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The 10 Best Beddings For Gerbils

Do you find yourself lost in the endless aisles of pet supplies as the new owner of a gerbil?

Maybe you want to upgrade your pet's sleeping area and could use some well-thought-out suggestions. Both are fine; either way, we're here to support you.

Here, BestForpPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best beddings for gerbils and evaluated the relative value of several different types of bedding that are ideal for gerbil cages.

By putting together these reviews, we hope to save you time and energy as you look for the best, safest, and most comfortable bedding for your poodles. 

Tips for Buying Quality Gerbil Bedding

You should give careful consideration to the bedding you give your gerbil since it may be more significant than anything else in its habitat.

You should provide your gerbil with bedding because it will be spending most of its time there. Furthermore, it may be used for a wide range of activities, including chewing, building, tunneling, and even urinating. You need to make it as secure and comfortable as possible!

However, there is a bit of a hump that novice gerbil owners need to climb when it comes to selecting the right substrate for their tiny pets.

There are many different types of bedding available, such as wood shavings, shredded paper, hemp, corn cob, scented and unscented versions, and more. The information in this buyer’s guide will help you select the best bedding for your tiny ones.

Educating Yourself About Gerbils

The domesticated gerbils we see today originated in Mongolia. Wild gerbils may be found in the grasslands, shrub steppes, and deserts of China and Mongolia.

They create elaborate underground networks up to 26 feet in length for themselves to use as homes, lairs, nurseries, and sanctuaries.

Tunnels are frequently constructed by gerbils by chewing the bedding. Furthermore, they will certainly consume some as well.

Because of their habit of chewing and digging up their bedding, the substrate you select must be soft, non-toxic, and free of any hazards to the animals’ health.

The dangers of dusty bedding cannot be overstated for gerbils. This substance is bad for your nose, eyes, and lungs.

It’s important to keep an eye out for how much dust is already there on a substrate and whether or not it turns into dust when eaten. Although dust from the bedding is not harmful, it can nonetheless cause harm to your gerbil over time.

Gerbil-Safe Bedding

Examples of these include the well-known brands Carefresh and Kaytee, both of which are made from processed plant fibers.

he pieces are squishy and bouncy, and they soak up liquids and odors like a sponge. There are several that have to go through extensive dust removal procedures.

However, most gerbils will find it difficult to dig in simply plant fiber bedding, so you need combine it with another substrate.


Shavings from aspen trees are used to create aspen bedding. Gerbils enjoy the softness and chewability of this wood-based substrate.

Not only does it smell and look great, but it’s also a work of art. However, aspen shavings on their own won’t keep a tunnel form, and some types may require further sifting due to the presence of dust.


You can’t go wrong with a hemp mattress. Fluids are quickly absorbed into it, and odors are diminished, but it has no discernible aroma.

In addition to being naturally free of dust, hemp is also safe to ingest because it is a staple food for wild gerbils. It’s wonderful for digging, but the price may add up quickly.

Stripped Corn on the Cob

You may also use corn cobs as a natural bedding option. It is very absorbent, fantastic at regulating smells, safe to swallow, and dust free.

Mold may develop on it, and it’s usually too tough for gerbils to dig through. It’s not a good idea to use corn cob as the only bedding; it works better as a mixer.


Hay may be a terrific complement to a bedding combination but should not be utilized alone. Gerbils may safely consume hay, it benefits their teeth and they enjoy using it to fortify the walls of their burrows.

You should probably try combining your own bedding for your gerbils to achieve the perfect, comfy bedding for them.

The first step is to experiment with a few different, safe substrates and see how they work together. Cardboard, such as empty toilet paper tubes, can be used for further structure and variation.

Embarrassing Gerbil Bedding

Bedspreads infused with perfumes or other artificial scents should be avoided. Gerbils have highly sensitive noses and perfumed bedding can cause respiratory concerns and skin & eye discomfort, as well as be just plain overpowering.


Avoid using pellets as bedding as well. The dense packing of the pellets prevents gerbils from burrowing or digging in them. Most pellets also crumble into dust when chewed, which can aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions. It is not recommended to utilize pellets as bedding or in a mixer.

Litter Boxes for Cats

Never use cat litter for your gerbil’s house. The main ingredients in most types of litter, clay and silica, are harmful to gerbils if consumed. In addition, the dust and perfumes in cat litter might be harmful to a gerbil’s respiratory system.

Fragrant Hardwoods

Always stay away from cedar and pine, which have strong aromas. In addition to being harmful due to the phenols found in the wood, the strong odors can be distressing to gerbils.

Long-term phenol exposure is harmful to the heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs, according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Writing Material with Ink

Paper that has not been excessively scribbled on or otherwise altered is a suitable substrate. A lot of inks are harmful if ingested, and some of them can also cause skin irritation or rub off on your poor gerbil pal.

What You Need to Know About Making and Maintaining Your Gerbil’s Bed

Give your gerbil at least 6-7 inches of bedding to dig in. As soon as they are full, observe how much they tunnel and chew.

You should try a new bedding if you see that they aren’t digging or chewing on it, or if you notice any redness around their eyes or nose. Try several combinations of substrates until you discover the one that works best.

  • Maintaining a clean cage for your gerbil is essential to ensuring their well-being. However, thorough cage cleaning eliminates all their hiding places and the smell trails they use to get around.
  • Cleaning the cage thoroughly once a month is advised, but weekly spot cleaning of stinky and damp bedding is recommended.


It can take some time to sift through different gerbil brand names to find high-quality and reasonably priced solutions. BestForpPets (bestforpets.org) bed and best beddings for gerbils in the buyer’s guide make it easy to make an informed purchase.

In addition to being the safest and most comfortable option, the blend of substrates in Carefresh Shavings Plus Small Animal Bedding makes it ideal for gerbils as they can get through it very easily.

And if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality base material, we think the Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding is the best choice for you.

Bless your underground adventure.


The Best Small Animal Bedding Is Carefresh Shavings Plus

Carefresh Shavings Plus is our top choice for gerbil bedding since it meets all of our requirements for a safe, absorbent, and high-quality substrate.

The Carefresh brand has been around for a while, so you know they know what they’re doing when it comes to the needs of little pets, and they have great customer service.

The fact that it’s a combination of non-toxic wood shavings and fluffy plant fiber fillings could be the finest part. There will be no need for first-time homeowners to experiment with various substrates by combining them all at once.

Get some Carefresh Shavings Plus to make setting up your gerbil’s habitat a breeze.

This gerbil bedding is the best option because of its high quality and low price.


  • Inert and safe for chewing
  • Absorbs a lot
  • Proven effective in eliminating unpleasant odors
  • Almost no dust at all (97%).
  • Sustainable and decomposable


  • There is a risk of intestinal obstruction if excessive quantities are consumed.


The Highest Quality and Lowest Priced Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding

We can certainly declare that Oxbow offers the greatest bedding for gerbils for the money due to its exceptional absorption qualities, superb odor control, and very budget-friendly price.

Oxbow is a reliable brand, and their concern for the well-being of your pets shines through in this high-quality gerbil bedding. Made from 100% pure paper (no inks or other additives were used), it is incredibly soft and does not contain any dusts that can be annoying.

Soft plant fibers aren’t ideal for gerbils’ tunneling needs, but that’s the only real drawback. Some additional safe substrate, such hay or aspen shavings, will need to be mixed in.


  • Inert and safe for chewing
  • Sustainably absorbing
  • Significantly reduces odors
  • Nine percent of the area is dust-free
  • Cheap range
  • Sustainable and decomposable


  • There is a risk of intestinal obstruction if excessive quantities are consumed.
  • Substrate must be combined.


Dr. Hemp’s Natural Pet Bedding: The Best of Both Worlds

You can’t do better than Dr. Hemp All Natural Pet Bedding for your gerbil’s bedding needs. Hemp plant fibers are included in a gerbil’s diet when foraging in the wild, making this material one of the safest options for gerbil bedding.

Your gerbils will like it since it is ideal for construction and tunneling.

Hemp gerbil bedding is also great at soaking up moisture. Bedding made from this material is naturally dust-free and has no fragrance, so it won’t irritate your gerbil’s sensitive nose or respiratory system.

All those benefits, however, come at a price, and that price is fairly high when compared to other gerbil beddings in terms of volume. The price of Dr. Hemp is more higher than the rest of the goods on our list, but it is also incredibly safe and ideal for gerbils.


  • Naturally devoid of dust
  • Superior absorbency
  • Exceptional in its ability to mask unpleasant odors
  • Long-lasting, so you may cut back on consumption over time
  • Durable enough to withstand being recycled, decomposed, and composted, etc.
  • No chemical residue on bedding, and little use of herbicides and pesticides


  • A lot more per square foot than comparable bedding options


Soft, Clean Bedding for Microscopic Animals

Combining safety, comfort, excellent absorbency, and exceptional customer service, Carefresh is a superb middle of the road pick.

The inexpensive price is slightly negated by the paper-based bedding, which needs to be blended with different substrate to make it a decent match for gerbils.

Spreading out the Carefresh and providing your gerbils with more area and better resources for tunnel building can be accomplished by adding hay, aspen shavings, or shredded paper.

Remember that your gerbil should not consume too much of any paper-based bedding. Ingesting significant quantities can induce highly hazardous gut impactions, which are particularly lethal to relatively tiny organisms like gerbils.


  • Zero percent dust
  • High absorption
  • Exceptional in its ability to mask unpleasant odors
  • Extremely plush and cozy.
  • Sustainable and decomposable
  • Produced from cellulose fibers obtained in a sustainable manner


  • There is a risk of intestinal obstruction if excessive quantities are consumed.
  • Substrate must be combined.


Kaytee Hygienic and Comfortable Pet Bedding for Mice & Rats

Kaytee is another popular option for reputable gerbil bedding. This plant-based substrate has been treated to eliminate 99% of the dust, and it is devoid of any chemicals or odors that might aggravate respiratory conditions.

It also has the best absorption rates of any mattress brand available today.

The Kaytee Clean & Cozy’s biggest drawbacks are its moderate price and the fact that it shouldn’t be used as gerbils’ sole bedding.

Importantly for gerbils, paper bedding on its alone has a very poor tunnel-ability. You need to combine it with another substrate, such as hay or aspen shavings.


  • Zero percent dust
  • Inert and safe for chewing
  • Sustainable and decomposable
  • Exceptional in its ability to mask unpleasant odors
  • More absorbent than the competition by as much as 20%


  • Costs that fall anywhere in the middle
  • There is a risk of intestinal obstruction if excessive quantities are consumed.
  • Combine with various substrates for use.


The New World of Vitakraft Small Animal Bedding

Check out Vitakraft for a low-dust bedding alternative that won’t break the bank for your gerbils. It’s one of those made from pliable paper, so it’s not only edible but also highly absorbent.

You should remember that gerbils need alternative substrates, such hay or aspen shavings, to dig and build in.

The fact that Vitakraft’s gerbil bedding is constructed entirely from recycled paper is very neat. It’s not just any old paper, though; it’s all recycled and unbleached to ensure your safety.

It’s great that the company cares about both the environment and the well-being of your children.


  • A dust-free zone of 5%
  • High levels of absorbency and odor control
  • Cheap range
  • Unbleached, eco-friendly paper
  • Eco-friendly, constructed entirely from recycled paper


  • Neither as comfortable nor as supple as Kaytee or Carefresh
  • There is a risk of intestinal obstruction if excessive quantities are consumed.
  • Combine with various substrates for use.


Aspen Wood Fluff from the Real World

When it comes to wood shavings, aspen is the best option for gerbil bedding. They’ve been treated to eliminate dust and are hypoallergenic and nontoxic as a bonus. In addition to being cheap, it is a great option.

Aspen gerbil bedding is a popular substrate because gerbils like gnawing on it, however it is not safe for gerbils unless it is combined with another substrate, such as paper bedding. Also, the dustiness of your bag may vary widely among batches and manufacturers.


  • Anti-allergenic and odorless
  • Superb Chewability, Non-Toxic
  • Inexpensive
  • Significantly reduces odors


  • Occasionally dirty
  • Substrate must be combined.


Select Natural Paper Bedding for Small Animals

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding, like other paper-based beddings, features extremely minimal dust, very good absorption, and odor control.

On the other hand, gerbils can’t get the tunneling capability they require from paper bedding alone.

If you’re looking for a chemical and odor-free basis to mix with additional substrates to create the ideal gerbil bedding, Small Pet Select is an excellent alternative.


  • Zero percent dust
  • Large capacity for absorption
  • Eliminates odors effectively.
  • Made from unbleached paper, these are perfectly safe for chewing.


  • Costs that fall anywhere in the middle
  • There is a risk of intestinal obstruction if excessive quantities are consumed.
  • Substrate must be combined.

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