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The 10 Best Brushes For Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are famous for their friendly, inexhaustible energy as well as their thick, soft manes. While you may like touching your golden's delicate fur, you may also be aware of how difficult it is to maintain it shiny and smooth.

You can't just pick up any brush and expect it to pierce your golden retriever's impenetrable coat. A brush developed particularly for difficult tangles and preventing matting is required.

There are several brushes on the market now that promise to be able to manage your dog's difficult fur. Some items are adequate, while others are a waste of your time and money.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has whittled it down to the best brushes for golden retrievers. Our collection contains user reviews as well as quick-reference pros and drawbacks lists.



The Hertzko slicker brush is the greatest overall brush for your golden retriever because of its efficacy and easy-to-clean mechanism. This slicker brush has tiny wire bristles that may gently remove mats and stray hair from your golden’s undercoat.

When your brush is full, just press a button to activate the retractable function and slide off the extra hair with one swipe. This mechanism, we discovered, makes utilizing this brush useful and convenient. Remember that wear and strain on this movable item might result in breaking.

This brush features an ergonomic handle with a comfortable, non-slip grip that reduces hand and wrist stress and strain while working with knots. The massaging properties of this brush will also appeal to your dog. However, to avoid scratching your dog with the hard bristles, only use minimal pressure.


  • Mats, tangles, and extra hair are effectively removed.
  • Retractable feature that is simple to clean
  • Handle is ergonomic and has a non-slip grip.
  • Provide a massage feeling (when used properly)


  • Over time, the retracting mechanism may fail.
  • Depending on how the bristles are groomed, they may be overly rough.



If you’re searching for the best brush for golden retrievers for the money, the FURminator slicker brush is a good option. You’ll receive a brush that performs well and is easy to use at a low price.

On either side of the brush, the FURminator has two types of bristles: straight and curved. Its dual head is bendable, allowing you to arrange the bristles in the most efficient locations as you move around your dog’s body.

This brush captures a lot of stray hair and can work through the thick fur of a golden retriever. Unfortunately, cleaning it when it becomes full may be tough.

The handle and dual head are both composed of anti-microbial plastic, which helps to keep germs and bacteria at bay. This slicker brush is well-made, with an ergonomic handle and a secure grip. However, after several usage, we discovered that the handle was not durable.


  • Best price
  • There are two types of bristles.
  • Bending function on dual head
  • Ergonomic grip with a comfort grip
  • Plastic that is antimicrobial


  • Cleaning is a challenge.
  • After repeated usage, the handle may break.



HappyDogz Magic Pro de-shedding tool is our top pick owing to its sturdy build. This brush, which resembles a hand rake, has a 4-inch-wide stainless-steel comb.

The robust plastic handle is curved to perfectly position the comb while you remove big amounts of unwanted hair off your golden retriever.

From start to end, this grooming tool provides easy functions. The ergonomic handle has a non-slip grip for comfort, and the blade releases with the touch of a button when it’s time to clean. A convenient eyelet in the handle makes hanging up the brush a breeze.

We ranked HappyDogz third because you will spend extra for this high-quality product, but it is well worth it because we discovered that this brush works well on golden retrievers.


  • 4 inch stainless steel comb
  • Handle is strong and has a bent design.
  • Non-slip, ergonomic grip
  • Blades are easily removed for cleaning.
  • Storage eyelet for hanging up


  • More pricey than comparable items



The Glendan dog brush’s handle rotates 360 degrees to assist you get the optimal angle when brushing your golden retriever. It also includes a comfortable grip and a storage eyelet.

This slicker brush has massage granules in the bristles to preserve your golden’s skin, enhance blood circulation, and make grooming more enjoyable.

While we discovered that the bristles perform well on golden retriever coats, keep in mind that cleaning up all of the accumulated hair might be time-consuming.

With a total length of 6 inches, this brush is more compact than the other types on our list. This brush may not be pleasant to handle if you have large hands.


  • The handle may be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Grip comfort
  • Eyelet for simple storing
  • Particles should be massaged into the bristle tips.


  • Cleaning is a challenge.
  • Handle of a smaller size





The Conair Pet-It for Dog fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to brush away stray hair, knots, and dirt while mimicking caressing your golden retriever.

To put the brush in position, just slip the plastic handle between your fingers. The compact size is beneficial for dogs who may become anxious while using a bigger brush.

Conair has six brushes in this style: a curry comb, a shampooing massage brush, a metal pin brush, a boar bristle brush, a soft slicker brush, and a slicker brush. Because it is affordable, you may wish to purchase more than one variety.

The boar bristle brush is made of 50% genuine boar and 50% synthetic bristles that glide through the coat of your golden retriever. This type of boar bristle brush is not designed to remove extra hair or work through matted fur.

Instead, it effectively distributes oils in your dog’s fur, resulting in a smooth and lustrous coat. We discovered that you may use it to get into your golden’s undercoat when shampooing them.


  • Design in the form of a palm
  • Ideal for dogs that are afraid of huge brushes.
  • Six different brush styles
  • Reasonably priced
  • For a smooth, lustrous coat, use a boar bristle brush.
  • Works nicely for further cleaning when shampooing.


  • It should not be used to remove extra hair or matting.



The Oster Combo brush has a two-sided dog brush with round-tip pins on one side and bristles on the other.

The pins break up knots and penetrate your golden retriever’s thick undercoat easily. The bristle side eliminates matted fur and distributes oils to improve the appearance of your dog’s coat.

This brush includes an ergonomic handle with a grooved grip for greater comfort and control of the brush. At 9 inches in length, this product is bigger than similar models on our list, making it more suited for larger breeds.

We discovered that this brush works nicely on golden retriever coats. However, after straining through your dog’s dense fur, pins may fall out. We also observed that the pin brush is not convex, which makes it less effective.


  • Dual-sided brush
  • Handle is ergonomic and has a grooved grip.
  • A larger brush


  • Pins frequently fall out.
  • Pin brush lacks convex shape





If you want to clean up quickly, the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush retracts at the touch of a button, allowing you to simply remove any extra hair. The Safari’s pins are also composed of strong stainless steel.

The curved head of this brush helps you to groom your golden retriever in a natural motion. The ergonomic handle provides a firm grip and a full-size length that fits comfortably in your hand.

While it is not as successful at eliminating mats and tangles as higher ranked brushes on our list, the Safari is still a good pick for your golden retriever.

However, take in mind that employing the retractable function may cause issues. The mechanism clogs if one or more of the bristles becomes bent.


  • Retractable for more convenient cleaning
  • Pins made of stainless steel
  • Head curved for more natural motion
  • Handle that is easy to hold


  • Not as effective as comparable items
  • The retractable mechanism may become clogged.



The Groomist Porcupine dog brush, a hybrid slicker and bristle brush, works great on golden retriever coats to remove knots and restore gloss.

The pins on the Groomist dog brush have ball points that may penetrate your golden’s undercoat while preserving their skin. At the same time, the bristles restore the smooth, shiny coat of your golden retriever.

This brush’s ergonomic soft handle makes it simple to use. With a length of 10 inches, this brush is ideal for bigger breeds such as golden retrievers.

We ranked this brush lower since it is less effective at removing big volumes of extra hair. It is also insufficiently powerful to remove matting.


  • Slicker brush and bristle brush in one
  • Pins with ball tips for your dog’s convenience.
  • Removes tangles and brings back the shine
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Brush of a large size


  • Excess hair removal is less effective.
  • Inadequate strength to remove matting


Accents at AtEase

The ATEase double-sided dog brush is constructed of all-natural two-toned bamboo and is a grooming tool manufactured with sustainable resources, allowing you to feel good about your purchasing decisions. It also has a pleasing look.

The hardwood handle is meant to fit comfortably in the hand, although it does not have a non-slip grip and may be too small if you have bigger hands. When not in use, this brush may be stored in a tiny hole at the top of the handle.

This double-sided brush has a bristle brush on one side for decreasing shedding and stimulating your dog’s skin for a healthier coat.

Soft pins with comfort points on the other side aid with mat removal. This brush works well on golden retrievers, however not as good as some of the other items on our list.


  • Made from ecologically friendly bamboo
  • Attractive physical appearance
  • Bristles and pins on both sides


  • A lack of a nonslip grip
  • Handle of a smaller size
  • Not as effective as comparable items



The Wahl big slicker brush’s 4.5-inch-wide head is designed to clean broad areas of your golden retriever. The stainless-steel pins on this brush are intended to provide more strength and longevity.

The specifically designed pins have slightly curved ends that aid in detangling and shedding. The ergonomic handle has a soft grip for a better grasp when grooming your dog.

We ranked the Wahl last on our list because to various pin concerns. They might be sharp, causing skin harm to your dog.

They may also fall out of your dog’s fur, posing a choking threat and rendering the brush ineffective. Finally, the pins may bend, reducing the brush’s performance even further.


  • A big head
  • Pins made of stainless steel with curved tips
  • Soft-grip ergonomic handle


  • Pins with a sharp point
  • Pins falling out of fur to provide a choking hazard.
  • Pins are prone to bending.
  • Pin difficulties diminish the efficacy of the brush.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) picks the FBA 881314705702 Hertzko as the best brushes for golden retrievers. When handled properly, this slicker brush successfully eliminates mats, tangles, and extra hair while also massaging your dog. When the brush is filled, a retractable function makes cleanup simple.

We recommend the FURminator 104009 Firm Grooming Slicker Brush for the greatest value. The cheaper pricing does not restrict the features of this brush. It has two bristle types, a bending function on the dual head for increased performance, and an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip. It’s also composed of antibacterial plastic.

Finally, because of its sturdy construction, we chose the HappyDogz Magic Pro Deshedding Tool as our top pick. This brush has a 4-inch stainless-steel comb, a robust bent handle, and an ergonomic, non-slip grip. The blade detaches for easy cleaning and has an eyelet for storage.

Buyer's Guide

What Kinds of Dog Brushes Are There?

The Pin Brush

  • The wire pins on these brushes are long and spread widely.
  • They’re good for brushing through topcoats and eliminating tangles, but they don’t remove much hair or eliminate tenacious mats.
  • They’re ideal for dogs with longer coats, such as golden retrievers.
  • For increased comfort, they can be equipped with rubber-tipped pins.

Brush with Bristles

  • Bristle brushes work similarly to pin brushes, but they are more versatile and may be used on both short and long-haired dogs.
  • They are available in a variety of bristle lengths and spacings to accommodate different coat types – longer, wider spaced variants are ideal for goldens.
  • They also stimulate the skin and aid to eliminate obstinate grime.
  • These might be a useful tool for a fast brush in between more full grooming sessions.

The Slicker Brush

  • Slicker brushes are excellent for eliminating debris and loose hair.
  • They are made up of rows of thin wire pins that are ideal for detangling longer hair.
  • Each pin has a slightly slanted end that aids in the removal of loose fur.
  • They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that is appropriate for your dog.
  • They should be used with caution since too much pressure might cause pain.

Rake the Undercoat

  • An undercoat rake’s aim is to assist remove the undercoat when shedding and to untangle the undercoat in general.
  • They’re constructed of wide-spaced metal teeth that are long enough to penetrate all the way to the undercoat.
  • They come in a variety of lengths, so choose one that is appropriate for your golden retriever.
  • Again, don’t apply too much pressure; a gentle brush-through is plenty.

Brush made of rubber

  • These can be in the form of a brush or a glove, both with short rubber “bristles.”
  • They may be used to massage the skin and remove dead hair.
  • They are more suited to short-coated dogs due to the length of the bristles.

Size of the Handle and Brush

There is no universal handle for dog brushes. Some have shorter handles, while others have longer handles. A handle that does not fit comfortably in your hands can strain your wrist and arm and be overall inconvenient to operate.

As a result, it’s best to choose a brush with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hands.

What Coat Type Is This Brush Made For?

Coats come in a variety of styles, ranging from smooth and double to long and curly/wavy. The appropriate brush for golden retrievers must be suited for double-coated breeds.

You will also come across several that are adaptable enough to accommodate different coats.

Whatever brush you use, make sure it can groom and/or remove dirt, loose fur, mats, and tangles from your golden.

Design of a Pin

The pins on high-quality dog brushes are usually flexible, soft, rounded, or bendable. These kind of pins are less likely to irritate your dog’s skin.

Check the product description to confirm that the pins are meant to be kinder on your dog’s skin.

Avoid extremely inexpensive brushes, as the majority of them include rigid, pointed pins that are more likely to damage your dog than to adequately groom it.

What Brushes Are Required For A Golden Retriever?

Most golden retriever owners will require, to varying degrees, the following brushes: a wire pin brush, a bristle brush, a slicker brush, and an undercoat rake.

  1. Brush for wire pins
  2. Brush with bristles
  3. The slicker brush
  4. Rake the undercoat

When the coat is in excellent form and not too knotted, both the wire pin brush and the bristle brush are ideal for frequent brushing.

You don’t need both a wire pin and a bristle brush since they serve the same purpose. So, ultimately, it’s a matter of personal choice or trial and error to establish which one you and your dog like.

A slicker brush is essential for removing mats and tangles, especially in your dog’s topcoat. It’s also useful for eliminating loose fur, but it may not fully penetrate a retriever’s thick undercoat.

Finally, you’ll need an undercoat rake to assist remove your dog’s undercoat when it sheds in the spring and autumn.

This is critical because an undercoat that does not completely emerge might get badly matted and create pain in your dog.


Which brush is best for a golden retriever?

To varying degrees, most golden retriever owners will use at least one of the following brushes: a wire pin brush, a bristle brush, a slicker brush, and an undercoat rake.

Every brush on our list is suitable for use on a golden retriever. You merely need to decide what you want to use the brush for.

This will assist you in narrowing down your pick to the ideal brush for your golden retriever from the four categories discussed above.

How often should a golden retriever be brushed?

To minimize uncomfortable matting and excessive shedding, golden retrievers should be groomed once or twice a week.

It’s even preferable to groom your dog on a daily basis if feasible, since this will not only minimize shedding but will also spare you the trouble of washing or vacuuming your fur-covered floor as frequently.

Remember to use a pin or bristle brush for regular shedding and brushing. However, if their hair is excessively knotted, it is best to sprinkle it with water or a suitable conditioner before brushing it. A slicker brush is an excellent choice for this task.

How do you clean a golden retriever using a slicker brush?

I briefly noted before that slicker brushes should be used with caution since they can be uncomfortable, especially when used excessively. To prevent producing inflammation, use short, soft strokes instead.

Also, when using a slicker brush, pay careful attention to every part of your dog’s body, especially regions prone to knots, such as the butt, neck, and mane.

When should I begin combing my golden retriever?

Most veterinarians recommend that you begin combing golden retrievers when they are puppies (or around 4-6 months old).

Allow your dog to grow acquainted with the grooming procedure gradually at first. Remember to use the right brush for the task at hand.

Most manufacturers provide a variety of grooming alternatives for puppies and older dogs.

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