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15 Best Car Vacuums For Pet Hair In 2023

If you have dogs, you know how much fun it is to clean up their hair! You'll find pet hair in your car if you take long car rides with your dog or even if you put your cat in a carrier for a trip to the clinic.

This might be an irritation at times, but if you have family members who are allergic to pet hair, it becomes even more crucial to maintain your automobile as clear of pet hair as possible.

It is nearly hard to use an upright vacuum cleaner in a car, therefore investing in a handheld car vacuum is a smart idea.

But where do you even begin with so many options? As a result, our evaluation list includes seven of the best car vacuums for pet hair.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each model, as well as what we loved and disliked about it.

We're confident that one of them will meet all of your requirements.



BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Corded Vacuum — Overall Winner

The best overall car vacuum for pet hair goes to the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum. This vacuum is made specifically for removing pet hair and comes with two nozzles.

The first is a rubber nozzle with small teeth that lifts and removes both hair and debris. The other is a suction nozzle, which is ideal for cleaning up dog food that has fallen into the car.

It’s also quite light and compact, making it easier to reach into all of your car’s odd spots, such as the footwells and beneath the seats.

The bagless dust cup is simple to empty, and you will never need to buy replacement bags.

The 16-foot power chord eliminates the necessity for recharging this vacuum, albeit you may want an extension wire.


  • Outstanding value for money
  • A unique nozzle
  • Filtration with many layers
  • Lightweight and small


  • Corded


Best Price for ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

We propose the ThisWorx Portable Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner as the finest car vacuum for pet hair for the money.

With this beast and its assortment of specialist accessories, you’ll have your car upholstery gleaming clean and free of pet hair in no time.

We like how, while being corded, this vacuum is powered by the 12-volt socket in your car. As a result, there is no need for extension cables or to be close to a power outlet at home.

The only reason this didn’t take the top spot is that the nozzles and brushes aren’t as good at picking up pet hair as our best overall pick.


  • Outstanding value for money
  • Design for ergonomics
  • Incorporate a HEPA filter
  • There are numerous accessories.


  • Filters must be replaced.


BLACK+DECKER HHVK515JP07 Handheld Vacuum — High-End Option

The Black+Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Pets is an outstanding quality option.

This cordless portable vacuum has specialized rubber bristles that effectively remove pet hair from your car’s carpets and upholstery.

When you need more suction, simply push the PowerBoost button for up to four times the power.

The extra-large dustbin makes cleaning your entire car in one go easier than ever, and it’s also simple to empty, owing to the one-touch easy-empty feature.

If you have allergies, the washable filter is ideal. This rechargeable vacuum’s efficient battery provides up to 145% more runtime than other versions.


  • Cordless
  • Filter is washable
  • Feature of one-touch emptying


  • Expensive


Cordless Hand Vacuum BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser

The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum quickly removes trapped pet hair from the upholstery of your automobile.

It comes with a slew of tools and attachments that are specifically designed to help lift and remove pet hair. It also has a triple filtration system to keep the cleaning performance at its peak for as long as possible.

The powerful 14-volt lithium-ion battery provides an extended runtime, and the huge dirt bin allows you to clean for longer periods of time.

This vacuum is also very easy to empty. The handle is simple and comfortable to hold, and it’s simple to swap out the tools when you need to clean inaccessible spots.


  • Long running time
  • There are numerous accessories.
  • Cordless


  • Filters must be replaced.
  • Expensive


Carary Portable Handheld Vacuum 8Kpa

The Carary Portable Handheld Vacuum is also an excellent alternative for eliminating pet hair from the upholstery of your car.

This kit includes six accessories, including an extra-long crevice tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such behind vehicle seats.

This vacuum comes with two washable filters that, while they will need to be replaced eventually, are a more environmentally responsible option than using paper filters that need to be replaced more frequently.

This vacuum has an easy-charge base for fast recharge. The only thing we don’t like about this vacuum is its 30-minute duration!


  • Charging in one step
  • No-bag dirt basin
  • Filters that are washable


  • Runtime is limited.
  • Heavy


Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Bagless Pet Hand Vacuum

The Shark-Pet Perfect II Cordless Bagless Hand Vacuum is a well-known brand that offers strong suction thanks to its 10-volt power source.

The ergonomic handle makes this vacuum easy to use, and the glass dust container makes it clear when it needs to be emptied.

This vacuum is noisier than some of the other vacuums, which is a distinct disadvantage. The battery life is also poor, so you’ll have to recharge it more frequently than you’d want.

It’s also more pricey than some of the vacuums that received higher ratings in our testing.


  • Filter is washable
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Noisy
  • Inadequate battery life


Handheld Vacuum Cleaner EUREKA NEH100 RapidClean

The EUREKA NEH100 RapidClean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a low-cost choice that does a fine job of removing short-haired breeds’ hair, but it isn’t powerful enough to lift embedded filth and will quickly become clogged with long-haired pets’ hair.

The suction isn’t great either, so you may have to pass over particular places several times.

This vacuum only operates for 20 minutes before needing to be recharged, which might be inconvenient if you’re halfway through cleaning your car and then have to wait for this to charge up again before continuing.

However, if you’re searching for a low-cost solution, it’s an excellent buy.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Lightweight


  • Small trash can
  • Runtime is limited.
  • Suction is inadequate.
  • Long-haired breeds should avoid it.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Pet Hair Car Vacuum

You may be aware that you require a vacuum to remove all of the collected pet hair and debris in your vehicle, but what features should you look for when selecting the brand and model that is best for you? Consider the following:

Filter HEPA

A high-efficiency particulate air filter removes dander, which can trigger allergic reactions. If you’re vacuuming to get rid of allergies, a model with a HEPA filter is crucial. If not, this isn’t as significant.

Corded or rechargeable?

If you want to clean your car away from a power source, rechargeable vacuums are ideal, but they typically only have a runtime of 30-40 minutes.

If you need to keep cleaning beyond this period, you’ll have to wait until your vacuum is fully charged. Corded vacuums can run for as long as you want them to, but the cord can get in the way and an extension cable may be required.

Tools and attachments

Investing in a vacuum with pet-specific attachments is the most effective strategy to defeat pet hair! Look for crevice tools, brushes with rubber bristles to help lift entrenched hairs, and dusting equipment to eliminate grime.

Suction Strength

We’ve all heard that pet hair can be difficult to remove, especially from certain types of car upholstery. Choosing the highest voltage and suction vacuum you can buy will make cleaning your automobile more faster and easier.

Filter Design

Some of the vacuums we tested feature a HEPA filter, while others have washable filters, paper filters, or no filter at all! Choose a HEPA filter if you want to remove as much dust and dander as possible.

Washable filters are the next best option because they can be rinsed and reused, resulting in less environmental impact. Paper filters need to be replaced frequently, and the cost of replacements can quickly pile up.

Design for Ergonomics

It can take some time to get all of the pet hair out of our car, and holding an uncomfortable handheld vacuum for an extended amount of time can cause wrist and shoulder pain.

To avoid discomfort, look for companies with an ergonomic, lightweight design.


With so many brands and models to choose from, it might be difficult to find the best vehicle vacuum for pet hair.

As a reminder, the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum is our pick for best overall car vacuum for pet hair.

This strong corded vacuum with a specific nozzle designed to lift tough pet hair can make quick work of freshening up your car interior.

You can’t go wrong with the ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner as the greatest value option.

This kit includes a plethora of accessories to assist you in cleaning pet hair from every surface in your vehicle.

Because it also contains a HEPA filter, it is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Hopefully, our reviews have provided you with plenty of ideas for selecting your new vehicle vacuum to combat all that annoying pet hair.

Some of our best car vacuums for pet hair are ideal for allergy sufferers, while others are ideal for taking on a camping trip or are simply a terrific buy.

Whatever you’re looking for in a vehicle vacuum, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is confident that one of our top fifteen choices will be ideal.

There’s nothing like leaving for an adventure in a clean, fresh-smelling car free of pet hair, even if your dog’s aim is to make it dirty all over again!

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