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The 11 Best Beddings For Hamster Smells

Small and cute hamsters are great pets. A hamster's cage can quickly become excessively smelly, as any hamster owner will attest.

Since their cages are their only real home, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is responsible for keeping them clean and odor-free.

Your hamster's satisfaction level can be influenced by the bedding you give it. Bedding with effective odor control is also a bonus for our noses.

We've put together a list of the best guinea pig beds to help you choose the best option.

This in-depth analysis will allow you to evaluate multiple options side-by-side and choose the best beddings for hamster smells that best suits your needs.

The buyer's guide includes other details to help you buy the right guinea pig bedding if you're still unsure.


For the Best Small Animal Bedding, Look No Further Than Frisco

  • Size: 43 L
  • Type of Bedding: Paper

Despite being composed of paper, the Frisco Small Animal Bedding is almost dust-free. There will be less dust in the hamster’s cage and more oxygen for your pet.

This mattress is very plush and can soak up to six times its weight without feeling damp. It may grow to three times its original size to absorb moisture and absorb odors from your hamster’s cage.

There is no added smell to the bedding, and it does a great job of absorbing normal, everyday odors before they become overpowering.

In a clean, odor-free environment, tiny animals can thrive when their bedding is changed frequently and new bedding is added. Our research and testing have led us to conclude that the Frisco Small Animal Bedding is the finest option for reducing odors and moisture in hamster bedding.


  • Luxury bedding with soft pillows to provide a restful night’s sleep
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dust-free
  • Extremely receptive


  • Hamsters’ hairs can become stuck in wet bedding.


Greatest Savings on Carefresh Small Animal Bedding

  • Size: 60 L
  • Type of Bedding: Paper

For the best value, your hamster should sleep on Carefresh Small Animal Bedding, which resists odors and aromas. Three times as much liquid may be absorbed by this paper bedding as by wood shavings.

Comfyfluff’s paper fiber is a renewable resource that’s both biodegradable and compostable. Soft and cushy, it’s perfect for your hamster to curl up in and get some shut-eye.

A unique compound used in this dust-free bedding may neutralize and mask persistent scents for up to 10 days. You won’t have to worry about it crumbling or sticking to the inside of the hamster cage when you clean it.

The foul odor was the primary complaint of hamster owners who used this bedding. Some people may find the bedding’s stench to be overbearing.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Suppresses odors for a period of 10 days.
  • Has a higher absorption rate than sawdust


  • Persistent, noxious odor


Small Animal Bedding by Kaytee, Always Clean and Comfy

  • Size: 85 L
  • Type of Bedding: Paper

Kaytee’s Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding is 20% more absorbent than other goods and produced from FDA-approved paper. To put it simply, you can be certain that your hamster is secure when they are burrowed in there for the night because it is odorless and chemical-free. Since it’s lightweight, hamsters have an easier time constructing homes out of it.

Despite the manufacturer’s assurances, this bedding collects a lot of dust. Some hamster owners choose to sift this bedding because of the white lint it produces.

It also doesn’t do a good job of masking odors like some of the others here. The bedding is soft, comfy, and absorbent, however it falls short in a few key areas.


  • Free of chemicals and odor
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely receptive
  • Plush and relaxing


  • Dusty
  • Bad smell management


Natural Fresh World Vitakraft Pet Bedding for Mice and Rats

  • Size: 35 L
  • Type of Bedding: Paper

Ultra-plush 100% recycled paper crumbles are used to make the Vitakraft Fresh World Small Animal Bedding. It can soak up three times its own weight in fluids and effectively eliminate odors. This is undyed, unbleached, and toxic-free bedding.

This product’s composition effectively blocks smells for up to 14 days, allowing it to be absorbed swiftly and effectively. With a 99.5% dust-free rating, it’s not as good as some competing models. There have been reports of dust in the cage, and moist bedding might stick to animals. Due to its odor-controlling properties, this bedding allowed some cages to go for up to a week without being replaced.


  • Produced with waste paper
  • Triples its volume in water without bursting
  • Offers long-lasting odor protection—14 days in some cases


  • Dusty
  • Cages and animals aren’t a good fit for wet bedding.


Oxbow Ultra Soft Pet Bedding

  • Size: 56 L
  • Type of Bedding: Paper

The small animal bedding from Oxbow Pure Comfort can soak up to eight times its weight in water. This improves the bedding’s odor-control properties and makes it less of a hassle to clean.

The lack of dust is a result of the paper’s being created from virgin fibers rather than recycled content. You may rest assured that your hamster will be comfortable and healthy in its new bed.

There have been reports of difficulty in separating and spreading the product because of how packed it is in the package. Some hamster owners continue to use it despite its less hospitable softness because of the odor control it provides.


  • Absorbs eight times its own volume
  • Effective odor suppression
  • Reduced levels of dust


  • It’s not easy to rip apart and distribute bedding.
  • The softness is not comparable to other brands.

Shopping Advice: Deodorizing Bedding for Hamsters

There are a number of reasons why it’s essential to provide your hamster with the best bedding possible. Your pet will spend all of its time in this one area, so make sure it’s a pleasant one.

Since hamsters and other small animals sometimes have to live in close proximity to their own excrement, this feature is very important. Last but not least, it must be harmless and non-toxic.

If you don’t provide your hamster the proper bedding, it might get sick. Here are some things to think about before making that all-important bedding purchase.


The finest bedding will have a high capacity to absorb and store water. Resting hamsters in their own pee is unhealthy for them. Your hamster should be warm and dry in the bedding. A strong absorption power is ideal.

Containing Odors

Scented beddings have been the subject of debate due to concerns that they may spread disease to hamsters and other tiny pets.

It can be tempting to purchase artificially scented bedding because it will hide some of the odor, but unscented bedding is best. Since there won’t be any lingering odors, masking sprays are unnecessary if you use bedding with built-in odor control.

To a large extent, odors are kept at bay by bedding with high absorption capability. Keep in mind that no matter how much bedding you use, the hamster’s cage will eventually develop a musty stench.

The correct bedding and routine cleanings will help reduce lingering smells.


The best kind of bedding would be the one with the least amount of dust in it. The dust will be inhaled by your hamster, and it will also spread throughout your home.

This might be frustrating to clean because of how difficult it is. The dust can also settle on your hamster’s food, giving them no choice but to consume it.

Package Size

The frequency with which you change the bedding and clean the cage will be major factors in determining how often you change the bedding.

Some kits provide only enough supplies for a single wash. Bedding often comes compressed in a packet and unfolds upon removal. If you are not purchasing single-use packets, prepare a safe place to keep the contents between uses once the box has been opened.

Bedding that is going to be stored for a while should be maintained in a dry, cool environment. It has the ability to soak up any water it comes into touch with.

Restrictions to Avoid

Pine and cedar shavings are often recommended for their ability to absorb and neutralize odors, but their sharp edges and coarse texture may make them unsuitable bedding for your hamster.

If they shatter into sharp bits, this can also be problematic for your small pet. When hamsters’ skin and feet are injured by abrasive shavings, it can cause infection and discomfort. Burrowing is a favorite activity for hamsters, and their habitat should allow them to do so safely.

Urine from your hamster may react with the shavings, producing a stench that is unpleasant for your hamster to breathe in. Bedding that is comfortable and non-toxic without any extra fragrances is good.


In terms of environmental friendliness and total biodegradability, several beddings stand out. This implies that used bedding may be repurposed or composted rather than thrown away.

Utilized bedding may be used as fertilizer or to patch up the soil in your garden or flower pots.

What if I just used newspaper or paper towels instead

The requirements for hamster bedding go beyond simple absorbency. Newspaper and paper towels may be effective at soaking up pee, but they won’t do anything for controlling odors or making your hamster feel cozy.

Proper hamster housing is essential. If your hamster eats paper products like newspaper or paper towels, they might get sick. Hamsters, while living in the wild, would create burrows and nests for shelter.

They require these acts to feel secure and safe. The inability to unwind and calm their nerves without doing so is a real risk. They don’t get the “burrowing” sensation from newspaper or paper towels.

When Should I Change My Hamster’s Cage

How many hamsters you need to accommodate for this depends on the sort of bedding you choose. Though some beddings claim to eliminate odors for up to 14 days, you should always check to be sure it’s suitable for your hamster.

It is recommended to replace some types of bedding every week. Bedding should be changed at a frequency that works for you, but cleanliness is paramount. As neat and tidy creatures, hamsters take great pride in their appearance.


Frisco Small Animal Bedding is our top pick for hamster bedding. It’s soft, absorbs a lot of water, and has no artificial scents. We recommend the Carefresh mini animal bedding set as it is a high-quality bedding set at a reasonable price.

It is safe for the environment and has a deodorizing effect for up to a week.

Regardless of which bedding you choose, make sure you have options. You can find anything that suits your needs from the wide selection of which BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together the best beddings for hamster smells available.

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