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These Are The Best Cat Cams

If you only want to monitor your cat's activity while you're away from home, a conventional home security camera would suffice. Pet-specific home cams add to the joy and bonding by allowing you to interact with your cat.

If you want to Facetime your cat during the workday, toss them a treat while stopped in traffic, or tease them with a laser pointer while standing in line at the drugstore, a cat camera can provide you with that remote connection.

Here are the best cat cams that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) think you should buy.


Petcube Play Camera is the best interactive cat camera

While most cat cams are very noticeable and may raise questions from visitors, the Petcube Play is a compact, unobtrusive 3″ cube. It comes in carbon black, rose gold, and matte silver finishes.

The video is broadcast in full HD 1080p with a viewing angle of 138°. You can utilize the Petcube’s 3x zoom capability to get a better look at your cat. If you are not at home at night, the camera’s night vision feature will allow you to see your cat in the dark.

Sound and motion are used to trigger video recordings. Your purchase will provide you the past four hours of activity, but if you want to see a multi-day recording history, you’ll need to subscribe to Petcube Care.

The interactive features of the Petcube are limited to 2-way audio communication and a laser pointer controlled by your smartphone.

You can play with your cat from your workplace or anywhere else with an internet connection. You can plan autoplay sessions if you are unable to attend remote playtime.

While some cameras have angled laser pointers, the Petcube shoots the beam directly out, increasing the likelihood that it will strike a wall rather than the floor.


Runner-up for Best Interactive Cat Camera: Pawbo + WiFi Pet Cam

Unlike most interactive cat cameras, the Pawbo provides both laser pointer amusement and food. It should be noted that this camera does not shoot treats across the room.

It turns instead, dropping food straight down. Because there is no projectile element, goodies may fall onto a bookshelf or coffee table, thus placement is critical.

There is also a wall mounting option, which is ideal if your cat has a habit of knocking things over. A number of accessories are compatible with the Pawbo Pet Cam.

If you purchase many toys, you will have what the firm refers to as a “Pawbo Theme Park.” The Pawbo’s major flaw is its video quality.

Whereas other cameras provide 1080p full HD video, this camera only transmits and records in 720p. It is still considered high-definition, but it is not the greatest.

Also, keep in mind that the Pawbo camera does not record in night vision, so you and your cat will be in the dark at night.


Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser is the best cat camera and treat dispenser

The Petcube Play, on the other hand, combines a monitoring camera with a laser pointer for remote play, whereas the Bites model focuses on food and prizes.

The slightly larger unit, which costs around $60 more than the Petcube Play, contains a full-size treat hopper for easy refilling.

It comes in three colors: matte silver, carbon black, and rose gold and has a sleek rectangular form. The gadget can be put on a tabletop or shelf, or it can be wall-mounted.

The Petcube Bite has a 138° wide angle vision and feeds and records in 1080p full HD. You can get a better look at your cat with the 3x zoom.

And you don’t have to be in the dark if the lights go out. The camera’s high-quality night vision allows you to plainly see your cat. The Petcube will send an alert to your phone and prompt you to see the feed if sound or motion is detected.

You may save triggered movies to your timeline, and if you want to see more than the previous four hours of your cat’s behavior, you can sign up for Petcube Care, which gives you access to up to 30 days of video history in the Petcube cloud.

You can talk to and listen to your cat via two-way audio. You may remotely hurl treats at various distances using the Petcube app. Scheduled treat tossing allow you to give your cat treats at predetermined times throughout the day.


Canary Wi-Fi Pet Camera Is the Best Cat Camera for Worriers

Although it is not designed exclusively for cats, this stylish home security system ensures that your cat is safe while you are away.

The Canary is equipped with a 1080p HD camera with a 147° wide-angle lens. Because the camera features night vision, you can monitor your cat at any time of day.

The device delivers activity notifications and person detection alerts to your smartphone, letting you know when your cat is up to no good or when there is an intruder in the house.

If you see or hear something that causes you concern, Canary provides one-click access to emergency services as well as a 90 dB siren that you can activate with a touch. The Canary monitors temperature, humidity, and air quality, assisting in ensuring that your cat’s living conditions are ideal.

If you pay $10 a month for membership, you’ll get 30 days of full-length video history, two-way communication, and the opportunity to add an unlimited number of Canary monitors to your account. Users of Alexa will appreciate the Canary’s compatibility with Alexa voice control.

Here's How We Picked the Top Cat Cameras on the Market

HD Video Was Required

Some cat cameras stress entertaining pet-focused features while lacking practical strength. Keep in mind that you are not paying for this camera with cat treats—cat cameras range in price from $150 to over $300.

There’s no need to accept video quality that’s less than what you’d get from a video conference with your human friends.

When selecting the best cat cameras for this list, I avoided anything with less than 720p HD video and instead selected those having 1080p full HD.

Cat Cameras Must Work Effortlessly With Leading Operating Systems

Cat cams connect to your house WiFi and stream to a mobile device that is also connected. We’re searching for beautiful, intelligent phone apps that run on both iOS and Android. There should be no problems with connectivity or significant lag.

Extra points were earned for interactive features

Each cat camera has strengths and limitations, so make sure your camera’s strong points match your cat’s personality. Mice, speakers, laser pointers, and some deposit treats are included with interactive cat cameras.

Determine which of these features, if any, will pique your cat’s interest and shop accordingly. Consider the rest of your furry family as well. If your cat lives with a couple of puppies, the cat camera should provide entertainment for them as well.

Dispensers for Treats

If your cat is food-motivated and often begs for goodies, a treat dispenser will come in handy. The best food dispensers are simple to fill and clean, and they allow you to set an automated treat time as well as manually trigger a snack.

Voice Recognition

Most cat cameras allow you to connect with your cat through voice, but not all of them include a microphone that allows you to hear your cat as well as other household noises.

Two-way audio functionality is an important feature of the best cat cameras.

Integrations in Play

If your cat enjoys playing, these integrations will keep them entertained while you are away.

A laser pointer is the most typical play integration, although some cat cameras connect to other remote-controlled toys for a more diverse play experience.

Final decision

You’re undoubtedly excited to see our top picks now that you know how we came up with them!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believe that the three best cat cams are as follows: Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat DispenserPetcube Play Camera and Pawbo + WiFi Pet Cam

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