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15 Best Carpets For Pets

When you install carpet in your home, you probably get feedback from a variety of people, including your family, friends, and perhaps your neighbors. But have you ever considered asking your pet?

After all, your pet will spend more time digging into your carpet than any other member of the family, so it seems to reason that they should have a say in the matter.

It becomes increasingly vital as your pet ages, since you don't want to put their ailing bones under any more stress than necessary.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will look at some of our best carpets for pets in the reviews below.

The options on this list are all safe and pleasant for animals, as well as appealing and simple to care for for owners.

Buyer's Manual

There’s more to selecting carpet than picking the fluffiest option you see, and this is especially true if you have a pet.

Unfortunately, most individuals don’t know what to look for when shopping for pet-friendly carpet, which can lead to a poor purchasing decision.

We’ll lead you through essential questions to think about before you buy in the guide below.

What Are the Most Important Things to Look for When Buying Pet-Friendly Carpet?

There are numerous considerations to make, but the most crucial are stain resistance, comfort, and durability.

Pets are dirty creatures who can wreak havoc on your carpeting. A stain-resistant carpet will help disguise the evidence of any mistakes made, whether it’s trailing mud through the house or having an accident because they couldn’t get outside in time. You should also look for one that is simple to clean.

Comfort is self-explanatory, and it’s a factor that both you and your pet will appreciate. If you’re putting down carpet to deter your pet from climbing on the furniture or something similar, make sure that the rug is the more appealing option.

Finally, you want to ensure that the carpet you purchase will last. Pets are notoriously hard on carpet, and they may quickly convert your new carpeting into a jumble of worn-out threads. Look for something robust and well-made that can withstand some wear and tear.

Other considerations to consider are how well the carpet matches your existing décor and how well it stays in place, but any search should begin with the qualities listed above.

Is there anything I’m not interested in?

White carpets and pets don’t go together unless you’re a real daredevil. Pets can convert a dazzling white carpet into a dingy gray disaster in a matter of days – and that’s not before counting the damage you’ll cause.

Take care with the fabrics you bring home. Loop carpets, for example, are generally a bad decision since they can grab your pet’s nails, resulting in either your pet’s claw or the carpet being destroyed.

Extremely thick shag can also be a nightmare. Pet hair, grime, and dander can all become caught in the shag, and no matter how strong your vacuum cleaner is, you may never get it out. Because of this, it is extremely harmful to allergy-prone owners.

If you opt for a rug, make sure it will stay in place properly. You don’t want your pet slipping all over the place every time they step on it, as this could cause them harm (and you could be hurt too). Look for something with bottom grips.

My pet is quite old. Does this have any bearing on the type of carpet I need to purchase?

Yes, it can. Carpeting for senior pets necessitates a delicate balancing act between comfort and stability.

You don’t want anything too thin because your older pet’s bones and joints are likely to react negatively to harsh surfaces. To keep them comfortable, there should be ample padding between them and the floor.

You also don’t want them sinking into a super-plush carpet. This might make it difficult for them to get up after lying down, and it can also throw their equilibrium off, leading them to tighten up. This will simply put further strain on their delicate spines.

You’ll also want to go for an incredibly warm alternative. Cold kills arthritic joints, thus your senior pet will most likely seek out the warmest surfaces available.

Why should I lay carpet at all?

Carpet has various advantages, particularly for pet owners.

Carpet is far more comfy than hardwood or tile. Adding fabric to your floors will provide your pet with a variety of comfortable locations to lay down, which may result in them leaving your bed alone.

It’s simple to clean and, in certain cases, covers dirt and hair well. You only need to vacuum or wash it on occasion; no sweeping is required. You also don’t have to deal with the balls of loose hair that collect on hardwood and tile floors.

Because carpet is a non-slip surface, you won’t have to worry about your pet slipping and falling while rushing around the house. It may not only save your beloved pet from agony, but it may also save you from having to pay a large vet fee.

When it comes to pets roaming around the home, carpet absorbs sound. If your pet decides that 3 a.m. is the best time to gallop about the living room, you’ll be far less likely to wake up if there’s carpet on the floor.

Should I Purchase Carpet or Rugs?

That is largely determined by your objectives.

If you want to cover every available inch of floor with fabric, wall-to-wall carpeting is the way to go. This is pricey, but it’s also beautiful and elegant. It will make the entire house seem more comfortable.

Rugs, on the other hand, are a wonderful solution if you just want to break up some of that flooring with islands of fabric.

They may add a splash of color to a room and are significantly less expensive than carpeting. You can also replace them if they become damaged without becoming bankrupt.

Rugs also provide you the ability to direct where your pet will lie down. With carpets, they can choose any location in the house, which means they’ll frequently lay down straight in your path. You can lay the rugs in out-of-the-way areas to reduce the possibility of tripping over your pet.

You can even combine many rugs to simulate many of the benefits of carpet while preserving the benefits of rugs. Overall, rugs are more adaptable, but carpeting is more visually appealing.


The GORILLA GRIP Original is our favorite pet-friendly carpet, made of plush, imitation chinchilla fur. It’s quite warm and keeps there well, so you might be tempted to cozy up next to your pet once you lay it down.

The Amdrebio Grass Green is another fantastic option because it is inexpensive and simple to maintain. Your pet will feel as if they are rolling around in the softest grass on the planet.

Choosing a carpet that both you and your pet will like is a difficult undertaking, and BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that these reviews of the best carpets for pets have helped.

Finally, any of the above solutions will be a significant improvement over the bare floor, so whichever one you choose will surely delight your pet.

In fact, they could like it so much that they leave a small gift on it for you.


Best Overall: GORILLA GRIP Original Faux Chinchilla Area Rug

The maker boasts that the GORILLA GRIP Original is the “softest rug you’ll ever own,” and while we cannot confirm this, we can say that it is quite soft.

Your pet will like lying on it, and it’s an excellent alternative for geriatric pets or those with joint problems.

It’s a rug, not carpet, so you can take it up and place it wherever you like. There are tiny grip spots on the underside that help to keep it in place while minimizing slipping and sliding.

The long, faux chinchilla fabric traps heat well, making this rug a perfect choice for chilly areas. You’ll enjoy strolling on it in bare feet just as much as your pet will.

It’s also machine washable, so if your pet claims it, you won’t have to deal with a smattering of pet hair.

You may also vacuum it, but it typically gets sucked up inside the machine, so toss it in the laundry instead.

If you’re looking for a practical, portable way to keep your pet warm and comfortable, the GORILLA GRIP Original is the greatest option we’ve found.


  • Exceptionally soft
  • Grip dots keep it firmly in place.
  • The faux chinchilla fabric traps heat.
  • Washable by machine
  • Ideal for pets who have joint or movement concerns.


  • Vacuuming is difficult.


Best Price for Amdrebio Grass Green Furry Carpet

If making your pet feel at ease is your main priority, the Amdrebio Grass Green will have them believing they’re relaxing in the backyard — while still enjoying your air conditioning, of course.

Because it resembles a patch of grass, many pets will gravitate toward it right away. It’s not the most appealing alternative, and you’ll have to make sure your pet doesn’t treat it like grass, if you catch our drift.

It is, nevertheless, a really cost-effective option, and we believe it is the greatest carpet for pets for the money. You can buy many and place one in each room where your pet frequents without breaking the bank.

The fabric is engineered not to shed or fade, so it will remain bright and colorful for the duration of your ownership. It’s similarly similar to the GORILLA GRIP Original in that it can be vacuumed but isn’t machine washable.

If you don’t mind having what appears to be a patch of turf in your home, the Amdrebio Grass Green is a terrific rug for pets.


  • Affordable
  • The fabric will not shed or discolor.
  • Simple to clean
  • Most pets take to it right away.


  • It is possible that your pet will use it as a bathroom.
  • It is not machine washable.


Persian-Rugs Abstract Carpet – The Best Option

If your pet’s preferences are more refined, the Persian-Rugs T1007 is an excellent high-end option.

It has an abstract design, giving it the appearance of a work of art rather than a piece of carpet for your pet to rest on. There are three color patterns to select from, but they’re all quite dark, so dirt and fur should be well hidden.

The fabric is also stain-resistant, so if your pet produces a mess, it should not permanently damage the carpet. This is also useful if you have children (or if you are clumsy yourself).

Of course, high-end beauty necessitates high-end pricing, and this isn’t a cheap rug. It’s also quite thin, especially considering the price, so elderly pets may require something with a bit more padding.

Still, if appearance is your top concern, you won’t find a more appealing alternative than the Persian-Rugs T1007.


  • Beautiful abstract design
  • There are numerous color schemes to pick from.
  • It effectively conceals dirt and fur.
  • Fabric that is stain-resistant


  • Quite costly
  • On the skinny side


Indoor Modern Area Rugs Fluffy Carpets LOCHAS

You’ll want to lay down on the LOCHAS Indoor Modern the moment you see it, and your pet will probably do the same. It’s thick, fluffy, and oh-so-comfortable.

The top layer is velvet with a substantial cushion underneath, providing gentle comfort for both your feet and the bones of your aged companion. However, you will sink a little into it, so pets who have difficulty getting up may struggle on it.

There are over 20 color options to select from, so you’re sure to find one that complements your current decor. Make careful, though, that whatever color you choose hides dirt nicely, because this thing is a hassle to clean.

It’s also quite little, so if you have a large breed dog, you may need to get two to keep them comfy. Fortunately, these items are reasonably priced.

The LOCHAS Indoor Modern is one of the most comfortable carpets on this list, but that comfort comes at a cost, as it has a few drawbacks to be aware of.


  • Comfortable and thick
  • There are 20 color variations available.
  • Affordable


  • Older pets may find it difficult to get up.
  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • On the petite side


Soft Modern Indoor Fluffy Carpets Merelax

The Merelax Soft Modern is a thick rug with a 2-inch pile that provides squishy relaxation. You’ll probably like it as much as your pet does.

It’s also rather vast, with the largest option being 6′ x 9′. It can cover a large area of the floor and is ideal for numerous pets to spread out together.

However, we wouldn’t recommend laying it on a hardwood or tile surface because it can be rather slippery.

It’s more useful as a technique to make existing carpet more comfy, which restricts its utility slightly. All of that pile collects a lot of pet hair, which is tough to remove even with a strong vacuum.

However, there is no doubting its comfort, so if you simply want to make your pet happy, the Merelax Soft Modern is a great option.


  • Soft and thick
  • Ideal for households with many pets.


  • Not recommended for tile or hardwood flooring.
  • Floats around
  • It collects a lot of pet hair.
  • Cleaning is difficult.

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