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14 Best Cat Carriers In Australia

It can be difficult to transport your favorite kitty from one location to another.

Cats do not usually enjoy being placed in cat carriers or the act of traveling, and some of the pet carriers available do not always appear to be totally safe (or comfortable).

In addition, if you frequently transport your pet on planes, you'll need an airline-approved cat carrier. Finding the ideal cat carrier might be difficult!

If you're worried about your cat's safety when traveling, you've come to the correct place. The following are the %product_count% best cat carriers in Australia, including the finest airline-approved cat carriers.

Each one includes a concise overview of the carrier as well as pros and disadvantages to help you determine whether a carrier is best for your pet.

There's also a buying guide that tells you exactly what to look for when looking for a good cat carrier. Continue reading to put your mind at ease concerning your cat's safety when traveling!

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Premium Pet Travel Carrier PetAmi Airline Approved – Best Overall

  • Size: 43.1 L x 30.3 W x 7.39 H cm
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pet weight limit: 8.16 kg

The PetAmi Airline Approved Premium Pet Travel Carrier is the best overall airline-approved cat carrier in Australia. This cat carrier was developed with safety in mind to provide the finest travel experience for you and your pet.

It keeps your cat from escaping by using safety buckles and zippers, and it can also be strapped to your luggage or a seat for safer travel. The PetAmi carrier includes a comfy interior and a collapsible bowl to keep your kitty buddy hydrated.

This airline-approved cat carrier also has a prominently displayed name badge, access from both sides, and a retractable strap.


  • Airline-approved
  • Designed for security
  • A comfortable interior


  • After folding for storage, it may be difficult to restore the carrier to its original shape.
  • Complaints that the carrier is smaller than advertised


Airline Approved Pet Carrier Paws & Pals – Best Value

  • Size: 41.9 L x 20.3 W x 31.1 H cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • 3.17 kg maximum pet weight

If you have a little cat and are looking for the best cat carrier for the money, this one by Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier is a good option.

It’s equipped with safety buckles, a durable reinforced frame, and even light-reflecting strips to keep your pet secure during transportation.

It is also airline-approved (for most aircraft) and complies with TSA laws and restrictions. Furthermore, it meets the dimensions required by the majority of airlines for under-the-seat travel.

This cat carrier is wet and leak-proof, features a removable fleece bed, two entrances, folds up for simple storage, and is machine washable for easy cleaning. It is also available in medium and big sizes.


  • Strips of light-reflecting material
  • Meets the criteria for airplane seating.
  • Frame reinforcement


  • Many people claimed that the carrier was smaller than planned.
  • Zippers breaking off is a rare complaint.


Purrpy Airline Approved Cat Carrier – Premium Option

  • Size: 43 L x 24 W x 28 H cm
  • Oxford cloth is used.
  • Pet weight limit: 5.89 kg

When you want your beloved feline to travel in style, the Purrpy Airline Approved Pet Carrier for Cats is the way to go! With its reinforced frame and zipper clasps that seal in potential escape artists, this cat carrier keeps your kitty safe.

It has three openings (two sides and a top) to make it easier to bring your cat inside. And transporting it with luggage is straightforward, as there is a slot embroidered on the side through which you can insert your luggage handle.

The carrier includes a fleece bed and numerous mesh openings so you can view and reassure your pet while traveling. It is airline-approved and meets the specifications required for under-the-seat travel.


  • There are three openings.
  • Zippers secure
  • Frame reinforcement


  • There have been some reports of components breaking (strap, zippers)
  • A couple cats were able to get past the top zipper.


Car Seat and Carrier for Pets

  • Size: 48.26 L x 31.75 W x 30.48 H cm
  • Material: Polyester
  • Maximum pet weight: 9 kg

With the Pet Gear Automobile Seat and Carrier, you can keep your kitty secure when traveling by car. This cat carrier may be easily connected to your vehicle’s seat belt to keep it secure while driving.

It also contains an inner tether to keep your pet secure while you’re on the go. A front and top opening make it easier to slip your cat into the carrier, and the inside contains a warm fleece bed to keep your pet comfortable.

There are also compartments on the back of the cat carrier where you may store a few small items for your trip!


  • Attaches to seat belts
  • Storage is included.
  • To keep the cat in position, use a tether.


  • It is not specified whether the product is airline-approved.
  • Complaints about zippers breaking easily


Pet Backpack Carrier for Small Cats by Texsens

  • Size: 42.1 L x 32.3 W x 6 H cm
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Pet weight limit: 8.16 kg

If you’re seeking for a unique cat carrier, the Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier for Small Cats could be just what you’re looking for!

It not only makes transporting your cat easier, but it also has chest buckles that assist prevent back and shoulder strain. This cat carrier also has three mesh sides for ventilation, so your feline won’t get stuffy while inside.

It’s still strong, though, thanks to a sponge back that keeps its shape. It also has a safety lock to ensure that your cat stays where it belongs.

The manufacturer says that this cat carrier is scratch-resistant and long-lasting.


  • Can keep your pet nearby
  • Lock for safety
  • Designed to alleviate back and shoulder stiffness


  • Some claimed that the backpack slid too far down the back and was unpleasant.
  • Several pets were motion sick.


Pet Carrier Approved by Akinerri Airlines

  • Size: 44.45 x 27.94 x 27.94
  • Oxford cloth, mesh, fleece, and metal
  • Pet weight limit: 6.8 kg

This Akinerri Airline Approved Pet Carrier allows your cat to travel in comfort and safety. An inner leash keeps your pet from moving around too much while traveling, and self-lock zippers keep your cat from escaping.

You can even secure it to your luggage for easier transportation (or carry it using the shoulder straps or handles)!

A front and top entrance allow your pet to enter in the method that is most comfortable for them, while mesh sides allow them to view what is going on around them.

There’s also a comfortable bed inside and outside compartments for toys and goodies.


  • Zippers with safety locks
  • Connects to luggage
  • There are numerous ways to transport


  • There have been few reports of defective zippers.
  • There have been some reports of faulty shoulder straps.


Large Soft-Sided Pet Carrier by Aivituvin

  • Size: 50 L x 30.5 W x 30.5 H cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • 9.07 kg maximum pet weight

Despite its simplicity, this Aivituvin Large Soft-Sided Pet Carrier ensures a safe journey for your beloved furry buddy!

The manufacturer claims that the plastic used is extremely strong and will never break through the mesh components of the bag, ensuring that the carrier will retain its shape no matter how long it is used.

The carrier also has zippers that lock and a shoulder strap that has been reinforced so that it will not break. With its big side entry, fleece pet bed inside, and all the views your cat could want, this cat carrier is very comfortable for them.

Furthermore, the mesh is anti-scratch, so small claws should be unable to penetrate.


  • Made of tough plastic
  • Scratch-resistant mesh


  • It’s possible that it’s not airline-approved.
  • There have been few reports of zippers breaking.
  • Customer service complaints are uncommon.


Petpeppy.com The Original Expandable Pet Carrier Approved by Airlines

  • Size: 43.2 L x 27.8 W x 7.4 H cm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pet weight limit: 6.8 kg

Petpeppy.com will transport your pet in style. The Original Expandable Pet Carrier Approved by Airlines!

While it may appear to be a regular cat carrier at first glance, this bag includes sides that fold down to increase the amount of space your kitten has while in it.

It also has strong metal hooks, self-locking zippers, a sturdy base, and a leash ring to ensure your pet has a safe trip. The Petpeppy carrier is also really comfortable!

You can skip the struggle of loading your cat through the top or front door, and your kitty can snuggle into the fake fleece bed inside while using the foldable pet bowl included. This carrier even provides additional storage for you!

This airline-approved cat carrier may be simply placed beneath your seat during flight.


  • Expandable for more space
  • Simple to fold and store
  • Airline-approved


  • Some people found cleaning challenging.
  • Complaints about shoulder straps snapping
  • Customer service appears to be lacking.


Trixie Capri III Transport Box with an Open Top

  • Size: 40 L x 38 W x 61 L cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Pet weight limit: 5.89 kg

The Trixie Capri III Open Top Transport Box is the most basic sort of cat carrier available, but a classic is hard to beat.

Furthermore, hard-sided cat carriers provide a bit more security for our feline companions and are considerably more durable than other materials.

This cat carrier has a front and top opening to help persuade your cat to enter. It also has plenty of air circulation on the sides, front, and top to keep your pet cool. With the handle on top, this carrier is also easy to transport.

This cat carrier should be good for plane travel, however the vendor recommends first checking with the airline for dimension restrictions.


  • Hard-sided for added security
  • Durable


  • Some people found it challenging to put this together.
  • Some people thought the plastic side clips were too fragile.


SERCOVE Soft Pet Carrier Special

  • Size: 43.18 L x 25.4 W x 27.94 H cm
  • Mesh made of plastic
  • Pet weight limit: 5.44 kg

The SERCOVE Special Soft Pet Carrier is both fashionable and functional. The zipper design has automated locking teeth and was awarded a national design patent certificate, according to the business.

The frame has been reinforced to increase durability and safety, and the material is scratch-resistant. There’s plenty of mesh to let your cat see out, and there are three entry points for kitty: front, side, or top.

This cat carrier is airline-approved for most airlines and is simple to transport because it can be attached to your luggage or carried with the shoulder strap.


  • Zippers that are meant to stay closed
  • There are three methods for Kitty to enter.


  • Some people claimed it was smaller than stated.
  • At initially, there may be a strong chemical odor.
  • There have been few reports of zippers breaking.

Buying the Best Cat Carrier in Australia: A Buyer's Guide

There are so many different types of cat carriers available that you should have no issue picking the right one for your cat. However, there are a few factors to consider in order to obtain the perfect fit.


Whatever materials are chosen to make a cat carrier, they must be strong enough to resist travel and time.

Certain materials (plastic or metal) are more durable than others, and some carriers will include scratch-resistant elements to assist prevent your tiny escape artist from clawing their way out.


It’s not always easy to get a cat into and out of a cat carrier. As a result, many cat carriers now provide several options to load your cat.

You know your pet well, so decide if a top, front, or side entry is preferable. If you have numerous cats, having a carrier that has all three compartments may be incredibly beneficial.


Obviously, the most important factor to consider when shopping for a cat carrier is whether or not your kitty will fit inside.

Carriers come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to check the dimensions stated for the product to see whether it’s large enough for your cat, and read some reviews to see if the dimensions listed are accurate.

Inside, your cat should be able to move about freely (at least enough to turn around or change positions). Check the maximum suggested pet weight as well.

If your pet weighs more than the recommended weight, the carrier may break and injure them.

Cleaning Ease

Some cats get motion sickness while traveling, which can result in vomiting. If this happens to your pet, you’ll want a carrier that’s easy to clean.

Check to see if the insides of the carrier are easy to clean or if the inside bottom can be removed and washed.

Even if no accidents occur, you will need to clean the cat carrier on a regular basis to keep it from stinking, so make the process as easy for yourself as possible!

Security Features

Traveling with our cats can be stressful because we want them to be safe. That’s why it’s critical to look at the safety features included with the cat carrier you’re considering.

Locking zippers, metal snaps or buckles, scratch-resistant materials, means to buckle in the carrier, leash attachments, and reinforced frames are all safety features.

You want your pet to have the safest voyage possible, regardless of the mode of transportation.

Approved by an airline

If you’re flying with your cat, you’ll need an airline-approved cat carrier.

You should also check to see if it is certified for under-seat travel so you can keep your pet close, or if it will only be permitted in the cargo section with the luggage.

Even if a cat carrier claims to be airline-approved, check with the airline to ensure it fits travel criteria.


Price is always an issue, especially because cat carriers may be pricey. Fortunately, there are several low-cost cat carriers available that have the same or similar features as more expensive models.


It is essential to read the reviews that other cat parents have left behind. Because brands do not always sell their products accurately, reviews will provide you with a lot more honest assessment of whether a carrier is appropriate for you.


When it comes to the best overall airline-approved cat carrier, the PetAmi Airline Approved Premium Pet Travel Carrier comes with many of safety features while remaining a comfortable trip.

Consider the Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier for the greatest value—though it’s designed for tiny kittens, it has a reinforced frame and light-reflecting strips to keep your pet secure.

Finally, if you want to travel your pet in elegance, choose the Purrpy Airline Approved Pet Carrier for Cats, which has various safety features and is really comfortable for your pet.

After all, we appreciate the fact that you chose BestForPets (bestforpets.org) from among dozens of websites to read reviews of the best cat carriers in Australia.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the best product for your pet.

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