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The 10 Best Cages For Parrotlets

BestForPets (bestforpets.org)'s list includes the best cages for parrotlets on the market, as you are seeking the best.

A parrotlet cage need not necessarily feel like a cage. Instead, it should be spacious and give your pet with a sense of comfort and safety. Unfortunately, not every cage fits these criteria.

How can you then locate the ideal parrotlet cage? Read the review to locate one that meets your requirements and fits your budget.


Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage

The Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage is the greatest parrotlet cage in general. The 18 x 18 x 49-inch cage provides your pet with a safe and secure habitat. It is constructed of wrought iron, which provides great craftsmanship and durability. In addition, it has a coating that is non-toxic.

The birdcage is readily transportable due to the casters. Additionally, it includes a roomy stand, two stainless steel cups, and a strong wood perch. The solid-panel cup doors and seed guards with rounded corners gather falling debris. The grille and garbage tray are detachable for simple cleanup.

In addition to a wind bell and a sturdy lock, the birdcage incorporates a wind bell to safeguard your parrotlet.


  • It is simple to maintain.
  • The coating is non-toxic and long-lasting.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • There is plenty of space for parrotlet perching and play.


  • There is only one perch.
  • The seed guard does not gather every piece of trash.


Super Deal Pro 61″ 2-in-1 Bird Cage

The Super Deal Pro is the most cost-effective cage for parrotlets. It is spacious and provides ample area for your bird to wander, sit, flap its wings, or completely stretch its wings. In addition, there is an outside recreational area with a ladder, a wooden perch, and two feeding bowls.

In addition, its structure is solid and free of sharp or loose edges. Due to its wrought iron composition, the birdcage is non-toxic, simple to clean, and chip-resistant.

The Super Deal Pro cage is relatively transportable due to its four retractable casters. Therefore, you may relocate your pet to more suited areas inside your house.


  • It is sturdy.
  • The exterior of the cage has greater space than the interior.
  • It has a 40-inch-long perch for an additional workout.
  • The big access door enables the parrotlet’s secure entry and escape.
  • The metal grating and tray are removable for simple cleanup.


  • It might be time-consuming to set up because the instructions are unclear.


Zeny Bird Cage 53-Inch Pet Bird Cage

The Zeny Bird Cage is the ideal quality cage for parrotlets. It is strong and long-lasting due to the use of high-quality wrought iron. The cage frame’s grilles maintain its stability and security. Stability is provided by the heavy-duty casters on the rolling base.

This 53-inch cage provides sufficient space for two parrotlets. The birds can comfortably fly and flap their wings. There are two wooden perches for the birds to perch or play on.

The cage is simple to clean because the grate slips out. With the rolling casters, you can also transfer the cell to convenient positions.

This variant is also ideal for caciques, Pionus, red-bellied woodpeckers, and conures, in addition to parrotlets.


  • It is simple to clean and maneuver.
  • The bottom provides additional storage space.
  • The cage is strong, dependable, and long-lasting.
  • Spacious for two parrotlets and their toys.


  • The poorly worded instructions may lead to confusion.


Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Prevue has gained a reputation for providing bird cages of superior quality. This is why two Prevue items are included in two of the nine reviews.

Multiple parrotlets can be housed in the Prevue Hendrix Flight Cage. It has two big access doors, six mini nest doors, three wooden perches, and four double cups made of plastic.

The cage is composed of high-quality wrought iron, making it strong and long-lasting. In addition, the coating substance is non-toxic and suitable for your birds.

If you believe that your parrotlets require a change of scenery, relocate the cage using the casters. The bottom tray is detachable for simple cleaning, and the bottom shelf provides additional storage space.


  • It is roomy and durable.
  • It has two huge front entryways and six smaller side entrances.
  • There is additional storage space on the lower shelf.
  • The space between wires is safe for parrotlets.
  • It can accommodate several birds.


  • Quite costly.


Yaheetech Parrot Bird Cage, 41-Inch

The Yaheetech 41-Inch Cage is a high-quality, pet-friendly birdcage. It comes with three perches and a swing for your energetic parrotlet. In addition, the open-top design will stimulate the bird. You may open the cage’s doors and let the parrotlet perch on the perch.

The cage’s structure is sturdy. It is fashioned with rust-resistant wires of superior quality. The structure’s plastic foundation makes it simple to clean. Additionally, the supplied perches have been polished to protect your bird’s claws.

Due to the absence of casters, the birdcage may be lifted using the two handles on top. It is portable and easy to transport.

The 0.39-inch bar spacing guarantees the safety of your pet. Additionally, the removable mesh panel and slide-out trays make cleaning simple.


  • It is mobile.
  • The cage’s side panels have four feeding doors to facilitate feeding.
  • There is minimal assembly required.
  • The open-top design stimulates the birds.


  • It is not as strong as construction cages made of wrought iron.


Vision Wire Bird Cage M02

The Vision M02 is an innovative, stylish birdcage. The model’s perches mimic tree saplings to offer a secure, resting platform. In addition to improving circulation, they prevent foot disorders.

It has a debris guard and a deep base design for expedited cleanups. These characteristics ensure that 80% of garbage and debris remain within the enclosure.

The drop panels at each end of the cage provide easy access to the feeds. Two waste shields, two water cups, and four perches are included in the box.


  • Simple to construct.
  • It requires less effort to clean.
  • Perches with many grips promote circulation and prevent foot illnesses.
  • It is affordable.


  • It lacks a detachable tray, therefore cleaning requires the removal of the bottom section.


PawHut 60″ Indoor Metal Bird Cage

Create an indoor environment for your parrotlet using the 60″ Bird Cage from PawHut. It is large enough to accommodate many perches, toys, and feeding bowls. There are two entrance doors and many sliding doors for feeding your bird with ease.

The cage is constructed of resilient plastic, steel wire, and powder-coated metal. This makes it not only safe but also durable. The 0.5-inch wire spacing prevents the bird from being trapped or escaping between the bars.

A tray that slides out facilitates quick cleanup. In addition, there is an accessory storage basket located at the base.

The acquisition comprises one swing, three wooden perches, and four food containers made of plastic.


  • It is a substantial birdhouse.
  • The various doors and storage baskets facilitate accessibility.
  • It has a robust and resilient build.
  • It is mobile.


  • It is time-consuming to assemble.


70-Inch MCombo Outdoor Aviary Bird Cage

Are you looking for a parrotlet cage for outdoor use? The MCombo Bird Cage is an ideal cage for outdoor use. It is crafted from durable solid fir wood. In addition, its sloping, water-resistant asphalt roof will keep your parrotlet dry on wet days, while the iron wire fence will improve air circulation.

The outdoor enclosure features horizontal bars for perching and toy attachment. Additionally, it features three doors with spinning bolts so that your pet may easily enter and escape. And to protect your pet, the mesh wire keeps predators at bay.

Additionally, the aviary birdcage has a ramp ladder and a pull-out tray.


  • The cage’s watertight cover and sturdy wire mesh make it a perfect outdoor habitat for parrotlets.
  • As a result of being elevated from the ground, there is less damage and wetness.
  • It is built of sturdy, durable fir wood.
  • Parrotlets, macaws, parrots, and cockatoos may consume this food.


  • The cage is fragile.
  • The directions and illustrations are sometimes unclear.

Buyer's Guide

Before you acquire a parrotlet cage, you must examine the following characteristics.

Cage Form

People once believed that round or circular birdcages were superior because they provide unobstructed vistas. Unfortunately, it turns out that these enclosures may cause your parrotlets to feel insecure. The round design makes people feel as though their movement is constrained.

Therefore, use a rectangle enclosure. If feasible, select one that is longer than it is tall. Why, you ask? Parrotlets prefer to fly in a horizontal direction rather than up and down. However, if you can get a long and tall cage, that will be much better.


In addition to the form, you need also to consider the size of the cage. The basic rule is to pick one that is 1.5 times larger than your parrotlet’s wingspan. However, this does not imply that it must be precise. You can achieve greater heights.

Bar Distance

In selecting a parrotlet cage, the distance between the bars is crucial. It should not exceed a half-inch in height. In excess of that, your bird’s head or wings may become trapped between the wires. You wouldn’t desire that, correct?

On the other side, your parrotlet may be able to escape through a big bar gap.


Every day, parrotlet cages must be cleaned. Therefore, while selecting one, consider its ease of maintenance. It should have at least a debris guard or pull-out trays.


Additionally, search for a birdcage with a robust, heavy-duty design. This will serve you and your pet well for many years.

Additionally, search for one that can endure frequent pecking. You may also use stainless steel or wrought iron. One caution, however: ensure that these materials are devoid of harmful substances.


Wheels are not required for a parrotlet’s cage, but they are an excellent addition. Your pet will appreciate a change of environment every so often, especially if they feel bonded to you. The wheels will allow you to move the cage without fear of the bird escaping.

Play Top

A play top is an additional benefit when choosing the ideal cage for a parrotlet. It allows your bird additional space to sit outside. The play top serves as a play area for your pet.


These are the best cages for parrotlets suggested by BestForPets (bestforpets.org). Remember that these lively and active birds require secure, pleasant, and large habitats.

The Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage is the greatest parrotlet cage on the market. It is simple to clean, strong, durable, and large.

Alternately, you might consider The Super Deal Pro Bird Cage, which provides excellent value. Its outside ladder functions as a portable amusement stage for your parrotlet.

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