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The 10 Best Cat Backpacks

It is often essential to transport our cats, such as to the veterinarian or on an airline during a cross-country transfer. However, some cats actually like leaving the house and going on excursions. Maintaining the cat's safety and comfort is of paramount importance wherever you take it.

secure is required. Whether you're bringing your cat on a short day trip or a longer excursion, a backpack might be an excellent alternative. It is also a terrific method to travel with your hands-free.

There are currently a variety of cat backpacks available on the market, and reading reviews is a fantastic method to determine which features you desire and which brands can provide a high-quality product. Here are the best cat backpacks suggested by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) currently available on the market.


Jespet Dog and Cat Backpack Carrier

Available in two colors, the Jespet Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack is the greatest cat backpack overall. This backpack includes two vents and various ventilation panels. The handle and shoulder straps are cushioned for optimal comfort. There are side pockets to store your cat’s accessories, and this backpack is spacious enough for your pet to wander around.

It is constructed of polyester for durability, features an inside tether to keep your cat safe, and a sheepskin pad in the bottom to keep your cat comfortable. This backpack has a 16-pound weight limit, therefore it is not suitable for big cats.


  • Two hue alternatives
  • Two ventilation holes
  • Numerous ventilation grilles throughout
  • Handle and shoulder straps with padding
  • Side compartments for transporting equipment
  • Allows for free movement
  • Durable
  • Sheepskin pad and inside tether for safety and comfort


  • Weight restriction is 16 pounds


Sport Cat Backpack & Rolling Carrier by Pet Gear

The Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport Cat Backpack & Rolling Carrier is the finest cat backpack for the money since it is both affordable and useful. This backpack is also equipped with a telescopic handle and wheels, allowing it to be used as a rolling bag. This choice is quite adaptable because it may also be used as a car seat.

A detachable, machine-washable cushion with an inner tether provides security. There are two side compartments for storing your cat’s needs, and the bag is constructed of nylon that is water resistant. This bag is only available in one color, and its 15-pound weight limit makes it unsuitable for big cats.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Handle the telescopes and rolls for use as a rolling bag
  • Can function as a vehicle seat
  • Pad is removable and machine-washable.
  • Interior tether enhances safety
  • Two compartments for holding supplies on the side
  • Fabric resistant to water


  • One color choice
  • Weight restriction is 15 pounds


Pet Evac Pak Emergency Kit & Carrier

The Pet Evac Pak Ultimate Cat Pak Pet Emergency Kit and Carrier is unlike any other cat backpack. This emergency kit is contained within a carrier with backpack straps, allowing you to carry your cat on your back and keep your hands free in the event of an emergency.

This package also contains enough food and water to sustain your cat for up to 72 hours. These goods have a 5-year shelf life, making them suitable for emergency storage.

A cinch bag, collapsible silicone food, and water bowls, a pet first aid kit, slip lead, a mylar blanket, a cat toy, a pet body wipe, a collapsible litter box and litter, a roll of waste bags, and an LED light that can attach to a harness, leash, or carrier are all included. This bag’s weight restriction is 16 pounds, and it comes at a premium price.


  • A convertible emergency kit with a backpack carrier
  • Includes water and food for up to 72 hours for one cat.
  • Contains dishes, a toy, and a litter box containing litter.
  • Includes pet wipes and a mylar blanket.
  • LED lighting may be employed in low-light conditions.
  • Provides air through tiny mesh panels while keeping your cat contained in emergency situations.


  • Weight restriction is 16 pounds
  • Premium price


Airline-Approved PetAmi Cat Backpack

Available in five colors, the PetAmi Airline Approved Backpack Cat Carrier is the finest option for kittens. This backpack has a washable Sherpa bed, as well as ample ventilation and four holes, making it easy to access your kitty fast if necessary.

It contains strong shoulder straps, a cushioned back, a waist strap, and a chest strap so that you may carry it more comfortably. It is constructed of robust polyester and includes several compartments to store your kitten’s accessories.

There is a “hello my name is” patch on the front of the bag, allowing you to write important information about your kitty on the bag itself. This bag can accommodate cats weighing up to 18 pounds, making it suitable for most large adult cats. This bag’s carry handle is not cushioned, making it potentially difficult to carry.


  • Five hue choices
  • Bed made with washable Sherpa
  • Ample ventilation
  • Four apertures provide easy access in an emergency.
  • It is comfy because of the thick shoulder straps, cushioned back, and chest and waist straps.
  • Enduring and with a name patch
  • Weight restriction is 18 pounds


  • The handle is not cushioned.


Pet Gear I-GO2 Escort Cat Backpack Carrier

The airline-approved Pet Gear I-GO2 Escort Cat Carrier Backpack is offered in two color options. This backpack is convertible into a roller bag, car seat, and tote. It features a telescopic handle and expanding sides that offer 3 inches of additional room to each side.

It includes an inside fleece lining and tether for comfort and security. There are two storage compartments for transporting your cat’s accessories. The pad supplied is detachable and machine-washable. The maximum weight for this bag is 15 pounds, and some users claim discomfort from the bag’s wheels biting into their back or hips.


  • Two hue alternatives
  • Carry-on roller bag, tote, and car seat.
  • The bag’s telescoping handle and extendable sides make it ideal for travel.
  • The fleece pad is detachable and machine-washable.
  • Interior anchorage
  • Double storage pockets


  • Weight restriction is 15 pounds
  • Wheels may cause discomfort when used as a backpack.


Backpack with Kurgo K9 Cat Carrier

The Kurgo K9 Cat Carrier Backpack contains a detachable, machine-washable liner that is completely waterproof. This bag can accommodate creatures weighing up to 25 pounds, making it ideal for big cats. It contains cushioned shoulders and a chest strap to assist in evenly distributing your cat’s weight.

Inside the backpack are a laptop compartment and a tether to keep your cat secure. When the top cover is rolled down, this bag provides less ventilation than many other cat backpack alternatives. Additionally, it is exclusively available in a single hue and is sold at a premium price.


  • 100% waterproof foundation
  • Pad included is detachable and machine-washable
  • Weight restriction is 25 pounds
  • Internal tie
  • Laptop pocket inside
  • Fashionable and alluring


  • Fewer ventilation than several other choices
  • One color choice
  • Premium price


K9 Sport Sack Trainer Cat Hiking Backpack

If hiking is your objective, the K9 Sport Sack Trainer Cat Carrier Backpack is the perfect cat backpack. This bag allows your cat to peek its head out of the top, but a drawstring should prevent it from escaping. However, if this bag is not adequately secured, a cat may escape.

It is offered in four colors and four sizes and may accommodate cats weighing up to 30 pounds. It contains cushioned shoulder straps and lumbar support straps for your comfort, and excellent ventilation for your cat.

This bag is minimalist, therefore it has fewer features and fewer pockets than most other cat backpacks. A premium price is charged for this bag due to its simple design.


  • The best alternative for trekking
  • Cat’s head may protrude from the pouch without egress.
  • Four color and four size variations are available.
  • Weight restriction is 30 pounds
  • Comfortable lumbar support straps and cushioned shoulders
  • Ample ventilation


  • Could permit escape if not adequately secured
  • Minimalist
  • Premium price


Deluxe Backpack Cat Carrier by KOPEKS

The KOPEKS Deluxe Backpack Cat Carrier is offered in three colors and may be transformed from a backpack to a rolling bag. It has a weight restriction of 18 pounds, making it a suitable alternative for cats of a bigger size.

It contains three mesh ventilation panels and a spacious storage compartment for your cat’s accessories. It includes cushioned shoulder straps to make carrying the backpack pleasant.

However, the handle is unpadded and there are no support straps. This bag involves assembling, which many individuals have described to be difficult. Although this bag is advertised as airline-approved, certain airlines prohibit its use due to its size.


  • Three hue choices
  • Also functions as a rolling bag
  • Weight restriction is 18 pounds
  • Three mesh ventilation panels and a spacious storage pocket are included.
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort


  • The handle lacks padding
  • Assembly may be challenging.
  • Perhaps too huge for some carriers

Buyer's Guide

How to Choose an Appropriate Backpack for Your Cat

Choosing a backpack for your cat should mostly depend on the cat’s size and the planned usage of the bag. A backpack for hiking may have different specs than a carry-on bag for air travel.

Remember, when selecting a bag, it should not only be suitable for your cat’s weight, but also for your cat’s weight plus the weight of any other goods you intend to bring. Choose a bag that provides support and makes your cat feel secure while being carried.

It is also essential that the backpack you purchase is comfortable to carry. This is particularly vital if you have a hefty cat or if you will be wearing the backpack for extended durations. Not only are padded straps not the only modification to a backpack that will make it more comfortable, but there are others as well.

Finding a backpack that fits your body appropriately will assure your comfort, especially with rolling cat backpacks with sturdy frames and wheels. Should you need to carry the bag by hand, chest and waist straps and padded handles might make it more comfortable to do so.


Using BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s evaluations, you should be able to select the best cat backpacks to keep you and your cat safe and comfortable. With ample capacity and breathability, the Jespet Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack is the finest cat backpack overall. Multifunctional and cheap, the Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport Cat Backpack & Rolling Carrier is the finest option for those on a budget. If you have the extra funds to prepare for any disaster, the Pet Evac Pak Ultimate Cat Pak Pet Emergency Kit & Carrier is the finest cat backpack.

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