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The Best Brushes For Medium Haired Cats To Buy

There are various cat breeds, though the precise number varies depending on who you ask. There are 42 recognized pedigree breeds, according to the Cat Fanciers Association.

Some of these cats are hairless, while others have short, medium, or long fur coats. Many of these cats require grooming assistance in order to remain healthy and mat-free.

If you've been seeking for a brush to use on a medium-haired cat to keep them healthy and bond with them, you're in luck!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked at seven of the best brushes for medium haired cats.

You can use these to detangle their fur, help them shed less, and disperse the oils throughout their coat to promote overall fur health.

Whatever you require your brush to do or be, there is a solution that should satisfy both you and your cat.


Best Buy: JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush

JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush begins with a pleasant rubber handle that allows you to brush your cat precisely.

Gripsoft technology also has non-slip grips to improve your control and comfort when grooming your cat’s medium-length fur.

This slicker brush features angled pins that go deep into the cat’s coat to keep it silky and tangle-free. The pins’ slant also prevents them from scratching against sensitive skin.

The major purpose of this brush is to aid in the reduction of hairballs and shedding by removing the soft, down-like hairs that frequently cause your cat to choke on hairballs.

This cat slicker brush is the most affordable medium-length cat hairbrush. The sharpness of the tines on this brush is its disadvantage.

They are pointed, and while the angle prevents them from being too harsh on your cat’s skin, the tines may scratch you instead when you try to remove the hair from the brush to clean it.


Premium HandsOn All-in-One Pet Bathing & Grooming Gloves

This brush is not what you may expect to see as a brush. Instead, these are grooming gloves for either a cat or a dog. These gloves are available in black, green, and blue.

There are other sizes to fit everyone’s hands, ranging from junior to extra-large.

The palm of the HandsOn All-in-One Pet Bathing & Grooming Gloves has a nodular design that provides optimal cleansing and stimulation by increasing circulation around the skin and spreading natural oils into the fur.

The nodular pattern of the gloves is intended to be gentler on a sensitive cat’s skin than raking pins through the fur.

It also aids in de-shedding your cat without making a mess because the hair should not attach to the gloves even when wet.

These gloves are lightweight and sturdy, constructed of rubber, and will not crack, mildew, or rip even after extensive wear.

Although they aid in de-shedding and grooming, they do not penetrate your cat’s coat. Most of the time, they will leave the hairball-causing downy fur behind.


Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats is designed exclusively for cats. The brush is built with steel pins that retract into the brush’s primary pad.

The hair slides away in one motion, allowing you to clean the pad and prevent hair and dry skin from accumulating against the brush’s pad.

Because to the ergonomics of the handle and pad, the brush is ideal for medium-haired cats.

The handle has a comfortable grip design that allows you to use it without placing too much strain on your hand.

This is further supported by the pin design, which ensures that the brush travels through the fur with minimal effort. The retractable pins are the nicest feature of this brush.

To get the best stroke, work through small places of your cat and wipe out the brush on a regular basis.

The button may break after a short period of use, however most customers report long-term durability.


Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush by Hertzko

Both cats and dogs benefit from the Herzko Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush. It is a highly rated product, which contributes to its higher price point.

It works by distributing steel pins across a 3.75-inch (95-mm) wide pad. When you’ve finished brushing your cat, press the button on the rear of the brush to retract the pins.

When the pins on this product retract, you can easily pop all hair and dead skin off.

Because of the unusual form of the pins that curve slightly, it is extremely successful in removing tangles and knots from your pet’s undercoat.

Because of the design, they can penetrate thick fur without creating unpleasant scratches on your cat’s skin.

Unfortunately, the pins are so thin that if you have an animal with bristlier fur, the pins may bend as a result of contact with the harder fur.

The stainless-steel pins are intended to benefit your animal, while the soft material of the handle is intended to benefit you. The anti-slip substance and robust design make the handle easy to grasp.


Furbliss Cat Brush by Vetnique Labs

The Vetnique Labs Furbliss Cat Brush can be used at any time, however it is especially effective while bathing your cat. The entire thing is composed of rubber, including the tines.

This brush resembles a sponge, but it is composed entirely of medical-grade silicone. This substance, as well as the design of the tines, aid in the safe attraction and trapping of loose fur.

The only significant disadvantage of this brush is that it does not always reach the skin.

It does, however, an excellent job of eliminating dander and any stray fur that comes into contact with it during a grooming session.

This brush is an ideal alternative if your cat is extremely sensitive during brushing sessions.

Instead of straining and tearing at their coats, the silicone is kinder and delivers more of a massage sensation.

The Best Brushes for Medium-Haired Cats: A Buyer's Guide

An estimated 85 million families possess some type of pet. Many goods are flooding the market since pets have grown so popular.

Unfortunately, this makes buying a high-quality brush for your medium-haired cat somewhat difficult.

If you’re not sure what constitutes a decent cat brush or what to look for when shopping, check out our buyer’s guide.

Brush Style

Pin and bristle brushes are the most frequent types of cat brushes.

Grooming gloves are also available for everyday grooming. To accomplish the most complete job, you should try to use these in conjunction with another brush.

Brush with a Pin

One of the most prevalent types of cat brushes is the pin brush. Steel pins are used to rake through your cat’s fur.

They are frequently slanted or curved in a specific way to assist them gain the best grip and take out any dead hairs trapped and lost in your cat’s underlayers of fur.

Pin brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The self-cleaning pin brush is one of the best.

Because the pins automatically retract back into the brush, leaving the hair uncovered, these brushes are easier to clean.

Instead of hair and dead skin accumulating around the pins until the brush is nearly worthless, the user can just throw it away.

Brush with Bristles

Other options for a medium-length cat coat include bristle brushes. The bristles are frequently formed of animal hair, plastic, or another stiff material.

These are often gentler on your cat’s skin. Because they aren’t as firm as metal, they don’t pull out as much hair, but they are better for cats who don’t like to groom or have sensitive skin.

Material Handling

The materials of the pins or bristles aren’t the only aspects of the brush to consider. Your comfort as a user is also critical.

Most brushes now include a rubber handle that makes it easier to manipulate and grasp the brush.

Reading user reviews for the product is the greatest approach to judge the comfort of the handle. People frequently comment on the feel of the handle, especially if it is uncomfortable.

In this situation, the lack of remarks about the handle’s comfort is a good sign.


It can be difficult to sort through the large number of pet options to discover the ideal ones for your cat.

It is advisable to enter the process knowing what your main alternatives are and what you could choose.

If you want to maximize efficiency and convenience, you might use the Herzko Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush.

It’s simple to use and effective in removing cat hair, plus it’s easy to clean so you’re ready for the next grooming session.

If you’ve exhausted all of your options and are simply searching for a low-cost option with a good value, consider the JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush.

Whatever product you choose, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews of the best brushes for medium haired cats were helpful!

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