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The 4 Best Bully Sticks For Puppies

Most dogs like chewing, particularly pups. Puppies seek out hard items to chew on throughout the teething phase to alleviate the discomfort associated with the teething process. Also, puppies will chew when they are bored.

In any scenario, if your puppy does not have an appropriate chew toy or reward, he or she may resort to chewing your furniture, shoes, or throw rugs. The most effective approach to prevent this is to provide suitable chew toys, such as bully sticks.

These chew toys are created from the penis of a bull or steer and are composed entirely of beef. These treats are heavy in fat, but your dog may enjoy them in moderation and they are safe.

Discover the best bully sticks for puppies based on BestForPets (bestforpets.org) opinions


Best Bully Sticks Odor Free 6” Bully Stick Dog Treats

Superior Bully Sticks Odor Free 6″ Bully Stick Dog Treats are a 100 percent natural dog treat and the most cost-effective bully stick for pups.

The bully stick is made from the grass-fed, free-range beef penis and is high in protein, low in fat, and less prone to upset your puppy’s stomach. The solid bully stick will provide your dog with respite from the pain associated with teething.

To prevent the unpleasant odors of many chew toys, Bully sticks are odorless, although the natural oils may stain furniture and carpets. Always monitor puppies when they chew bully sticks to prevent choking on little bits.

If the bully stick has any jagged edges or splinters, it should be examined often and discarded. Some reviews focused on the thinness of the treats and the speed with which their dogs consumed them, while others mentioned the odor and discoloration.


  • Grass-fed cattle
  • All-natural


  • Thin
  • Possible odor and discoloration


Redbarn Bully Stick 7” Dog Treat

Redbarn Naturals Bully Sticks are all-natural beef chews made from South American grass-fed, free-range cattle. The only ingredient in this high-protein, low-fat treat for your dog is bull penis.

Each chew is slow-roasted in its own juices to provide a delightful, long-lasting flavor for your dog and to encourage vigorous chewing to combat boredom and maintain oral health. Chews are created without artificial preservatives, colors, or tastes.

Chews are odorless, but they may contain a strong natural aroma and oils that can stain carpets and upholstery. Always observe your dog while it is chewing to prevent damage or choking. Several reviewers complained about the odor and stated that their dog quickly consumed the sticks.


  • Grass-fed, grass-finished cattle
  • Single-ingredient
  • No artificial colors or flavors


  • Odor
  • Doesn’t last


Pet’s Choice Naturals Bully Sticks 6” Dog Treats

Pet’s Choice Naturals Bully Sticks 6″ Dog Treats are excellent dog chews for teething and chewing with a naturally chewy feel. All bully sticks originate from USDA-approved and inspected grass-fed Colombian bulls.

These bully sticks are baked without the use of preservatives or chemicals to facilitate digestion and preserve taste. Puppies will enjoy the flavor, but you will not find it disagreeable.

While the treats are odorless, they may contain a natural aroma and oils that can stain carpets and upholstery. Always provide your puppy with an appropriate-sized chew toy for his safety, and be sure to observe his chewing to prevent choking.

If the bully stick has sharp edges or splinters, dispose of it immediately. Several reviewers stated that their treats did not last long, while others mentioned that they had an offensive odor.


  • USDA-approved beef
  • Baked, not dehydrated
  • High-protein


  • Offensive odor
  • Doesn’t last


GigaBite 6 Inch Beef Gullet Jerky Sticks

The GigaBite 6-Inch Beef Gullet Jerky Sticks are the greatest bully sticks for dogs overall. The grain-free sticks are made from 100% grass-fed, free-range beef for an all-natural diet. The sticks do not include any antibiotics, hormones, or steroids that might impact your dog’s growth.

Each chew has a single ingredient: tough beef that your dog will surely enjoy when chewing and teething. In contrast to rawhides, the chews are odorless. Your dog’s teeth can become strong and healthy with consistent chewing. Always monitor puppies when they are chewing on bully sticks to prevent choking on broken pieces or splinters.

Remove and discard the bully stick if you observe a sharp edge or splinter forming. Some reviewers reported that their dogs devoured the treat rapidly, while others mentioned that the oils might stain upholstery and carpeting.


  • Grain-free
  • Grass-fed cattle
  • No antibiotics, steroids, or hormones are permitted.


  • Not long-lasting
  • May discolor furnishings or carpets.

Buyer's Guide

What to Search for in Batons

Bully sticks are a fantastic alternative for your dog if he or she is teething or bored, but they can have disadvantages. These treats may be heavy in fat or include additives that may irritate your dog’s sensitive digestive tract. Here are some characteristics to look for in bully sticks:


Bully sticks must be proportionate to the size and breed of your dog. A too-small stick might provide a choking threat, particularly for big breeds. A bully stick that is too large for a little puppy will be difficult to chew and may cause frustration.

Aggressive chewers should use thick or braided bully sticks that are difficult to consume fast. Always read the guidelines on the packaging to verify that you are purchasing the appropriate size and kind of food for your dog’s size, life stage, and breed.


Your dog may like chewing on a stinky bully stick, but that’s not so enjoyable for you. Some bully sticks are smelly and can leave your home smelling like a bull, therefore it is recommended to use bully sticks that are odorless.

If your dog like the fragrance but you don’t, you may provide bully sticks outside or in an area where the odor won’t penetrate your home and furnishings. Keep in mind that even odorless sticks will acquire an odor when your dog chews on them.


The majority of bully stick manufacturers identify the animal source and additives. You should be able to establish whether the cattle originated in the United States, Canada, South America, or Central America.

This is a matter of desire, such as selecting grass-fed or free-range cattle. Avoid all costs bully sticks that are loaded with additives, fake flavors, and preservatives.

Although bully sticks are a terrific alternative for alleviating some of your puppy’s discomfort during teething, it is crucial that you purchase the correct size.

Chews pose a choking threat, therefore you should always observe your dog if you give it a bully stick to chew on. Always discard the bully stick if it has any sharp edges or splinters, and ensure that there is regular access to clean water.

Due to the nutritional value of these sticks, you must account for their caloric content in your dog’s diet. This may need removing it and allowing only a portion to be ingested every day.

Freezing the teething sticks will preserve their freshness and alleviate the pain associated with teething (so you do not need to defrost them before serving). You can also return an unfinished bully stick to the freezer.

The size of the stick should always be larger than the size of your dog’s mouth, thus you must remove the stick when it becomes too little and before it is completely chewed to prevent choking dangers. As a general guideline, remove your dog’s chew toy when it can no longer grasp it with its paws. The use of a bully stick holder is advised for further safety.

Finally, you will need to have something to offer your dog in lieu of the bully stick when you remove it, to prevent them from becoming frustrated. A belly rub, his meal, a frozen carrot, or their favorite toy are some suggestions.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best bully sticks for puppies have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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