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The 5 Best Bubble Machines For Dogs

Bubbles are a fun way to get your dog to move around without putting too much pressure on their joints.

Your dogs are welcome to join in the fun, but make sure that the bubbles are safe for dogs.

As amazing as it is to blow bubbles for your dog, it may be exhausting to do so for extended periods of time.

Bubble machines make bubbles for your dog without you having to blow them yourself. This saves your breath and cheek muscles.

Below, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discusses some of the best bubble machines for dogs on the market so that you can make an educated choice about which machine meets your requirements and those of your dog.


Bubbletastic Bubble Machine with Free 8oz. Bottle of Bacon Bubbles – Best Overall

The Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine for Dogs ranks first because it is the only bubble machine designed with dogs in mind. With so many bubble machines for dogs available on the market, this one is the best overall since it meets the most crucial criteria.

With the included bottle of bubbles, you can feel certain that not only does the solution work with this machine, but it is also pet-safe and especially exciting for your dog to pursue and capture. This bubble machine is one of our favorites since it is a portable unit that weighs little over 1.5 pounds.

This machine has a rotating bubble wheel designed to produce constant streams of bubbles, which will keep your dog entertained without the need for the owner to manually blow bubbles or manipulate the machine in any way other than filling it with solution and occasionally moving it to produce more bubbles.


  • Includes an 8-ounce container of dog-safe bubble solution.
  • Dog-friendly bubble solution is bacon flavored
  • Powered by four AA batteries, making it portable
  • Mechanically straightforward and featuring a revolving bubble wheel
  • The detachable bubble wheel facilitates cleaning.
  • Possesses a carrying handle and may be put on a firm surface or hung.


  • Utilizes a motor that may be distracting and loud.
  • Batteries are difficult to replace.
  • There is just one speed for bubbles.
  • Tiny container for bubble solution

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine – Best Value

The Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine is the most cost-effective machine available.

Although it may be tough to guarantee that this machine can make a billion bubbles, it certainly produce a substantial amount of bubbles that will keep your furry buddy amused for hours.

A superb bubble machine has simple mechanics, is portable, and produces lots of bubbles without requiring the user’s continual attention.

It is simple to store and transport due to its compact size. We observed that the machine has just three legs instead of four, which, depending on where you set it, may make it seem less stable.

With a price almost half that other machines with comparable mechanics, it is competitive compared to other units. Providing pet-safe bubbles are used, this is an excellent gadget to contemplate.


  • Mechanically straightforward and featuring a revolving bubble wheel
  • Slender and lightweight construction
  • Strong production of bubbles
  • Comparatively expensive to comparable bubble machines


  • Not particularly designed for animal companionship
  • Requires six AA batteries, more than comparable devices.
  • Utilizes a motor that may be distracting and loud.
  • Not equipped with a carrying handle
  • Tiny container for the bubble solution.

Zerhunt Bubble Machine – Premium Choice

If money is not a major concern, the Zerhunt Bubble Machine is an excellent choice. The bubble machine is well-constructed and has two power options.

Due to two motors devoted to the revolving bubble wheel and a fan that helps propel the bubbles farther, the production of the bubbles is robust.

This bubble machine is portable due to its two bubble speeds and adjustable handle. It is a heavier and larger machine, which may be preferable if you value durability above portability and lightweight design.

In comparison to the market’s rivals, the design’s simple form might be deemed monotonous. Nevertheless, when it comes to bubble machines, functionality and durability may be more crucial, given that the bubbles are the focal point.

It lacks the additional decorations and colors that other bubble machines may employ to entice customers. Instead, it is supported by its robust mechanics and construction, as well as many power source possibilities.

This is a major disadvantage, since switching batteries when your machine is full with bubble solution or in the midst of a game may be messy and inconvenient.


  • Contains three powering choices for the bubble machine.
  • Contains two bubble speeds and a large bubble reservoir
  • Adjustable and transportable handle
  • Utilizes separate motors for the bubble wheel and bubble-blowing fan.


  • Utilizes two motors, which may be annoying and loud.
  • Not supplied with bubble solution
  • Not included are the adapters necessary to utilize non-battery power sources.
  • Not as dense

Kidzlane Dolphin Bubble Machine

The Kidzlane Dolphin Bubble Machine is a beautiful bubble machine. The dolphin-shaped container is constructed with a solid base that prevents it from tipping over. It has a bigger bubble solution reservoir, which is where the Dolphin’s mouth is.

The bubble solution may be put straight into the Dolphin’s mouth, and it utilizes a wand wheel to blow bubbles, similar to other bubble machines, but with a cute exterior appearance.

Although it says that the toy is enjoyable for both children and dogs, it does not specify if the bubbles are safe for animals.


  • Includes a smart and adorable dolphin design.
  • The design is bottom-heavy and requires no additional foundation component.
  • Possesses a robust bubble production.
  • The product has a quieter motor.


  • Not especially intended to accommodate pets.
  • Requires 6 AA batteries.

Little Kids Fubbles Bubble Blastin’ Machine

The Little Kids Fubbles Bubbles Automatic Machine was included on our list due to its simple but efficient design.

Similar to several of the preceding alternatives, it utilizes a revolving bubble wheel and produces a tremendous amount of bubbles.

It is lightweight and small, and creating bubbles does not need continual monitoring. This bubble machine has a little lip in front for pouring bubble solution straight into the reservoir through which the wheel will rotate.

Packing it for the dog park does not need the inclusion of any other components. It operates on four AA batteries, making it portable.

It does not have a transportable handle. It is the lightest machine on our list, and its base may need more attention to prevent it from being easily knocked over or flipped over.


  • The lightest weight.
  • A little and vibrant bubble machine.
  • Significant amounts of bubbles are produced.


  • Not particularly designed for pets.
  • Utilizes a motor that may be distracting and loud.
  • The base is not as stable.

Buyer's Guide

Bubbles are an entertaining and engaging toy for the whole family, including your pet family members.

Although it might be entertaining to blow bubbles for a few minutes, it can get tiresome to continue doing so as your dog eagerly awaits more. This is why bubble machines are useful. A bubble machine may make bubbles for hours as long as it is attached to an electrical outlet and has sufficient bubble solution.

You can spend more time watching your dog chase and bite at bubbles while using less energy on your lungs and cheek muscles. Although there aren’t many pet-specific bubble items on the market, you may often use them as long as you load the machine with a pet-safe bubble solution that is suitable for bubble machines.

The components in commercial bubbles are not designed to be consumed, particularly in significant amounts if your furry pet gets its paws on the solution before the bubbles are formed.

Even though bubbles on the market are labeled as non-toxic, they are not suggested for dogs since, depending on the solution, they may include substances that might cause stomach difficulties or chemical burns in the mouth.  Always verify the composition of any bubble solution you want to use to amuse your dog.

Some dog owners may choose for a homemade solution that is dog-friendly, but there are a variety of dog-safe solutions available on the market, as well as bubble machines that make this activity feasible.

Whether or if you choose the Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine with bubbles that are safe for pets, you may purchase bubble solution separately. They provide a variety of scented bubbles that your dog may choose.

We hope our evaluations will help you balance the benefits and drawbacks of the best bubble machines that may be used as a fun and engaging toy and activity for your dog, regardless of whatever bubble machine you ultimately choose.


1. What is the machine’s size, and how simple is it to store?

The machine’s size is dependent on the model you are considering. The majority of machines are often built to be small and simple to stow when not in use. In addition, several types are foldable, making them even simpler to stow when not in use.

2. What is the machine’s capacity for producing bubbles, and how long does each bubble last?

The machine’s bubble-making capability is dependent on the model you use. Some machines can produce up to 500 bubbles per minute, while others may produce up to 2,000. Additionally, the duration of each bubble varies on the machine, but in general, each bubble might persist for many seconds or minutes.

3. Is the machine safe to use near dogs and other animals?

It is dependent on the kind of equipment and the circumstances. Machines that generate a great deal of heat, make loud sounds, or have sharp edges may not be suitable for use near animals. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to verify whether the equipment can be used safely near animals.

4. Does the bubble-making machine include any specialized attachments or tools?

Users may buy extra tools or accessories to personalize their experience with bubble manufacturing.

5. What is the machine’s power usage and will it need a nearby outlet?

The machine’s energy usage will depend on the machine’s kind and size. The majority of machines need a nearby outlet to function. It is essential to examine the machine’s specs to determine its precise power usage and other features.


The Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine is the greatest overall Dog Bubble Machine because to its tiny and portable design and, most importantly, provides dog-friendly bubbles.

For the most cost-effective Dog Bubble Machine, the Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine is an excellent alternative.

Although this machine was not designed with dogs in mind, it has comparable principles to the Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine and costs roughly half as much.

We propose the Zerhunt Bubble Machine as the finest Premium Dog Bubble Machine. A durable machine that generates lovely bubbles may be the most crucial aspect.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes we’ve given you enough information and proof that this product is a great deal and has long-term benefits in this article on the best bubble machines for dogs.

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