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15 Best Cat Beds For Anxiety Cats

Anxiety is unpleasant for everyone, including your cat. Making your pet comfortable is certainly one of your top priorities if they suffer from mild stress to severe chronic anxiety.

Dealing with this problem can be difficult, but it is certainly manageable if you have the correct tools.

Some beds are designed to directly lessen the effects of anxiety in order to hold your kitty and make them feel safe.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the %product_count% best cat beds for anxiety cats for your convenience. Hopefully, our reviews can lead you to the best product for your cat.


Hepper Nest Cat Bed – Overall Winner

  • Warming bed type
  • Material: Fleece and microfibre
  • Washable: Yes

The Hepper Nest Cat Bed is our pick for the finest overall cat bed for anxiety. This product’s simplicity, longevity, and design impressed us. This cat bed can be placed almost anyplace in the house. It is extremely light, portable, and appealing.

A sherpa fleece liner fits neatly within the mold and can be removed and washed. When it’s dry, there’s an elastic band around the rim that you can easily fit back inside, snug and firmly.

This cat bed may be simply moved to any area in your home, car, or even outside for some vitamin D! You can relocate it to whatever area you choose to eliminate the chaos if you need to give them some quiet space.

Your cat will nestle comfortably into the design, feeling secure in any situation. Finally, it takes the top spot since we believe it fits most budgets, is well worth the money, and is properly suited for your cat’s comfort. Not to mention that the aesthetics are appealing in practically every home style.


  • Lining is machine washable.
  • kitten cups
  • Most budgets can afford it.


  • Large cat breeds are not accommodated.


Calming Cat Donut Bed by Nepfaivy – Best Value

  • Type: Donut
  • Material: Faux fur and nylon
  • Washable: Yes

If you want the best value at the best quality, look no farther than the Nepfaivy Calming Cat Donut Bed. It’s constructed of faux fur and nylon for a super-soft snoozing experience. We enjoy the overall comfort, and we think your cat will, too!

The shape is a simple donut, cupping to your cat’s body without being overpowering or restricting. The bottom is non-slip and slide resistant, so once it’s in place, it won’t move! It works well on both hard and carpeted surfaces.

We also like that the design is water-resistant, so there will be no spills or stains. It’s totally machine washable, and you can even put it in the dryer. After thoroughly drying, it will restore its shape.

We believe it is the finest value for money. It’s wonderfully well-made and soft—the ideal place for your worried kitten to seek safety.


  • Super-soft and
  • Machine and dryer safe
  • Price for quality


  • Not all decorating styles will work.


Hepper Pod Cat Bed – Premium Selection

  • Type: Condo
  • Microfiber and fleece materials
  • Washable: Yes

If you’re seeking for the ultimate anti-anxiety cat bed and money isn’t an issue, consider the Hepper Pod Cat Bed.

This bed is raised off the ground by sturdy legs with rubber bottoms, forming a solid construction. It’s an outstanding design that will provide a secure environment for your cat to feel entirely secured.

This pod is totally enclosed, with only one entrance in the front. It is completely private, allowing your cat to relax completely. The gray upholstery fabric provides a wonderfully neutral, modern aesthetic that is also strong and long-lasting.

We also liked how simple it was to put this thing together. The legs snap right onto the pod, and the two pod sections snap right together.

There is no wiggle or give once everything is in place. There is a removable plush fleece sleeping piece inside for your kitty’s ultimate comfort.

Even though this product is a touch pricy in some cases, we believe it is well worth the money.


  • Suspended
  • Superior materials
  • Simple to construct


  • Pricey


WINDRACING Cat Bed – Ideal for Kittens

  • Type: Donut
  • Material: Polyester
  • Washable: Yes

If you have a scared kitten, we believe the WINDRACING Donut Cat Bed is ideal. We can’t say enough good things about the craftsmanship of this litter cat bed—exceptionally it’s well-made with high-quality materials that won’t fall apart even with rigorous and tough care.

Depending on your preferences, you can go for apricot or gray. The interior features a plush cushion that can be easily removed for cleaning. It adds a wonderful layer of extra padding that your cat will enjoy.

This cat bed features a layer of rubber on the bottom to keep it from slipping, making it suitable for use on most surfaces. It’s no worse for wear if you stick it up near a window or on the kitchen floor. The entire bed is machine washed for convenience.

The only drawback we discovered was that it isn’t as as fluffy as the photo suggests—otherwise, we liked it, and we believe your kitten will as well.


  • Ideal for kittens
  • Design of a donut
  • Comfortable


  • Not as fluffy as images suggest


Original Anti-Anxiety Cat Bed by AthenaBedding

  • Type: Donut
  • Material: Polyester
  • Washable: Yes

The AthenaBeding Original Anti-Anxiety Cat Bed was created specifically to help your pets cope with anxiety.

This donut-shaped bed calms your cat’s anxiety with its cradling, cupped construction. The bed is made entirely of one piece and is completely machine washable, making it extremely easy to maintain.

The bed is really luxurious and comfortable, with plenty of cushioning. It’s water-resistant in the short term, so if any liquids get on it, you can immediately wipe them away without them soaking in.

The material is also completely kneadable without the fear of ripping or tearing. Depending on your tastes, you can select from three distinct color options: brown, dark gray, or pink.

They all have a mellow color that goes nicely with practically any home decor. The reinforced sides offer seclusion or perhaps a headrest for your feline’s comfort.

We like how simple this bed is—no extra pieces or complicated care instructions. However, because synthetic fur collects detritus, it may necessitate frequent cleaning. It’s an excellent bed for anxious cats.


  • There are numerous color options.
  • A single piece
  • Durable


  • Faux fur collects trash


Cat Bed GASUR Cozy Cuddler

  • Type: Cuddler
  • Plush and microsuede materials
  • Washable: Yes

If your cat enjoys cuddling, they may enjoy the GASUR Cozy Cuddler Cat Bed.

It’s perfect for cats who like to hide—and they might even enjoy playing in it, poking a paw out for a sneak attack on a passerby. The rose swirl gray plush design on the interior is quite comfortable.

The entire bed is extremely soft, and the outside is made of breathable suede. Because the bottom is not totally skid-resistant, you must set this bed on a carpeted surface to keep it from sliding.

We must admit that the suede is prone to snags, therefore it may not last as long with a very destructive cat. However, the overall design is good for cats who prefer to cover up or rest on top—ideal for cold winters and hot summers.


  • Skid-resistant
  • Blanket cover is optional.
  • Excellent for temperature regulation.


  • It’s possible to snag easily.


Simple Sleeper Cat Bed Pet Craft Supply

  • Type: Sleeper
  • Material: Plush
  • Washable: Yes

You can stuff the Pet Craft Supple Simple Sleeper Cat Bed with catnip, which is a nice surprise.

There is a small pocket inside where you may lay the catnip to entice even the most wary cats. So, if you believe you’ll need some convincing, this could be the bed for you.

This bed is quite soft, and it also has a very modern and sleek appearance. It offers just the proper amount of padding to keep your kitty comfortable.

The edges are just high enough to keep your cat nestled within and protect him from vulnerable sensations. This cat bed’s material is fantastic.

It’s thick, but not so much that it overheats the bed. It has an oval shape, which allows your cat to snuggle tightly or sprawl out for maximum relaxation.


  • Oval shape
  • Packet of catnip included
  • Temperature regulation with a moderate cushion


  • Some people may find it too shallow.


Cat Bed Little Dove Pet Teepee

  • Type: Teepee
  • Wood, pine, canvas, and cotton
  • Washable: Hand-washable

Not only is the Little Dove Pet Teepee Cat Bed the cutest bed on the list, but it’s also a great place for your stressed-out kitten to relax.

This is a beautiful addition to your existing décor if you have a boho-style home. In addition, we believe this small setup is well-made and long-lasting.

The teepee is constructed of pine poles, a sturdy canvas, and a cotton platform for the floor.

You can choose between white and beige, both of which are completely neutral. It’s the ideal retreat, but it’s large enough so your cat doesn’t feel confined.

This teepee can be left open or closed, depending on your cat. Even when the teepee is closed, your cat can freely enter and exit the bottom flaps.


  • Outstanding design
  • Strong poles
  • Durable canvas and soft cushions


  • Some cats may find it too open.


PETKIRI Cat Cave Mattress

  • Type: Cave
  • Material: Wool
  • Yes, washable; air dry

PETKIRI Cat Cave Bed can be the appropriate fit for your cat—and these types of beds are gaining popularity these days. This cat bed is available in three appealing color patterns: coffee petals, rose petals, and silver petals.

You may build this cat cave in a variety of ways, including making a cupped design for your cat to rest on top of. When your cat isn’t utilizing it, each cave is simple to store. It will be a charming addition to any home, no matter how you arrange it.

These mattresses are extremely long-lasting and ideal for hot or chilly days. These cat caves are all natural, created from all-natural merino wool by actual artisans—each and every one of them.

These caves should never, ever be washed. Hand wash and air dry instead. These cat caves are a little pricey, but they pay for themselves soon.

This product comes with a money-back guarantee. So you have a risk-free purchase if you decide this isn’t for you.


  • Handmade beds that are long-lasting
  • Merino wool construction
  • Product that can be collapsed or stood


  • It is not machine washable.
  • A little costly


Warming Elk and Bear Cat Bed

  • Type: Cave
  • Material: Plush
  • Washable: Yes

If your cat is scared, you can try the Elk & Bear Warming Cat Bed. This is an excellent choice for those who desire a cat cave but prefer an ultra-plush version over a coarse wool type.

Because this bed is made entirely of one piece, you won’t have to bother about individual pillows. It stands fairly well on its own for a cave, and the design is quite inviting.

This bed has a large open front while still providing seclusion and comfort on the inside. Your cat will not feel constrained, but rather calmer and safer.

There is only one size available for this model, thus you cannot scale up or down. Because it is metallic and may contrast with the décor, this bed may not be suitable for every home.

However, if you enjoy the glitz, it could look fantastic in your home.


  • A single piece
  • Self-warming
  • Very relaxing


  • Only one color
  • Size: single

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Anxiety Cat Beds

Here are a few points to consider while shopping to ensure you’re getting the greatest product for your cat’s situation.

Overall Usability

  • Privacy

Some cats don’t care about privacy, but yours most likely does. When shopping for a cat tree, seek for one that provides a secluded area where your cat may relax without being bothered.

  • Comfort

Coziness is not a criterion to ignore when shopping. For best kitty pampering, the materials should be soft and well-made.

  • Variety

Cats can become normal by doing the same thing over and over. Purchasing a cat tree that includes a variety of activities can provide them with a spot to call their own.

Zones of Entertainment and Comfort

  • Hammocks

Hammocks are just adored by cats. After all, they conform to the body and provide a comfortable area for your cat to rest.

This is a fantastic feature, especially if you have a cat who enjoys cramming their body into small spaces—it will make them feel hidden and relaxed.

  • Perches

We’re all aware of how much cats enjoy spending time p high. Perches on cat trees provide them with leverage, allowing them to observe everything that happens in the house.

  • Beds

What feline doesn’t like to nap in a lovely, fluffy bed? Many options include bedding that can be removed and washed. So, when purchasing a cat tree, make sure it can be cleaned.

  • Ramps

Ramps are extremely useful for kittens and the elderly, allowing them to easily go where they want to go. Many ramps are wrapped in sisal fabric or rope to prevent scratching.

  • Posts for Scratching

Almost every cat tree has vertical posts that link the tiers.

  • Condos

Cats adore boxes, even if they contain shoes. So, wouldn’t it be exciting for your cat to have their own own attached to their play area? Condos are often attached to the lowest layer, however some are attached to the second or even third tier.

Overall Structure

  • Simple to Clean

You most likely intend to keep your cat tree for a long time. It’s critical to have a tree made of easy-to-clean materials so that you can keep it tidy and free of cosmetic flaws.

  • Durability

You must have faith in this product to support the weight of all your feline companions. That means you don’t want a towering piece of furniture to tip or tumble. Durable construction is critical for the design’s safety and lifespan.

  • Sufficient Stitching

Not every piece of fabric on the cat tree needs to be stitched. However, if you have mattresses or rugs, you must ensure that they are secure and do not come apart easily.

  • Materials that are safe

Purchasing a product made entirely of non-toxic materials ensures that your cat will not become unwell if they consume a piece by accident.

  • Measurements that are precise

Cat trees can be quite large. If you only look at an image online, it may appear to fit in your home. When you put it together, however, you realize it’s not the appropriate size at all. To minimize late returns, make sure to measure, measure, measure.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) still recommends the Hepper Nest Bed as our top pick.

It is the most useful in the majority of scenarios, and it can be placed almost anywhere. It will keep your cat comfortable while not interfering with your beauty.

If you want to save the most money, we think the Nepfaivy Calming Cat Donut Bed would be ideal for your kitten. This bed represents excellent value, and the cupped shape will undoubtedly make your child feel safer.

Hopefully, you have found a wonderful new home for your worried kitty from this best cat beds for anxiety cats list.

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