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The 9 Best Brushes For Long Haired Cats

Grooming is one method of providing appropriate care for your cats, and it has several advantages. For example, it aids in the reduction of hairballs, excessive hair shedding, and heat stress.

To maintain the cat healthy, you should groom it on a regular basis. Brushing your cat might be difficult, especially if the cat is resistant.

As a result, make sure you utilize the proper equipment to make the entire process enjoyable.

The right brush should not scrape your cat's skin or create discomfort; instead, it should be able to massage your cat's skin thoroughly to deliver exceptional results and unparalleled comfort.

Here are some of the best brushes for long haired cats that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends.


Best Value DakPets Pet Grooming Brush

DakPets Pet Grooming Brush is our top value selection because it lowers cat shedding by more than 95 percent, whether your cat is young or old.

Furthermore, this de-shedding brush helps to reduce all fur that is stuck or floating about your pet’s coat while preventing it from coat irritation.

The cat brush is extremely useful in reducing topcoat damage and fostering smooth, soft, and healthier skin.

It is appropriate for cats with double or single coats, leaving them lustrous and healthy.

The DakPets Pet Grooming brush includes a sturdy rubber handle that keeps the brush from slipping while in use. It also includes a long stem handle that is not readily broken.

The brush has a versatile design that allows it to achieve the best results while working on all hair kinds and sizes for both cats and dogs.


GoPets Dematting Pet Comb – High Quality

The GoPets Dematting Pet Comb is the best premium brush for long-haired cats designed for professionals.

Sharp teeth on both sides of this double-sided pet comb help to remove tangles and matting.

The lower density side is a de-matting rake for tangled and matted hair. Furthermore, the higher density side can be used as a de-shedding tool, a detangler, or an undercoat rake to control hair shedding.

This brush has a practical design with rounded teeth to avoid scratching your cats’ sensitive skin.

You may also use this brush for lengthy periods of time because of its non-slip silicone gel handle. Its adaptability makes it suitable for both cats and dogs.


2 Sided Undercoat Rake for Pet Grooming

Because of its 2-in-1 design, the Pet Grooming Tool – 2 Sided Undercoat Rake is perfect for achieving faster professional de-matting and grooming results.

To work with difficult knots and mats, start with the 9 teeth. You can then use the 17 tooth side for de-shedding and thinning.

Because the rounded exterior teeth massage the skin softly without scratching it, this pet grooming equipment is safe for your cat.

It also includes sharp inner teeth to easily cut through the toughest mats, knots, and tangles. This brush eliminates dead undercoat to prevent fur from flying everywhere.

Furthermore, it delivers a skin massage that improves blood circulation, promoting shiny and healthy skin. Both medium and long-haired cats can use the device.

Because it has a soft ergonomic anti-slip handle, brushing your cat is really convenient. Its innovative shape allows you to use it for extended periods of time without generating hand strain.

Furthermore, the stainless-steel teeth are long-lasting and simple to clean.


Self-Cleaning Slicker Cat Brush by Hertzko

Extra-fine metal bristles for simple grooming distinguish the Herzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Cat Brush.

Furthermore, the wires can reach deep into the kitty’s fur to comb out loose hairs and remove any trapped dirt, knots, or tangles without harming your cat’s sensitive skin.

The self-cleaning feature is useful since it makes it very easy to remove all of the hairs from this brush. All you have to do is press a button, and the bristles retract, releasing all the trapped hair.

This cat brush has a comfortable, non-slip handle that allows for longer grooming sessions without putting pressure on your hands. Furthermore, the brush is designed to groom any coat.

To capture more hair at once, it has a large surface area supported by fine bristles.

The massaging action of the Herzko Self-Cleaning Slicker brush promotes blood circulation, leaving your coat smooth and lustrous.

As a result, your cat remains relaxed and quiet during brushing. Finally, this brush is appropriate for cats and dogs of all hair types and sizes.


Self-Cleaning Brush for Pet Craft Supplies

The Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning Brush is an excellent brush tool for maintaining coat health. It removes practically all dead hair in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, this brush tool promotes smooth, soft, and healthier skin and coat. It has heavy-duty stainless-steel bristles that are rust-free.

There is also a secure blade cover to extend their lives. The self-cleaning mechanism works flawlessly; when you press the button, the bristles retract, allowing you to effortlessly remove hair.

To prevent accidents and encourage precision, there is an ergonomic handle with a non-slip design.

This brush tool, when used appropriately, removes stray hair from the coat without hurting the skin. This multifunctional instrument is available in small and big versions.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose The Best Brush for Long-Haired Cats

Before entering the market, you must determine the best brush for long-haired cats based on the appropriate specifications.

These variables will improve your comprehension of the product’s functionality and usefulness. Here are some things to think about while selecting a brush for your long-haired cat.

Brush Bristle Choices

Because a cat’s skin is soft and sensitive, choosing a brush with appropriate bristles is critical. The improper bristles can easily damage your cat.

Here are a few of the bristle possibilities.


Plastic bristles are more flexible, but they are less effective at dealing with dense mats and tangles.

This skin-safe choice, on the other hand, is good to your cat because it does not cause irritation or damage to the cat’s skin.

Stainless steel

For tangles and matting, stainless steel bristles are robust and effective. However, care must be taken because the pins are prone to rust when improperly stored and cared for.

They can also bend and scrape if not used properly.


Rubber bristles are soft on the skin and function like magnets to attract loose hair. Although these bristles can enter the hair, they may not be particularly effective in removing knots and mats.

They are, however, the easiest to clean of all the brush alternatives.

Bristles from a pig

Boar bristles are created from boar hair. They are effective at removing dirt and surface hair.

Length of Fur

The sort of instrument to use will be determined by the size of the cat’s hair. For example, if the cat has medium-length hair, use a slicker brush on a daily basis.

Long-haired cats, on the other hand, require daily grooming with a shedding comb and slicker brush. As a result, it is critical that you brush your cat on a regular basis to remove mats and tangles.


The correct brush should make the cat’s grooming experience pleasurable. When you get to the full rub, it should feel like you’re getting a massage.

Any tense brush may result in injury and disrupt the balance between you and the cat. Instead, the proper brush should keep your cat comfortable and quiet.

Coat Material

The sort of brush you use is determined by the type of coat on your cat. If the cat has fine, long hair, choose a brush with long, narrow pins.

A narrow-pinned brush, on the other hand, is more effective if the cat has long, dense hair.


Purchasing a high-quality brush that will properly groom your cat necessitates caution.

We propose DakPets Pet Grooming Brush as the best bargain. It removes hair effectively while preventing harm and encouraging smooth, soft, and healthier skin.

Furthermore, the tool effectively removes loose and dead hair from the undercoat.

GoPets Dematting Pet Comb is BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) top premium product recommendation. It’s a double-sided brush that allows the user to apply the product as needed.

When used on sensitive skin, the brush is more gentle. Finally, it includes razor-sharp stainless-steel blades that cut through tangles and mats rather than pulling hair out.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews of the best brushes for long haired cats have helped you choose one.

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