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The 12 Best Brushes For Border Collies

Border Collies are excellent family dogs with captivating and lively dispositions. If you enjoy outdoor activities and playing fetch, this is the ideal breed for you. Before purchasing a Collie, it is advisable to compile a list of weekly grooming supplies.

Otherwise, you may discover that pet dander quickly spreads throughout your home. Border Collies are double-coated dogs with either smooth or rough coats.

In order to assist you to pick the best brushes for Border Collies, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of grooming tools along with reviews of each one.


DakPets Furblaster De-shedding Pet Brush

The DakPets Pet Brush is the ideal brush for Border Collies in general. This tool may be used on both short- and long-haired small and big dogs. It is also good for dogs with double or single coats.

This brush’s rubber handle is nonslip and ergonomically engineered for comfort. The button on the brush’s handle releases the stainless steel comb from its end.

Experts in pet care designed this brush to minimize dog shedding by up to 90%. A non-irritating 4-inch stainless steel comb is utilized to remove loose fur.

It has a 60-day replacement or refund policy for any reason. The disadvantage is that the brush is difficult to clean.


  • Economical
  • Available in many colors
  • The durable and ergonomic brush handle


  • Uneasy to clean


Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This Hertzko brush is excellent because it eliminates dead hair and distributes natural oils throughout the coat of your dog. This may result in a healthier, more appealing, and less shedding coat.

The Hertzko Slicker Brush has a non-slip, ergonomic handle with finely bent wires.

These wires remove any stray hairs from your dog’s coat without irritating the skin. It does not just remove hair from the undercoat of the dog.

It may help remove mats, knots, and tangles from dogs with the thickest fur. The disadvantage of this brush is that it may irritate dogs with delicate skin.


  • Excellent for medium and long-haired canines.
  • Affordable
  • Simple to clean


  • Potentially irritating


Undercoat FURminator Shedding Brush

Here is a reputable brand in the world of pet grooming. This brush has garnered several rave reviews from dog owners throughout the world who use it on a daily basis. It is an effective de-shedding tool for both long- and short-haired dogs.

The FURminator de-shedding device is simple to operate. It performs well and is simple to operate due to its ergonomic design. We also believe it is the most cost-effective brush for Border Collies.

The stainless-steel edge can reach the undercoat and remove up to eighty to ninety percent of loose hair. It accomplishes this without irritating your dog’s skin.

This is because of the smooth curvature of the stainless steel blade’s edge guard, which prevents the blade from digging into your dog’s skin.

There are six sizes available to accommodate dogs of various sizes and breeds. This brush may not be the most suitable option for dogs with sensitive skin.


  • Excellent design with several sizing possibilities
  • Superior materials
  • Appropriate for any length of fur


  • Not suitable for dogs with delicate skin


Double-Sided CRBN Dog Brush

The CRBN Double-Sided Dog Brush is an excellent tool for brushing Collie puppies with short coats. The brush has a bamboo handle and two individual bristles.

Though ineffective as a de-shedding tool for thicker or longer hairs, it can be used to complete grooming sessions and is excellent for overall coat health.

Brushing your dog’s fur with a bristle brush can result in a healthier coat and less shedding by massaging their skin and distributing their natural oils.

This brush is suitable for both short-haired and single-coated dogs. This brush will become useless as your Collie’s hair becomes longer, and it may be difficult to clean.


  • Suitable for canines with shorter hair
  • Durable bamboo handle
  • Sturdy, ergonomic design
  • Affordable and skin-friendly


  • Ineffective on dogs with lengthy coats
  • May be difficult to clean


MalsiPree Pet Groomer

This user-friendly brush has a smooth, non-slip handle that is simple to hold. On one side of this instrument is an useful de-shedding comb that makes it easy to cut through mats and tangles. Thus, it is the ideal tool for both de-shedding and routine dog grooming.

It is also a wonderful solution for owners of thicker, mattier-prone pets. It is available in two sizes, small and big, and three colors. This equipment is a wonderful option for owners of dog breeds with typically thicker and heavier coats.

This brush is not made for short-haired dogs, which is not an issue with a Collie, but other dog breeds may not respond well to it.


  • Excellent for heavy coatings
  • Available in several sizes
  • A two-in-one de-shedding device


  • Not for dogs with short hair


GoPets De-matting Comb

The comb’s handle is made of high-quality, double-sided stainless steel and soft silicone. This brush is also appropriate for double-coated dogs. The GoPets Dematting Comb is effective on breeds with thicker or longer hair.

Its ability to cut through tenacious mats or knots is what sets it apart. On one side of the comb are twelve teeth that may be used to cut through knots.

The other side contains numerous teeth for removing finer hairs from under the skin. The disadvantage is that if your dog’s hair is not matted, you may not require this brush.


  • Excellent for eliminating matting and knots
  • Durable design
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not appropriate for fur that is not matted.


SleekEZ Original Dog De-shedder



This de-shedding tool has a wooden handle and a blade with a wave design that removes up to 95% of hair. It comes in three sizes and may be used to rapidly and painlessly remove loose, dead hairs from the dog’s skin.

Our tool can be acquired from a number of online shops and the majority of pet stores, and it is far less expensive than the majority of other dog shedding brushes on this list.

Unfortunately, it does not perform well with longer-haired breeds and is ineffective in de-shedding the undercoat.

There are no protective edge guards on the brush’s corners, therefore it may not be suitable for really long or dense coats.


  • Sturdy and high-quality construction
  • Excellent for canines with shorter coats
  • Lifetime assurance


  • Not suitable for long or woolly jackets
  • No corner edge protectors are present.


Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

The Hartz Groomer’s Brush is an everyday grooming instrument. Combination brushes are not the most effective de-shedding equipment. Having a pin and bristle combination is advantageous for several reasons.

This brush is ideal if your dog does not shed excessively and you want to help it keep a clean coat while eliminating stray hair.

The pin brush side of the Hartz combination brush is more suited for long-haired canines. It can eliminate tiny mats, knots, and tangles. The bristle side is comprised of thick nylon fibers.

The other side is composed of pins and safety tips made of stainless steel. This dog brush is ergonomically and comfortably constructed.


  • Suitable for daily use
  • Appropriate for long-haired dogs
  • Ideal for eliminating matting and tangles.
  • Maintains a healthy coat
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for heavy shedders
  • Best when used with additional equipment


Dual-Sided Shedding Tool from Safari

This is not a brush, but a useful blade for de-shedding. The Safari de-shedding tool is a simple, versatile, and high-quality de-shedder. One side of the blade has finer edges, while the other side has coarser edges.

This allows you to select the side that is optimal for your dog’s coat and shedding level. It is ideal for medium to big dog breeds. It is less efficient in removing mats and tangles from dogs with thick coats.

Additionally, it is simple to clean and the handles may be detached to cover a bigger area with less effort.


  • Simple, adaptable design
  • Double-sided ridge blade
  • It is simple to clean.


  • Not as efficient in eliminating mats and tangles.


Delomo Pet Glove

This inexpensive silicone glove is an excellent option for dogs with delicate skin or who dislike being groomed. It contains 255 gentle bristles that massage your dog’s coat to remove excess fur. The glove adheres to your dog’s fur and is simple to clean.

It is available in blue and red, and one size fits all. This glove is ideal for dog owners who prefer to use their hands instead of a brush while de-shedding their pet’s fur, therefore reducing wrist and forearm strain.

The disadvantage of the brush glove is that it may not effectively remove mats and knots. Additionally, it is difficult to clean. However, it is economical if you want a cheap solution.


  • Alternative for sensitive dogs
  • rubbing coat
  • Excellent for oil distribution
  • Washable


  • Design is inadequate
  • Not simple to clean


There are several excellent dog brushes on the market now, and many of them are available for less than $20. Finding the correct brush or fur de-shedding equipment will help you maintain your dog’s hair and skin by controlling dander.

The DakPets Pet Brush is our pick for the best brushes for Border Collies, while the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Brush provides the greatest value. The FURminator Undercoat De-Shedding Brush is the best option available. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that regardless of whatever brush you pick, these reviews have made your decision easier.

Buyer's Guide

How do you groom a Border Collie?

  1. If you want to minimize the amount of hair and fur in your home, brushing your Border Collie multiple times each week is a valuable skill to possess. Here are some brushing recommendations for your Border Collie.
  2. Run your hands through their fur to detect any matting. First, attempt to loosen the matting with your fingertips.
  3. Utilize a slicker brush to work through their thick coating. You will next need to use a de-shedding tool to remove the surplus undercoat fur.
  4. Utilizing a rake, remove all matting.
  5. Finally, comb the coat of your Border Collie using a grooming rake or a fine-tooth comb to smooth out the fur.

How to Determine a Border Collie’s Brush?

Here are some suggestions for selecting the most suitable type of brush for a Border Collie. You should not purchase just any brush on the market.

As you will regularly be brushing your Border Collie, the appropriate dog brush will save you countless hours.


To prevent injury to your dog’s skin, choose a brush with round, soft bristles. A slicker brush is the most popular brush among Border owners and is distinguished by wires with L-shaped bristles. They feature a slightly curved base and protecting tips to avoid skin harm.

We do not advocate using a brush that might cause skin injury to your Border Collie. If not, kids will not appreciate grooming in the future.

Trench Coat Raking

Undercoat raking skills enable a brush to smooth the undercoat of clump-shedding Border Collies. With a rake, it is simple to remove loose hairs without difficulty.

Typically, a rake brush has large teeth that easily remove all dead hair from the top coat and undercoat in a matter of seconds.

It is necessary to remove dead hair since it decreases shedding and improves the look of your Border Collie. The large teeth also massage the hair, which increases blood circulation.

Double-Sided Bristles

A dual-sided brush allows you to eliminate knots and matting while simultaneously smoothing the coat of a Border Collie.

Typically, metal pins on one side of the brush successfully remove matting, while bristles on the other side assist in de-shed your dog. These brushes are ideal for medium to long-haired dogs, as the bristle side is optimal for long, silky hair.

Brush Grip

The brush grip is quite important, especially if it is ergonomic. Mats are already problematic and make it difficult to brush your Border Collie’s fur.

After a few minutes of grooming your dog, you will see a comfortable hold. In addition to being comfortable, your brush grip should feature a nonslip handle.

Hard Bristles

The most effective way to remove fur and mats from your dog is with stiff bristles. They perform equally well on smooth fur and thick, dense fur.

In addition, hard brush bristles are ideal for distributing natural oils to promote healthy skin and a glossier coat. If your Border Collie has short hair, this is the only tool you will need to remove the hair and groom them.

There are a variety of hard bristle brush varieties. They may have a few large teeth or several little ones. If you tend to let your Border Collie’s hair grow long, we recommend choosing a brush with longer bristles.

Mat Removal

Determine whether your brush can remove mats. These brushes can separate mats and remove debris from your Border Collie’s fur. The blades on mat-removing brushes are sharp enough to cut through dog skin.

They must also be handled with extreme caution, as they can easily cut through your dog’s skin if misused. Typically, Border Collies develop mats behind their ears and in their armpits.


You must possess at least one brush capable of de-shedding your Border Collie’s coat. De-shedding instruments are used to remove excess hair from dogs that shed excessively.

These brushes can remove large quantities of hair with only a few strokes. FURminator is a reputable manufacturer of de-shedding tools for Border Collies.

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