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14 Best Brushes For Medium Hair Cats

It's surprising that we aren't hacking up hairballs ourselves, given the amount of hair flying around from medium-haired cats.

If you have a cat with medium to long hair, you will discover it in every room of your house. Keeping up with their grooming requirements is the only way to keep shedding to a minimum.

Cats with longer coats should be brushed every day, whereas cats with shorter hair can get away with brushing once a week.

Because not all cats appreciate being brushed, the ultimate goal is to locate one with positive ratings and that will not harm your cat.

Browse through BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) list of recommended best brushes for medium hair cats to find one that keeps the hair about the house to a minimum.


Best Value Mars Boar Bristle Cat Hair Brush

  • Adult life stage
  • Wood and natural bristles are used.
  • Size of brush head: 7.25″

This low-cost choice is attractive, mild on cats, and brings out the gloss in your pet’s coat. Because of its robust structure and gentle massage, we believe it is the best brush for medium hair cats for the money.

The brush body is constructed of wood, and the bristles are soft enough to remove cat fur without yanking on them. Gentle strokes can also help you reduce allergies in your house.

Unfortunately, this brush isn’t good for removing a lot of knots or mats. However, if you keep up with their maintenance, no knots should appear in the first place.


  • Cheap
  • Strong grip
  • No yanking
  • Increases radiance


  • It does not work on knots.

Safari Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush – High Quality

  • Adult life stage
  • Material: Steel
  • Brush head diameter: 2.5″

If you want to get rid of knots without injuring your cat, the Safari self-cleaning slicker is a good option. This brush includes steel pins that move when you brush your hair gently.

It is specially designed to reach both the topcoat and the undercoat with minimal effort. This brush’s design is great for individuals who appreciate the self-cleaning feature.

Because of the small size of the head, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. It gets the job done fast on adult cats for a low price.


  • Self-cleaning
  • It reaches the undercoat
  • Cheap


  • Pins are not suitable for kittens.
  • Little head

De-shedding Tool for FURminator Undercoat

  • Adult life stage
  • Stainless steel is used.
  • 8.75″ brush head size

The FURminator, not the Terminator. This tool is the most effective at removing a considerable amount of hair during the shedding season.

This brand claims that its design, which glides through the hair and takes out loose strands and dander, reduces shedding by 90%.

There are brushes for long and short hair, however the huge comb isn’t suitable for little animals. It shortens your grooming time but will cost you some money.


  • It lessens shedding.
  • A comfortable grip
  • Sturdy


  • Small cats should not have large heads.
  • Expensive

Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats by Hertzko

  • Adult life stage
  • Stainless steel is used.
  • 4 inch brush head

Customers like the Hertzko self-cleaning brush because they don’t have to waste time tugging and yanking at hair that gets stuck between the bristles.

This self-cleaning feature requires only one button press to retract the bristles and make cleanup a breeze. The flexible stainless steel bristles of the Hertzko brush effectively comb out tangles and knots on cats of all sizes and coats.

However, because the four-inch-long head is nearly the same size as newborn kittens, it is not suitable for them. This brush also has a comfortable handle and a non-slip grip to make long brushing sessions more comfortable.

It’s fantastic for dogs and other furry friends, and it’s reasonable for almost any budget.


  • Self-cleaning
  • A comfortable grip
  • Material that is strong
  • Affordable


  • Baby kittens should not be used.

Grooming Cat Rake and GoPets Dematting Comb

  • Adult life stage
  • Stainless steel is used.
  • Brush head diameter: 3″

GoPets created a one-of-a-kind design that worms more like a rake than a brush. It is soft on your cat’s coat, yet it is the perfect item to use if your cats have extensive matting.

If your house is coated in first in the beginning of spring, it also functions as a de-shedding comb. GoPets combs are more expensive, so be sure they are within your budget.

It is not as delicate as some of the other brushes because it is used to remove matting.


  • Design that is one-of-a-kind
  • Mats are removed.


  • Less tender
  • Expensive

True Touch Grooming Gloves for Cats

  • All stages of life
  • Rubber and mesh
  • Size of brush head: 10″

Grooming gloves relieve the strain on your hands from holding brushes all day. These gloves are constructed of a soft mesh material and have rubber pins.

The hair clings to the pins and simply comes off as you slide the rubber pads over your cat. They aren’t as effective as regular brushes, but they do the job.

These gloves include adjustable Velcro straps, however because the size is universal, they may be too large for some hands. They are reasonably priced, yet some individuals believe they are not worth the money.


  • Comfortable
  • Straps that are adjustable


  • Reduce the amount of fur you remove.
  • Too large for little hands

Steel Pet Hair Comb by Andis

  • Adult life stage
  • Material: Steel
  • Size of brush head: 7.5″

If you’re looking for the most economical solution that still works effectively at removing hair, the Andis steel pet comb is a good option.

The steel substance and numerous prongs remove hair, but they have little give and may pull on your cat’s skin. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the comb for you. It gets rid of mats, filth, and fur without breaking the bank.

It is nearly 8 inches long and is not suitable for working with small cats or kittens. The hefty steel would also be too harsh for them.


  • Cheap


  • Not gentle at all
  • Clunky
  • Only suitable for huge cats

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Brush for Cats with Medium Hair

Some cats could sit on the couch all day and be groomed by people, but others are wary of brushing, and you don’t want to further traumatize them by using a brush that hurts them.

When shopping for a cat brush, consider the following features:

Bristle Style

Most brushes work well on shorthair cats, but cats with medium to long hair shed more, require more brushing, and demand a soft, non-pulling touch.

Pay close attention to how your cat reacts to different brush textures. Some people don’t mind flexible steel pins, whereas others like natural materials.

The Form of the Brush

In general, you want a brush that is appropriate for your cat’s size and form. It must also be comfy for you to use because you are the one performing all of the effort.

Before making a decision, consider if you prefer the brush, comb, or glove style.

Cleaning Prerequisites

When brushing an animal, significant effort must be expended in cleaning out the brush. If it becomes too full, it becomes ineffective, and you might as well not brush them at all.

Some people don’t mind removing the bristle hair, but others like ones that clean with the push of a button. What are your cleaning expectations after brushing your medium-haired cats?


When purchasing a brush for your cats, there are a lot more aspects to consider than one may believe.

The De-shedding Tool for FURminator Undercoat is the greatest overall brush if ease of usage is necessary. Check out the Mars boar bristle brush if budget and quality are the most crucial factors.

These brushes for medium hair cats were chosen for their high reviews and ability to get the job done during the fur-shedding season.

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