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Why Is It Necessary To Select The Best Cat Collar Tags For Your Pet ?

Having an ID tag for your cat is one of the best ways to ensure their safe return if they become separated from you and become lost.

They will most likely be taken to a shelter if they do not have one, making a successful recovery and return far less likely.

Accidents can and do occur, which is a sad reality. Cats do go missing on occasion, and most of the time it is through no fault of the owner.

While professionals can use microchip tagging to determine the identity of a cat, it is not something that anyone on the street can do. If your kitty is found, having your contact information readily available is the only way to ensure they have the best chance of returning home safely.

There are numerous options for engraved cat name tags available, the majority of which are very affordable these days.

You could be forgiven for thinking that a tag is simply a piece of metal, regardless of brand, but what's the point of buying something you're not sure will last? In the worst-case scenario, a loose clasp may cause it to be lost before your cat, providing no benefit to any rescue efforts.

Always seek out high-quality stainless steel with laser engraving. The deeper the engraving on the tag, the longer it will last despite all of the wear and scratching it will endure during your cat's life.

All of the cat ID tags in the table below are fully customizable during the ordering process, but some have more text lines than others.

Larger tags, of course, hold more text, but due to their size and weight, they may irritate your cat. For easy comparison, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has listed the best cat collar tags below.


Pet ID Tag Leash Boss


Our favorite option on the market is the Leash Boss Pet tag.

It’s a little more expensive than the GoTags double-sided tag, which means it’s probably not the best buy objectively, but we think the extra coin is worth it.

It’s so subtle on a cat’s collar that you won’t even notice it’s there. It will never irritate your cat, unlike the myriad of ID tags for cats that hang down.

It also supports a full 5 lines of text, which is the most available on a single-sided tag. The small gaps on the clasps improve the slide-on style. This means it’s ideal for adjustable collars.

Most slide-on variants fall short of this because adjustable collars frequently lack a clear beginning and end to fix them on. The engraving is detailed, and the tag is available in a variety of sizes to fit all collars.


Designer Pet ID Tag by GoTags



Last but not least, we have the GoTags Designer ID tag collection. These adorable little ID tags have all of the functionality and durability of any GoTags product, but with a little extra bling.

Genuine Swarovski crystals adorn the front of each tag, and there are six different designs to choose from. As with the other GoTags products here, the laser engraving is excellent.

The design appears in the product photo as a black shape, but they are actually reflective rather than black. Take a look at the GoTag Playful ID tags pictured above to see how they appear in person.


Engravable Red Dingo Stainless Steel Pet Tag



This pet ID tag has it all: stainless steel for strength and an enamel coating with an appealing design.

This stainless-steel pet ID tag features a pawprint center and your choice of four colors, making it appealing to both the eye and the wallet.

My dog’s stainless-steel ID tag has withstood the test of time, and I buff the back of it with a soft cloth at least monthly to remove any mud or dirty marks.

We go for long walks and live in an area that experiences all four seasons. This tag has withstood the test of time, the engraving has held up, and it still looks as good as the day I purchased it.


Dog Tag Art’s Fun Puns Make the Best Custom Pet ID Tags



Some tags are more customizable than others, which is useful for special needs dogs, additional phone numbers, caregivers, or medical information.

Some custom pet ID tags are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, as well as fun sayings and designs on the front.

Custom pet ID tags, in addition to displaying your pet’s personality, provide peace of mind. I’ve lost count of the number of fun pun pet ID tags my dog has from Dog Tag Art.

They are my go-to for dependability and fun, particularly for photos and special occasions.


Stainless Steel GoTags Slide-On Cat Tags



Not all tags are suitable for hanging from a pet’s collar, which is why slide-on tags are ideal. With a slide-on pet ID tag, you can keep tags from getting caught on things in nature or around the house.

Dangling ID tags are not ideal for active dogs who tend to whizz by their pet parents. Slide-on tags are easy to wear and very functional for dogs with long hair or cats who like to jump.

It’s simple to slip a tag onto a collar, and GoTags’ design is ready to go. The slide pet ID tag not only eliminates the jingling sound of a dangling tag, but it also remains completely secure on a pet’s collar.

Best of all, the tag will not fall off and will remain securely attached to a dog or cat’s collar. Many pet owners believe that slide-on pet ID tags are far safer than traditional hanging tags. The tag is flat against the collar of your pet and contains all of your important identifying information.

What should you put on a cat ID tag to ensure that they are returned safely?

You’ve realized you need a name tag for your cat, but before you get all excited and order a shiny new cat ID tag, you’ll need to consider what you’ll put on the tag itself.

It’s worth considering because it’ll be your best chance of reuniting with a lost cat, and you can’t exactly change an engraved piece of metal without purchasing a new one.

We’ve done some of the hard work for you. Here are some details you should include on your cat’s name tag to ensure its safe return.

The name of your cat

You might be thinking, wait a minute. That will not get them home. That information alone will not bring your cat home, but a name gives your cat an identity.

Someone who comes across your cat is far more likely to be sympathetic and recognize that your cat is an important member of your family if it has a name.


Contact information that is trustworthy

Don’t put a phone number that you don’t have access to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your cat ever goes missing, leave a contact number that you will always be available to answer.

People should not call you more than once before taking your cat to a shelter. If possible, include both your own and your partner’s phone numbers.


Your residential address

If your cat is close enough to be returned immediately, you should give the kind soul who finds your cat that option.


A warning if they are an indoor cat

Indoor cats frequently wear collars that say something like, “If I’m outside, I’m lost.” This alerts the savior that the cat is definitely out of their comfort zone and should be returned home as soon as possible.


Other vital information

The items listed above are usually more than enough to ensure that your cat is returned home if it falls into the hands of another kind human.

You can, of course, expand on the items listed above; another common item that cat owners include is their veterinarian’s contact information.

Some people also consider whether or not their cat is microchipped. It’s up to you what you want to include, but the four items listed above are usually required on a cat ID tag.

What characteristics distinguish a good cat ID tag?

Here are some characteristics that distinguish the best cat collar tags from the rest that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends.

Any ID tag you buy for your cat should have all of the following characteristics.


The first thing that comes to mind is durability. You require a long-lasting steel name tag.

It must be durable in the sense that it does not easily come loose and become separated from your cat! It also needs to be long-lasting in terms of engraving.

Any engraving or laser printing will quickly wear away if the materials are of poor quality. Poor engraving, on the other hand, will not be around for long.

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s very likely that the collar and ID tag will be scraped against a variety of different surfaces. Durability is extremely important.

Dimensions and Weight

It must be suitable for your cat. A heavy collar, as well as a huge swinging name tag right under their chin, will irritate your cat greatly.

High-quality materials ensure that your collar is both long-lasting and lightweight. Because you don’t need a steel beam to engrave some basic contact information, keep the size of the tag you purchase in mind.

The best engraved cat ID tags will have deep, clear, and concise engraving, so they don’t need to be very large to fit everything on in a readable manner.

Suitable for your collar

Some adjustable collars lack a starting and ending point for a slide-on ID tag. If you discover you have that combination, you will be very disappointed.

Not to worry, there are options to fit every collar. You should be able to tell whether most name tags will clip or slide onto the existing collar just by looking at them.

Check your collar ahead of time and make sure it’s a good fit to avoid disappointment and having to buy another one.

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