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11 Best Cat Collars With Bells

Every cat requires a collar, but if you have a little Houdini on your hands, you may want to consider a collar with a bell attached.

This will make it simpler to locate your cat when you need them, whether they are outside or hidden someplace in the house.

While purchasing a cat collar is unlikely to be the largest financial commitment you make in your life, it is still an essential purchase - after all, purchasing the incorrect one could result in your cat being injured or lost.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) shows you which collars with bells are worth every money in our reviews of the best cat collars with bells, so you can let your cat go around without stressing yourself unduly.


Best Overall: Red Dingo Cosmos Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

The bell is loud enough to be heard but not irritating, and it has a stainless-steel K-ring on which you may attach an ID tag.

If your cat enjoys exploring the great outdoors, the quick-release fish clip ensures that they will not be injured if they become entangled in trees; the collar will simply break off rather than injuring their neck.

The entire item is also machine washable, so you won’t have to worry with your cat wearing a nasty, dirty collar all the time. It may shrink when laundered, so be cautious if it’s currently too tight around their neck.

Overall, the Red Dingo Cosmos is our top option for the best cat collars with bells we’ve seen, and it will make an excellent addition for any cat in your home.


  • Thin but strong
  • The bell can be heard without becoming annoying.
  • A quick-release clip keeps you safe.
  • Washable by machine
  • ID tag storage


  • When washed, the item may shrink.


Best Value Safe Cat Snag-Proof Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

The Safe Cat Snag-Proof isn’t particularly glamorous or appealing, but it does the job well and at a low cost, making it the best cat collar with a bell for the money.

It comes in seven various colors, some of which are bright, so you may dress up your cat to some extent. The bell is the same color as the collar, so it won’t catch notice except from its sound.

Because the length can be adjusted, you can buy it when your cat is young and let it grow with them. You can also buy multiple for each of your cats, as it will fit all but the largest or smallest cats.

It is unlikely to snag, but if it does, it will simply break away without harming your cat. However, this can work against you because it is a weak area on the collar that may break with time.

If price is your primary consideration when selecting a collar, the Safe Cat Snag-Proof is unquestionably the best option.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Seven different colors are available.
  • The collar and the bell are the same hue.
  • length is adjustable
  • If snagged, it breaks away.


  • Quite straightforward
  • Not the most long-lasting option.


Premium Choice — Necoichi Japanese Kimono Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

The Necoichi Kimono Bow Tie ensures that your cat is always the best-dressed feline on the street. It’s a lovely ornamental alternative that’s just as useful as plainer types.

Because the material is thin rayon, it will not weigh your cat down or cause them to overheat. Make no mistake, the bow isn’t as tough as nylon or plastic, so expect it to tear at some point.

The gold bell is appealing and functional, and the buckle breaks away if the cat becomes entangled. However, some cats can wiggle their way out of it if they want to, so make sure it’s securely fastened.

It comes in three different styles, so you may match it to your cat’s coat (or their personal style).

The Necoichi Kimono Bow Tie isn’t your typical cat collar, but that’s part of its allure.


  • Attractive and fashionable
  • It will not weigh down the cat or cause it to overheat.
  • A gold bell is a lovely finishing touch.
  • If the cat becomes entangled, the buckle easily releases.
  • There are three styles available.


  • The bow tie will most certainly rip at some point.
  • Some cats can wiggle their way out of it.


Rainbow Hearts Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell by Country Brook Design

If you have a long-haired, hippy-type dog, the tie-dyed look of the Country Brook Design Rainbow Hearts may appeal to them. It’s a vivid alternative that’s sure to make your cat stand out.

The polyester is lightweight and sturdy, and your cat should have no trouble wearing it. It’s also gentle, so it’s unlikely to irritate sensitive-skin cats.

It offers a basic feature that is sometimes ignored in cat collars: an ID tag can be attached to it.

However, the clasp does not always close entirely, so make sure it is totally secure before releasing your cat.

The bell also sounds different than a typical bell, so you may have trouble locating your cat while they’re wearing it.

The Country Brook Design Rainbow Hearts is a fine collar, but it isn’t nearly as good as some others.


  • Option that is vibrant and sticks out
  • lightweight and long-lasting polyester
  • The fabric is soft and unlikely to irritate sensitive skin.
  • It is simple to affix an ID tag to


  • The buckle may not always close firmly.
  • Bell makes an unusual sound.


MJIYA Bell Cat Collar

The beautiful tiny cat face on the clasp of the MJIYA Cat Collar is sure to draw attention. This face complements the sleek and sophisticated bell, making this collar as appealing as it is effective.

It’s also one of the most affordable collars on the market, so all that charm won’t break the bank.

However, don’t expect a collar this cheap to last forever; the weak material will most certainly give way within a year. It’s also designed for smaller cats, so if you have a Garfield-sized kitty, you might not be able to use it.

It’s difficult to put on and take off because that lovely kitty face also serves as the fastening. This can make opening and closing difficult.

The MJIYA Cat Collar is a nice alternative, especially given the price, however you get what you paid for at some point.


  • The clasp features a beautiful kitty face.
  • Inexpensive
  • Bell is sleek and fashionable.


  • Too frail to last long.
  • Larger cats are not recommended.
  • Clasp is difficult to open and close.

Choosing The Best Cat Collars with Bells Buyer's Guide

Most people buy a cat collar without much thinking, which is acceptable as long as the collar does its purpose.

However, if it fails at an inconvenient time, it could be exceedingly hazardous (and possibly fatal) to your cat.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a cat collar.

Why Do I Need a Collar for My Cat?

The main reason a cat should wear a collar is so that you may attach identifying information to them in case they go lost.

Many people do not do this with indoor-only cats, which is fine as long as the cat remains indoors.

If they escape, not wearing a collar may prevent them from ever being reunited with their families. A collar also clearly indicates to passersby that your cat is someone’s pet.

This makes them more likely to assist your cat in finding their way home if they become separated from you and less likely to hurt them.

It is critical to recognize that a collar is not a substitute for microchipping and vice versa. Your cat should be collared and chipped, as doing so increases your chances of finding them if they become lost.

Why Do I Need a Collar with a Bell for My Cat?

People place a bell on a cat’s collar for a variety of reasons, but they all boil down to the same basic reason: protection.

One of the most important reasons to affix a bell to the collar of an outdoor cat is to safeguard the nearby wildlife.

Cats are very efficient hunters, capable of decimating the local bird and rodent populations.

By attaching a bell to their collar, you will disrupt their ability to stalk their target, potentially saving scores of lives. You might also wish to use a bell to keep your cats apart.

This is especially useful if one of your cats is known to bully the others; by attaching a bell to the bully’s collar, the other cats will be given ample warning of their impending arrival and will be able to move themselves accordingly.

Finally, a bell can keep your cat safe from itself. Making your cat more audible will make it simpler to discover them if they go lost, even if they are simply misplaced elsewhere in your house.

Are Bell Collars Appropriate for All Cats?

No, some cats are particularly sensitive to loud noises, in which case a little noisemaker permanently attached to their necks will not be appreciated.

Timid cats may be scared of the sound as well, so forcing them to wear a bell will just stress them out further. Also, resist the urge to get the collar with the loudest bell you can find.

A little bell will do to accomplish the task; anything larger will be unpleasant, not to mention inconvenient for your cat.

What Should I Look for in a Cat Collar Else?

The most vital factor is safety, which is why we prefer breakaway collars. If a breakaway collar gets snagged on a branch or whatever, it will come undone, allowing your cat to escape.

This keeps them from harming themselves while attempting to escape, and it also keeps them from becoming helpless and exposed to predators. Fit is also crucial.

The collar should be snug but not too tight so that it stays in place without causing irritation.

You also want to make sure the cat can’t simply wiggle out of it or pry it off with their feet, which would completely negate the purpose.

Another factor to consider is durability, as you don’t want it to fall apart if your cat decides to go for a walk in the woods.

Choose collars made of durable materials such as nylon, polyester, or leather. Aside from that, there are numerous (literal) bells and whistles to consider.

Some collars are reflective, while others feature lovely ornamentation – the list goes on. It all comes down to what you value in your pet.


Because it’s thin, sturdy, and easy to clean, the Red Dingo Cosmos is our top selection for the best cat collars with bells. You’ll be hard pressed to find a nicer collar, bell or no bell.

Purchase the Safe Cat Snag-Proof if you want a nice collar while saving money. It’s highly safe and reasonably priced, making it superior to many collars that cost twice as much.

While purchasing a cat collar isn’t the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make, it is one of the most significant, at least in terms of your cat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes these reviews have helped you make an informed selection — and made it tougher for your cat to surprise you.

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