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The 7 Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Young cats are similar to young toddlers in one essential way: they both appear to have an endless supply of energy.

During the colder and darker months of the year, pet and child parents are frequently forced to find ways to let their energetic charges to burn off that energy indoors rather than outside.

Cats of all ages are safer inside, regardless of the season. Finding an easy way to exercise your indoor cat can be difficult, whether you have a young, active cat or an older cat who has put on a few pounds.

The cat exercise wheel has arrived! These toys, which resemble enormous hamster wheels, allow your cat to burn calories while remaining within the safe boundaries of your house.

Check out BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) reviews of the year's best cat exercise wheels to see if it's time to start your own home kitty gym!


Best Overall: PawHut Cat Tree Activity Condo & Hamster Wheel

The PawHut Cat Tree Activity Condo with Exercise Wheel is our recommendation for the best overall cat exercise wheel. This product was chosen first because of its versatility.

This cat tree not only has an exercise wheel but also several areas for your kitty to rest and scratch. Even if your cat does not enjoy running on the wheel, you may still make use of this tree.

This device is especially ideal for multi-cat households because it provides area for cats to play and socialize without fussing over the activities. The training wheel is on the tiny side, and huge adult cats may not be able to fit comfortably.

This workout wheel takes up less room than others on our list and the raw wood may be stained or painted to complement your home decor. Some owners complain that the tree is shaky, especially when put on non-carpeted surfaces.


Best Buy: Penn-Plax Wheeled Sisal Cat Tree

The Penn-Plax Wheeled Sisal Cat Tree, a smaller and less expensive option similar to our top pick, is our recommendation for the greatest cat exercise wheel for the money.

The key advantage of this training wheel, like our best overall pick, is that it is more than just an exercise wheel.

It’s covered in sisal and carpet and may double as a scratching post, while the two linked rest platforms provide a spot for your cats to slumber.

Unfortunately, all of the cat exercise wheels we examined, including this one, are very pricey. This one, like our top selection, is more likely to be effective even if your cat is too big or too lazy to run on the exercise wheel.

This product is said to be simple to assemble and durable. Although it is intended for cats weighing up to 15 pounds, larger cats may struggle to use the exercise wheel. This wheel is also suitable for households with more than one cat.


Kitten-Friendly PawHut Round Hamster Wheel Cat Tree

If you have kittens or particularly petite adult cats, the PawHut Round Hamster Wheel Cat Tree could be ideal. This is one of the best-reviewed exercise wheels we discovered, but users agree that it’s too small for most adult cats to use comfortably.

This training wheel takes up little room, is a neutral color, and has a charming cutout pattern on the base, making it a fantastic choice for individuals who care about the appearance of their cat furniture.

Users note that this wheel is simple to assemble, does not wobble, and runs softly.


Treadwheel Your Pet

Although the Go Pet Treadwheel is intended for small dogs, it also works well for cats, particularly larger breeds such as Maine Coons or overweight cats.

This wheel is made of metal, which makes it both robust and easy to clean. Because of the metal design, this wheel is a little heavier and will require more work from your cat to spin.

It is fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box, which is a huge plus for individuals who are less handy. When a cat utilizes this wheel, some noise is produced.

Another significant disadvantage of this product is its price, which is more than some others on our list.


One Quick Cat Wheel

The One Fast Cat Wheel is made of recycled plastic and is light but strong, making it a fantastic choice for people willing to pay a little more for an environmentally responsible product.

This training wheel, which is open on both sides, will suit any size cat and is simple to climb in and out of for cats with mobility concerns.

Because of its size and height, it is not suitable for compact rooms. This wheel received mixed reviews for its simplicity of construction, and customers found it to be rather noisy.

Most consumers found that the wheel worked well if their cats used it, although others thought that it was not as high-quality as they expected for the price.


The PawHut Cat Tree Activity Condo with Exercise Wheel is our pick for the best overall cat exercise wheel. It’s a versatile solution that’s useful even if your cat doesn’t utilize the wheel as intended.

The Penn-Plax Wheeled Sisal Cat Tree, our best value option, is a smaller, less expensive version of our top pick with similar versatility.

Reading BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) reviews should have given you a solid introduction to the best cat exercise wheels.

Remember that all cats are safer inside, so even if you decide not to buy a cat wheel, fight the urge to let your cat play outside and instead invest in some other indoor toys.


What kind of space do you have?

As you can see from our evaluations, cat exercise wheels come in a variety of sizes, with some being rather large. The quantity of area available will determine which cat wheel is ideal for you.

Those who live in compact places will have fewer options unless they are willing to allow a piece of cat furniture dominate their living space.

How Loud Does the Wheel Sound?

Because many cats prefer to sleep at night, the quantity of noise produced by a cat wheel is something to consider.

Some of these wheels are definitely noisier than others, which you should avoid unless you’re a sound sleeper or can situate the wheel far away from your bedroom.

Do You Mind How The Wheel Looks?

Customers looking for cat trees will face the same difficulty. Unfortunately, most cat furniture and goods will not win any style prizes and are best regarded as ugly or garish in most circumstances.

Buying Advice: Selecting The Finest Cat Exercise Wheel

After perusing our product review list, you may still be unsure as to which cat exercise wheel your cat prefers. Are these tires secure? Do they justify the price? Will your cat actually utilize it?

To assist you answer these concerns and more, we’ve compiled a buyer’s guide with frequently asked questions to provide you with all the information you need about purchasing a cat exercise wheel.

Purchase considerations for a cat exercise wheel

Before purchasing an exercise wheel, there are a few things to ask yourself that will help you decide which one to purchase.

  • How noisy is the wheel’s operation? Naturally, cats are more active at night. If you do not want your sleep to be disturbed, you probably do not want a noisy exercise wheel. There is nothing worse than going into bed after a long day and being kept awake by your cat’s exercise wheel squeaking and groaning. Several options on our list are equipped with noise-reduction and disturbance-reduction features.
  • How large is the tire? Don’t forget to consider the size of the wheel while purchasing. Some of these cat exercise wheels are bulky and need a great deal of room. This might be a problem if you have a little living area to begin with.
  • Are other toys included? Expensive cat exercise wheels should be viewed as an investment in your cat’s health and well-being. Some cat wheels incorporate additional elements that stimulate scratching, or, like our top-rated product, they include a cat tree and cat ladder in addition to the wheel. Consider this while making your buying decision. Combining many toys/scratching posts/resting areas into one gadget can also save space.

Advantages of exercise wheels for cats

The primary advantage of a cat exercise wheel is that it encourages activity. In the United States, 44% of domestic cats were determined to be fat in 2019. In light of this figure, cat owners must do all possible to improve their cats’ quality of life.

It is difficult to provide indoor cats the necessary amount of activity, but exercise wheels offer one solution. But if you handed your cat the wheel, would it actually use it?

It has been demonstrated that cats will increase their physical activity when given the option to do so. Your cat is not sluggish on purpose; they just lack the necessary stimulation and chance to get up and exercise.

Your cat must be trained to use an exercise wheel

You may train your cat to utilize the exercise wheel, even though she will likely begin utilizing it on her own. Placing your cat’s favorite toy (ideally one they like chasing) on the wheel can entice them to get on.

Once they understand that they can walk or run joyfully on the wheel while pursuing the toy, you may use praise or a treat as positive reinforcement for their use of the wheel. As encouragement, you can use treats or toys to encourage your cat to jump on and off the wheel.

If you want to use treats, be aware of your cat’s consumption so that you do not mistakenly overfeed them. Be patient if it takes your cat some time to adjust to their exercise wheel. As they become accustomed to it, they will extend the duration of their use.

You may also use a laser pointer to educate your cat if it is overweight or if you’re not comfortable utilizing goodies. Laser pointers stimulate your cat’s predatory instincts and provide them with something to chase. Simply avoid pointing it at your cat’s eyes, since doing so might cause retinal damage.

Be patient with your cat if she does not take to her exercise wheel immediately. The length of time required varies considerably across cats. Some people take to it instantly and never want to leave. Others require many days only to stand on the wheel’s surface before they can begin walking on it. If training sessions are good, your cat will gradually accept them.

Are exercise wheels for cats safe?

Despite the fact that they may appear daunting if you consider how cats exercise on their own, a wheel poses no difficulty for your cat. Cats enjoy jumping on high places, climbing objects, running, chasing, and even sliding into walls.

Reputable cat wheels are sufficiently broad to prevent your cat from flying off and injuring themselves. All of the cat exercise wheels reviewed in this article are safe for your cat.

How frequently should your cat utilize the exercise wheel?

Cats should utilize the exercise wheel for 15 minutes at a time, with a total daily playtime of around one hour. Even though your cat enjoys her exercise wheel, this hour of fun should be divided up throughout the day to promote mental health, and your cat should engage in a variety of activities to prevent boredom. As with any activity, your cat will become bored with the exercise wheel if it is their only outlet.

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