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The 5 Best Breeding Boxes For Guppies

Do you wish for your guppies to reproduce? Perhaps you have a pregnant female, whether or not you intended to breed. Did you know that moms and fathers would consume their children's french fries if given the opportunity?

It does not bode well for the survival rates of guppy fry. However, the breeding box comes into play at this point. Today, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will assist you in locating the best breeding boxes for guppies and explain how they function.


Aquarium Baby Nursery TOM

The TOM Aquarium Baby Nursery is quite modest, measuring 6.3 x 3.7 x 4.6 inches, yet it is large enough to accommodate one or two pregnant guppies and/or their children. As long as you do not drop it, this item made of high-quality plastic should be alright.

It is rather resilient, all things considered. This item may be placed in a separate tank, or if you have a large main tank, it can also be placed there. Numerous side vents ensure good water circulation and aeration, so there should be no issues with these characteristics.

This item is great since it comes with a partition that allows you to isolate two pregnant fish from one another if necessary, or just keep one in a huge and open environment. It also has V-shaped dividers to provide optimal protection for both adult fish and fry.

It also has a filtration device that can be moved from one side of the greenhouse to the other. It is not particularly potent, but it should suffice. This may also be used as an isolation tank for fish that are damaged or aggressive.


  • Excellent proportions
  • Durable
  • Good partitions & dividers
  • Contains filter


  • The filter is of poor quality.
  • Side openings might allow fries to escape.


Lee’s Two-Way Guppy Breeder

This is an easy and simple breeding box for guppies. Simply position it in the tank’s base for installation. It does not require to be installed on the tank’s wall, which simplifies things somewhat.

In terms of dimensions, Lee’s Breeder measures 7 x 3.2 x 3.5 inches, which is enough for guppy breeding. It is large enough to accomplish the task, but not so huge that a separate tank is required.

Regarding quality, it is neither exceptional nor very durable. It is made of inexpensive plastic, but it should be alright if it is not dropped.

This item features several side vents to ensure that fry and pregnant fish have ample water flow and oxygen for ideal water conditions. It also has a V-shaped partition that can be removed or installed at will.

This enables the isolation of pregnant fish for their safety, as well as the provision of a safe area for fry to rest and grow, away from predators. You may also remove the mother, remove the divider, and let the fry develop in the breeding box until they are able to survive on their own.


  • Space compatible
  • A good partitioner
  • Excellent airflow and water flow


  • Durability is a bit dubious
  • If the divider is there, a pregnant fish will not have excessive room.


Marina 3-in-1 Guppy Box

This particular breeding box is intriguing since it is supposed to be a floating breeding box. In other words, it should float at the surface and not sink to the bottom of the tank. Yes, this does seem convenient, however, if you don’t tie it to the edge of your tank, it can float from side to side, and it floats extremely poorly.

It is not excessively huge, measuring 3.2 x 6.5 x 3.2 inches. It will conserve room in a tank, but it is only suitable for guppies and fish of like size. The Marina 3-in-1 Guppy Trap is built of the same basic plastic as the others.

It is not exceptionally durable, but it should be alright so long as it is not poured from a great height. Additionally, this breeding trap may be utilized to isolate fish that are too aggressive or damaged.

Additionally, this item features advantageous side venting for water circulation and oxygenation. Finally, it has a V-shaped separator to separate pregnant females from one another if necessary.

It features openings on the bottom to enable the fry to fall through, preventing them from being consumed by their parents. However, tiny fry may be able to pass through the very bottom slots and enter the tank.


  • Good for tiny tanks
  • Great divider
  • Superior ventilation


  • Smaller fish might fall into the aquarium.
  • Not as flotational as advertised


Marina Hang-On Breeding Box

The Marina Hang-On Breeding Box is a one-of-a-kind alternative to keep in mind for breeding boxes. This is because it is one of the few decorations that really hangs outside the tank.

It is not difficult to attach and comes with the hardware needed to put it on the exterior of the tank, but it must be mounted, unlike many other breeding boxes on the market. This breeding box is rather huge, measuring 5.8 x 10.7 x 5.7 inches, however, it does not take up any room in the aquarium.

The box is more than large enough to accommodate two pregnant guppies or perhaps larger fish. If necessary, this item can be used to isolate damaged fish, however, it is not advised. You must use either an air or water pump to keep new water flowing into the tank and old water flowing out to be treated by your primary filtration system.

As a side note, this item is rather loud and tends to generate stuttering sounds, which can make installation somewhat difficult. It does have a V-divider to separate two pregnant fish, as well as slits at the bottom of the divider to allow fry to escape potentially cannibalistic moms.


  • Does not use space within the tank.
  • Sizeable enough to keep pregnant fish cozy.
  • Contains a V-divider with slits at the base.
  • Not demanding in terms of installation.


  • Requires a pump for air or water
  • Some fry may be pulled into the main aquarium.


Fashionclus Breeder Rearing Trap Box

This final choice on our current list is really clear and uncomplicated. This is an indoor breeding box to begin with. Use the provided suction cups to attach the light to the interior of your aquarium. It cannot get any simpler than that.

However, the suction cups may occasionally detach and causing the Fashionclus Breeder Box to sink. It is a somewhat large breeding box, measuring 3.742.755.12 inches, with plenty of space for two pregnant guppies.

A V-shaped partition separates the fry from their parents, so preventing them from being devoured. Obviously, it’s a plus that this item is composed of really tough and resilient plastic.

However, this box’s bottom has openings that may allow tiny fry to escape, but these and the side slits are important for water circulation and ventilation.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Sufficient space for two pregnant fish and fry


  • Uses up a great quantity of tank space.
  • Suction cups are inadequate.


When may a pregnant guppy be placed in a breeding box?

Once her due date approaches, you can keep your pregnant guppies in the container. 24 to 48 hours after giving birth, she should be removed to prevent her from consuming the fry.

How long should guppy fry be kept in a breeding box?

The baby guppies can remain in the box for up to two weeks until they are too large for the adult fish to consume. If you leave them in the box for more than two weeks, their growth may be stunted.

If you guarantee that the water conditions are perfect, you are giving them the finest diet, and they are not exhibiting any indications of discomfort, you might keep them in the breeding box for as long as necessary.

Can two pregnant guppies share the same breeding container?

In order to offer guppy fry the best chance of survival, two pregnant guppies should not share a breeder box after giving birth.

How do I use a breeding box for guppies?

A breeder box is the greatest protection from the mother guppy eating the fry. Breeder boxes are simple to use and maintain, even for inexperienced fish keepers.

The breeder box is a container with two different tanks so that when the guppy fry is born, they are separated from their mother so that she does not consume them.

The guppy fry is separated from their mother so they can reach a size where they cannot fit into the mouths of the larger fish.

Can guppy fry perish in a breeding container?

There are several reasons why guppy fry dies in the breeding box. To give your guppy fry the best chance of life, separate them from their mother, maintain ideal and oxygenated water conditions, feed them healthily and sufficiently, and make sure they are not agitated.

When are guppy fry permitted to leave the breeding box?

Guppy fry may remain in the breeder box until they are large enough to avoid being consumed by larger fish. As long as the water conditions are acceptable and there are no symptoms of stress, you may keep them in the box.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best breeding boxes for guppies have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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