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The 11 Best Brushes For Havanese

Havanese are petite, long-haired dogs. They may weigh 7 to 13 pounds and are generally little more than 10 to 12 inches tall.

These puppies are elegant, active, and extremely lively, which makes them a draw for dog enthusiasts.

On the other hand, these dogs are renowned for their lengthy coats, which may shed a considerable amount of fur.

Therefore, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best brushes for Havanese that can be purchased to help regulate their fur.


Safari Curved Firm Slicker Brush – Overall Winner



The Safari brush is the greatest overall Havanese brush. This brush is inexpensive and simple to use. It is a pin brush that can remove hair, grime, and debris from deep within your dog’s fur.

The pin brush may also be used to remove tiny knots or tangles. The soft bristle brush is used to smooth and encourage the dispersion of skin oil on the dog’s outermost layer.

The brush is suitable for all dog breeds and all types of fur. For really matted coats, the fabric may be rather fragile.


  • Simple to use
  • Affordable


  • Thin material


Professional Paws Pampering – Best Value



Need an expert brush? If so, consider this option. This comb‘s spine is aluminum-enhanced and corrosion-resistant, ensuring its durability. It is the most cost-effective Havanese brush available.

The ends of the pins are rounded, so they will not grab fur or rip it out. The comb is suitable for use on all lengths of fur. This comb may be used to remove knots, tangles, and mats from your dog’s fur with only a few strokes.

The disadvantage is that the brush might become entangled in really thick coatings. But if you’re not content, you may take advantage of the guarantee of complete satisfaction.


  • Ergonomic and portable
  • Pins for tangles


  • Can become entangled in thick coats


Paws Pamper Boar Bristle & Pin Brush – Exceptional Selection



This brush is manufactured from excellent material and can securely remove knots from the undercoat and smooth the topcoat of Havanese.

The anti-frizz substance on the boar bristle end of the comb is used to smooth fur. Additionally, it distributes natural oils evenly on your pet.

Use the boar brush side prior to the pin side in order to gently remove mats, tangles, and other debris from your dog’s coat. And the rounded points of the brush side will not rip out the skin and hair hairs of your dog.

This brush is manufactured from steel, bamboo, and boar bristles of the highest quality. The only drawback is that it is costlier than alternative solutions.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Reduces dropping


  • Pricey


Hertzko Soft Pet Brush – Ideal for Puppies



The Soft Pet Brush by Hertzko can deftly comb through the various layers of your dog’s fur. It eliminates dander, grime buildup, and loose hair. In addition to removing knots and tangles, this brush will also remove any stray hair.

Using the brush will also stimulate the creation of natural skin oil. Hertzko provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee wherein you may return the brush for a full refund or swap it if you are not completely happy.

It’s also wonderful for shorter fur, therefore we believe it’s an excellent option for Havanese pups. However, it may not be as beneficial for Havanese dogs who are older.


  • Anti-slip handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Excellent for delicate regions


  • Better for shorter fur


Safari De-Matting Comb



This de-matting comb is favored by professional groomers. This item is meant to remove knots and mats from your dog’s fur.

The comb’s stainless steel serrated blades are superior to a standard slicker brush in removing mats, knots, and tangles. It is ideal for large and small dogs with lengthy, matted fur.

To prevent pulling out fur when using this comb, make careful to brush your dog in the direction that his or her fur grows. You must exercise caution when handling the sharp blades.


  • Comfort grip handle
  • Good for large & tiny dogs


  • Has sharp blades


The Bampooch Brush



This anti-static brush can help maintain your Havanese dog’s fur matt-free and decrease static accumulation. Bampooch brushes are constructed with natural bamboo, wood, and rubber to prevent static accumulation.

The rounded bamboo bristles on this brush are soft on the skin of dogs. In addition, the brush’s natural rubber cushion promotes healthy airflow and enhances blood circulation.

This brush is natural and long-lasting, so it does not require frequent replacement. The price of this brush is a drawback, as it is not the least expensive choice on our list.


  • Easy to hold
  • Beneficial for all kinds of fur
  • Anti-static
  • Great for de-matting


  • Expensive


Detangling Pet Comb



This brush has a two-in-one design for detangling and brushing. This brush includes both long and short metal teeth that work in tandem to eliminate knots, tangles, and mats before they worsen.

The stainless steel teeth are meant to be long-lasting and effective. This brush may be used on dogs with hair of any length, regardless of their size.

It does not eliminate matted fur but helps untangle it so that you may properly remove dander from your dog’s coat by brushing. The disadvantage is that the brush might be fragile when used on extremely dense or snarled hair.


  • Anti-slip handle
  • Good for little dogs


  • Material could be fragile


Slicker Brush manufactured by Petpawjoy



This Petpawjoy slicker brush is ideal for owners seeking a one-stop grooming solution. This brush is composed of premium materials and has a guarantee.

It may be used to remove stray hair, mats, and grime from your dog’s coat. The brush is user-friendly, inexpensive, and backed by a warranty. The disadvantage is that it is not appropriate for really thick coats.


  • Multifunctional
  • Simple to use
  • Good for little dogs


  • Not for extremely dense coatings

Purchasing a Havanese Dog Brush

Aren’t you weary of using twisted or damaged dog brushes? If your dog brush is broken in any way and you continue to use it, you can end up injuring your Havanese dogs’ sensitive skin and creating irritation.

A pleasant grooming experience for a Havanese demands a brush with delicate bristles.

You can purchase a high-quality dog brush if you are aware of its features, including varieties of dog brushes, materials utilized, and other characteristics.

Different Dog Brushes

There are several varieties of slicker brushes available, including

Pin Brush

The pin brush detangles and eliminates dead undercoats from your Havanese’s fur. It softly strokes the dog’s body to increase blood flow. This procedure makes the Havanese’s coat and fur smooth and healthy.

As you move the brush against the direction of hair development, these pins softly separate the fur with small strokes.

Bristle Brush

The bristle brush removes matting from your pet’s fur and preserves its natural sheen. Frequent brushing aids in the reduction of hair loss. To prevent tugging the furs, brush in the direction of hair development.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is a perfect tool for grooming since it removes surface mats, detangles fur, and maintains healthy skin without creating irritations. It enhances the natural beauty of the Havanese and is beneficial for long and medium-length coats.

Use this brush and make lengthy strokes in the direction of hair development while brushing Havanese furs to preserve their natural pliability.

The Quality of Materials Employed in the Manufacture of Dog Brushes

Another factor to consider when selecting a dog brush is the quality of the brush’s construction materials. For detangling furs, the majority are composed of high-quality plastic with stainless steel pins.

Others are designed with delicate bristles for eliminating matting and preserving a Havanese’s natural appearance.


Check the durability of the dog brush by examining the materials utilized in its construction.

Simple to Clean

A quality dog brush must be simple to clean following use. The loose furs should be effortlessly removed from the brush. Some dog brushes contain bristles that retract using a push-button mechanism.

These bristles retract to clear the brush of stray hairs. When you are ready to use the brush again, simply press the button and the bristles will expand for grooming.


There are several brushes available to assist you in managing your Havanese’s coat. Many of these brushes are available online and at local pet stores.

Expect to pay between $10 and $30 for a quality brush. It may also be prudent to purchase multiple brushes as a precaution.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for selecting our website to learn about and research the best brushes for Havanese. We hope you’ve selected the appropriate brush for your Havanese.

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