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10 Best Cages For Pet Mice – Reviews & Top Picks

Choosing the right cage for your mouse is an important part of rat care. Rats have high IQs and can experience nuanced emotions like love.

They require a private space in your home where they can rest and relax in peace.

Your mouse cage can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles.

Spending time narrowing down the options can be frustrating because you still might not find the product you're looking for.

You've found the right site if you're looking for a nice, cozy place for your mouse that won't spend hours searching the internet.

To aid your decision, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best cages for pet mice to be released, along with detailed breakdowns of each.

Instruction Manual

You don’t have to go to a lot of trouble to get a cage for your mouse. You may also rearrange things to give them a fresh experience or a new area to investigate.

However, people are more likely to feel at ease when they are surrounded by objects that are comparable to those they are familiar with at home. The greatest method to develop a home is to pick one and gradually make it more exciting or diversified.

Maximum Allowable Size of a Cage

If you don’t have a lot of time to let them run around your house freely, the size of the cage is very crucial. A single mouse requires a minimum of 10 liters of tank space. Add five liters for every additional mouse.

It’s important to acquire the correct size cage to ensure their continued health and happiness. The closer they can go to their natural environment, without having to worry about being eaten, the better.

For Your Protection

Your mouse needs a place it can call home, and a cage may provide that for it. A mouse needs places to nest and dig into its bedding, so make sure its cage has such.

To avoid spills, make sure the bottom tray isn’t too short. Because of this, they can’t burrow through a thin layer of bedding, and the bedding therefore fails to perform its intended role.

Nesting boxes aren’t often included with cages, but it’s usually possible to attach one to the side. Special consideration should be given to aviaries that eliminate the need to buy a separate nesting box. If you plan on breeding your mice, you’ll need a place for them to nest.


Metal netting or wires shaped into narrow rectangles covering the whole top of the rat cage, and a thick plastic bed, are the two main components of a typical rodent cage.

Mice like to gnaw on objects, thus you need to be sure that whatever metal or powder coating is utilized on the outside is safe for them to eat.

The other aspect is the quality of the cage. Is there a ramp and balcony access available? If that’s the case, what happens when a mouse, which is very flimsy, starts climbing on them? Do they stay in place or do they eventually collapse under the weight of the mouse?

Add-ons and Alterations

A cage doesn’t necessarily have to be a plain piece of metal wiring and a bottom plastic bucket. Modifications may be made to allow it to attach to additional cages, expanding the potential environment for your pet.

It is not necessarily low to the ground though but could extend vertically to allow your mouse extra area to climb about.

The quality of the included extras is another factor to think about when choosing a cage. A mouse cage with high-quality accessories may be a great investment, whereas a more expensive cage with low-quality fixtures is a waste of money.

Also, if your mouse manages to sneak inside of a cheap accessory and then has that accessory come apart, your mouse is in risk. Make care to test them for any weak points before allowing your mouse to explore the new space further.

Common accessories that come with cages include water bottles, food dishes, nesting boxes, and exercise wheels.


Finally, think about how easy it is for you and your mouse to get about. A clean cage is essential for the animals’ continued well-being.

When mice are trying to burrow, they don’t enjoy coming across their own feces. If you have a cage that is difficult to clean, you may be less motivated to do your daily work as efficiently as you should.

Take into account the mouse’s mobility within the cage and whether or not there are any escape hatches. To what extent are the wires separated, and do they have any simple points of entry?


The best mouse cages will provide plenty of space for your mouse or rat to run around, sniff around, and sleep. There is no way for them to feel unsafe, and they should have plenty of personal space.

More thought should be given to the design of the cage, as well as the bedding and additional accessories you will need, if you want them to spawn.

The Ferplast Favola Mouse Cage is a great choice if you need a spacious home for your mice that also provides them with a fun environment to run and play in.

A lot of extras that come with the cage make it a better place for mice to live, and the design makes it easy to clean and take out your rodents.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best cages for pet mice have made it easier for you to find the right product from the seemingly endless options in the material business world.


The Best Mice Cage Is the Ferplast Favola

Mice, hamsters, and other tiny fuzzy rodents are all welcome in the Ferplast Favola Cage. The cage serves as both a fun location to play and a quiet spot to rest or hide.

This type of modular mouse cage is ideal if you have many mice since it can be joined together to create a larger environment.

Ferplast’s translucent bottom half is paired with a wire netting top half to create this cage’s unique design. That way, you can stuff it with sawdust or wood shavings and give your mouse plenty of room to burrow and build nests, just like they would in the wild.

Your mouse may easily access the top and lower levels by climbing a ladder, providing him or her with separate quarters for sleeping, lounging, eating, and playing.

The total measurements of the cage are 23.62″ in length, 14.37″ in width, and 11.81″ in height. Its light weight of 6.37 pounds makes it convenient for transport from one location to another.

Opening the top door or separating the bottom from the wire netting makes cleaning the cage a breeze.

Everything necessary for a happy and healthy lifestyle has been incorporated into the cage. A few examples include a bowl for food and water and a wheel for exercise. Although the cage itself is of great quality, its attachments are not.


  • Integrates with existing cages to create a better environment
  • Separated dwelling quarters consisting of an upper and lower level
  • Lots of extras included


  • The cage’s inferior quality extras.


Cheapest Ware Small Animal Chew-Proof Cage Available

Ware, Chew-Proof This little animal cage features a multi-level layout, giving your mice the impression that they are free to explore all areas of their home.

Much of the cage is constructed out of metal netting. Powder coating makes the metal even harder to chew through for rodents.

A metal drop pan fills the bottom inch of the cage. This dish may be removed and reattached to the main cage structure with minimal effort.

The container has many levels, accessible via shelves and stairs. These may be clipped in a variety of ways to the edge of the wire cage to provide a new experience for your intrepid explorers.

There are two identically sized doors on the same side of the cage that provide entrance to the interior. Including its height, length, and width, the complete cage measures a colossal 24 by 17 by 12.75 inches.

Aside from being one of the most cost-effective options, it also requires minimal assembly upon arrival. Beyond the ramps and ladders, it lacks any other attachments.


  • Simple access through two doors
  • Option with the lowest price tag
  • Ramps and metal netting that won’t rust easily


  • The quality is subpar.
  • Absolutely no ancillary items


The 528 Small Animal Cage from Prevue Pet Products is an Excellent Option

Mice and other tiny rodents are often kept in cages that aren’t very tall since their owners don’t want to risk injury should they fall.

The Prevue Pet Products large squat cage provides your mice with ample area to go about in a secure environment. 32.5 inches in length, 19.0 inches in width, and 17.0 inches in height are the measurements for the cage.

Cage weights in at a hefty 14 pounds due to the use of high-quality, long-lasting materials throughout construction.

The top half of this enclosure is made of wire netting, while the bottom half is made of sturdy plastic. The space between the wires is barely 3/8 of an inch, making it impossible for mice to get out.

The base is 6 14 inches in height, giving your mice plenty of room to burrow and build a home.

The cage includes a single shelf and ladder. The plastic screws firmly attach the wire netting to the edges of the cage, so your mice won’t be at risk of escaping as they would be in a less expensive cage.

There are two enormous doors, one on top and one on the side, and the bottom can be removed for easy cleaning.


  • Accessories that are fastened reliably
  • Integrated durability through use of high-quality materials
  • Minimal spaces between wires to prevent mice from escaping


  • Pricier than comparable options
  • Remium Choice


This is an AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage

In response to buyer input on competitive items, Amazon Basics has developed its own version of a cage for tiny pets. A variety of extras complement the sturdy plastic construction and metal netting of this habitat.

Your mice will be quite comfortable in this 32 by 18 by 22-inch cage.

Plenty of environmental enhancements are included with the cage. Not all of them are of the highest quality, but together they improve the overall worth of the cage.

There is a safe bolted balcony with a leading access ladder and a food dish that won’t tip over, among other accessories. The cage is covered by Amazon’s basic one-year guarantee.

There are two more sizes available, one for smaller rats and the other for larger ones. Although the size shown is the Standard, it is also available in Jumbo and Large.

There are two simple entry points that allow you to clean the interior. The front of the cage can be opened fully or there can be smaller openings on either side.


  • Comprises complementary items
  • Two major windows
  • Warranty Period: One Year (Limited)


  • It’s not always the case that accessories perform to the best of their ability.


Arcade Mouse Cage, Midwest Critterville

Midwest Critterville’s cage is a unique hybrid of a safe haven where your mice may sleep and relax and a fun-filled play area into which they can freely explore at any moment. The bottom of the cage is constructed from wire netting and plastic, and can be padded with bedding.

The vertical and slender upper half of the cage is the most distinctive feature. To access this area of the cage, your mouse may just crawl through the provided tube.

The vertical part of the cage then continues upward through a set of stairs and balconies. On the upper level, they have access to a stationary bike, and you can observe them while they work out via the clear plastic.

After ascending another flight of stairs, they reach a safe, enclosed nesting location.

In addition to the nesting bed and the wheel, the cage also includes a food bowl and a drink bottle that won’t leak. This cage is adaptable, so you can join it with others to create a larger enclosure.

The overall dimensions of the cage are 18.1 by 11.4 by 21.5 inches, and it weighs 6.1 pounds. MidWest stands behind the product’s quality and includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase.


  • Ample room for adventuring
  • A lot of it
  • Including extras for your convenience


  • Since it’s put up like this, cleaning is a pain.

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