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The 12 Best Bird Cages For Cockatiels

More and more people are keeping birds as pets. The number of birds maintained as pets in the United States was 20.6 million at the time of the study in 2017, and it has only gone up since then. Cockatiels are adored among these birds.

Families that may suffer from pet allergies frequently keep cockatiels as house pets. They have a canine temperament that is kind, lively, and distinctive. They become even more well-liked due to their amusing look and devoted character.

Every pet deserves a comfortable home. To provide your cockatiel with such a home, you must choose the nicest, safest cage possible.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put up a list of reviews for our best bird cages for cockatiels, to make it easier for you to pick the perfect pen.


Large Parakeet Bird Cage on Wheels for Budgies, Finches, Canaries, and Lovebirds by Topeakmart

The MidWest Avian Hotel Bird Cage is not only a high-quality cage but it is also designed with travel in mind. It is lightweight but durable, constructed with all the standard conveniences of a conventional cage, and designed with more convenience in mind.

A tray that slides out from the bottom of the cage can be utilized for easy cleaning or to give your bird a play area outside of the cage.

It is available in two hues, ruby and platinum because MidWest believes that a cage does not need to stand out but may be an integral part of an entire color scheme.

The birdhouse also includes two feeding bowls made of stainless steel that are fastened to the side, a cotton rope perch, and a wood plate perch higher up, allowing your bird to travel freely within the cage. It also includes a one-year warranty.


  • Convenient for quick circumstances
  • Contains two food cups and seats
  • Exists in two distinct hues
  • Slide-out tray
  • Simple to construct
  • Lightweight


  • Fewer than some fixed cages in size


Prevue Pet Products Manufactured

This durable cage will last you for many years. Prevue’s best bird cage for small and medium-sized birds is crafted from wrought iron, creating a lovely and roomy environment for many small birds or one or two medium-sized birds to fly around and feel at home.

The cage has four plastic cups, two on each side, and three wooden perches that may be arranged in a variety of ways. It has two huge access doors in the front and six smaller nest doors on the sides.

These access doors are not fastened in any manner, and for larger and more intelligent birds, the owner may need to set them using non-included materials.

The cage is also fitted with a removable grille and a garbage bin, making it simple to clean.

The entire wrought-iron residence is equipped with wheels. It is quite pricey, but sometimes the value of quality overcomes the expense.


  • Sturdy wrought-iron construction
  • Expansive interior
  • Includes four seed trays and a variety of perches.
  • Simple assembly
  • Rollers facilitate mobility.


  • No repair on the side doors
  • More expensive


Mcage Abundant Procreation

The Mcage, an additional wrought-iron birdcage, offers versatile placing options. The main living area of the cage is spacious, making it suitable for birds such as canaries, cockatiels, and lovebirds.

It is simple to install and has a large door to keep your birds secure during entry and exit. The presence of two side breeding doors encourages nesting. Additionally, it includes a stand with wheels.

The complete cage is removable and can be placed on a different, fixed base. The bottom shelf of the included stand is ideal for separating and organizing your bird’s belongings, including as toys, treats, and random items.

Multiple hardwood perches and food cups, as well as metal ladders, are included in the cage. The bottom of the cage is equipped with a removable grill and tray to facilitate cleaning.


  • Large interior
  • Frame made of wrought iron for durability
  • Large front door for safety
  • Accompanying wheeled stand
  • Shelving for storing toys and sweets


  • Unstable cage on stand
  • Grate leaves a substantial space at the bottom.
  • The latch may initially be stiff.


Topeakmart Large Parakeet

Topeakmart has designed a lovely cage that resembles ancient, traditional birdcages with its distinctive wire on the doors and gracefully curved roof.

This will keep your bird safe and happy, as it features thin bar spacing and two composite doors with side-hinged hinges for convenient entry and escape.

This cage comes with four feeding trays and four perches of various sizes. The bottom includes the standard slide-out trays for simple cleanup.

The cage rests atop a mobile rack that serves as a high platform. This rack includes a built-in shelf for storing and organizing random objects.

With the top handle, you may remove the birdcage from the movable frame and move it with the rack and its attached swiveling casters.


  • Beautiful construction
  • Expansive interior
  • Four perches and food trays are included.
  • Designed with a detachable cleaning tray
  • Rack with swiveling wheels
  • Available in a variety of sizes.


  • Does not securely fit on the rack
  • Some consumers experienced construction issues.



The Rolling Bird Cage by Yaheetech is a cage designed specifically for cockatiels. It is built from high-quality material, which makes it durable and extends its lifespan.

The cage is 47 inches tall and is equipped with two food containers, two wooden perches, and a metal handle for portability. There are wide doors at the front to facilitate the birds’ access.

The cage’s detachable bottom tray makes it easy to clean. The cage rests atop a mobile cart with a built-in shelf for storing your avian companion’s things.


  • Superior materials
  • Expansive interior
  • Two wooden perches and two bird feeders are included.
  • Includes a wheeled rack


  • Unable to attach the front door


59.8-Inch VIVOHOME

Vivohome has crafted a lovely cage intended to be a durable addition to the home. It has a black powder varnish-coated iron frame to protect against the wiles of playful birds.

There are many tiny doors in the front and two larger doors that may swing open from the front for an easy exit.

The top has also been transformed into a second entrance and exit for birds, allowing them to fly directly from the top and return through it.

It can be propped open with a crossbeam so that birds can stand on it and look out without obstruction from bars.

The cage rests atop a rack with swiveling wheels and a shelf for holding bird supplies. You also receive four feeders and various wooden cross beams for the cage’s inside.


  • Equipped with an emergency exit
  • Two huge hinged doors
  • Includes four wooden food trays and wooden cross beams.
  • Rests atop a swivel rack.


  • Assembly more challenging


ZENY 63.5

The birdcage by Zeny is made entirely of metal to ensure its durability and safety. The exterior has been painted with non-toxic chemicals that improve its resistance to rust and corrosion.

The paint is also fade- and odor-resistant, preventing any unpleasant odors that can emerge when you own a pet.

This cage’s inside is spacious and its top is semicircular. It is designed for parrots, so tiny or medium-sized birds have ample space. It rests on a removable rack and can be placed and removed as necessary.

The built-in door at the top of the cage makes it easier for the birds to enter and exit. Two wooden cross beams and two steel meal dishes are included. The bottom of the cage is equipped with a slide-out tray to facilitate cleaning.


  • Two feeding cups and wooden perches are included.
  • Underneath a mobile rack with a storage shelf
  • Contains a primary entrance and egress door
  • Simple assembly


  • Lightweight structure
  • Several reports of bending after transport


Steel PawHut Bird Cage

This PawHut steel birdcage is slightly smaller than the majority of those we have tested. It is referred to as an “interactive birdcage” and is intended to stimulate the birds’ minds.

This is another cage with a removable roof; the aperture is supported by a crossbeam. The front has a big door to facilitate the safe entry and exit of your birds.

The door opens to serve as a sort of landing strip if your birds wish to return to their house. Cleaning the cage involves removing the bottom tray. Also included are two food and drink bowls as well as two inner perches.


  • Transformable roof
  • Two wooden perches and feeding dishes are included.
  • Large entrance transforming into perch


  • There is no associated mobile rack.
  • Small interior
  • The doors must be repaired.


Penn-Plax Cockatiel Bird Cage

Penn-birdcage Plax was designed with cockatiels in mind. This birdcage is more than just a cage; it’s a starter package for bird parents.

It consists of a cage, an internal kabob toy, a cuttlebone, a flavored mineral treat, and a cement perch.

All of these items help the owner prepare for their first cockatiel. The cage features a flat, non-opening top, but a huge front entrance that doubles as a landing platform to keep the birds safe allows for simple entry and egress.

It has a couple of food and water dishes, as well as a cleaning tray at the bottom of the cage for easy maintenance.


  • The front entrance serves as a landing platform.
  • A kabob toy, a cuttlebone, and a mineral treat are included.
  • With a pull-out tray, cleaning is simple.


  • A few bits of low-quality plastic
  • Heavy is the cage
  • Dishes are insufficient for a cockatiel.
  • Not all perches fit securely in the cage.

Final Decision

For the best bird cages for cockatiels​​​​, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) considered all of these factors when compiling this ranking, which is topped by the very portable and simple-to-clean MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage


Where is the optimal location for a cockatiel cage?

The cage of a cockatiel should not be placed too close to a window, as drafts, abrupt temperature changes, predators, and loud noises can be harmful to the bird.

A window close to their cage may provide them with a partial view of the outside world.

It is ideal to position the cockatiel’s cage in the family room or near the kitchen so that you and your family can keep an eye on the birds.

What is the optimal cage size for cockatiels?

The cage should be at least 20 (W) x 20 (D) x 24 (H) inches in size for a single cockatiel; the larger, the better. Ideally, your bird’s cage should be large enough for it to stretch its wings and move around freely.

Can I leave my cockatiel’s cage outdoors?

If you intend to keep your bird cage outside, you must examine the local ordinances. Outdoor-dwelling birds require an aviary or a cockatiel flight cage. You must also protect your birds against predators, extreme weather, and loud noises.

What to Consider when Buying Bird Cages for Cockatiels?


Cockatiel cage dimensions should be at least 20 (wide) x 20 (depth) x 24 (height) (high). Having two or more birds necessitates a larger cage.

Ideally, the birdcage for two cockatiels should provide sufficient space for each bird to wander and expand its wings.

When adding bird cage accessories such as feeders, perches, and swings, do consider for the area that may be lost.

Interval between the bars

When purchasing for cockatiel cages, bar spacing is a characteristic that is sometimes disregarded. The bar spacing must be between 0.2 and 0.3 inches.

Your birds may attempt to escape or become entrapped if the space is too large. Always select cages with horizontal bars since they encourage climbing.


Circular cages may negatively affect the mental health of your birds. Horizontal cages with open tops and angles are superior to expansive vertical cages because they are more accessible and compact. Open-top structures permit birds to soar and return.

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