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11 Best Betta Fish Books

For a long time, people assumed that caring for betta fish was simple. They are still marketed as low-maintenance pets that require little time, care, and knowledge.

Betta fish, on the other hand, have special needs, and their keepers must understand those needs in order to maintain them healthy and happy.

With proper care, a betta fish can survive for years, and a knowledgeable fish keeper can ensure this.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best betta fish books for %year% to help you discover the one that's appropriate for you and your betta.

Whether you seek an all-inclusive book with thorough information or a book for children, these reviews have something for you.


Betta Fish: A Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Your Magical Betta – Best Buy

  • Year of Publication: 2019
  • Pages in this book: 124
  • Price Range: $-$$

Betta Fish: The Simple Guide to Caring for Your Magical Betta is the best betta fish book for the money.

This book is 124 pages long and covers everything from why betta fish flare to the history of the betta.

It acknowledges the widely held misconception that betta fish require little to no care and provides thorough information to help you become the greatest betta keeper you can be.

Some users of this book have complained that some of the content is insufficient and lacking in details, therefore it may not be suitable for someone looking for a comprehensive guide.

This book is ideal for beginning aquarists.


  • 124 pages
  • It has a lot of information.
  • Format is simple to grasp.
  • A good choice for novices


  • Some information may be insufficiently detailed.


The Betta Bible: The Art and Science of Betta Care – Premium Option

  • Year of publication: 2015.
  • 318 pages are included.
  • Price range: $-$$

The Betta Bible: The Art and Science of Keeping Bettas is the go-to book for betta fish care and education. It contains 318 pages of detailed information and color images.

It contains information about breeding, including how to comprehend betta fish genetics. This book is recommended for both beginning and seasoned aquarists.

It does feature a lengthy part on the history and sport of betta fish battling, which may be upsetting to some readers.

This book was also released in 2015, making it slightly older than some of the other possibilities considered.


  • 318 pages
  • It contains extensive information on the history and care of betta fish.
  • There are over 150 color photographs.
  • Discusses the genetics of betta fish for breeding reasons.
  • Excellent choice for both new and seasoned aquarists.


  • Somewhat older than some of the other books reviewed
  • There is a lengthy section about the history and sport of betta fish battling.


Betta Splendens for Beginners – Betta Splendens Care for a Fighting Fish

  • Year of publication: 2021
  • Pages counted: 76
  • Price Range: $-$$

Betta Splendens Species for Beginners Appropriate Care for a Fighting Fish is an excellent choice for parents and children who are new to betta fish care.

It is one of the newest publications evaluated, with 76 pages and a publication date of February 2021.

It gives a thorough betta fish care guide in a non-overwhelming manner, focusing on some of the most critical aspects of betta fish care.

Due to the simplification of content, this book is not suitable for a moderately or highly skilled aquarist.


  • Excellent choice for beginners and youngsters.
  • 76 pages
  • One of the most recent books examined
  • Provides a detailed care guide in an easy-to-understand format.


  • A bad choice for a seasoned aquarist.


The Betta Manual

  • Year of publication: 2015.
  • Pages in this book: 176
  • Price range: $-$$

The Betta Handbook, published in 2015, is one of the older publications evaluated.

It contains 176 pages of information on housing, feeding, healthcare, and other areas of betta fish care. It includes color photographs and illustrations to help you understand the content.

It also contains information about betta genetics, including color and breeding information, as well as information about other betta species besides the standard Betta splendens.

This book takes a scientific approach to betta fish care, which may be overwhelming for some readers.

Some reviewers have complained that this book contains far too much specific information about betta fish care for the typical or beginning aquarist.


  • 176 pages
  • It includes information on basic betta fish care.
  • Information on genetics and other betta species is included.
  • Discusses the betta fish using a scientific manner.


  • This is not a good option for novices or those looking for basic care instructions.
  • Because of the scientific approach, it may be overpowering.


Betta: Your Contented and Healthy Pet

  • Year of publication: 2006.
  • Pages in this book: 130
  • Price range: $-$$

Betta: Your Happy Healthy Pet is the oldest book reviewed, however it has 130 pages of advice on aquarium setup for your betta’s health and happiness, selecting acceptable tankmates, and overall care. It also offers information on breeding betta fish for people who are interested.

For a newbie aquarist, the information may be overwhelming, and some of it is presented with the premise that the reader has a tank larger than 10 gallons, which may not be acceptable for all readers.


  • 130 pages
  • Discusses tank setup and suitable tankmates.
  • Breeding information is included.
  • Basic care information is provided.
  • A good choice for aquarists with some experience.


  • The oldest book reviewed was published in 2006.
  • Beginner aquarists may find it daunting.
  • Some material is geared toward larger tanks than most betta keepers have.


Betta Fish: Your Complete Guide to Providing Your Betta with the Best Life Possible

  • Year of publication: 2018.
  • Pages in this book: 52
  • Price Range: $-$$

Betta Fish: Your Complete Guide to Providing Your Betta with the Best Life Possible

It is the shortest book reviewed, with 52 pages of content. It includes advice on how to train your betta to perform tricks as well as complete information on betta care.

It also goes into tank setup and how to provide your fish with a healthy, fulfilling habitat. It contains advice on tank cleaning as well as typical betta care myths.

Although the conversational approach makes it easy to read, some of the information given may be outdated or inappropriate for expert aquarists.


  • 52 pages
  • This section contains information on teaching Bettas to do tricks.
  • Discusses care requirements as well as a healthy, adequate tank environment.
  • Myths about betta care are debunked.


  • The shortest book examined
  • Some of the material may be out of date.
  • Not suitable for expert aquarists.


Betta Fish Owners Manual or Siamese Fighting Fish

  • Year of publication: 2015.
  • 128 pages are included.
  • Price range: $-$$

Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish: Betta Fish Owners Manual offers 128 pages of information, although it was published in 2015.

It contains information about the appearance of many species of bettas, how to safely breed bettas, and how to properly care for your fish.

It covers the fundamentals of selecting the right fish and the proper water parameters, as well as how to cope with hostility between bettas and tankmates.

However, some of the information is superficial. There are no photos in the book to demonstrate the distinctions between betta varieties or to highlight what to look for when dealing with a sick betta fish.


  • 128 pages
  • Discusses betta looks and breeding.
  • Basic care information is provided.
  • Discusses tankmates and aggressiveness management.


  • One of the older novels evaluated, with a 2015 publishing date
  • Some information is superficial.
  • No pictures

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Betta Fish Book

Selecting the Best Betta Fish Book for Your Needs

Choosing the appropriate book can be tough, especially if you are unable to read it before purchasing it.

If you’re a novice, you might not know what kind of knowledge you’re searching for at all, but a more experienced aquarist might be looking for a book that goes into great detail about anything specific.

The first step in selecting the proper book for your needs is to honestly assess your knowledge as a fish keeper.

There is no judgment, and selecting a book that does not deliver information at the level you require may cause you more harm than good.

Choose a book that not only corresponds to your knowledge level, but also includes the areas you are most interested in learning about.

If you require a book with step-by-step directions for setting up your betta’s tank, look for one with a chapter on it.

If you want to breed your bettas, locating a book that outlines safe breeding procedures and genetics will help you become a responsible breeder who considers your fish’s well-being.


Betta Fish Care: The Ultimate Guide is the best overall book for betta fish information.

It has a lot of information and is easy to use. Betta Fish: The Simple Guide to Caring for Your Magical Betta, which is inexpensive, contains excellent information for novices.

The Betta Bible: The Art and Science of Keeping Bettas is a huge book with a lot of vivid photographs and thorough information.

These reviews from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are a compilation of the best betta fish books this year to assist you in determining the best book to match your and your betta’s needs.

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