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The 7 Best Biorb Aquarium Styles

biOrb aquariums are among the best aquarium brands on the market due to their high-quality design and the ingenious fact that all extra biOrb accessories are compatible with any biOrb aquarium.

However, these aquariums are an expensive investment, therefore it's crucial to choose the finest biOrb aquarium for your needs. They come in a variety of forms and sizes that may accommodate a wide variety of home aquarium requirements.

To assist you in selecting the best biOrb aquarium styles for your house, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of our favorite biOrb goods.


biOrb Flow LED Aquarium

The biOrb Flow LED aquarium is, in our opinion, the greatest biOrb aquarium overall. This rectangular aquarium is ideal for compact rooms, corners, counters, and any other location you may like.

It is offered in 4-gallon and 8-gallon capacities with white and black base choices. It is one of the more cheap biOrb aquariums with LED and multicolor lighting choices.

It is composed of an acrylic material that is 50% lighter than glass and 10 times stronger. All biOrb aquariums are equipped with a five-stage filtration system.

It contains ceramic filter media with the same surface area as a soccer field, ensuring that your tank’s cycle remains robust. Only three of this aquarium’s four sides are transparent, with the fourth side being solid black or white.


  • Best form alternative
  • Two size choices
  • Two hue alternatives
  • Less expensive than most biOrb aquariums
  • More durable and less heavy than glass


  • Has one solid side


biOrb Classic LED Aquarium

The biOrb Classic LED Aquarium is the most cost-effective biOrb aquarium, making it the best buy. It comes in four different sizes, and you can choose between an LED or multicolor light. The base and lid are available in white, black, and silver, letting you select the one that best complements your decor.

The biOrb Classic aquarium resembles a fishbowl the most, yet features a 5-stage filtration system and plenty of area for your fish. It utilizes the same filter media as the other biOrb aquariums and is constructed of the same durable, lightweight acrylic. This aquarium cannot accommodate a heater, hence it is not suitable for tropical species that require a hot tank.


  • Best Value
  • Four available sizes
  • Three hue choices
  • Traditional fishbowl design with filtration


  • Not suitable for heater usage

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biOrb Tube LED Aquarium

The biOrb Tube LED Aquarium is offered in three sizes, two of which are short and one of which is tall. It is available in white and black, and LED and multicolor lighting choices are available. It retails for a higher price than the two prior biOrb aquariums we evaluated.

It is not compatible with the use of a heater, thus tropical fish that demand a hot tank should not be kept in it. It has five stages of filtration and a large surface area for the optimal development of beneficial microorganisms. This aquarium is a distinctive shape, making it suited for modern and vintage décor equally.


  • Three available sizes
  • Options for tall and small statures
  • Two hue alternatives
  • Permits the greatest development of beneficial microorganisms


  • Premium price
  • Not suitable for heater usage


biOrb Life MCR Aquarium

The biOrb Life MCR Aquarium is available in four sizes ranging from 4 to 16 gallons and includes three color options for the sides and stand: black, white, and transparent. This aquarium has the smallest viewing area of the four biOrb aquariums due to the aquarium’s frame covering the tank’s thin edges.

It is a highly distinctive and attractive aquarium, and its rectangular shape makes it suited for a variety of surfaces. However, several customers say that it is difficult to clean. This aquarium, unlike some of the other biOrb aquariums, may be used with a heater if needed. This is one of the most expensive biOrb aquariums on the market.


  • Four available sizes
  • Three hue choices
  • Unique design that is compatible with a variety of surfaces
  • Compatible with a heater


  • Premium price
  • The smallest amount of observing space
  • Inconvenient to clean



The biOrb HALO model has an innovative, contemporary design that conceals the bowl’s waterline, making it appear to float in the air. It is guaranteed to be a topic of conversation. The lid features a magnetic latch that enables it to seal securely, and the air tube is neatly concealed beneath the base.

Key attributes:

  • The airline tube concealed in one of the foot
  • Hidden waterline for an uninterrupted globe
  • Integrated magnetic cover

What to Look for When BiOrb Aquariums


All of biOrb’s products are covered by a guarantee against manufacturing faults. The duration of warranty protection varies per product. They will assist you with aquarium repairs, but it is imperative that you use only biOrb-branded goods in your aquarium.

You must also follow all directions for cleaning and maintaining your aquarium, as well as register your product for warranty coverage, in order to secure coverage in the event that it is required.

Assessing Your Aquarium’s Needs

Determine what species of animals or plants you desire to maintain first. If you have your heart set on a certain species of tank resident, you must thoroughly comprehend the significance of a properly sized aquarium before making your purchase.

Also, consider the available space for the tank. A 4-gallon rectangle aquarium will be handier for a limited space than a 4-gallon bowl. Consider the area you wish to occupy and the appearance of the room you wish the aquarium to compliment.

You should also ensure that the surface you intend to place your aquarium on is suitable for aquariums. Although acrylic tanks are lighter than glass aquariums, they can nevertheless become rather heavy when filled with water and decorations.


These evaluations should assist you in selecting the ideal biOrb product for your requirements. biOrb products are of excellent quality and can be utilized in a number of conditions. For the best biOrb aquarium styles, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommended the biOrb Flow LED Aquarium, which has the largest viewing area and the best form for a number of surfaces. The most cost-effective alternative is the biOrb Classic LED Aquarium, which is offered in four sizes and resembles a classic fishbowl.

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