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The 15 Best Books About Dogs

Whether you like audiobooks or the sensation of a paperback in your hands, all book enthusiasts agree on one thing: discovering new books is thrilling! If you enjoy both dogs and literature, it makes perfect sense to combine the two. From Lassie to James Herriot, dog-themed fiction is a wide and ever-growing genre. If you're seeking for the most recent dog novels, you've come to the perfect place. In this post, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will discuss the best books about dogs.


The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read

The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read by Louise Glazebrook is this year’s choice for the greatest overall book about dogs. The author is a British dog behaviorist and trainer who specializes in assisting dog owners to connect with their pets.

As we all know, our dogs cannot communicate their desires, needs, or emotions through speech. They communicate through a variety of means, including body language.

Frustrations and miscommunications are unavoidable if you do not know how to read your dog’s communication. Users describe this book as intelligent, simple to read, and especially helpful for anyone contemplating the purchase of a dog.

A few individuals regarded the author’s tone to be somewhat condescending and stated that people who already owned dogs would find it less useful.


  • Beneficial for prospective dog owners
  • Concentrates on how to analyze canine behavior.
  • Easy-to-read


  • The tone may be rather critical.
  • Experienced dog owners may find it less useful.


Dog Breed Guide For Kids

We recommend Dog Breed Guide for Kids: 50 Essential Dog Breeds to Know and Love by Christine Rohloff Gossinger as the finest dog book for the money. This dog encyclopedia is designed for children aged 8 to 12 and includes photographs, statistics, and care instructions for 50 of the most popular dog breeds.

Divided into the seven AKC show categories, the book allows dog-obsessed children to study their favorite canines. Best of all, it has an index, allowing your children to readily locate the breed they must have in the future. According to parents who have purchased the book, children as young as six will appreciate it.

They discovered that it provided children with accurate information on dog breeds, allowing them to participate in the choice to get a new dog. It is relatively limited in scope because it only has 50 breeds. Some children may be unhappy if their dog is not included.


  • Informative and kid-friendly
  • Cute pics
  • Allows children to assist in selecting the family pet.


  • There are a few breeds mentioned.


Mutts: A Celebration of Mystery Mixed Breeds

This book is for anybody who has ever loved a dog whose parents were wildly unknown. Mutts: A Celebration of Mysterious Mixed Breeds is the title of a forthcoming coffee table book by photographer Olivia Grey Pritchard. It shows breathtaking photographs of mixed-breed puppies in all their bewildering splendor.

In addition to the images, the author includes the dog’s name, presumed parentage, and a brief description. These features help highlight and endear the mutts and, ideally, encourage more individuals to adopt instead of shop.

A portion of the book’s revenues will be donated to animal rescue organizations, so you can feel better about paying a premium price for this publication.


  • Proceeds from purchases will benefit animal rescue organizations
  • Encourages dog adoption


  • Not accessible till later in the year.


What Is a Dog?

This book may be exactly what the doctor ordered if you’re in the mood for a purifying sob. What Is a Dog? is a book published by Chloe Shaw after she lost one of her pets. This incident prompted her to reflect on her prior interactions with pets.

Through this practice, she was able to recognize and overcome problematic patterns and attachments in her life. This book might cause emotional anguish for those who have experienced the grief of losing a dog. Readers said that the book is likely to make them cry, but that it also contains humorous parts and is well-written.


  • Users deemed it to be well-written.
  • Relevant for everyone who has ever lost a dog
  • Sincere, with humorous touches


  • Likely to induce tears
  • Could cause emotional distress in certain


Piglet: The Unexpected Story of a Deaf, Blind, Pink Puppy and His Family

This book is authored by Piglet’s human mother, a veterinarian named Dr. Melissa Shapiro, and was just published in paperback. Dr. Shapiro and her family agree to foster a deaf and blind dog rescued from a hoarding situation.

When Piglet arrived at their house, he was frightened and reclusive; the book describes how the people nursed and connected with the pink dog until he emerged from his shell.

During this period, Dr. Shapiro and Piglet forged a unique relationship and established their own method of communication. Will Piglet find a permanent home after all of his bonding efforts, or will he be a “foster fail”? You might probably anticipate the answer, but you should read this delightful novel to find out for sure.

This book is motivational, entertaining, and well-written, according to readers. A few thought it was too sluggish and that it concentrated more than expected on the author’s family.


  • Inspiring and uplifting
  • Obtainable in a variety of formats, including audiobook


  • Some may find it tedious to read.
  • More emphasis on humanity in the plot than some anticipated.


The Do No Harm Dog Behavior & Training Guide

Training our dogs, particularly those with behavioral issues, is an ongoing worry for pet owners. The Do No Harm Training and Behavior Handbook, authored by dog psychologist Linda Michaels, is among the most recent works to address this topic.

It emphasizes the use of force-free training techniques and provides lesson plans and instructions for addressing typical behavioral issues. The book may be utilized by owners or professional trainers, and it covers everything from teaching fundamental etiquette to addressing separation anxiety and facilitating trips to the veterinarian.

It also assists owners in comprehending the causes of their dog’s behavior and how to respond accordingly. Previous readers have praised its thoroughness, readability, and organization.


  • Comprehensive and well-organized
  • Easy-to-follow
  • Helps owners comprehend the causes of their dog’s undesirable behavior.


  • Methods of instruction involve perseverance and dedication


Dogology: The Weird and Wonderful Science of Dogs

The weirdest option on our list is Stefan Gates’ Dogology: The Weird and Wonderful Science of Dogs, which was published at the end of last year. This compact collection of fewer than 200 pages is packed with scientific information regarding dogs. Sounds quite dull, right?

However, we are not discussing conventional anatomical diagrams. This book addresses pressing issues such as “Why do dogs fart?” or “How does your dog interpret your voice?”

In other words, the types of questions we all ponder but are often hesitant to voice out. This book is the ideal last-minute present for a dog enthusiast. You could just wish it were longer and had more interesting facts!


  • Concise and simple to read
  • Contains both knowledge and wit


  • Perhaps you wish it were longer.


The Forever Dog

This book is for every dog owner who hopes for their pet’s immortality. Accepting that our time with our dogs is limited is something that everyone must do. However, The Forever Dog: Surprising New Science to Help Your Canine Companion Live Younger, Healthier, and Longer provides research-based advice on how to extend your dog’s lifespan.

This book, published late last year, discusses numerous elements that influence a dog’s lifetime, including nutrition, activity, external stress, and heredity. In addition, it provides dog owners with strategies and advice for mitigating the effects of these issues, including how to tailor these strategies based on breed or mix.

This book receives excellent reviews from tens of thousands of reviewers, many of whom label it a “must-read” for dog owners. The Forever Dog is one of the longest on our list and may be very technical at times, despite the fact that most reviewers describe it as simple to read.


  • Excellent research and writing
  • Offers practical advice to all dog owners on how to avoid aging.


  • It is the longest book on our list.


One of the Family: Why a Dog Called Maxwell Changed My Life

Nicky Campbell, a British radio personality, authored this affecting autobiography. In One of the Family, Campbell candidly discusses his lifelong battle to cope with being adopted and how his Labrador, Maxwell, altered his life by providing unconditional love and friendship.

The autobiography addresses a number of challenging issues, such as mental illness, an emotional breakdown, and adoption-related trauma.

As the author describes how Maxwell helped him process and mature, gaining a deeper appreciation for his family and comprehension of his birth mother’s actions, the book also has uplifting elements.

Reviewers found this book to be frank, emotional, and difficult to put down; they admired the author’s courage to be candid about the most difficult aspects of his life.


  • Both truthful about trauma and ultimately optimistic
  • A celebration of the ways in which dogs affect our lives


  • Contains some challenging issues


Noodle and the No Bones Day

TikTok fans may recall last year’s “No Bones Day” craze that swept the clock app. Noodle and the Day Without Bones is an amusing picture book about the pug Noodle and his human father. The book is drawn by a seasoned children’s book artist and is intended for children ages 4 to 8.

Numerous reviews remark on how beautifully the illustrations complement the tale. The book also has a caring and optimistic message for children and adults. On “No Bones Days,” when we feel overwhelmed for no discernible cause, it is OK to reset and rejuvenate.

With so many people living frantic, overscheduled lives, it’s hardly surprising that the book and its message resonated with readers. Although it is intended for preschoolers and older children, many reviewers noted that toddlers appeared to like it as well.


  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Positive message
  • Encourages dog rescue and adoption


  • If it is a present, you may be inclined to retain it for yourself.


All Dogs Are Good: Poems and Memories

If you’re searching for a present for the dog lovers in your life, this adorable collection devoted to the adoration of our canine companions may be ideal. All Dogs Are Good: Poems and Memories by Australian author Courtney Peppernell is a literary celebration of the human-dog relationship.

Any dog owner will find the articles in this book to be familiar, humorous, and moving. Even reviewers without pets deemed the book moving for all animal lovers and recommended it.

According to readers, you will frequently laugh and cry as you flip the pages. Poetry is not for everyone, but dog and poem enthusiasts will find much to like in this anthology. Some reviewers mentioned that their books came with shipping damage.


  • Relatable to dog owners and animal lovers in general
  • Makes a fantastic gift


  • Some problems with shipment damage


What a Dog Knows

What a Dog Knows, the lone work of adult fiction on our list, is written by Susan Wilson, a New York Times best-selling novelist known for her dog-themed books. Even though it was published in the second half of 2021, we chose to include it because it is accessible as an audiobook and is a somewhat uncommon fictional novel about dogs.

Ruby, a wandering human psychic, encounters a dog during a stormy night and discovers she can also hear the canine’s thoughts. In addition to utilizing her new power, Ruby confronts her painful background.

This book is most accurately classed as paranormal fiction, but it also deals with a number of weighty topics and may not be suitable for individuals struggling with prior traumas. Many readers have noted that they found this book to be comforting, charming and a feel-good tale.


  • One of our only fiction selections.
  • A pleasant and simple read for dog lovers


  • Deals with challenging topics that may provoke old traumas in some readers.

Buyer's Guide

Which Genre Do You Enjoy Reading Most?

While we are all for exploring new things and expanding our horizons, not everyone will appreciate all types of literature. Some individuals struggle to read nonfiction, while others cannot finish a poetry book. We attempted to include something for everyone on our reading list, so start with what you already know you enjoy reading.

Which Format Do You Favor?

Books are currently accessible in a variety of formats, not simply the classic hardback. Your chosen reading format will influence your selection, especially if you prefer audiobooks or are searching for picture books for children.

For Whom Are You Purchasing the Book?

The intended receiver of the book should also be taken into account before purchasing. Are you shopping for an adult or a child? Do you know the individual intimately, or do you simply know they adore dogs? Does the individual like crying-inducing literature, or do they read to escape an emotionally exhausting job? When people read, do they wish to gain knowledge or simply be entertained? All of these responses will contribute to your ultimate book selection.


The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read, our selection for the best overall book about dogs this year teaches parents how their puppies communicate and how to utilize that knowledge to resolve behavior problems. The Dog Breed Guide for Kids is an entertaining and educational resource for children of all ages to learn about and appreciate popular dog breeds. If dogs are your favorite topic in life and literature, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our evaluations will help you choose the best books about dogs.

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