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The 12 Best Brushes For Short Hair Dogs

The length of a dog's fur is frequently a consideration when choosing a dog as a pet. Even though short-haired dogs require less grooming than long-haired dogs, they still require weekly brushing to maintain healthy, glossy coats.

Shedding scatters clumps of hair throughout your home, whereas brushing catches stray hair and allows you to dispose of it in the trash.

There are thousands of dog brushes available online, but which one is ideal for your short-haired companion?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled a list of the best brushes for short hair dogs, along with in-depth reviews, to assist you in selecting the ideal tool for your pet.


FURminator Short Hair Undercoat deShedding Device for Canines

The FURminator Short Hair Undercoat deShedding Dog Tool is the finest overall dog brush for short-haired puppies, according to our extensive study. Contrary to the majority of its rivals, FURminator created its device with short-haired dogs in mind.

The brush’s teeth are bent to conform to your pet’s natural contours. The blades penetrate the undercoat in order to remove stray hairs without irritating the skin.

The curved plastic edges on either side of the blades protect the de-shedding teeth while the instrument is stored.

The ergonomic handle of the FURminator makes it one of the most pleasant products to use on a dog. The soft grip prevents slipping even if your hands are damp or sweaty, and the brush is lightweight so that it does not feel too heavy on your pet.

The maker says that this item will decrease your dog’s shedding by 90%. According to FURminator’s consumers, it looks that the claim is accurate.

We could identify very few flaws with the brush, however some dogs like chewing it if it is not kept after grooming.


  • Reduces shedding by ninety percent
  • Comfortable handle
  • The curved guide protects your dog’s coat.
  • Sturdy design


  • Some canines like chewing on the handle.


Small JW Pet Gripsoft Pin Brush

You may use the JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush if you’re attempting to save a few bucks on grooming supplies. It is doubtful that you will find another quality brush at this pricing. We deemed the Gripsoft to be the most cost-effective dog brush.

The non-slip grip makes grooming your pet pleasant and easy to handle. The short pins have rounded tips to reduce skin irritation as they slide over the skin. The brush removes loose hair efficiently to decrease shedding.

Although the Gripsoft smoothes the animal’s coat and catches stray hairs, it fails to remove knots and untangle matted hair. However, if you brush your dog’s coat at least once a week, matts are less likely to develop.


  • Affordable
  • Non-slip handle
  • Lightweight


  • Does not eliminate tenacious knots


Bissell FURGET IT Complete Grooming Brush

When your dog’s hair gets matted and knotted, you need a brush that can do a variety of jobs. The Bissell FURGET IT All-in-One Grooming brush is a two-sided brush with one set of blades for tangles and mats and another for undercoat de-shedding.

It is a bargain for a brush that performs the same functions as two grooming products, while being part of our premium collection. The stainless-steel teeth are positioned behind curved metal guides that reach the animal’s skinless outercoat.

The plush, non-slip handle makes extended grooming sessions easy, and the wide head covers a huge area.

The Bissell brush is a useful tool for dogs with short hair. Nevertheless, several consumers claimed that the blades tugged on the fur while attempting to remove tenacious mats.


  • Multi-use grooming tool
  • Removes stray hair and knots
  • Non-slip handle


  • Pulls fur when thick coats are present.


Frisco Cat & Dog Brush Combo

As puppies have thinner fur and more delicate skin than adults, we sought a brush that was both soft and effective.

The Frisco Cat & Dog Combo Brush addresses the challenge with a two-sided brush including pins on one side to remove loose hair and soft bristles on the other to distribute natural oils and smooth up the coat.

The pin bristles have rounded tips to avoid skin irritation, and they remove dirt, debris, and loose hair to reduce shedding.

This Frisco brush is a kinder option to forceful de-matters and devices with inflexible blades. However, the tool’s soft bristle side is too flexible to effectively smooth off heavy coatings.


  • Affordable
  • Bilateral bristles
  • Ideal for puppies


  • Bristle side is insufficient to smooth thick fur.


Hertzko 2-in-1 Dog & Cat Grooming Tool

The Hertzko 2-in-1 Dog & Cat Grooming Tool has a de-shedding tool on one side and a coat-smoothing comb on the other. It includes a non-slip handle and a large cutting head that decreases grooming time by allowing you to cover more ground.

The flexible head of the Hertzko tool is one of its distinguishing characteristics. A ball joint between the head and the handle enables the brush to conform to the shape of your pet’s body.

The comb side of the tool is a touch too abrasive for animals with light coats, despite the fact that both dog owners and cat lovers praise the brush highly.


  • Adaptable head
  • Shedding instrument and comb
  • Wide angle for optimum coverage


  • Comb side is too harsh for lightweight jackets.


Green Dog & Cat Oval Brush from Bass

If you have cared for dogs for a number of years, you have likely gone through a number of grooming products and brushes. Because dogs are the most prevalent pet in the United States, their waste production is substantial.

With the Green Dog and Cat Oval Brush from Bass Brushes, you can brush your dog while demonstrating your concern for the environment.

The Oval brush is manufactured from eco-friendly bamboo, and unlike its competitors, Bass employs bamboo pins to eliminate loose hair and grime. The oval-shaped head and attractively stained handle are suitable for grooming tiny dogs.

Several dog owners were glad that the Bass brush was made from bamboo rather than metal pins, although several canines enjoyed chewing on the bristles. Keeping your brush in a drawer or cupboard might protect it from your pet’s destruction.


  • Made from bamboo that is ecologically friendly
  • Pins made of bamboo are softer than metal pins.
  • Enduring and appealing


  • Certain dogs gnaw on the bristles


Babyliss Pro Pet Flex Slicker Pet Brush

The Babyliss Pro Pet Flex Slicker Pet Brush includes long, flexible pins that remove dirt and loose fur from dense short hair. The pins are angled to conform to your pet’s body, and the gel-filled, non-slip grip is comfy and slip-resistant.

The bristles of the Babyliss are more stiff and capable of eliminating knots and matted fur than those of comparable models.

However, the brush’s pins are too abrasive for dogs with light coats, and it is unsuitable for chewing pets. Some consumers claimed that when their dogs nipped the handle, the gel poured out.


  • Affordable
  • Rigid bristles eliminate knots
  • offered in two sizes


  • Gel handle leaks if damaged
  • Too rigorous for light coatings


HandsOn Complete Bathing and Grooming Gloves for Pets

If your dog bolts when it sees the grooming brush in your hand, you may need to use a different instrument to remove loose hair. The HandsOn All-In-One Pet Bathing and Grooming Gloves are ideal for pets that dislike the sensation of pinpricks on their skin.

In the bath, the gloves may be used to spread wash and massage the dog’s coat, and they can also be used to remove dirt and loose hair.

The grooming gloves are beloved by dog and cat owners with delicate pets, but they generate more mess than shrubs. The gloves remove fur and tangles, but the hair does not adhere to the gloves; instead, it falls to the ground or remains on your dog.


  • alternative to brushing that is gentler
  • Removes knots and stray hair


  • Expensive
  • Gloves do not cling to hair


Burt’s Bees Slicker Puppy Brush

The Slicker Puppy Brush from Burt’s Bees is created from bamboo and recyclable materials. It features a wide head with robust slicker bristles for detangling fur and removing stray hair.

It resembles an antique hairbrush with a wooden handle for people. It is pleasant to use, but not slip-resistant.

The slicker brush was intended for pups, but we found that it performed better on mature dogs with thick, short coats. The bristles are too rough for thin coats and might harm a young puppy’s delicate skin.

We recommend using a slicker brush with softer bristles if you have a puppy or an older dog with a light outer coat.


  • Affordable
  • Produced from recyclable materials and environmentally friendly bamboo


  • Too rough for lightweight jackets.
  • Too rough for pups.


FURminator Hair Collection Brush for Dogs and Cats

The FURminator Hair Collection Dog and Cat Brush is a one-of-a-kind gadget that loosens and collects hair using plastic knobs. It contains plastic pins on all four sides for grooming challenging regions such as the chin and neck.

Unlike other reviewed brushes, the FURminator may also be used to clean upholstery and dog furnishings. The plastic bristles generate an electric charge while grooming, causing loose hair to adhere to the brush.

The FURminator is enjoyable for dogs that loathe the sensation of metal brushes.

Even while dogs seem to like the feel of the brush, it is ineffective in removing loose hair and reducing shedding. However, pet owners were amazed by the ease with which the brush cleaned their furnishings and canine equipment.


  • Affordable
  • Removes hair from animals and furniture


  • Does not remove sufficient hair
  • Canines may gnaw on the bristles.


Grooming is vital for maintaining the health of your pet’s hair and skin, and you should have no trouble locating a brush for your pet.

Several best brushes for short hair dogs were highlighted in our assessments, but the FURminator Short Hair Undercoat deShedding Tool was BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) top selection. It features one of the most comfortable handles on the market and removes more loose hair than its rivals.

The JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush was deemed the finest brush for the money by our team. Its flexible bristles with rounded tips catch hair well, and it is offered at a reasonable price.

Buyer's Guide

You have various alternatives for grooming equipment, but regardless of the brush you use, you can follow this instruction to safely and successfully groom your pet.

Grooming Tips

Although some animals like being groomed, this is not the case for others. After each brushing, you may encourage your dog to be more responsive by offering delightful goodies.

Positive reinforcement is an effective training method, and it works wonderfully with hesitant creatures.

  • To avoid skin irritation and maintain your pet’s composure while grooming, brush in the direction of hair development.
  • Usage-only brushes intended for wet and dry use on damp hair.
  • Utilize a gentle touch while using a slicker brush. Excessive downward pressure may rip fur and scrape the skin.
  • Avoid yelling at your dog when grooming gets challenging. Maintain your composure and reward your dog for being a good girl or boy.
  • Wait till the animal has had food before brushing it. Hungry canines are more prone to chew on the brush while you groom them.
  • If your pet has a tendency to wriggle when brushing, enlist the assistance of a companion.
  • If the brush gets broken or has corroded bristles, dispose of it.
  • To prevent your pet from chewing on your brush, place it in a safe spot.
  • Contact a professional groomer if you are unable to detangle or detangle matted hair with your equipment.
  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian to examine your pet for skin issues if you see a substantial quantity of dandruff during grooming.

If your dog remains scared when you pull out the brush, you may need to switch to a brush or equipment that is more gentle on short hair.

However, they might be overly harsh for dogs with thinner coats. If your dog hates the sensation of bristles with a sharp edge, you may try one of these alternatives.

Grooming Gloves

Gloves are an excellent alternative for grooming dogs with lighter coats. The gloves’ nitrile knobs remove stray hairs and massage the animal’s skin.

The majority of dogs and cats like being groomed using gloves since they are less abrasive than brushes, but they may generate a considerable amount of fur compared to slickers and de-shedding equipment.

The gloves do not effectively retain the stray hair, and the most of it will wind up on your lap or floor.

Plastic hair gatherers

Our tenth-best selection, the FURminator Hair Collection Brush, does not penetrate as far into the undercoat as de-shedding teeth or slicker bristles, but its plastic knobs are gentler on delicate skin.

It is not effective on dogs with thick coats or long hair, but it is ideal for pups and dogs with short hair. If your dog has not been groomed for many weeks or months, you may need to apply a de-matter before using the hair collector.

How often should you groom your pet with short hair?

Even though long-haired dogs may need more regular brushing, short-haired canines must be combed at least once every week. Your dog should ideally be groomed twice a week to minimize shedding and prevent fur from collecting in your house.

However, the frequency of brushing is also breed-dependent. Some short-haired dogs shed more than their long-haired counterparts, and dogs with curly coats are more prone to tangles than those with short, straight hair.

Can excessive grooming harm an animal’s skin?

It is possible to injure your pet’s skin if you brush with too much force, but it is unlikely that you will hurt your pet if you add an additional day or two of grooming.

De-matting tools are not intended for regular usage and should only be used to remove knots or tangles that are particularly tenacious.

With mild pressure, slickers and pin brushes may be used often, but grooming gloves are delicate enough for regular usage. However, the majority of short-haired breeds do not need brushing more than twice a week.

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