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The 10 Best Cat Cages

While it is preferable for cats to live free inside their owners' homes, there are times when a cat cage is required.

If you are new to adopting cats or introducing a new cat into your house, you will most likely want to train them to use a litter box and respect your home.

By keeping your cat in a limited location until they are taught, a cat cage might assist encourage them to use a litter box.

If you have numerous cats, cat cages can assist you determine which one has a health or behavioral concern by placing them in the cage one at a time until you figure out which one requires attention.

If your cat disappears on vet visit days or when he needs medication, a cat cage might save you time looking for him. It is also helpful when moving or traveling.

You'll always know where your cat is, and he'll be able to stay in a comfortable area as his surroundings change. Do you want to buy a cat cage but don't know where to begin?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked through dozens of cat cages to find the best of the best.

Check out our top %product_count% best cat cages for safe, easy-to-assemble and clean cat furniture that is also travel-friendly.


Midwest Cat Playpen / Cat Cage is our top pick

This cat cage is quite durable. This is our top selection for a multipurpose cat cage that can house 1-3 cats. The cat cage is made of robust metal wire and has a coated finish, so it will never corrode.

It has two sets of huge cabinet style doors on the top and bottom levels of the cat cage with secure door locks, allowing you to effortlessly retrieve your cats and clean the entire cage.

It also contains a secure luxury chenille cat bed that perfectly matches one of the three accessible resting platforms for ultimate kitty enjoyment.

A leak-proof plastic pan that is ideal for containing a dirty litter box, as well as 4-wheel locking casters that allow you to easily alter your cat’s environment or offer them some personal space when you have house guests.

It also folds down, allowing you to carry it with you on your travels or keep it in a closet until needed.

The Midwest Cat Playpen / Cat Cage is a fantastic solution for keeping both cats and cat owners happy, whether you live in a tiny space and need a safe place to put your cats or manage a cat shelter or rescue.

Midwest Cat Playpen / Cat Cage Highlights:

  • Strong metal wire and a coated finish ensure durability.
  • Cabinets with large doors (for easy cleaning)
  • Included is a deluxe chenille cat bed.
  • Pan made of leak-proof plastic
  • Casters for wheels


Prevue Pet Products Premium/Deluxe Cat Home is our runner-up pick

The Prevue Pet Products Premium/Premium Cat Home is simple to install and offers three deluxe areas for your cats to jump and relax on.

Two platforms have soft felt covers and connect onto the cage frame securely. Your kitties will be protected and entertained by one extra-large fluffy hammock. Both the covers and the hammock are machine washable.

The cat house is made of heavy quality, rust-resistant metal with a black matte finish and two large doors for easy access to the three luxurious rooms as well as the bottom interior for rapid cleaning.

A simple two-finger locking device that can be unlocked with one hand secures doors.

There are no gaps or pinch areas to keep your cats comfortable and safe. Move the lightweight cage around your home as needed using the rubber casters.

Use the huge, one-piece base to add additional toys, such as scratching posts, for your cat’s pleasure. Excellent for three larger cats or early kittens.

This cat cage is ideal for quarantining a sick cat or training a cat who refuses to use the litter box.

Key Features of the Prevue Pet Products Premium/Deluxe Cat Home:

  • There are no holes or pinch points.
  • There are two platforms and a hammock provided.
  • Made of rust-resistant aluminum
  • Casters for wheels


Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage is the best budget option

If you don’t have a hundred dollars to spend on a cat cage but need one right away, the Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage is a good option.

It requires no assembly and appears instantaneously to provide a safe haven for your cat. The fabric is thick and long-lasting.

It is also ideal for entertaining visitors, traveling, creating a secluded, stress-free environment, and in a disaster/emergency situation.

Large enough to accommodate two adult cats and tall enough to allow them to walk and move around normally. The cat cage comes with a storage bag and a replaceable waterproof fleece pad.

When necessary, the fleece mat is simple to clean. To utilize the cat cage for extended periods of time or to train a cat to use a litter box, a Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box can be purchased separately.

Mesh panels can be pulled up for added ventilation, and zipper locks may be utilized to keep your cat from escaping while you’re gone. Excellent for extended road journeys.

Key Features of the Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage:

  • There is no assembly.
  • Zipper closures
  • Excellent for travel.
  • Included are a waterproof fleece pad and a storage bag.


IRIS Multi-Level Cat Condo/Cage is the best indoor cat cage

Some cat cages can be big and look out of place in your home. For an aesthetically acceptable neutral color palette, the IRIS Multi-Level Cat Condo/Cage is offered in white/beige.

It’s also available in white/yellow to go with a bright, modern look. With three floors, there’s plenty of area for a litter box, toys, and scratching posts.

With four wheels, you can simply move the cat cage about your home without bothering your cats.

The top opens for more access, and doors on each level allow you to rescue your cat or clean one level at a time. Simply twist open the door latches to open and secure the doors.

The door hooks have the unusual capability of leaving the doors propped open. Perfect for when your cat needs access to the cage but prefers to be free to roam.

In small flats, cat rescues, and pet grooming establishments, use the cat cage. Birds and other small animals can also be housed in the cage.

Key Features of the IRIS Multi-Level Cat Condo/Cage:

  • Door locks with a simple twist
  • Door hooks enable for easy entry and exit.
  • The top opens to provide greater access.
  • Design that is visually appealing
  • Casters for wheels


PawHut Catio Cage Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure with Ramp and Covered House

If your cat is in need of some fresh air, this elegant, fully enclosed outdoor cat cage is the ideal addition to your patio or backyard.

Participate in the “catio” or cat patio fad. Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure by PawHut Catio Cage is made of solid fir wood, is finished with an animal-safe, non-toxic sealant, and has a sturdy metal enclosure.

Because the flat roof is asphalt-coated, you won’t have to worry about frequent maintenance, and your cats will be sheltered from the sun and rain.

This cat cage gives lots of space for your feline pals to relax and play, whether you have one or several cats.

For many access points and views, the two-story main residence features a window, sliding door, hinged door, and a ramp. The big front door provides easy access to fetch or place your cat in the enclosure.

Shelf space for a cat bed, litter box, or toys is also included, as is a long ramp for multi-cat play. Also suitable for small to medium-sized pets such as dogs, squirrels, and foxes.

PawHut Catio Cage Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure with Ramp and Covered House Key characteristics include:

  • Completely enclosed
  • There are two levels.
  • Non-toxic sealer on solid wood
  • Design that is weatherproof
  • Extra-large door

Who Should Purchase a Cat Cage?

Cat cages are typically used by cat owners who are introducing a new cat to their house, family, or other pets.

Cages can also be used to care for an ailing cat, protect vulnerable kittens, or help secure cats with litter box or Houdini behavioral issues.

It is crucial to highlight that cats should not be housed in cages on a permanent basis.

They are intended to be temporary for fostering cats, treating or training a cat, or shielding an outdoor cat from other animals or the elements.

Cats should be exercised on a daily basis to maintain their mental and physical wellness. Cages should not be used as a punishment, but rather as a place to relax, eat, go to the bathroom, or play safely.

Depending on the size of the cage, include some cat toys or even a cat tree to keep your favorite kitty entertained. Some cat cages are foldable or collapseable, making them ideal for travel.

If you are traveling with your cats, you should consider bringing a portable cat cage to keep them secure in the car and to keep them contained once you arrive at your location.

Always certain that your cat cage can handle the size of your cat. When traveling long distances, a litter box is an essential.

When traveling, take frequent breaks to give your cat food, snacks, and water so that they feel at ease in their new surroundings.

Consider the Following Features


Any cat cage you choose must be well-made in order to keep your pet safe. High-quality construction will also ensure that your cat cage lasts for a long time.

Look for cages with no gaps at crossover areas to prevent your pet’s paws from getting caught between the bars.


A cat cage should be able to accommodate the number and size of cats for which it is intended. The more space there is in the cage, the less stressed the cat will be.

Consider getting a cat cage with different levels so the cats may leap and have space to exercise and relax.

If your cat will be spending time in the cage while you are at work, or if you live in a situation where you must keep all of your cat’s belongings in a tiny space, get a cage that has space for a regular size litter box, toys, and a scratching post.


Nobody wants to waste their entire weekend attempting to assemble a cat cage. When you have a new cat or are already dealing with a crazy one, you just want a cage that you can grab and go.

Look for cat cages that can be moved. Portable cat cages must be disassembled rapidly for storage and transport, which implies they must also be assembled swiftly.


If you don’t have much space, look for a cat cage that can be folded or deflated for convenient storage.

A portable cat cage is also useful for traveling with cats or if the cage is only used when family or friends come. Casters are another useful element to consider.

Find cat cages with locking casters so you can simply move the cage from room to room while simultaneously locking the wheels so the cats’ movements do not affect the cage’s placement.


A nice cat cage will have huge doors on each level that open. To maintain the cat cage clean and sterilized, you must be able to quickly access every nook and cranny.

It’s an added bonus if the doors feature a lock that can be opened with one hand and is difficult for your most mischievous cat to pick.


A cat cage that includes cat beds or hammocks might save you a lot of money. It’s a win-win situation not having to buy extra accessories and knowing that the beds will fit properly on the shelves within the cat cage.


Is it permissible to confine a cat at night?

Keeping your cat in a cage at night is typically not recommended, especially if it becomes a nightly habit. Consider why you want to keep your cat in a cage at night.

Is the cat making a racket? Does it tend to vanish at night? Is your cat prone to urinating outside the litter box?

While caging your cat may solve the aforementioned difficulties, it is crucial to note that chronically caging your cat at night is not optimal for the cat or the cat owner.

The majority of cats who act off at night are not getting enough mental and physical exercise during the day. If you opt to keep your cat in a cage at night, make sure it has a litter box.

What size should a cat cage have?

Your cat cage should be large enough for your cat to wander about freely and comfortably.

If you will be moving your pet to the vet or traveling, use a smaller, portable cage. Choose a larger cage if your home allows it or if the cage will be used outside.

Should kittens be kept in a cage?

Keep kittens in a cage with a litter box during the first few weeks of their lives to assist them learn to use a litter box.

With only enough room in the cage for food, water, and the litter box, the kittens are forced to utilize the litter box in order to keep the rest of the area clean.

It can also be beneficial to keep kittens imprisoned to keep them secure. New kittens may be afraid to explore at first and may hide and cause mischief.

To keep the kittens secure at night or while you are away, keep them in a cage.

Is it permissible to leave your cat in a cage all day?

It is not recommended that you leave your cat in a cage all day. Cats require both mental and physical stimulation.

They should be taken out of the cage on a regular basis so they can explore new surroundings. It is critical to provide your cat with space to move and play.


These essentials will keep your cat comfortable and happy in their cage or playpen:

  • Water and food
  • A comfortable bed or cushion to sleep on
  • Toys that are safe to use to keep kids entertained
  • A litter box should be kept on the lowest level, away from their food and sleeping.

We offer Midwest Cat Playpen / Cat Cage and Prevue Pet Products Premium/Deluxe Cat Home as the two most prominent and reputable products for your consideration, based on our study and testing of the things stated above.

Finally, keep in mind that cat cages are only for temporary use. Unless your veterinarian advises you otherwise, you will not confine your cat in a cage throughout the day.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our selection of the best cat cages assisted you in your search for the perfect product for your cat!

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