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How To Find The Best Calming Collars For Cats

Cats might become agitated or hyperactive and wreak havoc on your property by spraying, scratching, or leaving "presents" in inconvenient locations.

Even if you lavish love and affection on your cat, it may still indulge in these behaviors if it is not at ease.

Cat calming collars are a fantastic solution. Calming collars, which contain pheromones that make your cat feel comfortable and protected, can alleviate anxiety and help your cat feel at peace at home.

Remember that the effectiveness of a collar is dependent on the cat's age, size, usage, and level of anxiety, so you may need to shop around to find the ideal solution.

Based on BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) experience and the experiences of pet owners with anxious cats, we have chosen the best calming collars for cats on the market today.


Sentry Good Behavior Calming Cat Collar – Overall Winner

Because of its Good Behavior pheromone technology, the Sentry Good Behavior Calming Collar for Cats is the greatest overall calming collar for cats.

This pheromone is intended to replicate the one produced by mother cats to keep kittens quiet.

These collars have been clinically demonstrated to minimize nervous behaviors including as clawing, scratching, marking, and destructive behavior.

Thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or social circumstances can all set them off.

The collar is designed to last 30 days and emits calming pheromones with soothing lavender and chamomile throughout.

The collar is safe for cats of all ages, though it is recommended for adult cats. The collar is designed to accommodate cats with necks up to 15 inches long.

Though many reviewers were pleased with the results, others complained that the collar was difficult to keep on and that its rich flowery aroma was overbearing.

Some people reported no change in their animals’ troublesome habits.


Best Value Comfort Zone Breakaway Calming Collar for Cats

The Comfort Zone On-The-Go Breakaway Calming Collar for Cats is the most affordable calming collar for cats.

The collar is intended to help your cat relax and feel safe in its surroundings, so reducing nervous behaviors such as scratching, clawing, and marking.

The collar contains relaxing pheromones that release continually throughout the day, allowing you to wear it all day and night.

You won’t have to worry about your cat getting stuck on furniture, fences, or other obstacles thanks to its breakaway design.

The collar can be worn both indoors and outdoors and emits pheromones for 30 days. Many reviewers noticed improvements in their cats’ bad habits, however a few did not.

The breakaway design may not be suited for cats who attempt to remove their collars.


Healex Cat Calming Collar – Ideal for Kittens

For kittens and young cats, the Healex Cat Calming Collar for Cats is the perfect option. The collar is ideal for young cats that have not yet been spayed or who are anxious.

The adjustable collar can suit even little kittens, so your cat can grow into it. The collar contains substances that have been professionally shown to induce soothing and relaxation.

The collar is suitable for use with other Healex products and is suitable for cats aged 10 weeks and above.

However, the collar contains some essential oils, which may induce allergic or sensitivities in cats. Some reviews commented on how strong the stench is.


Relaxivet Cat Calming Collar

The Relaxivet Soothing Collar for Cats has a special de-stress formula that uses pheromones to promote calming in anxious cats without the need of medicines.

The collar is perfect for agitated or destructive cats during stressful occasions such as fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, or travel.

The collar can help avoid fighting, dominance, and scared behaviors among housemates in multi-cat households.

Because the pheromones are produced throughout the day and night, the collar is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor cats.

Collars come in one-pack or two-pack sizes, so you may save money by purchasing more for several cats or replacement after the 30-day term.

Some reviewers stated that the collar is nearly tough to remove and has sharp edges on the size notches that must be trimmed to prevent injury to your cat—so keep this in mind.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Calming Collar

Calming collars are fantastic tools for safely and naturally calming stressed cats. However, not all collars are created equal, so here are some things to check for:


Most calming collars exude soothing scents that relax your cat by using pheromones, chemicals, or essential oils.

These collars are typically composed of the same materials that carry the smell, but the durability and flexibility of the strap material are critical.

Collars are designed to be worn around the clock, therefore if your cat isn’t comfortable, it may have the reverse effect or create skin irritation.


Size is important while looking for a kitten or a large-breed cat. The collar should be snug enough to stay on, but slack enough to be comfortable.

Most relaxing collars have adjustable bands to ensure your cat is comfortable. The standard size is 15 inches, which you can change and trim if necessary.

Measure your cat’s neck or present collar before you go shopping to ensure you don’t need a smaller or larger size.

Ingredients in Use

To encourage relaxation, calming collars may contain synthetic chemicals, pheromones, natural herbs, or essential oils. These can have a variety of consequences on your kitties.

Keep in mind that some cats are hypersensitive or allergic to essential oils or natural components, so keep this in mind when shopping.

Also, because pheromones are undetectable to humans yet effective on cats, they may be favored over the strong aromas of essential oils.


Some collars provide features other than relaxing compounds, such as waterproofing. If you have an outdoor cat, you should look for a waterproof, easy-to-clean calming collar.

Non-waterproof calming collars cannot be cleaned since the pheromones would be washed away, thus waterproof is a good alternative for cats who prefer to get muddy.

A breakaway collar is another desirable feature. Cats can crawl into tight areas and become entangled in furniture, fences, plants, or other obstacles.

If your cat becomes trapped and you are not present, they may damage themselves while attempting to free themselves.

The clasp on a breakaway collar will release if your cat applies enough pressure to it.


A soothing collar can help if your cat exhibits agitated or destructive behavior such as clawing, scratching, rushing around, and spraying.

Cat calming collars employ essential oils or pheromones to relax and comfort cats during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or veterinarian appointments.

Due to its Good Behavior pheromone technology and favorable results, the Sentry Good Behavior Calming Collar for Cats is the greatest overall calming collar for cats.

If you want pheromones in a breakaway design for indoor or outdoor cats, the Comfort Zone On-The-Go Breakaway Calming Collar for Cats is a good option.

In the end, we appreciate that you chose BestForPets (bestforpets.org) among dozens of other websites to learn about the best calming collars for cats.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the best product for your pet.

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