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The Best Cat Collars For Cats That Hate Collars To Buy

Cats are finicky about many things, including collars. They will sometimes refuse to wear one no matter what.

Other times, they may simply require some time to adjust.

Choosing the appropriate collar is important. Your cat may despise one collar but enjoy wearing another.

Collars are vital for a cat's protection and can assist in quickly reuniting them with their owners if they become separated. Some cats, however, will not keep them on long enough to be effective.

While finding an acceptable collar through trial and error may appear laborious, the correct collar for your cat is out there.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled evaluations of seven of the best cat collars for cats that hate collars to help you select the best one.

Here are the reviews so you can find one that your cat will tolerate.


Best Overall: Safe Release Cat Collar (6 Pack)

When we evaluate all of the factors that contribute to a collar’s safety, we have to give the Safe Release Cat Collar our top recommendation for the best cat collar for cats who dislike collars on the market today.

If your cat dislikes collars, they will barely detect it because it is so light. These collars are available in six eye-catching colors: blue, black, pink, yellow, green, and orange.

These colors are ideal for indoor/outdoor cats. Each hue provides excellent visibility and sound location, as well as a jingly bell in the front. This set comes in a six-pack, so you get a lot for your money.

This color features a D-ring attachment and a distinctive buckle design for security and tag attachments. The materials are quite sturdy and well-stitched, and they are built to last.

We believe that the most significant attribute of these collars is their safety. While you’re away, you won’t have to worry about snags or choking. If your cat gets into difficulties, it unfastens and your kitten remains unharmed.

These collars are bright, adaptable, secure, and well-made. We simply wish there were more ways to order. It would be good to be able to purchase a single collar. We have no other complaints.


Snag-Proof Cat Breakaway Collar – Best Value

The Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar is our best cat collar for cats who dislike collars for the money. This is a little collar, but it shows that your cat has a home.

With little effort, an identity tag can be fastened to the bell clasp, but there is no separate ring for a tag. Multiple tags are unlikely to fit on this collar. However, the breakaway function will keep your cat secure both inside and outside.

You can select the perfect collar for your cat’s style from a variety of options. The lightweight design is great for cats who dislike wearing collars. They may not even notice it’s there. By clipping it off, the bell can be removed.

The snag-proof material prevents this collar from fraying or breaking. It is also resistant to being shredded by your cat’s claws.

Because the cloth is so smooth, the collar can slip and loosen, becoming overly big. It has been shown to fall right off cats over time.


Breakaway Red Dingo Kitten Collar – Recommended for Kittens

The Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar is our top pick for kitten collars. It is appropriate for kittens weighing up to 3 pounds and measures 6-10 inches in length. The breakaway mechanism protects curious, exploring kitties.

The fastening clip is shaped like a fish, making this collar even cuter. It comes in blue or pink and features a detachable bell. There is also a ring on which an identifying tag can be attached.

As a safety precaution, the collar comes off easily, although kittens have been reported to be able to paw at the collar and have the closure loosen.


Nylon Personalized Cat Collar by GoTags

The GoTags Personalized Cat Collar is available in five distinct colors and 14 different thread color possibilities for personalisation, allowing you to find the perfect look for your cat.

This collar does not require tags, and the dangling bell can be removed if your cat does not like it. The smooth and comfortable nylon material is gentle and non-snagging for your cat to wear.

They can wear this collar in any posture they want and it will not bother them. This breakaway collar is also machine-washable, which is useful if your cat spends a lot of time outside and becomes muddy.

The collar can carry up to 21 characters and changes from 8 to 12 inches in length. When you approach the limit of characters on the collar, the writing may spill into the buckle and become difficult to read.

If the collar is adjusted to the 8-inch size, it may be necessary to remove it from the cat in order to read the information completely.


Gotham Polyester Cat Collar by Zee.Dog

This solid black Zee.Dog Gotham Polyester Cat Collar is adaptable to fit any size cat and stands out against light-colored fur.

By rubbing it with a damp towel, you can easily clean the polyester. It’s weatherproof and features a rubber cat logo. It is simple to add an identification tag.

The collar is small and narrow, so it won’t restrict your cat’s movement, making them less likely to recall and be bothered by it. However, because it is a breakaway collar, they may be able to release it by pawing at it.

Cat claws might harm this cloth if your cat is a heavy scratcher. Excessive scratching can cause it to fall off. Although the size of the collar should make it less obvious, if your cat dislikes collars, they may try to remove it anyhow.

It is not as long-lasting as some other collars.

How to Select a Collar If Your Cat Despises Collars

Cats are finicky. We are aware of this, however collars are sometimes required. The best approach to convince your cat to wear a collar is to make it lightweight and properly fit.

Some cats dislike feeling confined. It can be painful for them if the collar is overly heavy or too tight. You may even believe that your cat despises collars when they merely prefer a different one.

For cats to get acclimated to wearing anything, lightweight cloth that is not too tight around their necks is usually preferable. Two fingers should fit comfortably between the collar and your cat’s neck.

The Clock

Collar bells have several functions. They are used on indoor/outdoor cats that want to prowl outside, for example, to alert wildlife that they are approaching.

The bells limit the quantity of prey animals that the cat can catch – and frequently bring back home – while on their expeditions.

However, the bell can irritate the cat at times. You can remove the bell for them if they are constantly trying to capture it or shaking their heads to get rid of it.

The sound of the bell can prevent some cats from falling asleep quietly. Whether you see this happening, first remove the bell to determine if that is the source of the problem rather than the collar itself.


This is a personal opinion, but brightly colored collars are immediately visible to people, especially if your cat has a black coat.

This will be a clear indication that your cat has a home. Reflective collars are also excellent choices because they are visible in the dark.

Sensitivity of the Skin

Some materials may create a reaction in your cat if they have sensitive skin. If your cat scratches at the collar and you detect hair loss or sore skin around the neck, they could be allergic to it.

Collars constructed of hypoallergenic materials could be the answer in this scenario.


Collars embellished with dangling charms or fabric bowties are charming. Even if your fancy kitty would look lovely in one of them, they might despise it.

They will be unhappy if the decorative collar encroaches on their space, makes it difficult for them to get comfortable, or blocks their eyesight.

If your cat isn’t used to wearing a collar, start small. If your cat tolerates the smaller collars, you can gradually increase the size. If you feel your cat is uncomfortable, return to the previous collar size.


Cats may wear breakaway collars safely. Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures who enjoy jumping, climbing, and playing. A collar might easily become snagged on furniture or household items during all of this activity.

The collar can become caught in tree branches or bushes if the cat is outside.

If the collars encounter any resistance, they are meant to snap apart. This will keep your cat safe, especially if you are not at home to keep an eye on them. You may return home to find the collar on the floor, but your cat will be fine.

Of course, this means your cat can slip a paw between the collar and their neck and pop it off. However, this is a tiny price to pay for your cat’s protection.

Collars for Kittens

When your kitten is young, getting them used to wearing a collar will make it much easier to get them to wear one as an adult. However, collars do not grow with your cat.

Keep this in mind, and always check the collar fit while your cat is developing. The collar might easily become too tight. It will need to be altered or replaced completely until your cat reaches their full development potential.


The Safe Release Cat Collar is our top pick for cats who despise collars. It’s comfortable and compact, yet it’s still visible. The Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar is our best value option.

It comes in a variety of colors, but there is no handy spot to hang an identification tag. The Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar includes a detachable bowtie and fish charm that will not irritate your cat.

Because the identifying information is embroidered directly onto the material, no tag is required.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews have assisted you in finding the best cat collars for cats that hate collars for your picky feline.

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