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15 Best Cat Condos For Large Cats

Big cats require their own room. A nice cat condo may satisfy your feline friend's need for room while also providing them with elevated lounging areas and an exciting method to exercise.

Domestic cats are the most common pet in the United States, following fish.

And you can bet there are an absurd number of items on the market for them! How are you expected to know which brands to believe and which cat condo is best for your enormous cat?

Fear not, cat lovers!

With BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) in-depth evaluations and informative buyer's guide of the best cat condos for large cats, you'll have everything you need to select the best cat condo at the best price.


Best Overall: Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club cat tree is ideal for large cats and multi-cat households. Oh, the ramps, poles, and heights!

This product is simple to assemble and can support up to 70 pounds on a single surface. We enjoy how strong the building is for our large feline pals.

This is one well-thought-out cat tree. Each of the ten poles is wrapped with climbable, scratchable sisal rope.

The majority of the platforms are spacious enough for even the largest cats, and our kitty testers all enjoyed hanging out in the two hidey-holes!

The only disadvantage we can see with this cat tree is that some extremely large kitties may be unable to fully lay down on the highest seats.

Our cat testers had a fantastic fun jumping and climbing up to them, but when dozing, the largest cats stretched off the edges.

This magnificent 72-inch cat tree can keep numerous large feline cats happy and safe at a fair price.

To summarize, we believe this is the greatest cat tree for huge cats available this year.


  • Strong materials with a high weight capacity
  • Many perches on multiple levels
  • All poles are wrapped in sisal rope.
  • There are numerous ramps and hidey-holes.
  • Integrated toy
  • Price in the middle


  • The largest perches do not have a large surface area.

Best Value Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree

Check out the Cat Craft page for a low-cost alternative. This cat tree‘s floor-to-ceiling construction means you won’t have to worry about your furry companion tipping it over.

And probably for less than your previous grocery bill! This is the greatest cat tree for large cats for the money if you’re on a limited budget.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for in this case: a cheap cat tree built of inferior materials. The pole is constructed of thick cardboard, and each tier can barely support 15 pounds.

Almost immediately after some of our more energetic cat testers played on it, minute wear and tear began to surface. This cat tree may be suitable for a single cat or a smaller cat.

However, if your cat weighs more than 15 pounds or if you have more than one kitty, this is probably not the greatest solution.


  • Platforms with multiple levels
  • The tension rod prevents tipping.
  • Scratching and climbing on carpet
  • Inexpensive


  • Low-cost materials are less durable.
  • Weight capacity is limited.

Premium Armarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree

Armarkat is a name linked with quality and longevity when it comes to luxury cat goods. This faux fleece cat tree stands 77 inches tall, is soft and sturdy, and is large enough to accommodate any size feline.

And this is a solid cat tree. It is made of pressed wood and screwed together, with a weight capacity of 80lbs – more than enough for many huge cats. Three or four cats, including the Norwegian Forest Cat, will readily fit on this structure.

The sad aspect for this product is that it is certainly the most expensive on our list, costing more than twice as much as some other selections!

We understand that pricing is an important consideration in any purchase, but this is one of the best and most durable cat trees available for large cats or multi-cat households.


  • Many perches on multiple levels
  • Sturdy and long-lasting pressed wood
  • All poles are completely covered in sisal.
  • Comfortable fleece on platforms
  • All dimensions are available, as are big surfaces.


  • The most costly item on our list

Ultimate Cat Climbing Activity Tree by PetFusion

Consider the PetFusion cat tree for a sleek and modern style for your cat’s perch.

Because of its wall-mounted construction, it has a great weight-bearing capability and stability, and our more energetic cats appreciated the long, tree-like poles they had to climb to reach the top.

We appreciate that the perches are large enough to accommodate any size cat and that the cushions are removable for easy cleaning.

However, if your huge feline prefers to laze rather than climb, this may not be the greatest cat tree for him. The platforms are large, but a clumsy or elderly cat could slip on the smooth wood pieces.

Though it is slightly more expensive, the quality of craftsmanship is unrivaled. This PetFusion cat tree is ideal for large, active cats who require a sturdy climbing pole.


  • Solid wood and wall-mounted, quite durable
  • Large, broad platforms
  • Low-cost replacement posts
  • Two extremely tall perches
  • One-year guarantee


  • Price range: mid-to-high
  • Wood may be slick.

Cat Tree Vesper Cat Furniture

The Vesper cat tree is ideal for individuals looking for cat furniture that blends in with their existing decor. It is built of solid wood, is simple to put together, and is robust enough for any size cat!

It is a little short and offers fewer exercise options than larger models and completely carpeted competitors.

Because of its height, it is less likely to topple over, but it may not be the greatest choice for active cats or those with numerous cats in the house.

If you have the money, this is a great alternative for one or two large cats. Elder cats will adore the ultra-soft memory foam cushions, and you’ll love how this cat tree looks in your home.


  • Extremely strong solid wood
  • Memory foam cushions that are removable
  • Multi-level, expansive platforms
  • A large hideaway
  • Design that is appealing


  • Smaller and shorter than some
  • Expensive pricing range
  • Not large enough to house more than two cats.

Road Cat Tree PAWZ

The compact PAWZ cat tree may be a good option if you need a smaller cat tree to fit in your studio apartment.

We appreciate how huge and comfortable the top platform and hidey-hole are — even our largest cat testers lounged comfortably without draping over the edges.

The solitary scratching post and general design make it unsuitable for several cats or particularly energetic felines, but it is quite untippable and durable.

The PAWZ cat tree may be ideal for a large cat who does not require a lot of activity.


  • Small enough for flats and apartments
  • Large perch and concealment hole
  • Structure that is stable and strong
  • Integrated toy


  • Shorter, with less capacity for exercise
  • Not large enough to accommodate many cats.
  • There is only one scratching post.

Large Cat Tree by Furhaven

Furhaven offers a low-cost cat tree that is jam-packed with platforms, brain-stimulating toys, and scratching posts. Cats will like the height, and you will appreciate the easy-care fabric.

Unfortunately, the height and unique toys are insufficient to compensate for the fact that this cat tree is simply not intended for huge cats.

Our larger tester cats couldn’t fully lay down on any platform without dangling over the edge, and our chunkier cats barely fit in the hidey-holes at all.

Furthermore, the poles are all composed of thick cardboard, which makes the construction less durable in the long term.

While the Furhaven cat tree is a great option for numerous smaller cats, we don’t think it will work for their larger counterparts.


  • Multi-level, several platforms
  • Several built-in toys
  • Five sisal-covered poles
  • Tall, with room for many cats


  • Platforms have a limited surface area.
  • Small hidey-holes are also available.
  • Poor construction due to cheap materials
  • Assembly might be difficult.

Faux Fur MidWest Feline Nuvo Playhouse Large Cat Tree

MidWest’s blue and cream color choice for this medium height, robust cat tree is fantastic. It is made of high-quality materials that will withstand even the most raucous cat antics, and it comes with a variety of toys for your cats to assault.

Our larger cat testers, on the other hand, experienced some considerable frustration.

None of the perches or platforms were big enough for them to lay on, and the hidey-holes were so small that our biggest cat couldn’t fit inside. What about the hammock? For the big boys, forget it!

The MidWest cat tree would be ideal for a little cat, or perhaps two or three small cats, but it was not designed for larger felines.


  • Strong, multi-level construction
  • Toys built in
  • Colorful and fashionable


  • Platforms with a small surface area
  • Hidey-holes that are far too little
  • Some aspects are inaccessible to huge cats.
  • Expensive pricing range

Large Round Modern Cat Tree by On2Pets

A cat tree that resembles a miniature tree. So adorable! But, alas, it appears to be the only advantage of the On2Pets cat tree.

While beautiful, this cat tree is quite poorly designed. The materials are largely plastic, making them flimsy and slippery.

There are no scratching marks, even in locations where they would be expected, like as the trunk or the grass near the base (the grass is also plastic and just seems to collect dust and germs).

And our feline testers appeared to agree. Most people were uninterested in this weird, false tree… and those who did rapidly lost interest as they attempted to climb it.

It’s quite short, has incredibly little platforms, offers almost no climbing, and is simply unappealing to most cats.

The fact that the On2Pets cat tree could tip over is its undoing. When one of our more daring cat testers leapt from the top platform, it shook violently — big and active cats beware!


  • Design is adorable.


  • Cheap plastic, fragile construction
  • Large cats may fall.
  • Platforms are compact.
  • It’s difficult to put together.
  • One of the priciest options on our list.

The Feline Lotus Cat Tower Is Elegant

The Lotus Flower Tower’s smooth organic design is the newest furnishings. The flower-like design combines utility, minimalism, and symmetry to create a stunning feline tower.

This style of feline furniture works nicely in homes with limited movement.

It contains scratch-resistant sisal pads, lovely soft cushions with suede covers inside the cubby, floor levelers, and a support pole for stability.


  • It is strong enough to hold your cat’s weight.
  • It includes four sections to provide your cat plenty of places to rest.
  • Because of the existence of the stained sisal pad, it is perfect for scratching.


  • The majority of cats do not use the cubby at the bottom.
  • It might be difficult to clean, particularly the soiled sisal pad.

Choosing the Best Cat Condo for Large Cats: A Buyer's Guide

If your cat spends a substantial amount of time indoors or is an exclusively indoor cat, a cat condo might be extremely beneficial.

Whether they need encouragement to exercise or you simply want to offer your feline buddy their own area, a cat condo could be just what they need to brighten their day!

But there are a lot of possibilities, and how will you know which one is best for your cat?

There’s no need to worry since we’ll go over the many sorts and attributes to look for in a cat condo in this buyer’s guide.

The Advantages of a Cat Condo for Your Large Cat

A cat condo can give various benefits for a large cat, all of which help to your fuzzy buddy’s overall quality of life! Here’s a quick rundown of some of the finest reasons to acquire a cat condo.


Large indoor cats frequently require special assistance in obtaining enough exercise. Cat condos provide an indoor environment for cats to run, jump, and generally scramble around like they would on real condos.


Cats are intelligent creatures who require cerebral as well as physical activity. A cat condo is similar to a playground in that it may excite their thoughts and interests while also helping to keep boredom at bay!


Most cats enjoy digging their claws into things. Giving cats a scratching post on a cat condo helps to ensure that your couch does not become shredded.


Tunnels and hidey-holes are features of certain cat condominiums. If your feline companion is shy or prefers to relax out of sight, these hiding places can give them with a sense of security and protection.

Cat Socialization

A social structure typically emerges when numerous cats live in close quarters.

Your huge boss cat will like having a high position from which to gaze down on their subordinates, and you may enjoy watching your felines chase each other on and off this revered spot.

How to Choose the Best Cat Condo for Your Big Cat


How big is the space where you intend to put your cat tree? Make sure to measure your floor area and available height to ensure that the product you choose will fit in your home!


The stability of a cat tree should be one of your first concerns, especially for large cats.

A wide, robust foundation that runs the entire length of the cat condo will keep your big feline from falling off their perch if they become a bit boisterous.


What does your cat like to play with, run around on, and lounge on? Keep an eye out for the accessories that your cat might choose, such as:

  • Levels and tiers
  • Platforms and perches
  • Tunnels and hidey-holes
  • Scratching spots
  • Cushions and plush nap spots
  • Hammocks
  • Toys built in
  • Posts and walls that are climbable


The elements utilized, including stability, can be critical for a cat tree designed for a larger kitten. Make sure the cat tree you choose can sustain your huge cat’s weight so they don’t have any nasty falls.

And if it’s cheap yet constructed of fragile materials, your cat may easily rip it apart, negating the lower price.

When looking for cat condos, you will most likely come across the following materials:

  • Plywood is lightweight, inexpensive, and less durable.
  • Pressed wood is heavier, more expensive, and more durable.
  • Solid wood is heavy, expensive, immensely strong, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Screwed together: heavy, but very strong
  • Nails or glue are frequently less expensive but less durable.
  • Sisal rope is excellent for scratching and climbing.
  • Faux fur: velvety and comfortable for lounging locations, but not suitable for climbing and more difficult to clean.
  • Carpet: useful for resting areas and climbing, and it is simple to clean.

For a huge cat, consider getting a sturdy wood cat condo. It will be more expensive at first, but it will endure far longer than cheaper materials – and it will also look better!


Here’s the lowdown on our best cat condos for large cats:

The Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Condo is the greatest overall solution for all of your large cat’s exercise, lounging, and safety needs.

It is large and sturdy enough for several larger cats to play on, and it has several spacious resting spaces. Furthermore, it will not break the bank!

And, for those looking for a more affordable solution, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends the impressively tall Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Condo.

The all-over carpeting is ideal for climbing and scratching, and this post is less expensive than dinner with your significant other.

You’ll never have to waste time hemming and hawing over pet products again if you have our practical cat condo buyer’s guides and extensive reviews in your back pocket.

Get the greatest cat condo for your big cat without wasting time, because you both deserve it.

Have fun scratching!

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