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15 Best Calming Collars For Cats Available

A calming collar, one of many things claiming to relax cats, must be firm without being limiting. Most rely on pheromones or soothing oils, and all have a time limit for their effectiveness.

Different collar styles will suit different cats. It will not effectively soothe your cat if he or she does not enjoy the essential oil scents used on a collar, for example.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked examined pheromone and essential oil-based relaxing collars for cats, as well as whether they had features like a breakaway mechanism and how much they cost.

Without further ado, here are the reviews of the %product_count% best calming collars for cats available.


Sentry Cat Good Behavior Calming Collar – Best Overall

  • Pheromone type
  • Lifetime: 30 days
  • 15 inches in length
  • Packing Dimensions: 1

The Sentry Good Behavior Relaxing Collar is a calming collar that uses pheromones. The collar, which has a lavender and chamomile scent, has no long-term adverse effects and can be used during thunderstorms, fireworks, and other stressful situations.

It mimics the hormone released by mothers to relax their kittens, reducing anxiety and stress. Scenting, anxious urinating, scratching, and destructive and antisocial behavior can all be reduced with the Sentry collar. The collar fits necks up to 15 inches in circumference, thus it may not be suited for huge breeds. It has a 30-day shelf life.

This model is marketed as a breakaway collar, however because to issues with the breakaway mechanism, Sentry has made them easier to slip off, which regrettably means that adventurous cats will regularly lose their collar.

The Sentry’s pheromone-based design has shown to be effective and fast. It is appropriate for cats who do not go on many adventures and are unlikely to try to remove the collar.

We believe that when combined with its low pricing, effectiveness, and safety, it is the greatest overall soothing collar for cats. However, if your cat is an explorer or chews on collars, or if it is a large breed, you should consider another option.


  • Design for a breakaway
  • Inexpensive
  • Corrects inappropriate behavior


  • Easy to remove
  • Maximum neck circumference: 15″


Best Value CPFK Cat Calming Collar

  • Pheromones are a type of odorant.
  • Lifetime: 30 days
  • 15 inches in length
  • Packing Dimensions: 3

Pheromones are also used in the CPFK Cat Calming Collar to alleviate anxiety and stress. The collar is said to start working within an hour of being placed on, and it may be used for hyperactive cats as well as those suffering from worry and stress.

The collar mimics the pheromones released by a kitten’s mother to lessen anxiety. Because pheromones are not harsh substances, they are considered safe and sympathetic to the cat.

This collar, like many others on this list, blends pheromones with essential oils. The CPFK collar contains relaxants lavender and chamomile.

While lavender oil is recognized to be safe for cats, chamomile oil is not. Although only trace amounts are used in collars and they are not disseminated, you should nevertheless watch for signs of discomfort and skin issues.

This breakaway collar has a maximum length of 15 inches and a lifespan of 30 days. A three-pack lasts up to three months, and the pricing makes this the greatest soothing collar for cats for the money.


  • Cheap
  • Collar with a breakaway design
  • There are three collars included.


  • Maximum size: 15″
  • Controversial chamomile essential oil is included.


Premium Choice Comfort Zone On-The-Go Breakaway Calming Collar for Cats

  • Pheromone type
  • Lifetime: 30 days
  • The size is one-size-fits-all.
  • Packing Dimensions: 1

The Comfort Zone On-The-Go Breakaway Calming Collar for Cats is intended for cats who enjoy exploring and getting out of the house.

As a result, it features a breakaway design. This means that if the collar gets snagged on a tree branch, your cat will be able to break free and avoid strangulation.

Not all pheromone collars, like as the Comfort Zone, have this feature, and it is challenging for manufacturers to strike the proper balance between safety and retention.

The Comfort Zone is not easily broken and will not fall off if your cat gets into difficulties. It has a 30-day shelf life and employs pheromones to alleviate anxiety.

It is intended for continuous use, making it excellent for both general nervous cats and those who experience anxiety at certain periods. The maker says that the collar would fit cats of all sizes, but the snap tab attachments are difficult to secure.


  • Design for a breakaway
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Designed for long-term use


  • Expensive
  • Snap tabs do not always function properly.


Calming Collar for Cats and Small Dogs

  • Pheromones are a type of odorant.
  • Lifetime: 30 days
  • 16 inches in length
  • Packing Dimensions: 1

According to the manufacturers, the Relaxivet Calming Collar can help lessen the tension associated with activities such as changing house, going to the vet, or having to be transported in the automobile.

It combines mother pheromone mimicking with the application of gentle essential oils. It specifically uses the same lavender and chamomile blend that many collars use.

The collar is 16 inches long, which means it will fit cats with necks up to 15 inches long.

Because pheromones and essential oils are used, there are no toxic chemicals present, and the cat should not experience any responses or allergies as a result, though there is some worry about the use of chamomile essential oils.

However, the plastic collar is not labeled as breakaway, and there have been incidents of cats biting on their collar. It is reasonably priced and boasts the same 30-day life as the majority of these collars.


  • Design is slimmer than most.
  • There are no hazardous substances.


  • Chamomile is present.
  • There is no breakaway design.
  • The chewable collar


Cat Calming Collar by Molanu

  • Pheromones are a type of odorant.
  • Lifetime: 60 days
  • 15 inches in length
  • Packing Dimensions: 1

The Molanu Cat Calming Collar for Cats is a 15-inch collar that includes pheromones that, according to the maker, are activated by body temperature and begin functioning within 2 hours of the collar being placed on your cat.

This collar boasts a 60-day lifespan, which is unusual. Most alternatives will only last up to 30 days before needing to be replaced.

The collar has a one-size-fits-all snapping method, so you fit it to your cat, make sure it’s snug but not too tight, and then trim off any excess material to give your cat the perfect fit. It is water-resistant, so it can be worn by both outdoor and indoor cats.

Although the firm claims it is an odorless pheromone system, some customers have complained about a strong stench, and the collar is fairly thick, which may not be pleasant for all cats.


  • 60-day shelf life
  • Waterproof


  • Very thick
  • There have been reports of a strong odor.


Sobaken Cat Calming Collar

  • Pheromones are a type of odorant.
  • Lifetime: 30 days
  • 15 inches in length
  • Packing Dimensions: 1

Sobaken offers a variety of cat collars, including the Sobaken Calming Collar for Cats. It contains natural pheromones and essential oils, ensuring that the collar works swiftly and relaxes the cat while also lowering anxiety and stress.

It is reasonably priced and fits necks up to 15 inches around, so it should fit all except the largest cat breeds. It is waterproof and made with natural substances, lowering the risk of allergic and other reactions to the collar.

Pheromones and essential oils can help minimize scratching, excessive vocalization, and inappropriate urine. The collar has a strong lavender perfume, which may turn off certain owners and repel cats who dislike the scent.


  • Waterproof
  • Pheromones and lavender are combined.


  • Strong odor


Nurture Calm 24/7 Cat Calming Collar

  • Pheromones are a type of odorant.
  • Lifetime: 30 days
  • 15 inches in length
  • Packing Dimensions: 1

The Nurture Calm 24/7 Calming Collar for Cats is a pheromone-based cat collar that works for up to 30 days and starts working within an hour.

It fits necks up to 15 inches in size, but it lacks a breakaway design, which means it could become trapped in branches or other obstacles and pose a serious risk to your cat, even if the collars do not lock effectively and tend to slide off after daily use.

The collar may stay on an indoor cat who is used to having something around its neck, but if your cat goes outside and catches the collar on something, or if it fights with another household cat, or even tries to gnaw the collar itself, it will most certainly fall off. If the collar slides, the collar cannot function properly.


  • Waterproof


  • Too easily slips off


Cat with Calming Paws and a Calming Collar

  • Species: Essential Oils
  • Lifetime: 30 days
  • 11 inches in length
  • Packing Dimensions: 1

If pheromone-based collars haven’t worked for you, the Calm Paws Behavior Support Calming Collar for Cats is an alternative.

It employs a blend of essential oils intended to minimize anxiety and stress as well as instances of marking, restless behavior, vocalization, and furniture and item clawing.

The collar is more pricey than most, and with a maximum size of 11 inches, it will only suit kittens and small breeds. It has a strong odor, which may dissuade some cats as well as some human owners from using it.

Because it uses essential oils rather than pheromones, there is a higher possibility of an allergic reaction to the collar, so be cautious when wearing it.


  • Can help with anxiety


  • Strong odor
  • Expensive
  • The possibility of an allergic reaction

Buyer's Guide: What to Look for When Choosing the Best Cat Calming Collars

Calming collars for cats are designed to relieve anxiety or stress in cats.

This can help minimize antisocial and undesirable behavior caused by anxiety, such as territorial marking, bullying of other cats, excessive vocalization, and destructive scratching.

Calming collars are one option among several, and you should select the one that best matches your needs and that your cat is most at ease with.

Anxiety Causes

There are numerous possible causes of anxiety in your cat, but the first thing to consider is a change in surroundings, as cats enjoy routine and constancy.

If you have recently brought a new cat to the household, moved, or altered your cat’s food, and you are experiencing feline anxiety symptoms, this could be the most likely explanation.

Certain events or behaviors may cause anxiety. Thunderstorms and fireworks, for example, are common stressors.

When you leave your cat alone for an extended amount of time, it develops separation anxiety.

This can be a serious issue among rescue cats who have previously been abandoned. Your cat is concerned that you will not return and that they will be abandoned once more.

Cats can also develop feline obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which can be initiated or exacerbated by stress.

Predatory behavior by another cat or animal in the house might cause anxiety. In addition, there has been a surge in fighting as well as activities such as marking and scratching furniture.

Some ailments can make your cat anxious. This is particularly true if they are experiencing physical symptoms of the condition.

Cat Collar Alternatives

In a perfect world, you would be able to pinpoint the source of your cat’s fear and then eliminate it. In a perfect world, this would also prevent the affected cat from experiencing anxiety in the future.

However, determining, let alone treating, the source of anxiety can be challenging, and some cats experience anxiety more frequently and readily than others.

The following products seek to relieve your cat’s worry and stress:


Cat pheromone diffusers function similarly to air fresheners and scent diffusers. Vibrations are used to generate small particles, which are subsequently spread into the air.

Some diffusers simply make a mist of the liquid and then spray it into the surrounding environment. Diffusers can help prevent fighting and other competitive behaviors in multi-cat households.


Sprays, often known as spritzers, are simple spray bottles containing a liquid containing a pheromone or essential oil that relaxes and calms cats.

Simply spray the container near the cat, on their bed, or on their collar, and the liquid will function as long as they are in its vicinity.

These products are simple to use, however some cats dislike the squirting noise of a spray, and a pump bottle does not provide a complete dissemination.


Chews contain nutrients and substances that work to alleviate stress and anxiety. Thiamine and L-theanine are two popular ingredients in relaxing cat treats.


Capsules, like chews, typically include a supplement or substance that decreases stress-related hormones and enhances relaxation in cats.


Wipes might be useful for spot cleaning. They can, for example, be sprayed inside the cat carrier to relax your cat while being transported to the clinic.

The tranquil environment they create will not only prevent your cat from fearing the carrier, but it may also transform it into a place of refuge and comfort.


Vests are tightly wrapped around the cat’s body. According to the hypothesis, this firm envelopment is similar to being tightly held by a mother, and it activates pressure points that help your cat feel more calm and comforted.

Cat Collar Specifications

Certain cat collars provide an additional approach of relieving anxiety and tension. The collars are typically infused with essential oils or pheromones that either soothe or reduce stress levels.

Because the collar is always around the cat’s neck, this product is excellent for both outdoor and indoor cats. The following are some qualities to look for when purchasing a relaxing cat collar.

Essential Oils vs. Pheromones

Calming cat collars alleviate tension in cats by using pheromones, essential oils, or a mix of the two.

Pheromones are hormones, and soothing cat collars seek to recreate the pheromones that a kitten or cat’s mother would emit when they were younger. These pheromones would have alleviated stress. Pheromones have no odor.

Essential oils are sourced from plants and have been shown to have a relaxing and soothing impact on those who come into contact with them.

Lavender and chamomile are common examples, though many owners prefer to avoid chamomile for cats unless it is used in extremely low concentrations. Essential oils can have a strong odor, which may turn off certain cats and their owners.

Collar Dimensions

The majority of cat collars available on the market have a maximum size, with 15 inches being the most prevalent. This size should be adequate for kittens and most adult cats, however large breed cats will require something larger.

The collars are often one-size-fits-all. To ensure a correct fit, you adjust them to the suitable size and then cut off any excess collar.

Working Life

Both pheromone and essential oil collars are thought to be effective for a set number of days.

After this period, the collar must be replaced to guarantee that it continues to provide excellent anxiety-reduction outcomes.

While most collars have been shown to be beneficial for 30 days, there are those that can be worn for up to 60 days.

Mechanism of Breakaway

A breakaway mechanism is very vital for outdoor cats, although it can also be useful for domestic cats.

It means that if your cat’s collar gets hooked on a branch or a fence column, for example, the collar will break away, saving your cat from being entangled and the collar from tightening around their necks.


Calming collars for cats are one option for reducing anxiety and tension in your cat caused by one-time incidences, sickness, or a change in circumstances. They should be simple to use, effective for about 30 days, and safe and secure to use.

In our reviews, we discovered that the Sentry Cat Good Behavior Calming Collar provided dependable anxiety relief while also being reasonably priced and having an excellent breakaway design.

The three-pack of CPFK soothing cat collars was the best value for money and supplied felines with pheromone-based anxiety alleviation.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) wishes you luck as you look for the best calming collars for cats available for your pet. 

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