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The Best Cardboard Cat Scratchers : What You Need To Know

Cats are one of the most simple pets to care for. They are naturally litter-trained, have a laid-back demeanor, and will manage the majority of their grooming.

There is one exception: cats enjoy scratching. They will scratch nearly anything that feels good against their claws, with valuable furniture and upholstery among their favorite scratching surfaces.

Nonetheless, they do not scratch for the sake of scratching. Scratching is instinctive in cats, even in the wild. As a result, there is no such thing as a scratch-free cat.

As a result, in the absence of a designated scratcher, your cat will seek out everything that can serve the role, including your furniture, upholstery, walls, and carpet.

This implies that if you share your home with a cat, a cat scratcher is a must-have item. Cat scratchers are available in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes.

Wood, sisal, and cardboard are the most frequent. Cardboard cat scratchers are typically the least expensive of these options.

Nonetheless, even among cardboard cat scratchers, quality, design, and efficacy can vary greatly. As a result, choosing the greatest cardboard scratcher may be more difficult than you would like.

Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has already done the research for you. The %product_count% best cardboard cat scratchers on the market today are reviewed here.


Scratch Lounge Cardboard Cat Scratcher – Overall Winner

For a variety of reasons, the Scratch Lounge scratcher is our favorite cardboard scratcher. For starters, it has a distinct design that provides more than just a scratching surface.

It also serves as a nest for your cat, who enjoys squeezing himself into small spaces. The cardboard used in the construction of this scratcher is created from recycled paper.

This means that you may provide your cat with a space to exercise its natural impulses while also being environmentally conscious.

Some cats are wary of new experiences. The Scratch Lounge scratcher comes with a sachet of catnip to make it even more appealing. Simply sprinkle some catnip on the scratcher to attract your cat’s attention.

Another feature we appreciate about this scratcher is its durability. With this design, you may flip over the scratching surface to expose a fresh new one. As a result, do not start sweating once the original surface begins to show indications of wear.

Despite this, the Scratch Lounge scratcher is one of the most expensive alternatives on the market. Furthermore, larger cats may not be able to fit inside.


  • A one-of-a-kind and welcoming design that caters to a cat’s innate instincts.
  • Scratching surfaces on multiple surfaces
  • Long-lasting
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Construction is reversible.
  • It includes catnip.


  • Some cats may find it too small.


Hanging Cat Scratcher SmartyKat Scratch Up – Best Value

If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend SmartyKat’s cardboard scratcher.

To begin with, the Scratch Up Hanging Cat Scratcher is created in the United States, so you can be certain in its quality. Second, it has a basic yet effective design that your cat will be drawn to right away.

This scratcher is designed to be hung from a variety of surfaces, including the doorknob. If you’re familiar with cats’ scratching behaviors, you’ll know they enjoy mixing scratching with stretching.

Like a result, by just hanging this scratcher, your cat will automatically try it while stretching, just as they would with a tree. All of this without having to buy an expensive cat tree or entice your cat to try it out.

However, if your cat is a skeptic, the company has included some organic catnip that you can sprinkle on the Scratch Up to pique your pet’s curiosity.

Furthermore, after completely worn, just remove the back to show a new scratching surface. What a way to get your money’s worth!

Did we mention that you can also place the Scratch Up on the floor if your cat loves to scratch on flat surfaces? The options are limitless.

The only complaint we have about this product is that it is quite flimsy. Cats want a stable surface, which this scratcher does not provide.

Having saying that, we still think the SmartyKat Scratch Up is one of the greatest cardboard scratchers for the money.


  • Made in the United States
  • Excellent quality
  • Design versatility—can be used as a hanging or floor scratcher.
  • Budget-friendly
  • It includes catnip.


  • Flimsy


Premium Choice District 70 Sardine Cardboard Cat Scratcher

District 70 appears to have designed this scratcher with both your and your cat’s best interests in mind. The Sardine is a cat home and scratcher in one, allowing your cat to hide inside when he or she is not feeling social.

It is also quite stylish, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of interior décor. The Sardine features a huge scratching surface area, making it ideal for cats of all sizes.

We really like how it’s made of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, which not only feels good against your cat’s claws but also doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients.

The Sardine, unlike most cardboard scratchers, is strong, meaning it does not wobble or tip easily. Cats prefer stable scratching surfaces, thus this makes it even more tempting to them.

Because of its multi-purpose design, your cat can climb on it, lay on top of it, or hide within when it’s tired. It also has two doors for your cat’s convenience.

Despite being one of the more expensive cardboard scratchers, you will appreciate its value offer. Your cat gets a multi-purpose toy, and you get to redecorate your home. It’s a win-win situation.


  • Design that is adaptable
  • Made from recycled corrugated cardboard
  • Sturdy
  • Stylish
  • Excellent for cats of all sizes.


  • A little costly


Catit Catnip Bench Scratcher

Some of life’s best things are basic in nature or design. Catit’s Bench Scratcher is a wonderful illustration of this. It has a simple design that consists of a lounge on two legs.

If your cat is like any other, it is always looking for the finest location to kick back and relax. That is exactly what the Catit Bench Scratcher provides. The robust cardboard design protects the animal from stretching and scratching.

Another advantage of this scratcher is that it takes up little space. This means you won’t have to buy as many scratchers because you can simply take it to where your cat is.

Furthermore, the maker adds a sachet of catnip in the packaging to encourage your cat to use this lounge. This scratcher, however, is not as solid as we would like it to be due to its lightweight construction.

Because of this issue, some cats may find it undesirable.


  • It also serves as a lounge.
  • Construction made of strong cardboard
  • Stylish
  • It includes catnip.
  • Perfect for cats of all sizes


  • Not strong enough


Turbo Cat Scratcher Toy by Bergan

What we like best about the Bergan Turbo cat scratcher is that it allows two of our favorite feline activities: playing and scratching.

This toy is shaped like a plastic ball with a corrugated scratchpad in the center. You know how cats get enthusiastic about balls—they poke, pursue, and pounce. When they get fatigued, they might scratch at the pad.

Furthermore, the ball is composed of durable plastic, which means it will not break easily. In reality, the scratchpad will be the first to wear out.

Replacement scratchpads are available separately from the manufacturer to guarantee that this toy continues its usefulness. As a result, once the original pad begins to show symptoms of wear, simply order a couple of replacements.

Despite its clever design, the Bergan Turbo is only a supplementary scratcher at best. It cannot be used as the primary scratcher.

Because, as previously said, cats like stable surfaces for proper scratching. As a result, you will still need to purchase a genuine scratcher. Nonetheless, we admire the thought that went into creating this toy. Your cat will adore it.


  • It also functions as a toy.
  • Durable
  • Scratchpads are replaceable.


  • As the primary scratcher, this is not ideal.

Buyer's Manual

If you enjoy your furniture and are considering sharing it with a feline companion, you should invest in a cat scratcher.

Cats have an innate desire to scratch; it’s in their DNA. It serves a variety of functions, none of which involve bothering you, though this can occasionally be a result.

Scratching, for example, helps cats remove the outer covering of their claw to reveal a new one while also providing stress relief and exercise.

A scratching cat is thus a healthy cat. If you can’t handle a cat’s scratching behaviors, you should think about getting another type of pet.

Fortunately, all you need is a cat scratcher to address that problem. However, as previously said, the quality, usability, and efficiency of these tools varies greatly.

As a result, you must ensure that the product you select is suitable for both your cat and yourself. When shopping for the best cat scratcher for your kitty, keep the following factors in mind:


Cat scratchers are available in a variety of sizes. We discovered, however, that most cats prefer larger scratchers. And it makes logical given that cats honed their scratching instincts on trees.

Because trees are huge and stable, a cat can exert its weight without worry of slipping. Furthermore, cats stretch while they scratch, so a sturdy surface is essential for them.

As a result, while there are some nice small cat scratchers available, a larger one will never let you down. Nonetheless, a small-sized scratcher that simultaneously functions as a toy is ideal. It cannot, however, be the cat’s primary scratcher.

Mounted or freestanding

Some cardboard cat scratchers are sold separately, while others must be placed on the wall or floor. Mounted scratchers are obviously the better option because they are more stable.

This is especially true with cardboard scratchers, which are the lightest of all scratcher varieties.

Scratchpads that are replaceable

As previously said, cardboard scratchers come in a variety of designs. One of the most useful innovations allows you to replace the scratching surface as your cat wears it out.

This means you won’t have to buy an entirely new scratcher, allowing you to save money.

Surface Reversible

Manufacturers can also improve the durability of their scratchers by making them reversible.

When your cat’s original surface wears out, simply flip it over to reveal a new one. We like these scratchers since they are long-lasting.


Some scratchers integrate multiple feline interests into a single tool, making them extremely useful.

Some scratchers, for example, take the style of a box, nest, or lounge, providing your cat with both a place to relax and a surface to scratch.

Others manifest themselves as toys. Multi-purpose scratchers are an excellent choice because they eliminate the need to purchase multiple cat toys.


The scratcher will most likely end up in your living room at the end of the day. Consider how the design of a scratcher impacts your décor, since you do not want it to be an eyesore.


A cat scratcher is an essential item for cat owners. It not only allows you to keep your pet healthy and happy, but it also protects your furniture, rugs, and upholstery from the cat’s claws.

While there are cardboard cat scratchers on the market, just a few are worth your time.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends the Scratch Lounge Cardboard Cat Scratcher if you must choose one. It has the finest mix of size, functionality, and value of any scratcher we tested.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider the SmartyKat Scratch Up Hanging Cat Scratcher. At that price, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better scratcher.

Most essential, do not overlook different types of scratchers, such as those made of wood or sisal. This is due to the fact that they offer intrinsic advantages over cardboard scratchers, particularly in terms of usability and durability.

We hope that our list of the best cardboard cat scratchers aided you in your hunt for the ideal solution for your pet!

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