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The 10 Best Bolster Dog Beds

Our four-legged domestic companions like pillows just as much as we do. Elevated bolster sides and dog beds offer several advantages for your dog.

If they appreciate having a comfortable place to lay their head, you're definitely looking for the finest bolster dog bag available.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled the best bolster dog beds on the market for your convenience. One of these options is certain to captivate you.

When making a final pick, you may be confident that you are receiving all of the features you require because our reviews are exhaustive.


PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed Cushion

Check out the PetFusion Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed if you’re seeking for a plush place for your dog to lay its head. It may be a bit more expensive than others, but it has a great deal to offer. This bed is developed specifically for our older boys and girls.

The twill liner is completely waterproof, incredibly simple to spot clean or throw in the wash, anti-tear, and durable. It features a memory foam base that provides excellent joint cushioning and general comfort. The bolsters are stuffed with recycled polyfill, allowing for an eco-friendly approach.

Large to gigantic sizes are available in both gray and beige. This design is not “too huge” for smaller breeds because some dogs like the room. However, those searching for a tight fit should go elsewhere.


  • Waterproof and rip-proof cover
  • Recycled polyfill padding
  • Memory foam bed frame
  • Outstanding for the joints and bones of larger breeds


  • Price
  • Not designed for tiny breeds


FurHaven Couch Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

The FurHaven Couch Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed caters to canines of all sizes. It comes in five sizes, ranging from little to extra-large, and can accommodate any dog. It also features three diamond-shaped shapes to complement your home’s decor.

The interior is comprised of orthopedic memory foam of medical quality, fashioned like an egg crate for maximum comfort and delight. The cover is constructed from water-resistant poly-canvas to eliminate mattress smells and spills. It includes a zipper, allowing it to be easily removed and washed as necessary.

The bolsters are encased on three sides, leaving the front exposed. Although the design is comfortable, the bolsters on either side can readily wear out since they can be pulled to the edges. If you have a dog that likes to lay on the corners, it may wear out more quickly and ultimately perish. Additionally, it is not suggested for pets with chewing tendencies.


  • Stylish style
  • Different sizes
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Washable exterior


  • Bolsters may lose form on the sides.
  • Not for heavy masticators


K&H Pet Products Bolster Elevated Dog Bed

Check out the Bolster Elevated Dog Bed from K&H Pet Products if you like the notion of a bolster bed for your dog but want an elevated option. Probably, it’s just what you’re looking for. However, the strengthened sides are still comfy.

The mesh 600 denier nylon fabric on the raised area provides natural ventilation to keep your dog comfortable. Therefore, whether you have a dog with a long coat or one that quickly overheats, this is a terrific design that requires no tools.

It is only available in one color but in three sizes. You are able to select the most suitable bed for your dog, allowing them to snuggle up and rest. Straps attach to the base to secure it, and the base may be removed for cleaning. Rubber feet keep each leg in place, preventing it from sliding around your flooring.

The main disadvantage is that it may not function for older citizens or canines with difficulty ascending.


  • Elevated for ventilation
  • Attaches securely
  • Rubber feet to keep in place
  • No equipment required


  • Not recommended for older dogs or those with joint problems


Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed

The Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed helps adjust your dog’s body temperature without the use of electricity if your pet is cold. The reinforced sides are rather high, giving your dog a secure place to cuddle up.

It comes in four sizes, with a maximum diameter of 34 inches, to accommodate the size of your furry companion. The red corduroy material provides aesthetic appeal, while the extra-soft cream faux-lambswool inside maximizes comfort.

This design is fully portable, washable, and lightweight. It employs the same principle as space blankets to keep your dog warm without the inconvenience of cables or plugs. The bottom incorporates a non-slip grip to provide stability on any surface.

Obviously, this bed will not work for larger dogs, but it will be a hit with the majority of canines.


  • Self-heating substance
  • No electric necessary
  • Portability and portability
  • Non-slip base


  • No giant or extra-large breeds are allowed.


Aspen Pet Bolster Dog Bed

The lovely Aspen Pet Bolster Dog Bed is certain to be a favorite with all puppies and small-breed dogs. Its lovely small couch design will complement your current living room furnishings and provide a sophisticated touch to your interior design.

The inside is comprised of extremely soft fleece material with polyfill-filled suede bolsters. The entire design is machine-washable, so you can just toss it in the washing machine when it’s time for a cleaning. The non-slip base prevents the bed from shifting when your pet enters or exits.

The filling is manufactured from 100% recyclable fiber, which is a fantastic feature. Therefore, if you strive to be ecologically responsible, this is an excellent option. Granted, it is only for tiny breeds and pups, but if your dog satisfies the size restrictions, it is an excellent option.


  • 100% recyclable polyfill filling
  • 100 percent machine washable
  • Ultramodern couch design
  • Compatible with most decor


  • Only for tiny breeds or pups


BarksBar Orthopedic Bolster Canine Crate

Check out the BarksBar Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed if you’re seeking for a bed with a design that will last for a long time. It is stiffer than some other dog beds, providing the necessary cushioning and pressure to maintain your dog’s joints in optimal condition.

The entire design is bolstered with the exception of an amazing step-up entryway for simple access in the front. Material and construction are impeccable, ensuring that the item can survive regular use. It comes in sizes small, medium, and big to accommodate the majority of dog breeds.

The quilted polyester cover is detachable and machine-washable for simple maintenance. The nonskid bottom makes it suitable for hardwood or tile flooring.

In addition, the cushioning is human-grade orthopedic memory foam, making it at least as excellent as your own mattress. There is only one color option, however, it is really neutral and complements most house decor.


  • The base of human-grade orthopedic memory foam
  • Firm to offer joint support
  • Simple front access


  • One color


Best Friends by Sheri Calming Bolster Dog Bed

Check out the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Bolster Dog Bed if you’re seeking something really cozy and safe. Extremely plush and pillow-like, this bed is like to a huge cloud for your dog. The bolstered sides are not excessively tall, creating an attractive concave, cradled look.

You may select from dark chocolate, gray, or oyster, all of which complement practically any residence. It comes in sizes small and medium, making it ideal for dogs weighing less than 50 pounds. The substance is completely safe and non-toxic for your canine companions. The bottom is watertight and nonsliding.

The entire bed is machine-washable, making it simple to manage smells and grime. The fake fur nylon may accumulate more hair than other mattresses, making it somewhat more difficult to remove. Overall, it is a beautiful donut-shaped dog bed that your pet will appreciate.


  • Waterproof and skid-resistant bottom
  • 100 percent machine washable
  • Extremely cozy and soft
  • Donut-shaped security design


  • Catches hair
  • Not for bigger breeds

Buyer's Guide

The alternatives for dog beds are nearly limitless. They come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors to meet the needs of any dog. There are a few things you should bear in mind while searching for a bolster-side dog bed.

Benefits of Bolsters for Dogs

When shopping for a bed with a bolster, the bolster is the most significant component. You need a bolster that is both comfortable and robust so that it does not wear out rapidly. Polyfill is a common substance because it retains its form and provides maximum comfort.

  • Assist your dog in feeling secure, as if they were being held. This really assists some dogs in reducing their anxiety or anxiousness. Consider that they’re a small refuge.
  • Large dogs and geriatric dogs benefit greatly from having their joints supported. Bolstered beds provide dogs with the necessary cushioning and space they require. Numerous designs feature memory foam or orthopedic-style mattresses, which allowed their bodies to sink into the design and relieve discomfort.
  • If you’ve ever seen a dog stretch down on the arm of your couch, you know that some dogs just like having a place to relax. These canines may not enjoy a bed with no incline.
  • As your pet ages, it may become more difficult for them to find comfort. Foster beds give seniors with a comfortable place to relax without the need to get up or move around on raised beds or higher designs.

Material Durability


Fabric is an essential consideration when choosing a dog bed. You will need something that prevents early ripping or tearing while containing all the components.

Even while certain textiles are machine-washable, the materials have a tendency to deteriorate fast. If it is composed of low-quality materials or has shoddy construction, it may have a shorter lifespan.

Cushions and Bedding

Most bolstered beds are filled with egg-crate foam, orthopedic mattresses, or memory foam. These materials let your dog to slumber with ease, sliding into the pattern without becoming lumpy or uncomfortable.

Security and Safety

Certain dogs may be quite destructive. Even if you purchase them an award-winning bed, they may attempt to ruin it. If materials are consumed, they can become trapped in the digestive tract, posing a severe health risk.

Not to mention, if they require surgery, the costs might quickly escalate. Having potentially irritating or hazardous components on the bed, such as large, fragile zippers or dirty stuffing.

Suitable Size

You do not want your dog to slip off the sides of his bed. Providing your friend with an appropriate-sized bed will aid in his or her comfort. If it is overly large, it may not give the security that certain dogs want.

If you get one that is too little, it will be quite difficult for them to sleep on it. Always verify the measurements before making a purchase to avoid having to deal with return problems.

Overall Comfort

Comfort is something that all dogs require, but certain dogs demand it utterly. Larger breeds and older pets require additional assistance when relaxing. A dog head that is overly firm, particularly on a hard surface, might actually cause additional problems.

How to Acclimate Your Dog to Their New Bed

  • Place one of your garments on the bed. Your dog will be far less at ease while apart from its humans. If you place an article of clothes on the bed, they may detect your aroma. This contributes to a feeling of safety and security.
  • Place a handful of their preferred toys in their bed. If they have a couple of their favorite toys to keep them occupied, they will connect the bed with a place to relax, cuddle, and chew.
  • Place some snacks on the ground for your dog to enjoy. Nothing gets your dog’s motor running like snack time. If your dog is having problems adjusting to its new bed, simply lay some tempting goodies on the ground for them to enjoy.
  • Put the bed in a secure location. If your dog is hesitant about the bed, place it in an area where he or she feels secure. This location might be in your living room or by your bed at night.
  • The bed should be associated with reinforcement and not punishment. You will want the bed to be a location where your dog may feel entirely at ease and comfortable. If you connect the bed with harsh penalties, they may not want to use it for rest and relaxation.
  • Use a kennel. If you need a place for your dog to take a break, you may use a kennel or similar safe space instead of their bed.

Different dogs will warm up at varying speeds. Some dogs won’t even wait for you to remove the bed from its packaging before jumping on it. However, if your man or woman requires a little additional encouragement, you may use the following tactics to quickly adapt them.


In the end, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best bolster dog beds. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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