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The Best Cat Beds To Put On A Desk To Buy

Cats enjoy laying around and spending time with their human partners.

If you don't provide them their own bed, they'll make their own out of whatever is convenient and comfortable.

If you work from home, your cat may be in your way as it makes its own nap place.

Fortunately, there are the best cat beds to put on a desk available that provide comfort, privacy, and security for your cat in a style that fits conveniently on your desk. You may work as your cat relaxes at your side.

Discover the seven best cat beds for a desk based on feedback from BestForPets (bestforpets.org).


Hepper Cat Nest Bed – Overall Winner

The elegant Hepper Cat Nest Bed is our pick for the best overall cat bed to put on your desk. The sleek, modern design of the round, bowl-shaped cat bed fits easily on a windowsill, desk, or the end of the couch.

Your cat will appreciate the fluffy fleece interior and the high walls that provide security. The cat bed has a robust, detachable lining that can be machine washed for quick and easy cleaning.

For optimal comfort, the frame is comprised of flexible, molded foam. The bed can accommodate cats up to 17 pounds, but several owners of huge breeds report their cat enjoys it, too.


Self-Warming Cat Bed by K&H Pet Products – Ideal for Kittens

The K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Hooded Cat Bed is an excellent choice for kittens who require a little extra warmth.

The hood on the bed is removable, so you may leave it up for your kitten’s privacy and security or take it off for additional space. Because of the high edges and side bolstering, your kitty may push up against the sides for a secure snuggle spot.

The polyfill cushion contains a layer of metallic insulation that radiates warmth from the kitten’s body heat, keeping him warm and comfy. The bed is available in two sizes: small (16-inch diameter) and large (20-inch diameter).

According to several critics, the hood slides down and hits the cat.


Calming Fleece Covered Dog & Cat Bed by FurHaven

The Calming Fleece Covered Dog & Cat Bed by FurHaven is ideal for a cool fall or winter day. The comfy tent shape and foam-insulated walls provide a warm spot for your cat to sleep and relax while you work.

The walls that encircle them allow frightened cats to relax and feel protected with just one opening. Warm polar fleece covers the bed and its walls.

For cleanliness and odor control, the base pad is detachable and washable. When traveling, the bed may be folded up for easy storage.

However, this bed does not have a lot of inner area for huge or hefty cats. It is only appropriate for young or tiny cats.


Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed by Amazon Basics

This is an excellent option for senior animals or cats with movement concerns. The bed features luxurious orthopedic cushions and a built-in entry dip, making it simple for senior cats to enter and exit.

The wraparound bolster provides extra padding for your cat to lean against and security for a nap. For easy cleaning, the entire bed’s cover may be removed and washed.

However, the interior is made of memory foam and slab foam, which cannot be washed. If your cat has incontinence problems, keep this in mind.

The bed is available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, with the XL version maybe being too large for your workstation.

Buyer's Guide: How to Select the Best Desk Cat Bed

If you have a cat and work from home, you understand how difficult it is to have your cat on your desk and invading your space.

Placing a cat bed on your desk can alleviate the problem by providing your cat with its own place to slumber close to you while not upsetting your routine.

However, not all cat beds are suitable for use as a desk. Here are some things to think about while selecting a cat bed:


Comfort is the most crucial aspect of a cat bed. If the bed isn’t comfortable, your cat won’t use it, and you’ll wind up with small paws strolling across your keyboard.

Choose a bed with velvety cushions and comfortable side bolstering. The more inviting you can make the bed, the more likely it will be used by your cat.


Many cats prefer to sleep in confined or semi enclosed environments because they feel safer with “walls” surrounding them.

If your cat prefers to sleep in the corner of the couch, in boxes or laundry baskets, or inside cat condos rather than splayed out, it may benefit from the security of an enclosed or hooded cat bed.

Cats still have self-preservation instincts; having walls to lay against provides your cat with the sense of security it requires to relax and go asleep.


When selecting a cat bed, hygiene is an important factor to consider. This bed will ideally sit on your desk next to you while you work, so you don’t want something that will retain odors and hair.

Many mattresses feature removable and machine-washable cushions or covers, making cleaning a breeze. Also, if your cat has health difficulties or incontinence, be cautious with the materials.

If you can only wash the bed cover, you may wind up with inner cushions or foam that trap odors or become moist from pee or feces, requiring replacement.


Cat beds don’t have to take up a lot of room to be comfortable, but the dimensions of a cat bed should be considered if it’s going on your desk. 

Make sure to measure the available area and compare it to the cat beds to ensure a comfortable fit. If you don’t have enough room, consider placing an elevated cat bed or a cat tower with a condo near your workstation.


Choosing a cat bed for your desk can be difficult, but we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of comfortable, clean, and appealing cat beds for you to consider.

Because of its elegant and comfortable design, the elegant Hepper Cat Nest Bed is the greatest overall cat bed to put on your desk.

The Calming Fleece Covered Dog & Cat Bed by FurHaven, a cozy and secure bed with a lot of value, is the runner-up.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that you had a pleasant experience reading our assessments of the 10 best cat beds to put on a desk now available on the market.

We hope that you have success in selecting the version of this product that is optimally suited to satisfy the needs of your furry companion.

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