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The 11 Best Carpet Cleaners For Dog Vomit

Dogs are great companions, but as every dog owner knows, they also carry a huge responsibility.

After ingesting something they shouldn't have, eating too quickly or too much, or becoming overwhelmed or sick, dogs can become very unhygienic and even vomit.

Fortunately, vomiting in dogs isn't necessarily the cause of the warning, even if some breeds are more likely to experience the condition than others.

No matter why your dog throws on the carpet, you will need a reliable carpet cleaner to remove odors and stubborn stains.

Instead of spending time and energy cleaning your carpet or trying the ineffective techniques you've seen on social media, consider the list of the best carpet cleaners for dog vomit that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) studied below.

How to Choose the Most Effective Carpet Deodorizer for Dog Poo

A dog’s purpose in life is to be loved and cherished. They may become wonderful friends and the center of your universe. Much time, effort, and tolerance are needed to care for them like one would any other animal.

Keep in mind that until your new puppy or dog is fully toilet trained, there will be pee, feces, and vomit all over your home, and you will need a powerful carpet cleaner to get rid of the odor and stain.

It’s possible that your discolored carpet won’t be significantly better after using the first carpet cleaner you find at the supermarket.

In certain cases, the area that was treated with the product may become discolored. Saving yourself time, money, and frustration by being aware of potential problems before buying a cleaner is essential.

A decent carpet cleaner for dog vomit should have these features.

Remover of Stains

Several advertised functions of carpet cleaners are frequently counterproductive. If there are too many bells and whistles, it might be difficult to focus on the essentials.

Carpet cleaners designed for dog puke should be effective in eliminating odors and stains. However, many of these products either fail to do so or are ineffective. Avoid using these sorts of household cleaners.

Finding a carpet cleaner that is both effective and safe can be challenging. If you want to get rid of stubborn stains, an enzymatic cleaner is your best bet.

Neutralizer of Off-Patches

Your carpet cleaner should not only get rid of stains, but also unpleasant smells. It doesn’t matter whether your cleaner gets rid of the huge stain on your new carpet if the carpet still has a strong odor that makes you queasy every time you pass by it.

In addition to effectively removing unpleasant odors, many high-quality carpet cleaners also leave behind a pleasant, pleasant scent.

Lavender, vanilla, wild apple, spice, mint, passion fruit, fresh linen, jasmine, amber, and lime are all common aromas left behind by these items.

There are odorless carpet cleaners on the market that may get rid of the unpleasant stench left behind by your dog’s vomit without leaving behind any new scent, which is ideal if you have a low threshold for odors or just don’t want to introduce one into your home.

Once the offensive smell has been removed, you may decide whether or not to buy a scented cleaner, and if so, which aroma you like.


We place equal value on the effectiveness of a carpet cleaner in removing stains and the safety of the environment. Toxic carpet cleaners pose threats to human health, animal health, and the natural environment.

Just as we have a duty to look after the canine companions in our lives, so too do we have a duty to protect the environment in which they reside. Carpet cleaners with harsh chemicals can potentially be detrimental to your flooring.

Before using a carpet cleaner, it is important to check the label to see what chemicals are included. The best household cleaners use all-natural components and clearly state that they are suitable for use around children and pets.

Pet carpet cleaners who care about the environment often use biodegradable detergents and bottles made from recyclable material.

Comfortable to Operate

The carpet cleaner you choose, if any, should be simple to operate. Shampoos for carpets should only call for a few simple steps, rather than requiring complicated preparations that call for many bowls, measuring spoons, and buckets.

Products that come in spray form should be easily applied with a single squirt and wiped away, rather than requiring a series of complicated motions.

Good carpet cleaning equipment will eliminate the need to repeatedly scrub the same area in an effort to remove odors and stains. However, it is okay to give it a go once, twice, or even three times.

Before Consumption, Please Read the Label

You should check the label on your carpet cleaner to make sure it is non-toxic, safe for the environment, and has a pleasant aroma. However, before purchasing the item, it is important to read the instructions.

Instructions will tell you if the product is simple to use or if it won’t work with your carpet. It’s important to be aware that some carpet cleaners can damage wool.

It’s best to invest in a universal stain and odor remover if your home has a wide variety of surfaces. Because carpet cleaner machines are tailored to the material, you won’t be able to use it with the device, but you can still use it by pointing and spraying.

Depending on the type of substance used, you may be able to just leave the area afterward, or you may need to clean up any lingering residue with a vacuum or a damp cloth.

Classification of Carpet Washing Machines

Carpet cleaners come in a wide variety, with some being more adaptable than others. Consider these several models of carpet cleaners before making a purchase.

  • Equipment for Cleaning Carpets

When it comes to clearing up large spills or giving the entire carpet a thorough cleaning, carpet cleaning equipment really shine.

However, they are not convenient for a fast tidy up because of the additional work involved. In order to begin cleaning your carpet, you must first remove the device from its hiding place and connect it to an electrical outlet in close proximity to the area you wish to clean. The last step is to include the carpet shampoo and any other necessary supplies.

Carpet cleaning requires time and work, but the results are well worth it. You can tell the carpet is as good as new by the way it smells and looks.

Fortunately, many carpet cleaning shampoos may be used either in a machine or by hand for a fast and easy clean-up.

  • Detergents that work on a variety of surfaces

A multi-surface cleaner is the ideal choice if you have a dog and live in a home with a variety of surfaces other than carpet. Sifting through different surface cleansers as your dog’s vomit soaks into the fabric may be really stressful.

A multi-surface cleaner, on the other hand, is effective in eliminating smells and stains from many different types of surfaces, including carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, textiles, upholstery, and leather.

Avoid using the product on an inappropriate cloth or surface by carefully reading the included directions.

  • Chemicals Used to Remove Stains

The range of possible applications for these disinfectants is rather narrower. Some fabrics may be off-limits for spraying, and it probably won’t work in your washing machine or carpet machine.

To counter this, however, they are simple and quick to implement. When using a spot cleaning, all you need to do is remove as much of the vomit as possible and then spray the product on the affected area.


Finally, Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray is the best carpet cleaner for vomiting dogs that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has found so far. Because of its low price and bulk, Nature’s Miracle Deep Carpet Cleaning Shampoo is the greatest bargain on the market.

Our first pick is the Smelleze Natural Vomit & Smell Absorbent Granules, as they are eco-friendly and effectively remove all traces of vomit on the carpet, leaving only a solid residue that can be easily absorbed. clean.

Pick a few of the best carpet cleaners for dog vomit to find out which works best for you. The luckiest!


The Best All-Around Product is Hepper’s Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator Spray

  • Bottle sprayer capacity: 32 fluid ounces.
  • Time of Life: Adult
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

An effective cleanser for odor removal and stain removal from difficult biological stains like vomit is a must. In our opinion, Hepper’s Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray is the greatest all-around product since it efficiently gets rid of stains and odors.

This solution is not just effective on dog poop, but also on urine, drool, excrement, and any lingering musty odors in your home. Since the mixture is scented with natural ingredients, your house won’t be overpowered by synthetic smells.

It eliminates odors and dissolves stains by entering deeply into the affected area. As opposed to other sprays on the market, this one actually gets rid of the smells that people hate, rather than just covering them up. Also, it helps get rid of scents that have been around for a while.

All carpets, floors, furniture, and textiles are safe to use with this solution. A colorfastness test should be performed before application to the discolored areas, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Pet Keen has loved Hepper for a long time, and now we’re finally able to reap the benefits of the company’s great innovations by acquiring a majority stake in Hepper.


  • Free of chemicals and toxins
  • Its versatility makes it useful for a wide range of settings.
  • Good for the kennel and the dog’s bedding.
  • Comfortable to employ
  • This item smells fresh and minty.


  • Not all dogs will return to the same location after this.


The Most Effective and Economical Carpet Cleaner Manufactured by Nature’s Miracle

  • A bottle of 64 ounces
  • At Any Age: All Ages
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

Try some of Nature’s Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo if you’re looking for a high-quality product at a low price. Cost-effective and efficient in removing both vomit stains and aromas, this 64-ounce bottle is a must-have for any dog owner.

This product is versatile, since it may be used either in a carpet cleaning machine or as a spot spray. You’ll like the clean scent, but your dog won’t want to return to the spot.

Despite its modest price, this carpet cleaner delivers the results it advertises. Whether or whether you need to repeat the method depends on how long the vomit stain has been in your carpet.

If the odor or stain persists after several attempts, consider a different method. It’s possible that the stain you’re trying to remove is very stubborn.


  • Inexpensive
  • Use it as a spot cleaner or add it to your carpet cleaner equipment.
  • Designed to discourage your dog from soiling the same spot again.
  • Aromatically New
  • Meets or exceeds expectations


  • There might be several rounds of cleaning required.


Smelleze Premium Choice Vomit & Odor Absorbent Granules

  • Capacity: 2-pound bottle
  • Time of Life: Adult
  • Odor Absorber/Stain Remover

The absorbent granules in this carpet cleaner make it suitable for use on surfaces that become damaged when wet, unlike the liquid versions of the other items on our list.

Rugs, couches, dog beds, and floors are all fair game. It’s effective in removing pet feces, including dog poop, from carpets and floors.

Smelleze Natural Vomit & Smell Absorbent Granules are odorless while neutralizing undesirable odors; they are eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe to use around dogs and children, contain only natural ingredients, and are the ideal product for persons who are sensitive to odours.

You may use this product as soon as you notice the vomit by scattering the absorbent grains over the mess. You may simply sweep or vacuum up the vomit once it has been absorbed by this product. Wash the area again if the odor persists.

The main drawback of this product is that it only eliminates fresh odors and stains.


  • Compatible with a wide range of substrates
  • Perfect for a wide range of pets.
  • Green, safe, and made entirely from organic materials.
  • Odorless
  • Comfortable to employ


  • Old stains cannot be removed. Choice


A Stain and Odor Remover from Nature That Is Especially Effective for Puppies

  • Bottle sprayer capacity: 32 fluid ounces.
  • Puppyhood and Adulthood
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

Since puppies are often sensitive to cleaning chemicals, you may rest assured that your home will be spotless after using Nature’s Miracle Advanced Dog Stain & Odor Remover.

The antibacterial solution in this medication destroys 99.9 percent of dog viruses, so your puppy will be secure from infection.

Even though it’s strong, it’s safe to use on carpets, dog toys, beds, and crates. However, while the product dries, your dog should be kept away from the area.

Because of its high quality and reliability, this carpet cleaner is frequently used in veterinary hospitals and grooming parlors.

This cleaner is not suitable for use on all surfaces, such as untreated wood or leather, so make sure to read the directions before using it. Leave the product on the afflicted region for 15 minutes as directed; however, you may see results in less time.

The aroma is pleasant and light rather than overwhelming or repulsive.


  • Dog viruses are completely inactivated by the antibacterial treatment.
  • Allowed for use on dog furniture and playthings
  • Popular at pet spas and vet offices
  • Fast-acting
  • Pleasant, enticing aroma


  • It’s not compatible with every surface
  • You should not let your dog near the treated area.


Bissell’s 2X Concentrated Spot Cleaner for Pet Stains and Odors

  • Bottle sprayer capacity: 32 fluid ounces.
  • Time of Life: Adult
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

The 2X Concentrated Machine Formula for Pet Stains and Odors by Bissell is safe for the environment since it contains only biodegradable detergents and no bleach. To reduce its environmental effect, the bottle is fabricated using recycled plastic.

Because of its high concentration, this carpet cleaner may be used with virtually any handheld vacuum.

Direct application to the stained region of your carpet is another option. Although it is most effective on fresh stains, you shouldn’t be afraid to try it on older ones as well.

If you’re tired of dealing with stains the same old way, you need to give this a try.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • The use of chlorine bleach is prohibited.
  • Detergent usage is reduced because of its potency.
  • It is suitable for use in most portable cleaning products or applied straight to stains.


  • Used stains don’t respond as well.


Pet Stain & Odor Remover by TriNova

  • Bottle sprayer capacity: 32 fluid ounces.
  • Time of Life: Adult
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

The TriNova Pet Stain & Odor Remover from Chewy is fantastic in a number of ways. Every necessary function of a high-quality carpet cleaner is included in this one.

Cleans thoroughly while leaving behind a fresh, minty scent; is kind to the environment thanks to its all-natural and organic composition; is foolproof for first-timers; and smells great.

You may use this carpet cleaner on any nonporous surface, not only carpets, without fear of damaging the surface with water.

You may wash your dog’s bedding in it and use it to disinfect and freshen up their kennel without worrying about harming them.

A potential drawback is that not all dogs are put off by the stench, so your pet may return to the same location to vomit or mark territory at a later time.

The potent chemicals in this remover make rapid work of unpleasant odors and aromas. Simply spray the solution on the damaged area, scrub it, and then dry it with a blotter for the best results.


  • Free of chemicals and toxins
  • Its versatility makes it useful for a wide range of settings.
  • Good for the kennel and the dog’s bedding.
  • Comfortable to employ
  • This item smells fresh and minty.


  • Not all dogs will return to the same location after this.


Animal ECOS! Deodorizer and Stain Remover

  • Bottle sprayer capacity: 22 fluid ounces
  • At Any Age: All Ages
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

From dog poop to blood, this cheap carpet cleaner gets the job done. Animal ECOS! Children and pets may play on the cleansed surface immediately after using Stain & Odor Remover since it leaves no harmful residue.

Because it’s American-made, you can find it quickly if your dog has an accident.

As a company that pioneered green cleaning with 100% plant-based materials proven safe for humans, animals, and the environment, we are big fans of ECOS. ECOS is committed to environmental responsibility and use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

This cleaner is versatile enough to be used on carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, textiles, garments, and upholstery.


  • Fights stubborn stains
  • Human and animal-friendly
  • Produced entirely within the United States of America
  • Green cleaning is where ECOS shines.
  • Appropriate for use on a wide range of substrates


  • The bottle is significantly smaller than those of competing brands. Deodorizer and Stain Remover


Kids N’ Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover

  • Container Capacity: 27 oz.
  • At Any Age: All Ages
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

When applied wet, KIDS’ N’ PETS Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover not only effectively removes smells, but completely eradicates them.

This carpet cleaner is pet and kid-friendly, as well as cruelty-free and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using it everywhere.

Because of the strong odor it leaves behind, this cleaning product will also keep your dog away. Enzymes in it break down grime and smells, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent that isn’t overpowering.

This carpet cleaner may be used in a carpet cleaning machine, but only after being diluted. You may use it on other stubborn stains like wine or blood as well.

Many other customers share our enthusiasm for this carpet cleaner, and it has been recognized with many awards, including the Women’s Choice Award.


  • Eliminates discoloration forever
  • Use without worry around humans, animals, and puppies.
  • Vegan and completely biodegradable
  • Maintains soil from becoming re-soil
  • Effective against both fresh and old vomit stains
  • You may use it by yourself or attach it to a carpet cleaner.


  • The best results won’t always come from the first application, and you may need to apply it many times on the same stain.


Rapid Pet Stain & Odor Remover with Oxygen

  • Bottle sprayer capacity: 32 fluid ounces.
  • At Any Age: All Ages
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

Clean up after accidents with the help of OUT! Oxy Fast Activated Pet Stain & Odor Remover. There is a rather powerful odor to it, which some may find unpleasant.

Since you should probably just buy one bottle to try out the scent before committing to a whole case the first time around, it stands to reason.

You’ll also pick up the tip that after using the stain remover, you should apply a wet rag to the affected area. The most beneficial outcome will occur if you do that. One of the most cost-effective removers on the market, this one is far cheaper than the competition.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Completely eliminates stains
  • Removes any unpleasant smells
  • Excellent for bulk purchases


  • Some folks might not appreciate the overwhelming odor.


Eliminates Stains and Odors in a Single Step

  • Bottle sprayer capacity: 32 fluid ounces.
  • Time of Life: Adult
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

The Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover includes a nozzle with several uses, which is one of its many impressive features.

The three different options are foam, mist, and steam. The nice part about this is that you can adjust the spray setting to suit your needs. This feature makes this cleaner much more adaptable than its competitors.

If the bottle is not held firmly and vertically, it has a tendency to spill. Keep that in mind while you transport the spray bottle or put it away with the rest of your cleaning supplies.


  • Alternate spray options include steam, foam, and mist.
  • Brilliant for removing puke stains from carpets
  • The aroma is enticing.


  • Not handling the bottle with care will cause it to spill. Deodorizer and Stain Remover


Spray for Pet Stain Removal, No Odor

  • The spray container holds 16 fluid ounces.
  • At Any Age: All Ages
  • Eliminating Odors and Spills

Although we saved the Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover Spray for last, it is by no means the least vital item. We really like how it won’t cause any problems for your pet and won’t harm them either, as it is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and non-toxic.

It also has no discernible smell, which is a rarity among the products on our list and a plus for those who are fragrance-sensitive. The product is slightly more expensive than similar options, especially considering its size.

Customers have been completely satisfied with Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover Spray since it was named product of the year in 2012.

This carpet cleaner is well worth acquiring if you value your time and energy and can afford to do so, but only if you are prepared to spend a fair amount of money.


  • Toxin-free, irritant-free, and hypoallergenic
  • Good for canine seniors as well as young pups
  • Odorless
  • In 2012, it was named “Product of the Year.”


  • Little in stature
  • Slightly more pricey than rival carpet cleaners

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