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15 Best Budget Vacuums For Pet Hair

Regardless of how much we adore our pets, we've frequently found ourselves envious of acquaintances who possess low-shedding or even hairless varieties.

Without the proper vacuum, the task of regularly cleaning up pet hair can lead to a Groundhog Day-style collapse.

A quick peek at the price of expensive vacuums, on the other hand, can prevent most pet owners from even considering a better solution to their pet hair problem.

To make matters even more complicated, there are numerous vacuum designs and functions to pick from. What is a furry pet parent to do?

Never fear, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has gone through the work of testing and evaluating dozens of low-cost vacuums that are tough on pet hair, and we've put our findings in this thorough list of evaluations.

Follow along as we introduce you to our top %product_count% best budget vacuums for pet hair—and if you're interested in how we chose these machines, be sure to read our entire buyer's guide at the end.


Best Overall: Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

After careful testing and comparison, we believe that a robot vacuum cleaner is the best device for removing pet hair since the comb.

The challenge, of course, is finding a robot vacuum that is both affordable and well-made enough to live up to the expectations. Fortunately, the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner is just that.

While it does not have the lowest price tag when compared to other types of vacuums, the Coredy provides incredible utility in its robotic category at an unbelievable price.

This robot vacuum, which stands only 2.7 inches tall and has high suction and several cleaning modes, can tackle everything from hardwood floors to medium pile carpets.

The Coredy has a large 2-hour working period on a full charge thanks to lithium-ion batteries, and a dustbin that stores just over half a liter provides it plenty of area to hold pet hair even during shedding season.

Overall, there’s no other vacuum we’d rather have to assist manage pet hair and dander in our homes – and we think you’ll agree if you try the Coredy.


  • For a robot vacuum cleaner, this is an exceptional value.
  • For whole-room cleaning, the low-profile design easily slips under furniture.
  • It has a large cleaning capacity because to its long battery life.
  • It is great for carpets and hardwood floors because to its strong suction and different cleaning settings.
  • A washable HEPA filter reduces allergens in the home.
  • Smart navigation keeps you from colliding with furniture or sliding down the stairs.


  • A little costly for a budget vacuum option.


Best Buy BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

Finding an effective vacuum for cleaning pet hair off of both floors and carpets is especially tough, but Bissell’s Pet Hair Eraser may be capable of doing so for smaller flats.

It’s a remarkably powerful handheld vacuum with an exceptional 0.7-liter dust cup that combines a powerful 14-volt lithium-ion battery.

The Pet Hair Eraser’s amazing filtration mechanism, on the other hand, may genuinely make it the finest budget vacuum for pet hair for the money.

With a pre-filter, coarse pad, and HEPA core, this Bissell vacuum performs an excellent job of keeping dust and allergens to a minimum while in use.

The Pet Hair Eraser is well-equipped to handle any home cleaning project, with a motorized brush for imbedded filth and hair, a gentle upholstery tool for furniture, and a crevice tool for hard-to-reach spots.

While we don’t recommend it for use on plush carpeting, everything else about this vacuum wins us over. Overall, this is the greatest low-cost vacuum for the money this year.


  • A single charge can provide up to 17 minutes of run time.
  • The triple filtration system effectively reduces dust and dander.
  • Large dustbins are simple to remove and empty, and they prevent clogging altogether.
  • Specialized pet gadgets make it simple to clean up any mess that may arise.
  • It’s quite powerful for the price.


  • It may not perform well on thicker carpeting.


Cleanview Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner by BISSELL

Bissell’s Cleanview Swivel Pet Cleaner Cleaner, the larger, more powerful relative of our best value pick, is a great whole-home vacuum that is easier to use than expected.

Whereas many upright vacuum cleaners lack easy maneuverability, the Cleanview Swivel’s innovative steering system reduces the effort required to properly clean any area of your home.

The Cleanview is a tremendously effective solution for everything from hardwoods to densely piled carpets thanks to its triple-action brush roll and scatter-preventing barrier.

With a 13.5-inch cleaning path and a 1-liter dust cup capacity, it’s ideal for cleaning large rooms quickly. Even better, the dustbin effortlessly snaps out for hassle-free emptying and replacement.

The Cleanview is a great option to our top two selections for anyone who doesn’t mind putting in a little additional effort pushing it around.

It comes with specialised tools for removing difficult pet filth and capturing hairs even in the corners of your room.


  • The triple brush roller traps pet hair effectively across the whole 13.5-inch cleaning path.
  • It is easier to maneuver than many other upright vacuums due to the swivel steering.
  • Its usefulness in the home is enhanced with specialized pet care items and a long collapsible hose.
  • The large, easy-to-empty dustbin enables for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Over time, a washable dust filter saves a lot of money.


  • At roughly 18 pounds, it is rather hefty, making prolonged use exhausting.
  • The corded design is not always practical.


PowerSpeed Vacuum Cleaner by Eureka

Eureka’s PowerSpeed Vacuum Cleaner is a substantially lighter option to the other upright vacuums in our evaluation, and what it loses in maximum suction power it more than makes up for in simplicity of use.

Even better, it’s the least expensive upright vacuum on our list, making it an extremely appealing option for someone on a tight budget looking for a whole-home vacuum cleaner.

The Eureka PowerSpeed has 5 height settings and can handle everything from hardwood floors to dense carpeting.

A 2.6-liter dust cup requires less frequent emptying than any other vacuum we tested and works beautifully with washable filters and a bagless design that requires no maintenance.

Add to it a large range of pet-specific brush attachments, and the PowerSpeed is a great contender for your pet hair vacuum of choice.

It would have easily been our top pick if it had a slightly more powerful engine.


  • Its lightweight 10-pound construction makes it simple to use and extremely agile.
  • Work on everything from flooring to deep carpeting is possible thanks to the 5 height adjustments.
  • The extra-large dust cup allows it to run for longer periods of time without needing to be emptied.
  • Several pet-specific cleaning accessories for increased versatility
  • Washable filters eliminate the need for costly maintenance.


  • Suction power could be improved.
  • Stretch hose is limited in length and may not reach your ceilings.


Endura Max Vacuum Cleaner by Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil’s Endura Max Vacuum Cleaner, the only budget-friendly vacuum in our tests to include an odor-absorbing activated carbon filter, boasts the most outstanding filtering system and suction of any vacuum in our reviews.

Their revolutionary 3-stage filtration technology promises deep, effective cleaning with no suction loss over time – and in our experience, the Endura Max more than lives up to its boasts.

A generously sized quick-release wand extends cleaning reach by up to 12 feet and can be readily supplied with two pet-specific cleaning attachments.

The dirt cup is a little smaller than we’d like, but this is a minor problem and not a deal breaker.

To summarize, if you’ve tried to keep your home smelling fresh and clear of pet hair, consider purchasing the Dirt Devil as your next vacuum.


  • The proprietary 3-stage filtration system is the most extensive of any vacuum we tested.
  • The extra-long hose and quick-release wand allow you to easily clean big portions of your home as well as tricky locations and tight corners.
  • Pet-specific accessories are simple to apply and utilize.


  • The dirt cup is smaller than we would have liked.
  • On the pricey side


Handheld Vacuum BLACK+DECKER

The Black + Decker Dustbuster for Pets is a well-made vacuum that falls midway between the functions of a handheld vacuum cleaner and a stick vacuum.

It suffers only from a somewhat inflated price. It’s a niche-specific vacuum that’s best suited for those in tiny apartments who don’t require the heft of a complete upright.

It’s available for about the same price as more powerful upright models that we tested.

Rubber bristles at the end of an extending neck help the Dustbuster loosen trapped pet hairs from carpets and couches, and they work well with an extra-long crevice tool that’s easy to operate in tight spots.

With a 0.75-liter dustbin, it sits comfortably between a typical handheld vacuum and a larger upright vacuum.


  • Its powerful 20-volt lithium-ion battery provides outstanding suction for a portable vacuum.
  • Motorized rubber bristles comb and capture pet hairs forcefully.
  • A large dustbin for a portable vacuum.


  • Expensive for a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • The rather weighty 4-pound design can be tough to use for extended periods of time.

Best Budget Vacuum for Pet Hair Buyer's Guide

The trouble with most low-cost vacuum cleaners is that they aren’t tough enough to handle the huge quantities of hair that many pets shed.

Even the most well-intentioned bargain buy can fail due to clogging, overheating, or simply not having enough suction to efficiently deal with pet hair.

To learn more about what makes a good vacuum for pet hair, keep reading to find out how we choose a vacuum for our own house as well as what kinds of alternatives might work well in more specialized situations.

How to Select a Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Following these four steps will help you restrict your field of alternatives down to a workable selection once you’ve determined on a budget you can work with:

Choose a vacuum style

Varying types of vacuums are intended to handle different sizes of living rooms, as well as your flooring and furniture preferences.

If you don’t already have a vacuum in mind, consult our list in the next section for a more in-depth look at your possibilities.

Examine the power

Some vacuum cleaners are kind enough to mention their maximum suction power; for others, you’ll have to make an informed judgment based on the electrical power of their motors or batteries. More vacuum power is usually better when it comes to pet hair.

Look for a dust cup with a large capacity

Even with daily vacuuming, pet hair can quickly build and clog vacuums with limited capacity dust cups. The higher the dust cup capacity, the less likely you will have to empty it several times to clean a single room.

Examine the attachments

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of a vacuum, the attachments will determine what’s most useful for removing pet hair.

Extensions, scrubbing brushes, and heads that can quickly remove ground-in pet hair from carpets and couches are all favorites.

The Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

The first step in selecting the best vacuum cleaner for your personal needs is determining what sort of vacuum cleaner is most appropriate for your living area.

The following five varieties have shown to be effective in keeping our houses neat and clean:

Upright vacuums are the norm in most houses and can range in price from dirt cheap to outrageously costly. Their frequently-sizable dust buckets are a huge help when it comes to cleaning up pet hair, and our favorite models come with enough attachments and hoses to make them a handy all-arounder.

Canister vacuums are the most traditional of the group, and while they might be difficult to maneuver at times, they frequently have the most powerful motors. A canister vacuum may become your closest buddy in the struggle against fur and dander in multi-pet households.

Robot vacuums, such as the well-known Roomba, can help to automate the cleaning procedure. They’re often pricey, but we believe they’re a smart purchase that can significantly reduce your cleaning time.

Cordless Stick vacuums are occasionally equipped with a mopping function, which is ideal for hardwood floors. They’re portable and simple to operate, but they frequently lack the dust cup volume and power of corded upright machines. Ideal for compact apartments.

Handheld vacuums are great for removing pet hair off furniture, but you should never use one for the majority of your cleaning tasks. They can be a beneficial complement to a huge vacuum designed exclusively for your floors if you have a large enough budget.

Best Allergy-Resistant Vacuums

While any vacuum will assist to mitigate the impacts of airborne allergens when used on a regular basis, some models outperform others in this regard.

For budget-conscious shoppers, high-priced solutions with true HEPA filters are out of the question, but robot vacuums provide a cunning workaround.

Set one to clean your floors while you’re out for the day, and you’ll never have to worry about dust and dander being stirred up while you’re at home.

When combined with regular handheld cleaning of your furniture, allergy sufferers can expect great relief from their symptoms.

Our Favorite Pet Hair Removal Method

Given how quickly pet hair may accumulate in the home, we are firm believers in robot vacuums as a first line of defense against pet hair.

While they may require a bigger initial investment than a standard upright or canister vacuum, robot vacuums will save you so many hours of hands-on cleaning that they are unquestionably the winner in our book.

A word of caution for multi-pet households: avoid bagged vacuums. They frequently fill up so quickly with fur from excessively shedding breeds that the cost of changing bags soon mounts.

Even though a bagless vacuum requires more frequent changes, it is a more cost-effective option in the long term.


While it is not the cheapest vacuum in our reviews, the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides value much above its price.

This moderately priced robot vacuum cleaner will dramatically enhance the cleanliness and air quality in your home by saving you hours of cleaning time and allowing for a steady cleaning routine that no rational human would wish to keep up with.

Consider the initial expenditure as an investment in the time you won’t have to spend vacuuming your floors.

The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum has significant power in a portable and easy-to-use form, making it a great addition to a full cleaning program for allergy sufferers.

The huge dustbin and triple-filtration technology set it apart from other handheld vacuums, and it can even replace an upright vacuum for usage in apartments.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best budget vacuums for pet hair was useful in assisting you with your quest!

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