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15 Best Carpet Cleaners For Dog Urine

Dogs are wonderful friends, but nothing ruins your carpets faster than bringing a puppy home. They never seem to get tired of finding new and ingenious ways to soil your floors.

Many pet-based carpet cleaners on the market do nothing to remove the stains Fido leaves behind – and some can make the situation worse!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) provides the products we believe are the best carpet cleaners for dog urine in the reviews below. 

With a special emphasis on removing urine odors, so you can pick a cleaner that will truly work rather than one that will simply highlight your dog's favorite spots.


Rocco & Roxie Stain Remover – Overall Winner

Rocco & Roxie has a specific enzymatic bacteria that breaks down all portions of the pee, removing not only the stain but also the odor. That manner, no signs of the mishap are left behind.

It is not only effective on pee. It also neutralizes excrement, vomit, and hairballs, so it should be able to manage whatever your pet can conjure up from within her body.

It also works on almost any surface that can be dyed. You can clean carpet, beds, and upholstery – anything your dog might defile.

However, there is one significant drawback. The spray has a foul odor. You may believe that coping with the pee stench after spraying it on your carpet was preferable.

The good news is that the spray’s stench fades rapidly, leaving you with a clean (and clean-smelling) rug.

It would be lovely if Rocco and Roxie could make their cleaner smell nice, but we’ll take it as it is.


  • Stains are completely removed.
  • It also eliminates smells.
  • Works on a wide range of stains.
  • Can be used on almost any surface.


  • It has a very strong odor.


Best Value Simple Solution Enzymatic Carpet Cleaner

It may not seem like much, but the Simple Solution Enzymatic’s 3-in-1 multifunctional sprayer comes in useful.

You can make a direct spray for targeted use, a mist for a wider area, or a foam to scrub out tough stains.

The foam is what makes this bottle so enticing, while most other bottles only deliver jets or mist.

However, pet stains are nasty and tend to spread and sink deep into your carpet; the foam alternative delves deep into the fibers and thoroughly cleans everything.

That’s especially crucial when it comes to eradicating scents — because because your dog’s sense of smell is so much stronger than yours, you need to get all of the stink molecules out to avoid a repeat engagement.

Despite this, it is one of the most affordable cleaners on the market, which is why it is our choice for the best carpet cleaner for dog urine for the money.

There are several disadvantages to be aware of. The sprayer leaks frequently, especially while switching modes, and it is ineffective on old stains. That’s a lot to expect from a cleaner at this pricing point.

Simply Solution Enzymatic is one of the greatest cleaners available, and unquestionably one of the best values.


  • Convenient three-in-one spray nozzle
  • The foam feature is fantastic.
  • Digs deep to eliminate smells
  • Reasonably priced


  • While spraying, the bottle occasionally spills.
  • Not recommended for old stains.


Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray by Hepper

One of the finest aspects of dog ownership is their company and love. The occasional indoor accident is one of the worst, but they do happen.

It’s critical to clean it up fast so it doesn’t damage your carpets or flooring and so your dog doesn’t pee there again.

Here’s when Hepper’s Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray comes in handy!

It works on every biological fluid that needs to be eliminated, including drool, vomit, diarrhea, and pee.

It works by binding and lifting the stain and accompanying odor and eradicating them permanently. This way, your dog won’t be drawn back to the same location over and over again.

It is safe to use on all surfaces, including carpets, floors, fabrics, and furniture, and has a neutral scent, so no harsh or cloying artificial perfumes are used.

It’s 32 ounces in size and should last you a long time. Furthermore, Hepper has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means it will return your money if you are dissatisfied with the goods.

Finally, unlike many other similar products on the market, Hepper’s Bio-Enzyme Spray does not require the addition of water to the solution. You only need to give it a good shake to begin spraying and cleaning.

There are no obvious drawbacks to using this spray. You’ll just need to conduct some spot testing on your carpet to make sure it doesn’t change the color.

You must also be cautious when storing it so that it does not lose its potency and keep it out of the reach of youngsters. Regardless, it easily tops our list of the best carpet cleaners for dog urine.


  • Binds odors and stains, lifts them, and eliminates them.
  • It is effective on floors, carpets, upholstery, and furniture.
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction
  • There is no need for water: simply mix and spray.
  • There are no unpleasant artificial fragrances because the smell is neutral.


  • Spot testing is advised.


Premium Bubba’s Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

If you’ve ever lived in the country, you know that when you’re in a jam, you contact a guy named Bubba.

Although it may be overkill for everyday stains, Bubba’s Shampoo is as wonderful as a visit from the guy himself.

The objective is to utilize Bubba’s when other cleaners have failed you or when your entire carpet needs to be reset.

It’s a thorough deep cleaning, and as such, it requires some time and work. You will also require a steam cleaner or shampooer.

There is, however, nothing better for stains that you believed would never come out. You may also use it on almost any upholstery, including your couch and drapes.

It’s a touch costly, but given how concentrated it is, that balances out. One bottle should last quite a while.

Nothing works as well as Bubba’s Shampoo, but considering the effort required, you’d be better off attempting one of the methods listed above it first before bringing in the big guns.


  • Extremely potent
  • Excellent for set-in stains
  • It is effective on all types of upholstery.
  • A single bottle lasts a long time.


  • It takes a lot of time, work, and some specialized equipment.
  • On the expensive side


Enzyme Cleaner Sunny & Honey

Sunny & Honey is a true multi-surface cleaner because it works on more than just textiles.

You may also use it on tile, leather, countertops, and other surfaces (though if your dog is urinating on your counters, you should probably call a trainer — or an exorcist).

It’s safe to use around children and pets since it utilizes enzymes rather than harsh chemicals — plus the firm doesn’t test their products on animals and donates money to animal shelters, both of which are excellent for your conscience.

Because it’s intended for indoor use, it’s safe; it’s a terrific method to clean up a crate or some bedding, for example. However, because the stench is overwhelming, open a window before you begin spraying.

You must also allow it to sit for an extended period of time (up to an hour), depending on the severity of the stain.

This provides your pet plenty of time to re-mark the location, as well as enough of time for you to become preoccupied and forget to return to scrub it.

Sunny & Honey is a favorite of ours, and its fourth-place performance here is less an indictment of the product itself and more a reflection of how fantastic the products rated above it genuinely are.


  • It is effective on all surfaces.
  • It is safe to use around children and pets.
  • The organization is socially concerned.
  • Excellent for cleaning crates and bedding.


  • The odor is strong.
  • It takes a long time to complete the task.


Woolite Pet Stain Remover 2834

Woolite Pet Stain Remover is one of the best all-purpose carpet cleaners available. It can remove imperfections ranging from pee and vomit to tracked-in dirt.

It smells nice and helps eradicate pee odors rather than just hiding them. If your dog has a propensity of returning to the same places, this can finally break him of the behavior.

It cleans couches and other upholstery just as well as carpet, so you can keep your furniture smelling and looking as good as your rugs and carpet.

There were only a few difficulties with this cleanser. Because it is unlikely to completely remove a stain from white carpet, you may require something stronger in that instance (then again, you may want to change from a white carpet entirely if you have a dog on it).

Also, regardless of the color of your carpet, you’ll most likely need to reapply it numerous times for maximum results.

Woolite Pet Stain Remover, on the other hand, accomplishes more than enough to merit inclusion on our list, and it’s nearly as good as the options above it.

While we’d recommend those first, we don’t think you’ll be sorry if you get this spray as well.


  • It is effective on all types of stains.
  • It smells nice.
  • Instead of simply covering urine scents, it breaks them down.
  • It also works great on upholstery.


  • Not recommended for use on white carpets.
  • For the finest results, many applications are required.


Professional Enzyme Carpet Cleaner by Amaziing Solutions

While this choice from Amaziing Solutions prides itself on not having a nasty odor, the smell it does have may be too subtle to keep your dog from returning to the same location over and over.

The strength of the odor determines whether or not this occurs. This item is helpful for light-to-medium odors, but severe or deeply ingrained aromas may be too much for it to handle.

It is, however, difficult to beat for cosmetic issues. It works well for eliminating stains of various kinds. That is, of course, of limited use if your dog continues renewing the stain for you.

The liquid itself is incredibly sudsy, and it’s difficult to get all of it out. You’ll make one more pass and see some film return just when you think you’ve gotten it all.

While the thoroughness required helps to break up imperfections, you’ll undoubtedly wonder if the spray or your elbow grease is doing the trick.

Amaziing Solutions is a good-but-not-great cleanser worth keeping around if you want to test something that won’t stink up your entire house, but if you want something that’s certain to work, you’ll have to seek elsewhere.


  • A little odor
  • Excellent for minor to moderate problems.
  • Excellent at eliminating stains


  • The stench of pee may not be completely removed.
  • It takes a lot of effort.
  • The spray is really sudsy.


Febreeze Carpet Cleaner Shampoo BISSELL 2216

BISSELL Febreze Cleaner, like Bubba’s Shampoo, is intended for use in steamers or shampooers, so don’t expect to buy a bottle and be done with it.

It’s also useful for whole-house cleaning, but not nearly as effective as Bubba’s. The actual star here is the Febreze; if all you care about is making your house smell nice, this is the cleaner to buy.

The difficulty is that Febreze covers the odor rather than eliminating it, so the scent will reappear after a while. It’s also unlikely that your dog will ever stop sniffing it, so he may be contributing to the problem in the meanwhile.

The mixture contains Scotchgard, which appears to be fairly efficient in preventing subsequent stains. However, given that you’re likely purchasing it due to existing stains, that may not be much of a help.

Your best approach, in our opinion, is to spot-clean your carpet using one of our higher-rated options before going over it with the BISSELL Febreze Cleaner.

However, you may be able to achieve the same results by omitting the BISSELL and simply lighting a candle.


  • It smells amazing.
  • Has Scotchgard to prevent future stains
  • It works great with spot cleaners.


  • Only hides the odor of pee.
  • Repeat crimes may be permitted.
  • A steamer or shampooer is required.


Paws and Claws Hoover Carpet Shampoo for Deep Cleaning

It may not be entirely fair to rank Hoover Paws & Claws so low considering it plainly mentions that it works best when used in conjunction with a spot cleaner.

However, we believe that a carpet cleanser should be able to manage simple scents such as dog pee, and this one is already pricey, so requiring you to purchase another product seems excessive.

This item, like the BISSELL shampoo, contains Scotchgard, which can help lessen the impact of subsequent spills. But, once again, that doesn’t help you with problems in the present.

The cleanser does not have a strong odor, but it does smell faintly like mothballs. While it does reduce the smell of urine, it is unlikely to fully erase it, leaving you with an unusual pee-and-mothball combo after you’re done.

Hoover Paws & Claws has a few advantages, but the disadvantages outweigh them to the point where it cannot rise above the bottom half of this ranking.


  • Scotchgard is a fabric protector.
  • A faint odor


  • It must be used in conjunction with another cleanser.
  • On the pricey side
  • When finished, it emits a peculiar mothball-and-urine odor.


Enzyme Stain Remover ANGRY ORANGE

Although ANGRY ORANGE has a strong fruit scent that can mask the stink of dog urine, you may not want your house to smell like a citrus orchard.

The smell lingers as well, so make sure you like it because you’ll be stuck with it for a while. Your dog is unlikely to like it either, but he may begin to avoid problem areas.

Dog urine is the most difficult of all frequent pet bodily fluid stains to remove. It works good on vomit, but it will take a lot of effort to remove a pee stain.

Also, the spray itself can stain certain materials, so test it first before splattering it all over the place. You don’t want the urine stain to be the most appealing feature of the floor.

While ANGRY ORANGE is effective at masking urine odor, its overpowering citrus aroma may make you, well, angry.


  • Urine scents can be concealed.
  • Effective on vomit stains


  • Citrus aroma that is overpowering
  • Doesn’t do anything to eliminate urine stains.
  • Certain fabrics may become discolored.
  • Dogs, it appears, dislike odor as well.


Pet High Traffic Carpet Foam Resolve

Each order of Resolve Pet High Traffic Foam includes four aerosol cans, and all you have to do is apply a layer to the target area and scrub.

We apologize for implying that “all you have to do” would be easy. The truth is that removing anything older than a few minutes from your carpet will require a lot of scrubbing.

This product appears to derive the most of its strength from your efforts rather than its recipe. When you start scrubbing, everything comes up – filth, hair, last week’s lasagna, and so on.

This may make you feel busy, but all it appears to do is add to the mess, as the stain will most likely remain once it dries.

It also does little to eliminate odors. It leaves a faint chemical odor on top of them, but that’s probably not what you were looking for.

With each order of Resolve Pet High Traffic Foam, you certainly get a lot of stuff, but given how much work it produces for you, that may not be a good thing.


  • Each order contains a large number of products.


  • It takes a lot of effort.
  • Doesn’t do anything to remove stains.
  • Makes a huge mess
  • Adds a chemical odor to the odor


Rocco & Roxie Stain Remover contains enzymes that eat away at pee in your carpet, fully breaking it down and removing it.

Even better, the spray works on all surfaces, so you won’t have to surrender any space in your home for your dog’s target practice.

Simple Answer Enzymatic also effectively removes stains and odors at a reasonable cost. The best part is that it has a foam setting that allows you to truly dig into large, deeply-set stains.

The only thing more aggravating than discovering that your dog peed on the floor again is discovering that your carpet cleaner is powerless to remove it.

With the help of these evaluations of the best carpet cleaners for dog urine from BestForPets (bestforpets.org), you should never have that problem again since these cleaners can finally eliminate the problem at its source, protecting both your carpet and your nose from future attacks.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Carpet Urine Odor Cleaner

Chemical Degreasers

The type of cleaner you use will have a significant impact on your results.

Many brands, for example, employ chemical cleansers, which can be helpful but can also be harmful to your pet’s health.

They are also dangerous to use near children, and certain brands of the material you use are toxic. We only recommend chemical cleaners if you’ve exhausted all other choices.

Cleaners with Enzymes

Enzymes are little, beneficial bacteria that consume organic matter (urine, excrement), generating the stench.

When the organic material is depleted, the bacteria die and the stain and odor go.

Because enzymes dissolve the stain, they are the most efficient at preventing repeat visits, as opposed to other cleaners that disguise them.

The disadvantage of enzymes is that it can take a long time for the enzymes to eat the stain, and you may need to treat the stain numerous times before it is clean.

Another issue with enzymes is that different manufacturers use different concentrations of microorganisms.

Peroxide of Hydrogen

Hydrogen peroxide is a harmless chemical that can be used to eliminate organic stuff that causes odors, such as enzymes.

It is usually less expensive and extremely effective. The disadvantage of hydrogen peroxide is that it loses potency quickly, therefore you must frequently reapply it.

Bottle Dimensions

When you know what type of chemical you intend to employ, you can select the appropriate bottle size.

If you have a small to medium-sized dog, a 24- or 32-ounce bottle should suffice.

However, if you have a large dog or more than one, you should buy a one-gallon size or larger to ensure that you always have enough cleaning on hand in case one of your dogs has an accident.

Bottle of Spray

It may appear insignificant, but we strongly advise selecting a brand with a spray container to make application easier.

If it doesn’t come with a spray bottle, you’ll have to buy one on your own, which will delay getting started.

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