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12 Best Cat Brushes In Canada

It can be difficult to choose the correct brush if you aren't used to grooming your cat. There are numerous styles and brands, each with its unique set of applications.

Finding the perfect pet brush requires knowing your cat's fur type and the type of care it requires, as well as being prepared to try different things if your cat rejects a brush.

Fortunately, these evaluations can help you get started by grouping up some of our best cat brushes in Canada and assisting you in deciding what will work best for your cat's specific fur.

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Ace2Ace Cat Grooming Brush – Overall Winner

  • Brush Material: Wire
  • Plastic and wire brushes

Despite the fact that there are many specialist brushes, the Ace2Ace Cat Grooming Brush is our favorite all-around cat brush since it is so versatile and comfy.

The wire brush style is perfect for combing long or short fur and eliminating loose fur no matter how thick or twisted it is.

Unlike other wire brushes, this one features a rubber tip that softens the brush, making it less likely to harm your cat, though some cats may still dislike wire brushes.

This brush is also simple to use and clean, with retractable bristles that make it simple to remove accumulated fur, and it is ideal for safe and compact storage. Overall, this is an excellent pick for the majority of cats.


  • A rubber-tipped wire brush gently cleans fur.
  • Bristles retract for easy cleaning and storage
  • Deeply penetrates hair to remove dead fur


  • Wire brushes are disliked by some cats.

Best Value Doryum Cat Grooming Brush

  • Brush Material: Wire
  • Plastic and wire brushes

With its low-cost design and high-quality manufacturing, the Doryum Cat Grooming Slicker Cleaning Brush offers a lot of bang for your buck.

This brush has a wire construction that makes detangling and removing shed fur from cats with various hair lengths simple.

Each bristle is bent at a 45-degree angle, which makes it easy to reach difficult angles, and a removable shutter makes cleaning simple.

Although we love this brush, the wire bristles may not be suitable for all cats. Many cats with sensitive skin dislike this design and prefer a gentler brush.

This brush also has a less ergonomic grip than others, so if sitting down to brush is a major chore in your house, it could be worth the extra money to get a more comfortable one.


  • Wires with a 45-degree angle
  • Cleanable removable shutter
  • Low cost


  • Some cats may be bothered by a wire brush.
  • Grip is less ergonomic.

Premium Choice: Sammiu Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Kit

  • Multipack of brushes
  • Plastic and steel brushes

If you’re not sure which brush to choose or if you have a cat with particularly matt-prone hair, the Sammiu Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Massage Kit is a terrific premium alternative that gives you various options.

Although purchasing a grooming kit is more expensive than purchasing a single brush, the value may outweigh the cost. This kit includes three brush heads (rubber, pin, and bristle) and two steel combs (detangling and deshedding).

If your cat dislikes being brushed or you require extra detangling assistance, a basic brush may not be sufficient, and this is an excellent approach to determine what works best.

One of the most significant disadvantages is that there is only one handle, so if you use more than one in a single grooming session, you must stop and swap.

Although the majority of reviewers did not mind, it does add a layer of complication to the work, which can slow things down.


  • There are five different brush kinds in one.
  • You choose which brush kinds are appropriate for your cat’s coat.


  • Because there is only one handle, frequent switches may be required.

Kitten-Friendly Aloe Care Cat Brush

  • Brush Material: Bristle
  • Wooden and nylon bristles

Your kitten’s first brushing should be a thrill for both of you. As a result, we propose the Aloe Care Cat Brush as the best brush for kittens or older cats who have difficulty with wire brushes.

Its soft nylon bristles are gentle on sensitive fur and skin, and the nylon bristles assist to disperse hair oils, resulting in a smooth, glossy coat for your kitten.

Although it does not penetrate the fur thoroughly, it can nevertheless smooth out minor tangles. Many cats enjoy the sensation of a bristle brush, turning brushing time into a friendly massage rather of a conflict.

The design does, however, have several flaws. It does not collect shed fur into a convenient layer on your brush, unlike wire brushes, so it is not suitable for severe shedders.

It also won’t get through knotted fur, thus longhair cats must be brushed on a regular basis.


  • Skin irritation is minimized.
  • Oils that smooth fur
  • Works well for light detangling.
  • Plastic-free design


  • Not recommended for large shedders or tangles.

ZoomGroom Cat Grooming Brush by Kong

  • Rubber bristle brush
  • Rubber brush bristles

The Kong ZoomGroom Cat Grooming Brush contains hair-attracting soft flexible grooming prongs. This brush catches fallen hair while also giving your cat a massage.

It’s waterproof and may be used to lather up shampoo in the bath, making it a multi-functional grooming tool. It is ideal for cats with short to medium hair and those with sensitive skin who dislike wire brushes.

Many owners mentioned that their cats desired brushing time with the ZoomGroom on a daily basis. As with any product, some cats will dislike being brushed with this grooming aid.

It might also not be the ideal option if your cat has a lot of knots that need to be brushed out. It is excellent for general maintenance and, when used on a regular basis, can minimize the frequency of hairballs.


  • Rubber is soft and flexible.
  • Shed hair is collected.
  • Waterproof and multipurpose


  • Some cats dislike the feeling.

Grooming Brush Gloves for Pets by DELOMO

  • Glove-style brush
  • Silicone and elasticated fabric brush material

If your cat is afraid of brushes, grooming gloves may be the way to go. These DELOMO Pet Grooming Brush Gloves are composed of rough silicon that adheres to fur when dampened, allowing you to smooth fur and collect shedding while petting your cat.

Many cats who dread brushing enjoy these gloves because they simulate caressing, and the soft silicone is soothing and familiar. The gloves themselves are available in a single size with elasticated wrist straps.

Although these gloves are intended to accommodate all hand sizes, some persons with smaller hands may find them a touch big. The silicon is applied to the palm of your hand.

The most common complaint from users about these gloves is that they are difficult to clean. While some reviewers had no trouble rinsing off shed fur and washing them as directed, others found that the fur clung stubbornly despite their efforts.


  • Petting mimics
  • Fur adheres to gloves with little dampening.
  • Soft and familiar


  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • Smaller hands may not fit.

Maxpower Planet Pet Cat Deshedding Brush

  • Deshedder brush type
  • Plastic and steel brushes

Although deshedder brushes are most usually used on short-haired dogs, they can also be used on cats.

The Maxpower Planet Pet Deshedding Brush for Cats was our favorite because it effectively rakes through fur and catches shed fur, making it ideal for cats with short, dense fur and a lot of shedding.

The tool includes a sturdy metal head and an ergonomic, comfortable grip that makes grooming your cat a breeze.

This type of brush gathers hair faster than wire brushes and gets through every layer of the coat, but it can be sharp, so use it with caution. This brush is also not intended for detangling or long-haired cats.


  • Cleans shedding fur effectively
  • Quick and simple to use


  • Caught on tangles
  • Not suitable for longer fur

XIANHU Self-Grooming Cat

  • Grooming Brush Type: Self Groomer
  • Plastic brush bristles

Do you find it difficult to make time for grooming? Is your cat fond of rubbing up against your brush, furniture, or walls? If you answered yes, the XIANHU Cat Self Groomer could be an excellent fit.

These groomers will not work for all cats, but for some, they will be a lifesaver. Each of the four molded groomers is designed to be placed on a wall corner, table leg, or other similar surface, providing a scratching mat for your cat to rub up against and be groomed in the process.

This won’t replace regular grooming because your cat will only rub up against places he prefers, such as his face or shoulders, but it can help keep tangles under control if you go a little longer between brushes.


  • Simplifies the grooming procedure
  • Excellent for itching kitties
  • A fun sensory toy


  • Grooming will most likely not be completely replaced.
  • Not every cat will use

How to Choose the Best Cat Brush in Canada: A Buyer's Guide

Cat Brushes of Various Types

There are numerous types of cat brushes to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A wire brush is the most popular form of brush.

These are important since they can both detangle and trap shed fur, making them wonderful multi-purpose instruments. However, because of the harsh wires, they might be unpleasant for cats with delicate skin.

As the name implies, deshedding brushes or deshedding rakes resemble a little metal rake. They can be uncomfortable for some cats, just like wire brushes.

These brushes capture shed fur and are typically faster to use than wire brushes, but they can only be used on cats with short enough fur to avoid tangles.

Bristle brushes clean fur by using soft nylon, plastic, or animal bristles. They’re wonderful for smoothing out fur and keeping coats looking nice and shiny.

They are also incredibly mild, making them ideal for kittens and cats with sensitive skin. However, they only deal with small tangles and minimal shedding. In general, stiffer bristles produce better results.

Finally, the surfaces of silicon or rubber brushes are knobby and rough. They, like bristle brushes, are gentle on skin and fur, making them excellent for sensitive cats.

They are also excellent for collecting shed fur and perform best when slightly damp. These brushes can be difficult to clean since fur adheres to them, and they also wear out faster than other brushes.

How Often Should I Brush My Cat?

Brushing frequency is determined by your cat’s coat and your grooming preferences.

Many cats with short fur don’t need to be brushed on a regular basis to maintain their fur clean, but they will appreciate a brush every week or two to remove lost fur.

Cats with longer fur may require brushing several times a week, if not daily, to prevent tangles and mats from forming.

Because cats struggle to clean themselves as they age, they may require more frequent brushing. Regularly brushing your cat’s fur will help them shed less and reduce hairballs.

Brushing your cat from head to tail in short, smooth strokes is the simplest method. Don’t use too much pressure or let the brush’s tines dig into your cat’s skin.

Brushing spots with short fur and sensitive skin, such as your cat’s face and paws, is usually unnecessary.


Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, but they do require our assistance on occasion. These best cat brushes in Canada will assist you in making brushing fun for both you and your cat.

Because of its versatility and ease of use, the Ace2Ace Pet Grooming Brush is our top overall recommendation. We adore the Doryum Grooming Slicker Cleaning Brush because of its low pricing and stylish style.

The Pet Grooming Brush 5 in 1 Massage Kit is an excellent premium alternative if you want to try out different styles while also pampering your cat.

Because of its delicate bristles, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends the Aloe Care Cat Brush for kittens and cats with sensitive skin.

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