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The 9 Best Big Rabbit Hutches

Carefully consider the cage you buy if you have a large rabbit or many rabbits.

If you buy a cage that is too small or difficult to clean, you need to replace it soon as your rabbit will not have enough space to exercise.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has researched the industry and compiled a list of the best big rabbit hutches.

Because some models are larger than others, you should measure the amount of space your rabbit(s) will need in your new home. 

Buying Advice

With this rundown of the top large rabbit hutches available, you can begin the process of narrowing down your options.

A few things need your attention before you make a purchase. In our opinion, these are the most crucial factors to think about while selecting a large rabbit hutch.


So, how huge is really big? Is your rabbit enormous because you have several of them, or because it’s just really fat? You probably already know that your needs for a large rabbit hutch will determine the specifics.

More than one rabbit need more than one hutch. Assure that each rabbit has adequate room for resting and running about. Look for rabbit hutches that feature an attachment point for a run if you plan on housing more than one rabbit.

Having a ramp that opens and closes the cage to keep rabbits in at night is a useful feature when caring for many rabbits.


Maintaining a spotless rabbit hutch is a crucial component of keeping your rabbits healthy. You should opt for rabbit hutches that have detachable trays for simple cleaning.

Getting inside the pen and clearing the space is significantly more time consuming and might be hard if you don’t have a detachable tray.

Be sure the tray has a grate on top of it in addition to being detachable. A grate will prevent your bunnies from having to wait in the filth while the hutch is being cleaned. Also, the hutch will be secure enough for you to leave your rabbits in while you clean.


A plethora of locks is required. It is crucial that your rabbit hutch contains all the necessary safeguards, and we cannot stress this enough. With four doors, a hutch is easier to access and clean, but you should still lock them all.

Most large rabbit hutches won’t come with locks on the doors, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to install your own.

The Indoor/Outdoor Debate

Our assessments include several rabbit hutches that may be placed either indoors or outdoors. There are a few crucial considerations to make while housing your rabbit primarily outside.

  • It’s important to check if the roof can withstand a heavy downpour.
  • Ensure that the rabbit cage is protected from the rain by inspecting the roof’s drainage system.
  • Make sure the unit is constructed of high-quality wood that can be easily maintained with regular painting, staining, and repairs.
  • Take note of the hutch’s foundation; if one is not supplied, you may need to purchase one separately.


Big rabbit hutches may be found for a variety of budgets. Pricing ranges from $80 to several hundred. Keep in mind that quality is the most crucial factor.

There are occasions when rabbits can swiftly ruin low-cost rabbit hutches. They could gnaw right through it, the screws would loosen, the wood would decay, etc.

There’s little doubt that investing a few extra dollars in a high-quality rabbit hutch, like the one sold by Prevue Pet Products, is time well spent.


Finding a large rabbit cage can be daunting. There are a lot of alternatives to choose from, and the reviews are inconsistent. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) offers unbiased reviews in the hope that you will choose the best big rabbit hutches.

We are sure that the pre-Rabbit Hutch pet product will meet your expectations. This kind can be used indoors or outdoors, giving your rabbit plenty of space and requiring less maintenance.

The Trixie Natura is a great deal if Prevue’s prices are too high for your budget. While the materials aren’t quite as premium as on some of the other models, this hutch is still a great choice.


The Prevue Large Rabbit Cage Is the Best Choice

Most highly recommended is the Rabbit Hutch from Prevue Pet Products. The Prevue is the best option on our list because to its sturdy build, plenty of standard safety equipment, and spacious cabin. This house is adequate for medium-sized to giant rabbits.

The Prevue Rabbit Hutch is treated with a stain that is safe for rabbits and manufactured from weather-resistant fir hardwood.

This rabbit hutch ought to be sturdy enough to withstand your chewing pet. Real asphalt shingles cover the roof of this rabbit hutch, providing a dry environment for your pet.

This hutch consists of a nesting space and a play area. You may use the supplied fold-down ramp to release your rabbit into a larger enclosure if you have one. A lid latch and two locks on the doors are included for security.


  • Provides everything required to build an enormous rabbit pen.
  • Weather-resistant
  • Liberty to wander
  • Pull-down ramp
  • Roof tiles made of asphalt asphalt shingles


  • Can be difficult to assemble


The Best Price on the Trixie Natura Giant Rabbit Hutch

Consider the Trixie Natura 1-Story Rabbit Hutch if the Prevue’s price tag is too much. For the price, this is the finest large rabbit hutch available.

The pine wood used in this Trixie item has been glazed for a nice look. This outdoor rabbit hutch features two different areas for your rabbit to roam.

The hutch has a hinged cover and a pull-out tray, making it simple to clean and maintain. Both of the doors include latches for further security. You will not have any trouble entering or exiting this hutch to tend to your rabbit.

This product has reasonable price, however the low quality of the wood prevented it from being our top pick.

Although the construction of this hutch isn’t quite as sturdy as that of more expensive versions, the money you save makes it a worthwhile buy.


  • Perfect proportions for a bigger rabbit.
  • Amazingly reasonable costs
  • Glazed surface for little upkeep
  • Simple accessibility for cleaning


  • The materials used were subpar.
  • Best Price on bit Hutch


PetsFit Extra-Size Rabbit Cages made of Wood

We’ll go on to the Petsfit Wood Rabbit Hutch now. This hutch says it can hold two rabbits, but we wouldn’t recommend it for more than one, especially if your bunny is on the larger side.

The Petsfit Wood Rabbit Hutch’s new, deeper base can now accommodate the tray, which was previously a little leaky.

Petsfit is not the right choice if you need a hutch that can be left outside in any weather. This hutch has to be stored indoors or in a protected outdoor place where it won’t get soaked.

To make cleaning and accessing your rabbit a breeze, the top lifts and stays open. This hutch has several excellent features but it also has some drawbacks.

Some users have reported missing components and that they had trouble putting together the Petsfit. Changes can be made quite quickly, but it’s still annoying to have to do them.


  • Very effective on a single huge rabbit.
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Inconveniently hygienic


  • Constructing it is a challenge.
  • Not intended for use in damp environments


Bunny House, Waterproof, and Windproof, Model CO-Z

Fifth on our list is the CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch. As an added bonus, this design may be used both indoors and out, and it doesn’t cost too much.

The CO-Z isn’t perfect, but our main gripe is that it doesn’t feel like a final answer to our problems. Despite the CO-convenient Z’s slope, there is no additional enclosed room for your rabbit to play in.

This rabbit hutch does not include fencing or a pen and will require extra supplies.

This design is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and the usage of outdoor rabbits, but, like with anything left in the open air, it will require periodic upkeep.

The lack of apparent ventilation when the door is closed also raised our concerns about this hutch. The truth is, though, that your rabbit won’t be lacking for fresh air.

Safety elements are crucial for every rabbit hutch. As a result of the CO-Z, there is no way a predator could ever enter inside this shelter. The CO-Z Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch helps keep your pet rabbit secure during inclement weather.

The lack of a cleaning tray is the only significant shortcoming of this hutch.


  • Simple to put together
  • Confidentiality ensured
  • Constructed to withstand adverse weather conditions


  • Not ideal; the rabbit still needs some sort of enclosure in which to exercise and play.
  • There is no cleanable removable tray


Pet Rabbit Cages of the Imperial Order

The Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch is our last recommendation. This design is not at the top of our list because it is not rabbit-specific and will require adjustments.

Since hens and chickens require so much space, this hutch was designed with them in mind. The Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch provides plenty space for your pet rabbit to exercise and play. However, you’ll have to alter the ramp leading to the bedroom.

The Pets Imperial’s durable construction means it won’t need to be brought indoors to enjoy the outdoors. We did, however, discover a decline in quality following exposure to damp or otherwise rough conditions.

When comparing the Pet Imperial to other models, one of its advantages is the metal pull out tray that facilitates cleaning. The Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch requires some assembly, but if you have multiple huge rabbits, it may be the most cost-effective option.


  • Wide spread over a considerable region
  • A simple to clean tray


  • Assembly time: indeterminate
  • Eventually, it becomes worse.
  • Some tweaks are necessary for it to be effective with rabbits.

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