist food is a tasty treat and may help your Savannah obtain enough water.

Tiki Cat’s Succulent Chicken in Chicken Consomme is currently one of the wet meals with the highest protein content. The majority of canned foods include 10% or less protein, however this recipe has 16%.

Omega-rich sunflower seed oil maintains a healthy coat and skin. The addition of taurine and the reduced number of ingredients make this meal ideal for Savannahs.

The higher price tag makes it impractical for most owners to feed their cat everyday, but you may add a tablespoon or two of wet food to dry kibble to add flavor.

Although this is a popular premium cat food, not all cats like the shredded beef texture. Unenthusiastic cats could lick the soup but leave the meat remain.


  • Added taurine
  • Omega-containing sunflower seed oil
  • Scarce ingredient


  • Expensive by the ounce
  • Some cats may dislike the feel of shreds
  • Contains less protein than dry kibble

Buyer's Guide

Reading through our list of the 10 finest cat meals for Savannah cats is only the beginning. Learn more about the dietary requirements of Savannahs and how to choose the proper food for your cat.

Why Is Protein So Important for Savannah Cats?

Savannahs and other domestic cats are obligate carnivores. They need animal tissue nutrients such as arginine, taurine, and fatty acids. Additionally, cats’ bodies are adapted to metabolize a high-protein diet.

They lack certain digestive enzymes necessary for the breakdown of carbohydrates. And since cats’ taste receptors can’t distinguish “sweet” tastes, they naturally gravitate towards salty things like meat and animal fat.

Do Savannah Cats Need a Grain-Free Diet?

You’ll note that most cat meals on our list are grain-free. That’s not because all grains are generally detrimental for Savannah cats. Instead, it reflects contemporary trends in pet food. Manufacturers are satisfying pet owners’ need for grain-free meals.

Most Savannahs fare best on a high-protein/low-carb diet, but it doesn’t imply they require fully grain-free cat food. Think of it this way—grains are optional for cats unless your vet recommends differently. You may offer your Savannah a higher-protein, grain-containing diet if they prefer it and it works within your budget.

The same may not be true for dogs, though. Research has demonstrated a probable relationship between grain-free diets and canine dilated cardiomyopathy. The illness causes dogs’ hearts to expand and cardiac muscles to thin. While a grain-free diet may be appropriate for your Savannah cat, you should consult with your vet before moving your cat or dog to grain-free food.

Tips for Buying Cat Food

There are innumerable cat food products on the U.S. market today, and while selecting the 10 best formulations for Savannah cats, we examined various aspects. First, we limited our options to national brands that were readily accessible.

Then we went through reviews to locate meals that cats and their owners unanimously adore. The items on our list have to be nutritious and delicious. We also realized that no pet food brand is ideal. Every pet food has its detractors, and we’ve done our best to bring the “cons” to you.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has published in-depth assessments of the best cat foods for Savannah cats, and Orijen’s Original Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is our top recommendation overall. Their “Wholeprey” components are as near to a raw diet as commercial kibble can go.

Our vote for greatest value goes to Purina Beyond White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe Grain-Free Natural Dry Cat Food. It is available in three bag sizes, and even picky cats seem to like the chicken taste.


1. What is the most nutritious dry cat food?

The best dry cat food is high in protein sourced from animal sources, low in carbohydrate content, and created with premium ingredients. Ziwi Peak, Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein, and Tiki Cat Born Carnivore are a few of the greatest brands of dry cat food.

2. What is the optimal canned cat food?

The finest canned cat food respects your cat’s carnivorous nature. It is a meat-rich food that provides all of your cat’s required protein, fat, and minerals without a lot of carbohydrates and plants. Among our preferred brands are Feline Natural, Hound & Gatos, and Nom Nom.

3. What is the healthiest cat food available?

The best cat food is nutritionally full and balanced, with a focus on meat over vegetables and protein over carbohydrates. Look for dishes designed by experts with carnivores in mind.

4. Is dry or wet cat food superior?

Wet food is ideal for cats since it is more hydrated and often lower in carbs. Dry food is handy, but it may raise your cat’s risk of getting diabetes or urinary tract illness over time.

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