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The Best Cat Carriers On Wheels: 9 Best Sellers

There aren't many cat carriers with wheels, but any owner who has had to lug a cat from the backseat of the car even just as far as the vet's waiting room knows that our furry friends can be deceptively heavy when the weight of the carrier and its contents is factored in.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed nine of the best cat carriers on wheels we could find, taking into account portability and mobility, build quality, and price.

Examine your options to find the best transport system for your cats.


I-GO2 Traveler Dog & Cat Rolling Carrier by Pet Gear – Best Value



The Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Dog & Cat Rolling Carrier is a low-cost carrier of high quality. It is large enough to accommodate cats weighing up to 15 pounds.

While this still does not have enough capacity for large breeds, it is more than the Gen7Pets model. It has a removable comfort pad and expandable sides and pouches.

The carrier can be converted from a rolling bag to a backpack and a standard carrier, allowing you to carry it however you want.

Although it lacks some of the luxury features of the Gen7Pets model, such as the self-righting platform, it is still a high-quality roller at a lower price, making it the best cat carrier on wheels for the money.


Snoozer Roll Around – High-End Option



The Snoozer Roll Around is available in a variety of colors and sizes, with the larger of the two sizes carrying up to 30 pounds. This means that the model should be able to accommodate even the Maine Coon cat breed.

The carrier is airline approved, according to the manufacturer, but keep in mind that this is independent of total weight, with the large model being too large. The 4-in-1 carrier can be used as a roller, backpack, car seat, or bed.

The Snoozer is made of polyester with breathable mesh windows and has a telescopic handle. However, you pull your cat at an angle, which most cats dislike, and the solid wheels make for a rough ride.


Carrier Bag for Dogs and Cats Made of Sherpa



The Sherpa Dog & Cat Carrier Bag is a good middle ground between the I-GO2 and the Snoozer. It has a 22-pound capacity, making it suitable for most cats, including larger breeds. It is bag-shaped and is pulled by all four wheels, so your cat will also remain at a straight and comfortable angle.

However, it is pulled by the material handle, which is not as secure as a telescopic handle, and despite having faux lambskin liners designed for easy machine washing, it has proven very difficult to give the entire carrier a deep clean to remove more difficult stains.

Despite its larger capacity, the horizontal design of the carrier leaves little room inside and is likely to be too small for most cats. It’s pricey given how much smaller it is than expected.


KOPEKS Deluxe Cat Carrier Wheeled Backpack



With a capacity of up to 18 pounds, the KOPEKS Deluxe Cat Carrier Backpack on Wheels can transport most cats, but not larger breeds. The mesh windows in the polyester bag allow air to pass through and provide a breathable environment for your cat.

The telescopic handle makes this 3-in-1 carrier easier to maneuver and store, though it could be stronger so that it feels less likely to bend. Because this is a two-wheel design, your cat will be angled while being pulled around, which not all cats will enjoy.

The carrier is reasonably priced, but it is unsuitable for flights because its dimensions are too large for carry-on, and airlines do not allow carriers and crates with wheels as cargo.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Carrier on Wheels

Wheeled cat carriers are easier and lighter to transport. They can provide a better experience for your cat because they won’t be knocked against your leg and swung around as you try to keep your balance.

They may also benefit from the extra space because if the carrier is easier to move, it means you can justify having a larger carrier with more space.

However, there are various types of carriers on the market, including those that convert from backpack to bed to roller.

While the majority of these carriers are made of polyester, you should consider the weight capacity as well as the dimensions of the carrier.

Although there are fewer wheeled cat carriers available than other styles, there are still some good options. Consider the following options when looking for your own cat carrier with wheels:


The carrier’s capacity is the total weight that can be safely carried in the bag. If you try to carry more than this, the bag’s bottom may give way, the wheels may buckle, or the handle may bend.

These carriers typically have a capacity of around 10 pounds, which is only the weight of a kitten or a small breed of cat.

Some carriers can carry up to nearly 30 pounds, which is more than the weight of even the largest breed of cat.

Weigh your cat, consider whether it is likely to gain weight in the future, and then make your purchase based on your findings.



However, keep in mind that weight only tells part of the story, and you should also consider the dimensions of the bag’s carrier section.

Measure your cat’s length and width, as well as its height when standing, and choose something that will give your cat plenty of room while being transported around.



Almost all of the wheeled carriers we found were made of a combination of polyester walls and bases, as well as mesh windows.

The polyester is tough and strong, and it can withstand the weight of cats. It is not easily damaged, even when scratched by a cat, and it is easily cleaned in the event of an accident.

The mesh windows allow air to pass through, keeping your cat comfortable and safe. These materials are widely regarded as the best combination.



Carriers have either two or four wheels. Although two wheels are more maneuverable, the carrier itself is usually more upright or vertical in design.

These carriers also mean that when you lean the carrier over onto the two wheels, your cat will be tilted.

Four-wheeled carriers allow your cat to remain flat while being transported, but they have a larger footprint and are more difficult to maneuver, especially in tight spaces.


We are glad that you have read this far into the article. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) established this article in the aim of assisting you in choosing the best cat carriers on wheels for your companion animal.

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